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W.T. Samsel

Concerning the "Reptilian Agenda"

Having recently reviewed "The Reptilian Agenda" videotapes by David Icke and Credo Mutwa, I would like to express my own viewpoints and comments concerning the information presented on these tapes as compared to the information I myself have compiled and a great deal of which has been published in my book, "Today's New Atlantis."

First of all, I certainly must agree with David Icke and Credo Mutwa, that extraterrestrial civilizations have played a part in and have contributed a great deal of influence over the human inhabitants of the planet earth. Credo Mutwa's assertion that the reptilian race contributed to the development of the human race as we know it today, implies that they were the primary contributors to the biologic and genetic engineering of the human species. However, I feel that to focus upon the reptilians as the major contributors towards that manipulation is to focus on a segment of the puzzle rather than considering the whole of the picture.

Credo Mutwa asserts that at a time long ago, the earliest human beings were neither male nor female but were in fact, both. I am of the understanding that the earliest human beings were Lemurian and that these were indeed male and female gendered as intended under natural law as set forth by the true Creator, the One who created all things. The early Lemurians however, reproduce according to mutual will. In other words, conception was a mutually agreed upon result of the mental and conscious decision between the two sexually engaged participants.

Credo Mutwa also states that the earliest human beings did not communicate through the use of the spoken word but through telepathic communication. I do acknowledge that the earliest Lemurians and early Atlanteans did posses a level of telepathic and mental abilities far beyond that which most of us are capable of utilizing this day. However, the early Lemurians and Atlanteans most certainly did possess their own unique and separate verbal languages as well as their own numeric and alphabetic systems. The human race progressed and evolved on it's own, without the influence of extraterrestrial beings between its inception 100,000 years ago and approximately 75,000 years ago when the initial extraterrestrial contact was made between the early Atlanteans and the aligned races from Sirius, The Pleiades and Orion star systems.

During the first half of the Lemurian age, the involvement of extraterrestrial beings was simply in the role of the observers. That is to say that they did not intervene, interject or become involved with the subjects of their study at that point in time. The development and progression of the human race on earth was under the observation and study of these relations from the stars. In "The Atlantis Connection" I refer to this as the "Titan project." The three main extraterrestrial groups, which comprised the Titan project, were those from Sirius, the Pleiades and Orion, although there were indeed other extraterrestrial races, which also shared involvement. This is where the reptilian variety comes into play. As where Sirians, Pleiadeans and those from Orion did interact in cooperation with each other under the mutually agreed upon conditions of the program, I would have to classify the reptilians as a renegade or rebel element which did not adhere to the "rules" or doctrines of the Titan research project as set down by the three main project participants.

Over time and with the appearance and development of modern man on the Atlantean continent, a dispute among the star relations developed over the question of whether or not to initiate what I term the "direct contact program" with the Atlantean people. The direct contact program would allow for the manipulation of the human subjects of study for the purpose of observing, studying and analyzing the resultant affects upon the people and their culture. The Titan project directors, their program well underway and focused upon the Lemurians, saw no reason to initiate contact with the early Atlanteans and would not allow any sort of interference in the natural progression of the human species, as was the law at the time. They knew that to open that doorway, would open up a Pandora's box of negative and dangerous possibilities. As time went on, this dispute eventually escalated into open conflict between these relations and what I refer to as "the war between the gods." It is referred to as such in both Greek and Egyptian mythology as well.

That the human race was genetically engineered by the reptilian extraterrestrial alone is a misconception. Once the war between the gods had concluded, physical contact was established with the early Atlantean people and the direct contact program was initiated. Shortly thereafter, the god, Poseidon began to conduct physical sexual involvement with human beings.

When "the gods" began to physically interbreed with the Atlantean people, do we see the introduction of the "royal lineage," the "royal bloodlines" who were put into positions of power and rulership over the Atlantean people so long ago. Those of the royal bloodline were looked upon as gods by the general population of Atlantis of the time. These ruled Atlantis until the event of the first great cataclysm, which brought the Lemurian-early Atlantic age to a close. That the reptilian influence over humanity in this area took place in a similar manner, at roughly the same point in time or shortly thereafter, is more likely to be the case. The human race has been influenced and controlled since approximately 70,000 years BCE or, midway through the Lemurian-early Atlantic age. This involved several extraterrestrial groups and should not be attributed to a single group in and of itself. There were the three main participants in the direct contact program who initiated this type of manipulation and others. That the reptilians performed a similar research, for their own purposes and even infiltrated the federations project security, most likely did take place. Once again, focusing upon the reptilian involvement does not take into consideration the involvement of the other races.

Credo Mutwa states that the Zulu words which refer to the reptilian people translates as "those who are the illuminated ones." David Icke refers to the controlling factor in the world today as "the illuminati." No doubt this race of beings has had a great influence over this "illuminated" group of individuals over a great length of time. However, we must also take into consideration that there have been and are, other contributors, manipulators, other races of beings from far distant places in the vast universe, who have likewise become involved in the progression and development of mankind on this planet. The reptilian people are and have always operated outside the boundaries and guidelines of any sort of intergalactic law or regulations agreed upon by the other "aligned races," some of which are now covertly working against the reptilian agenda.

There is a race of human beings on this planet, who during this modern age, have sought to exert control and manipulation over their fellow human beings, that race is the white race. It is these who openly display many of the characteristics of "alien beings." The white race is more closely and genetically related to extraterrestrial races than any other race of human beings on this planet. They have embraced technology above spirituality. They have manipulated spirituality to achieve their own ends. They have and do conduct themselves in a manner quite "alien" in that they have no regard for the earth, nature, or other species of living creatures. It is the white race, which throughout recorded history has sought domination over all others and over the earth itself. We see in the white race, one that has been highly influenced by and closely aligned and related to the extraterrestrial. These are the front-runners, those who consciously or unconsciously, carry out the agenda of the extraterrestrial manipulators, the intruders upon the earth and mankind.

When we go in search of the Law of One, seeking the ancient and valid spiritual truths, we must look to the "tribal" peoples. These have been and are still, much more closely related to the earth, its creatures and the true Creator. These have best preserved the ancient knowledge of the Law of One. It is the reintroduction of the Law of One that will foil the agenda of the intruding extraterrestrial races and of the "illuminated" elite who are leading the earth and her people to destruction. The readopting of the Law of One by our society can challenge the threat posed before us at this critical turning point for the earth and mankind. As of yet, there are far too many people who fail to acknowledge this. The Law of One is the antidote, the remedy to the problems we now face. It is time to wake up and make up our minds, that if we want to do it better, we better begin doing it NOW!

I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Icke and the work he is doing to expose those whom I refer to as the present day "Sons of Belial."

Thank You,
W. T. Samsel.

Today's New Atlantis
by W.T. Samsel

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