Jelaila Starr

The Value of Being 3D

For the past few weeks, as I recuperate from abdominal surgery, I have been reevaluating all that I have come to know as “my work, my mission” over the last 5 years. Being on the Spiritual Path has brought about many changes in my consciousness and my life. As a result of those changes, I have removed myself more and more from traditional 3D (3rd dimensional, earth) life, becoming reclusive in order to spend most of my time living in 4D state of being. This choice has helped me to continue to receive higher dimensional information and the support I needed to be able to hold on to it while learning to apply it in my life. Choosing a lifestyle and a husband who supported my choice made it possible for me to continue in this mode and it has worked and been worth it, but as with all good things, there was a price to be paid.

This article is about what that price entailed, where it leaves me now and where it will take me from here. What I am about to share may shock you or it may provide confirmation about what you have secretly felt about your path.

Not only am I taking stock of my own spiritual journey and mission, I find that other lightworkers and starseeds are doing the same. It appears from our decline in workshop participation, dwindling finances and just an overall feeling of limbo that we have entered a period of reflection, known to many as the Void and there is a reason. We have had great success in shifting this planet so far but our success has taken its toll not just on us, but on everyone incarnated here at this time. What I share in this article through the example of my own experience is meant to help us put our journey up to this point in perspective—to take an honest and objective look at what we have experienced, what we can do differently to make the rest of our individual journeys and our collective mission a bit easier, as well as where to go from here.

The journey to date:

The first 3 years of my spiritual path were spent hungrily absorbing as much information as I could about metaphysics and our history. I felt I had unconsciously enrolled myself in some crash course in a desperate attempt to remember as much as I could as fast as I could in preparation for something much greater…my mission. I felt such an intense sense of urgency that if I took even a moment to relax or have fun, I would somehow fall behind. It made no sense from a 3D perspective, but nevertheless, it is how I felt. I was so driven by this desire that I moved light years in just a few years—my consciousness expanding with every new tool, every new technique or bit of history I learned.

Once I completed this crash course, my guides turned me on to something called Accelerated DNA Recoding. The word accelerated really got my interest as it fit perfectly with that intense desire I spoke of earlier. I excitedly jumped into it without a second thought. I wanted not only to heal the wounds of my dysfunctional past but also to ascend, which I was informed DNA Recoding would help me to do. I took to this process, and the emotional clearing it entailed, like a duck to water, thinking it would cure all my ills and pain.

DNA Recoding/Emotional Clearing/Ascension challenges

During the first year of emotional clearing, I began to experience chronic physical symptoms that I had not had before. There were headaches of varying intensity, intense fatigue, muscle and joint pain, weight gain, heart palpitations and edema for days at a time. Some of the symptoms would come and go but others, like the fatigue remained near constant companions. There were emotional symptoms such as depression, periods of anxiety beyond what I had experienced in the past, feelings of emptiness and longing for something I could not find. I attributed all these to DNA Recoding/emotional clearing/ascension work. I was willing to endure them as the price to be paid for the success I had had in healing myself physically and emotionally of such things as Fibromyalgia and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Other ailments diminished in frequency as I became more proficient in using the Keys of Compassion (multidimensional tools given to me by my guides) to clear them.

Going faster didn’t help either. As we increase our ability to clear our emotional stuff through the use of spiritual modalities, we tend to go a little faster and not give ourselves time to fully complete one release before starting the next.. I didn’t understand that each time I cleared a block my body had to have time to release the physical part of that block and regain its balance. Each release can takes days, weeks or even months depending on the complexity of the block and how deeply and enmeshed it is in the body.

Along with proficiency comes the risk that we will begin believing that we are infallible and thereby start taking on several issues at once in order to expedite our emotional clearing process. Sometimes this is an semi-unconscious choice because we do it by saying such things as, “I want to hurry up and get to….” What we don’t realize is that our verbal or mental intention is the same thing as saying to the universe, “Hey send those lessons in multiples cause, baby, I can handle it.” And so the universe, ever vigilant in its ability to send us what we desire, rains those lessons upon us. We become like jugglers adding more and more balls to our act. As we struggle to keep up our loving guides just sit and shake their heads in dismay and patiently wait for us to yell “HELP!” *chuckle*

Doing this juggling act sent my body into emotional overload many a time pushing me “over the edge” and into meltdowns. Not only did it take its toll physically and emotionally, it affected my relationships with everyone in my life as well. What I didn’t get was that I could have cleared my emotional baggage and healed my dis-eases while moving along the Spiritual/Ascension Path without some of the accompanying discomforts by going at a pace that my body could handle.

I remember my guides continually advising me to slow down. They’d say, “Dear One, walk instead of run.” I would get angry and demand to know why each time they said this to me. I thought they wanted me to learn as much as I could and clear as fast as I could in order to complete my work, work they said was important for the planet. I just didn’t understand and if they had tried to spell it out back then, it would only have created more reasons for us to argue. How they must have shook their heads and said to each other, “No sense in trying to explain, she’ll just have to learn it the hard way.” Well, hindsight is 20/20 and yes, I did learn.

Financial Challenges

Along with the physical symptoms, came the financial symptoms. I had always been pretty good at providing for myself. When I wanted something badly enough, I could always come up with the money to get it. Over the years as an entrepreneur I had my ups and downs with money but overall I did pretty well financially. I was able to afford nice cars, clothes and living quarters. When I began the Spiritual/Ascension Path, this began to change. I found myself going through several long periods where the money dried up. Before, I would have these dry periods very rarely but now they were coming once or twice a year. I began to doubt my ability to manifest like I used to do. I began to wonder if I had gone astray somewhere. Once again, as I look back I see that what I was suffering from was what I call “chronic ungroundedness.”

The more I spent time living in the 4D consciousness and out of the regular 3D consciousness the harder it became to manifest abundance. It was like the universe could not find my mailbox to deliver the abundance, because it kept shifting between the two dimensions. I liken it to having two residences and moving back and forth between them. You send forwarding addresses to the post office but soon they loose track of where you are and you stop getting your mail. The universe is like the post office. It will deliver in rain, snow, hail or sleet but if it doesn’t have a current address, it sends it back or holds on to the mail until it does. On earth the Universe delivers to a physical address…a 3D address not a 4D address. So each time I would choose to stay in the higher realms consciousness-wise, I would find my money drying up because the universe couldn’t deliver my desires to 4D.

Another factor contributing to my financial challenges is the limited amount of people who were ready to hear my message. I had gone so far “out there” that only a relatively few people on the spiritual path could embrace what I had to say.

The final factor was my fear of becoming more public. I am well aware of the fact that my mission includes becoming much more of a public figure. I have had many nightmares about this and the possible consequences. I would be quite content to life my life and do my work in relative obscurity and safety but that was not role I signed up for.

Manifesting Challenges

Another problem I encountered was that of distorted manifestation. The more I negatively judged certain aspects of 3D life, the harder it was to manifest things that matched my vision of them. For example, I wanted to live in a particular part of town. When we moved back to Kansas City after 3 years in Los Angeles, I was able to manifest that desire. Unfortunately, I did so with a bit of distortion. I ended up in a house in the right part of town but it was on the edge of that area and also on a busy street. Now we have the pleasure of being awakened in the middle of night by the sound of police and fire engine sirens speeding past our house.

I believe my negative judgment of having to be in 3D instead of being able to spend all my time moving out of it, created this distortion. Yes, one could say that it was due to not being specific enough in providing details for my desire, but that is all part of the distortion. When we don’t want to be somewhere in the first place we tend not to dwell on the details. So we somewhat halfheartedly contribute to our creative visualizations and then put forth to the universe, incomplete requests.

Relationship Challenges

Feeling the pain of lost relationships and unhealed wounds has taken its toll as well. I have finally reached the point where I am tired of not being able to be around my family, always feeling like an outcast. I have spent years feeling uncomfortable with them because our beliefs are different…actually very different. I long to be able to just embrace them for all that they are and for what they believe, realizing that it is the heart that matters, not the belief system.

I am tired of having to frantically figure out how to explain what I do when someone who is not spiritual asks me what kind of work I do. Now I just tell them that I write both spiritual self-help and Star Trek type books. I don’t get into explaining more than that. If they try to pursue the subject of my work, I move cautiously and only share what I feel is comfortable, finally turning the subject back to them. People love to talk about themselves so this isn’t hard to do. I have come to enjoy hanging out with people who are not spiritual, listening to them as they talk about their kids, their work, their hopes and challenges. I’ve been “out on the edge” for so long that I have almost forgotten what it is like to be normal…and over the last five years, I see that I have left this part of me behind.

Where I am today and what’s been learned:

I feel I have come to that place on the ascension path, because of my healing crisis, where I am emotionally ready to bridge back, to reintegrate into 3D and find the balance between being 3D and 4D at the same time. I am ready to learn how to walk in two worlds with grace and ease. This, I have learned, means being able to feel the value of each world, not just intellectually understand it.

I have learned that if I want to have a body that can endure until the end, I must pace emotional clearing work so that my body can keep step with my consciousness. I know how to do this and now I have the willingness to do it—something that was lacking in the past due to my intense desire. That desire is now tempered with the wisdom born of experience. It means more rest periods between lessons which I can get with just a quick mental or verbal call to my guides to slow it down. They have no desire to have me move faster than my body can go.

If I want to manifest my 3D desires (money is only one of them) keeping my mailbox firmly grounded in 3D so the universe will know where to find me will make it happen.

If I want my work to produce greater financial abundance, being willing to become more public will help me make it. Bridging back and toning down my message to fit the comfort level of those in 3D will make it easier for them to embrace the message I bring. I must also work through this fear I have of being more public.

If I want to manifest my desires as I envision them instead of some distortion, letting go of my negative judgments of 3D will enable me to do so.

If I want to have a relationship with my birth family, letting go of my judgment and discomfort of their beliefs will go a long way towards creating a loving foundation on which to begin.

Where to go from here:

Where I am now is what I feel to be the point on the Spiritual Path, and in particular the Ascension Path, where we circle back around and return to 3D. Perhaps what I am experiencing, this desire to bridge, is part of the ascension path for more than just myself. Perhaps it is something that many of you are feeling too. I have spent enough time “out there” in pursuit of spiritual wisdom. But it is not the end of the path for me. I will continue to learn and grow, ascending my consciousness to greater and greater levels. But I feel this intense desire to integrate my 4D consciousness and training with the 3D world so that I can apply this hard earned wisdom and enjoy my life more.

Like many of you, I came to this planet to help the people, and I came to help more than those who are in the more advanced stages of spirituality. I came for those who are just awakening, just beginning to test the waters and step out of fundamentalism. It wasn’t until just recently that I understood my mission involved this level of work as well. I’m ready to begin that work now. This does not mean that I will stop writing for those who are more advanced; instead it means that I will expand my work to include the new initiates on the path. I’ll write and share the same message but with different words to reach two different levels of spiritual students.

How to take action:

Now that I see why I need to bridge back to 3D, how do I do it? What actions will I initiate? Here’s a short list of the things I have already begun or have on the drawing board, so to speak. I offer them as examples only.

Health: I have begun an exercise program using a stationary bike. I do it 30-40 minutes a day, 6 days a week. I am doing this to lose weight, to feel better and to have more energy. I lost 60 lbs of pregnancy weight (a whole other story!) doing this before.

Manifesting: I have taken conscious steps to release any judgment I have around the 3D things that used to make me uncomfortable. One of those was 3D medicine. Not only do I no longer judge it as valueless, I really appreciate it. I am working on others too.

Finances: I am tweaking the Keys of Compassion so that they can used by a larger audience. I also have on the drawing board, plans to rewrite Bridge of Reunion so that it compliments the Keys of Compassion. This will provide a greater source of revenue.

I have also worked through my issues around being more public and am preparing my promotional material so that I can begin touring and holding more workshops, thus increasing revenue.

Relationships: I am considering going to Thanksgiving at my parents with the intention of working through whatever issues come up with my family members.

I have decided to begin holding a weekly support group at my house. It will be very casual and for no charge. I won’t be the teacher, just another person in the group. With this step I am opening my heart to new relationships and camaraderie.

A couple of questions come to mind as I bring this article to a close. They are questions I asked myself.

Will bridging back keep me from going home?

I used to feel that if I did reintegrate into 3D that I would get stuck and thus, not be able to go “home” when the time came. Now I know this fear is unfounded. With the knowledge I have gained, there is no threat of getting stuck. It’s like being a college student who decides to return to 3rd grade. Though she will find the curriculum easy, she will also realize that staying there forever doesn’t appeal to her because she is bored. After a short time she will again yearn for more advanced studies. So it is with bridging. The fear of getting stuck in 3D and not being able to go home is unfounded because your heart will always yearn for more than what a 3D experience can provide.

Isn’t bridging back the same as regressing?

I don’t feel that bridging back is regressing. In fact, I feel it is progressing. Why? Because when we have reached that level of training and enlightenment where we can go back into a denser reality and still hold our own, we have definitely progressed!

What if I don’t want to bridge back?

Some of you may find that this message triggers anger in you and a resistance to the very thought of bridging to 3D. If so, don’t be concerned about your reaction. I felt the same way for many years each time my guides would tell me that I must bridge back in order to fulfill my work. It just means that it is not yet time for you to bridge. I feel that when you have reached that point on your path, you will know because you will feel that strong desire to reconnect as I did.

In closing, I am grateful for my 4D consciousness and all that I went through in order to develop it. I think that all of the things that went out of balance, my health, my finances, my manifestations and my relationships were perfect in their own way. I also feel that they can be healed when I find that balance again. But the most important lesson that I have learned is the value of being 3D. I believe that only by loving this dimension and being in it can I have all these things I want and complete my mission, enduring to the end.

In service,
Jelaila Starr
The Nibiruan Council

Author Info:

Jelaila Starr, author of We are the Nibiruans is an internationally known channel, teacher, and counselor. Through her lectures, workshops, and articles, Jelaila's message of compassion has touched the hearts of people around the world inspiring hope and understanding while providing solutions to some of today's most pressing challenges.

As a psychic/intuitive counselor, Jelaila works with individuals to assist them with emotional clearing, healing relationships, and DNA Recoding. Jelaila's unique approach enables her clients to clearly discover who they are, what they came to do, and how to achieve it. Jelaila can be reached at (816) 444-4364. Email: - Website:

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