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W.T. Samsel

Where to look for Atlantis

I have read through many articles written by the researchers and experts who claim that they have found Atlantis everywhere from South America to Greenland, from Wisconsin to the Middle East. All of these experts are looking for an ancient city that resembles Plato’s description. First of all, Atlantis was not a city but rather a continent, the capital city of which was Poseidon. The continent of Atlantis was then broken up to form the three Atlantic isles of Poseidia, Arlyan and Og. This was the result of an earth axial tilt, the first great cataclysm experienced by ‘modern man.’ This occurred around 48,000 years BCE. Secondly, the experts are all looking for the remains of a prehistoric, yet technologically advanced civilization. Though Atlantis certainly did develop a techno-society long before the beginnings of recorded history, focusing research efforts at finding evidence of Atlantis the techno-civilization, has resulted in the experts being misled in determining just where the center of such a civilization existed. It must be remembered that Atlantis developed an empire that was nearly global in extent and Atlantean influence and control stretched over many lands and peoples. The empire Atlantis built outposts, temples, military bases and cities in other parts of the world prior to the second great cataclysm, which occurred around 28,000 years BCE. Therefore, evidence of such a global empire will be found in many areas of the world. This is why the experts mistakenly claim to have found Atlantis in so many various locations across the globe. Meanwhile, discoveries of roads, pyramid temples, domes, crystals, columns, rectangular buildings and artifacts in the Atlantic Ocean, from the Bahamas to the coasts of Europe and Africa, go unpublicized.

For example, Dr. Ray Brown discovered a pyramid on the sea floor off the Bahamas in 1970. Brown also discovered roads, unidentified metallic instruments and a mysterious statue holding a crystal. The metallic devices and crystal were taken to a Florida university for analysis. It was discovered that the crystal amplified various energies that were passed through it. A huge eleven-room pyramid with a crystal capstone was found 10,000 feet under water in the mid Atlantic Ocean as reported by Tony Benlk. Ari Marshall discovered a 650-foot high pyramid off Cay Sal in the Bahamas in 1977. A sunken city was discovered 400 miles off Portugal by a Soviet expedition led by Boris Asturua. He reported buildings made of extremely strong concrete and plastics and the remains of streets and monorails. All of these and other discoveries were printed in daily newspapers when they occurred, but ultimately were ignored and rejected by researchers, authorities and historians because they are unable to explain away these findings with their own, closed minded theories. Therefore, while the experts continue to scour the globe searching for evidence of Atlantis the techno-society, I contend that there is another sort of Atlantean evidence that for the most part, is overlooked and even ignored. It is the evidence that was spread across most of the earth by the early Atlanteans BEFORE they developed their technology driven empire! It is the Law of One, the unalterable, universal truths and original religion of the Lemurian and early Atlantean people.

By the event of the first great cataclysm, Atlantis was firmly established in many areas of the Earth. This did include what are now the Americas, Europe and Africa. There was an Atlantean settlement in the region that we now know as the Four Corners area of the American southwest. Here both Atlantis and Lemuria before her, shared involvement. The Native American Hopi tribe retains Akashic memory of this "first world." The Aztecs and Mayans, the Greek and Egyptian mythologies, ancient writings of India and Tibet all speak of the first world. Native Americans and all other various tribal cultures and peoples worldwide, have retained ancient soul memories in the roots of their spiritual practices and beliefs.

Ages ago, there were Priests of the Temple of the One Law who journeyed to the far lands in order to explore, to gain knowledge of the earth and other life forms. They sought to learn from the peoples they encountered and to offer the teachings and meaning of the sacred circle, as did relate to the Law of One. This was the Order of the Word, which went out from the Temple of One in this capacity. The Priests of the Order of the Word were explorers, naturalists, and information gatherers, as well as Teachers. They found peoples who had formed circles out of earlier Lemurian contact and they also found many others who had no knowledge of the One Law. The Atlantean Priests studied all things natural and they sought understanding of the peoples that they encountered. They conducted themselves with humility and they sought the building of mutual trust and respect. In this way did trade and the Law of One spread throughout the far lands in the early times of Atlantean history.

The most ancient of all ancient religious symbols is the circle. It dates all the way back to the Lemurian/early Atlantic age. The circle is the original religious symbol. It represents original religion: the unalterable, universal truths and laws as brought into being by the Ultimate Creator. The fire is the heart and center of the circle. It represents the "dance of life," the life force, spirit or soul within the living form. It is the transmuter of energy, that into which are placed prayers and offerings, It is the beacon that draws in the spiritual elements. Look around you and see that the circle can be found within the spiritual teachings and cultural traditions of the world’s tribal peoples. The concepts of cyclic time, reincarnation, that all things are interconnected, the earth as a living thing, that all life is sacred and the non-ownership of land, rather than being backward and primitive, are in fact highly advanced conceptions. Since that long ago age, these truths have been embedded within tribal spiritual and cultural heritage. Mankind has now drifted far from his understanding of the Law of One, instead embracing technology, greed and power as did the Atlanteans of the later age of the Empire. Presently, the mainstream societies and religions label those who still incorporate some basic One Law knowledge and practice in their belief systems, as being pagans and ignorant, primitive heathens while in truth they have preserved the more advanced concepts.

"All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of Life; he is only a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself." -Chief Seattle, Nez Perce, 1854.

Today, the reintroduction of One Law consciousness is of the utmost importance at this critical turning point for the earth and mankind. Many in our modern age are looking to the ancient teachings of India and Tibet, the mysteries of ancient Egypt, the Mayans and Aztecs. Many Americans are looking to the teachings of the tribal peoples, the Native Americans, as if knowing instinctively that many universal truths of the Law of One are preserved there. The Native American people are the direct descendants of the Lemurian-Atlanteans who first settled upon the North American lands ages ago. Ask the various tribal elders of the majority of Native American tribes and they will confirm this. The Native American people are the earth keepers. Many of the universal truths of the Law of One are preserved within their cultural and spiritual heritage. This, they learned from Lemurian and Atlantic influence, long ago. They adopted many One Law concepts and teachings from the Atlantean priests of the Order of the Word and from Lemurian-Atlantic colonials and traders.

Today, when we go in search of the Law of One, seeking the ancient and valid spiritual truths, we must look to the "tribal" peoples. These have been and are still much more closely related to the earth, her creatures and the true Creator. These have best preserved the ancient knowledge of the Law of One. However, the present reintroduction of these ancient truths is being impeded not only by the mainstream techno-society and religious organizations, but also by many of the very same people who have been entrusted with their preservation. Perhaps they are not realizing that now is the time for these truths to be revealed. Perhaps they do not realize that now is the time to reunite the four tribes of mankind under the Law of One. Now is the time to teach. Many Native Americans feel that others are looking to take something away from them, to steal their spirituality. This is understandable, given the crimes committed against them since the white invasion. Through it all, they have preserved their heritage yet they forget that much of the knowledge was acquired from the early Lemurians and Atlanteans. These were drumming, chanting and dancing within the ceremonial circles, they were making prayers and placing offerings into the ceremonial fires over 80,000 years ago. Mitakuye Oyassin, in the Lakota language, means ‘all my relations ’ or ‘we are all related.’ It is a One-Law truth. Such was the spirit by which the One Temple priests did teach in the ancient times of the first world. In truth, the basic fundamentals of the vision quest, the ceremonial circle, performing ritual before a hunt, the earth as a living thing, the non-ownership of land, council government, smudging with sage, sweat lodge purification and the give-away, are all Atlantean in origin.

If you are looking for Atlantis the empire, the super civilization of advanced technology, then remember that the arms of the Atlantic Empire stretched nearly worldwide. She was the first global world order and she built temples, cities, trade and military complexes in many areas of the earth. If you are looking for the Law of One, look to the tribal earth keepers who have preserved the knowledge through the ages. If you are in search of New Atlantis, then look around you and realize that you are in fact, living in New Atlantis, for mankind has come full circle. However, it is not only our present level of technological development and capability, it is what we take for granted as normality in the collective around us. At this critical turning point, it is time to make the difficult choices that will ultimately determine the fate of the human race and the planet earth. We must acknowledge that all life is sacred, that the earth is a living thing, that all things are interconnected and that we are the earth keepers. In order to survive, we must embrace the universal truths of the Law of One.

Thank you,
William T. Samsel

Today's New Atlantis
by W.T. Samsel

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