Ellis C. Taylor

Thinking out loud...

For hundreds of years the group soul of Britain's foxes has performed an unacknowledged yet essential duty. They have been the prime guardians of the wild places of these Isles. Their natural predators have all but totally been sacrificed to fear and greed leaving this very smart little creature to be responsible for the present existence of small copses and scattered remnants of once great forests. Let's not kid ourselves if foxes weren't hunted by those who have annexed these beautiful lands then most of the little copses, hedges and corridors upon which nearly all of Britain's wildlife and flora depend would have gone. Now the fox has been cunningly sacked who will perform this sacred task? The politician? The farmer? The stock broker? The banker, The Monarchy? The Church? The city dweller? You? I'm not defending fox hunting but I do see it as being a very necessary device of nature. The huntsmen and women have taken the place of the predator who culled the weak, the sick and the old. It ensures only the healthiest and smartest survive, it's nature's way and is the same process by which we are all here today.

The only difference is that one can become too smart, too confident in personal invincibility. The ego takes over and the only item of importance becomes self. Nature is not thrilled with self; in fact it tends to line up against it. Nature, The Creator, God, Goddess, The Great Unconscious - whatever you want to call it will come up with another ruse to continue the great cycle of Creation and that always entails a process of destruction. As we as a species are clearly becoming far too big for our boots perhaps its our turn to exit. Do we still have time to make amends? Can you think of anything else in this world that would miss us? The Great Unnecessary - that's us. But we can change that... can't we?

Killing foxes is cruel but so is swatting flies or treading on ants but most of them get away- just like most foxes do. I don't hold with any sort of violence towards anything at all, but then that's my personal feelings -except for flies and mozzies that is - and a fox would have a different opinion. A wise Tibetan monk was sharing his philosophy with a group of people one day when a fly landed upon his arm. He waved his hand at the fly but it kept returning and eventually landed on his cheek whereupon he calmly swatted it! As he brushed the fly to the ground he joyfully cried, ' Happy reincarnation'. I do that now. I admire foxes (even though one of the blighters killed 18 of my chickens and 5 of my ducks one night...gggrrrr).

I see foxes regularly and they've moved into the towns big time now lounging in cosy dens under sheds and such getting fat on Kentucky Fried chicken scraps and other rubbish... Where is the outcry about how McDonalds and the rest of 'em are harming our foxes? Perhaps people will get uptight about that and get these blighters banned too then our kids won't have to suffer their crap anymore either. The battery-farmed, chemically blitzed cattle and chooks line doesn't seem to have pricked many consciences. But then poisoning the defenceless seems the prefered means these days, it's ok, it seems, to gas and poison badgers and foxes, besides there's money in that for the chemical companies, and if other animals are knocked off too then well, it can't be helped and there won't be anywhere for them to live if agri-business and other corporates get their way in any case. Of course with poisons laying about all over the place it's not safe to let people wander about in the countryside there'll have to be more laws to keep them out - except the military of course and other secret goings on like GM crops. That'll be nice won't it? All the footpaths closed, just like the practice run with foot and mouth a few years back; everyone locked into cities and towns unless they've got a dancing frog (Kermit) - permit - hop to it! And Oh, isn't it just so generous of land-owners to allow us to have footpaths over their land? How can you own land?

Think about it, it's utter bollocks! They own it only because originally it was stolen by violence and because we consent to their ownership of it. English law says that if something is proven to be stolen then it must be returned to its original owner. But there is no owner. If you walk upon this Earth then you are divinely entitled to walk wherever you want to anywhere on the Earth. That doesn't mean that you can crash your way through someone's hard work, through fields of corn or someone's home. It's all about respect, respect for the land and for one another. And if someone has no respect then that's down to a lack of spiritual understanding and our crass and dire societal programming -both duties we have naively and lazily entrusted to religions and governments.

While country people are still connected to the Mother - to Earth, albeit tentatively, city dwellers and those who spend their time harnessed to the spinning wheel are convinced that life must be sanitised in every way. They waddle into their weekly-polished cars every morning drive along the same tarmac, scamper into lifts, sit at their desk all day and then every evening make the reverse journey. When they get home they sit down to a dish of scrubbed, chemical laden vegetables and murdered equally poisonous fish and animals and then plonk their backsides in front of a screen and are truly convinced that they are living a productive and real life. They say things like "Get real mate!" and "Take a reality check!" Or "you can't believe what the media or politicians say mate," and then they do!

Because of the way they focus their attention they never see the true beauty and mystery that is all around - everywhere. They mostly never see or experience anything that is different because they don't look even 'natural thinking' - using all your mental faculties in tandem - is just too hard. All around them there are signs shouting "Over here mate! offering them endless opportunities to escape the matrix - the construct of the intellect - the sole rather than the soul. But no, sadly locked and blocked they just trundle along the conveyor belt to the slaughterhouse of dreams, imagination and human potential. And they vote too, oh yes, "If I don't vote", they say, "then I won't have the right to complain if the other lot gets in." ....Other lot!! There is no other lot. Why do we vote for people we don't know and more importantly why do we give our assent and power away to proven liars? If you vote for a liar then you are complicit in their lies - past, present and future ones. Where is the integrity in that? ...And just what do you think you will get if you keep asking for it? ...Mind you, I was just as bad. In Australia, you know, 'the land of the fair go' and wonderful opportunity, they stick up a selection of 'chosen ones', who I wouldn't trust to look after my dog for one minute, and order you to vote for one of them. Voting is compulsory on pain of a large fine and imprisonment if you don't pay it. Anyway, I decided that instead of voting for a buffoon I would vote for a cartoon and plumped for Mickey Mouse. What did I get? Yep, Mickey Mouse every time.

On the subject of Mickey Mouse there's an odd cultural anomaly between the Brits and the Ozzies. In the UK if you say something is Mickey Mouse then everyone knows that whatever it is is a joke, in Australia say the same thing and it's regarded as 'the business', couldn't get better, excellent, etc.

Anyway I started this with foxes and somehow I've got to Mickey Mouse ... Perhaps HE's going to protect British nature. HARROOOO!!!!!

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