Michael Tsarion

Tutors or Tyrants?

For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest, neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad - Luke 8:17 

In the following decade of this new millennium the human race is destined to finally discover the facts about its true origins and destiny. As part of this discovery it is essential that we correctly address the overwhelmingly important question of how the phenomena of evil came into the world and into the consciousness of the Earth's human inhabitants. This is a question which should be on the mind of every living man and woman. It has been with us for millennia and it will be with the children of the future if we do not come upon the answer now. We have left the question of evil in the hands of theologians and scientists for too long. This was surely a mistake for as the casualty statistics clearly testify the institutions of religion and science have been the worst purveyors of evil that this planet has ever had to endure. After centuries of prevarication and criminality we can no longer afford to look to these edifices to answer the all-important conundrum of evil.

Throughout history, organized religion has been the greatest divisive force in human existence. Through wars, persecution, and torture, it has caused more harm than any other idea since the beginning of time - Larry Flynt (Sex, Lies and Politics)

But if we turn from religion and science, in this regard, does it mean that we are left in a void? Is there, perhaps, another answer to how the phenomenon of evil came into being? I believe that the answer lies in the ancient records of our forefathers and in the myths and legends of the pre- and post-diluvian epochs, that speak of the visitation of the "gods" or "angels." The results of my two decades of research into the comparative mythologies of the world and into my own countries enchanting Celtic, Gaelic and Druidic Traditions, is presented in my book Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation.

The greatest myth, is that myths are just myths - Michael Tsarion (Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation)

In the past, the orthodox enclaves of religion and science have outwardly paid little heed to tantalizing legends, from all over the planet, which have, as central motifs, references to advanced prehistoric civilizations. Entrapped within their unsustainable Darwinian dogmas concerning human origins and ancestry, behind fictitious data concerning the geological fossil record, and behind personal myopia concerning our perfumed garden Earth and the cosmos we all inhabit, mainstream academics have seen fit to habitually relegate the subject of Atlantis and prediluvian history to the realm of pseudo-science and arcane novelty. Ignored or sequestered are the over 30,000 surviving texts that describe  culturally superior societies who dwelt on long lost continents, and who eventually experienced the total destruction of their world. In many cases, as is now coming to light, direct censorship of such records has even been in effect. Passages on these controversial topics have been consciously expunged from scriptures as auspicious as the Mahabharata, the Vedas, the Eddas, the Koran, the Book of Enoch and even the Bible, tomes renowned for their historical relevance, superlative wisdom, and even psychological insight. As early as the 18th and 19th centuries, scholars like Helena Blavatsky, Augustus Le Plongeon, R. A. Swaller de Lubicz, and others, were emphasizing that no purely human agency could have been responsible for the perfect astronomical and geomantic alignments possessed by nearly all ancient megalithic structures and sites. However, despite the researches of independent scholars, such as Comyns Beaumont, Immanuel Velikovsky, Ignatius Donnelly, David Hatcher Childress, Katherine Maltwood, Brinsley Le Pour Trench, Erich von Daniken, Zacharia Sitchin, J. J. Hurtak and Graham Hancock, etc., we still find it hard to conceive of scintillating prehistoric isles, complete with spires and citadels, colonnades and temples, housing beings who either possessed godlike powers, or who were, if we are to believe the legends, the very “gods” themselves. So, are we to believe that Plato, and the Grecian historians who also wrote on Atlantis, were liars? Were they bemused fantasists easily lead by oriental myth-mongers?

It has the very great advantage of being a fact and not a fiction – Socrates (on Atlantis)

Of all the mythical or “archetypal” images this is the one most deeply seated in my imagination - J. R. R. Tolkien (on Atlantis)

There is magic in names and the mightiest among these words of magic is Atlantis…it is as if this vision of a lost culture touched the most hidden thoughts of our soul - H. G. Wells

Yet, what appears so opaque to the cynic, and what we are so condescending towards and skeptical of with our linear, left-brain cognition, we readily digest with the right brain and imagination. What founders on the cold rocks of reason soars on the wings of imagination. The eyes of the latter see further than our linear consciousness, which knows facts but not necessarily truth. We have been provided with fictional masterpieces from the world’s exceptional minds, from George MacDonald, Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, J. R. R. Tolkien, William Morris, Howard Pyle, C. S. Lewis, Ursula Le Guin, Robert Holdstock and from those paragons of modern Sci-Fi who have no real problem savoring the improbable or the contentious, and whose provocative and apposite movies and dramas allow us to view life in a far more comprehensible manner than any science has hitherto been able to do.

Scientists have had to frequently admit that predictions and suppositions from laypersons have been proven uncannily valid time and time again. What were they to make of the fact that 175 years prior to it being proven, the Eighteenth Century author, politician, and theologian, Jonathon Swift, knew of the existence of Martian satellites, including their distance from Mars and periods of rotation? What do they make of Russian scientist Dr. L. Shklovsky when he announced, in 1959, that the two moons circling Mars are artificial satellites that were put into orbit by a civilization occupying the red planet long ago. What of Immanuel Velikovsky’s exact knowledge of the anti-clockwise orbit of Venus, its exact temperature, and the fact that it was the most recent body to our solar system, all subsequently proven true? Typically, the orthodox mentality merely either negates, censors, or even seeks to destroy anyone that advocates theories which are not vetted by the majority. The fate of revisionists should be well known by now. Certainly, along with Wilhelm Reich and Comyns Beaumont, Dr. Velikovsky has the distinction of being one of the most lambasted, ridiculed and condemned scholars of any subject, and of any time.

What must be called the scientific establishment rose in arms, not only against the new Velikovsky theories but against the man himself. Efforts were made to block the dissemination of Dr. Velikovsky’s ideas, and even to punish supporters of his investigations. Universities, scientific societies, publishing houses, the popular press were approached and threatened; social pressures and professional sanctions were invoked to control public opinion. There can be little doubt that in a totalitarian society, not only would Dr.Velikovsky’s reputation have been at stake, but also his right to pursue his enquiry, and perhaps his personal affairs – Alfred D. Grazia

One could cite many more enigmatic accounts of this nature, ranging from the discoveries of Charles Fort to the father of rocket science, Professor Hermann Oberth, who declared that this planet is definitely being watched by beings from outer space. Such a statement becomes less bizarre when we realize that there are over 100 billion stars in the Milky Way alone. Each one of these stars is thought to have a planetary system with planets possessing conditions capable of sustaining some kind of life. Scientist Carl Sagan estimated that our planet has been visited by alien beings over 5,000 times and Albert Einstein also greeted visitation as a more than likely possibility.

We cannot take credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone…We have been helped…by peoples of other worlds – Prof. Herman Oberth (father of German rocket science and space-travel theoretics)

What are we to make of the anomalous artifacts which constantly defy categorization and even fly directly in the face of established paradigms? What of the “Crystal Skull,” the “Star-Child” Skull, the T'zolkin Calendar, the temple at Baalbeck, the Xian Pyramid, the Piri Reis map of 1513, and the sandal prints in rock from 500 million years past? What can be made of the strange notosphilia of certain animals? Eels, birds, and even butterflies have been seen to circle around a certain spot in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean clearly attempting to negotiate some non-existent land mass or descend to rest? And what does it mean when coral is brought to the surface from depths of 3,000 feet showing striations that could only have been formed in an above water atmosphere?

Before the orthodox scientist becomes indignant and seeks to regale us, we ask an explanation as to how it was that Aulukya, the Indian philosopher, could assert the existence of a miniature solar system within the atom, how he could identify the principles of molecular construction and transformation, as well as the theory of relativity 2800 years prior to Einstein? Why do we read in the Mahabharata of the existence of thermo-nuclear weaponry capable of extinguishing hundreds of thousands of people by their heat and glare, and which could only be used by one side in retaliation for the adversary using their versions first? And why do we read in the ancient Sanskrit scriptures (The Mahabharata and Ramayana, etc,) of the "vimana," which were great air-borne crafts for transporting the "gods," and which carried powerful weaponry to be employed in great wars? Dr. V. Raghavan, the head of Sanskrit studies at Madras University, wrote of the subject:

Fifty years of researching this ancient works convinces me that there are livings beings on other planets, and that they visited earth as far back as 4,000 B.C…There is a just a mass of fascinating information about flying machines, even fantastic science fiction weapons, that can be found in translations of the Vedas, Indian epics, and other ancient Sanskrit texts.

Then Eve looked up to heaven and saw a shining chariot come drawn by four gleaming angels whose glory no one born of woman could express nor look on their face and angels went before the chariot - Book of Ezekiel

And when the living creatures went, the wheels went by them: and when the living creatures were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up - Ezekiel 1:19

Why is fused glass found in profusion beneath the sands of Iraqi plains? Why are radioactive tektites and isotopes found all over the Dead Sea basin and at the very location posited for the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah? What are we to make of the glassware discovered in Syria by Dr. R. V. Dolphin that were constructed in temperatures of 6,000 degrees Celsius, just 2,000 degrees less than the temperature of the sun? Are we stupefied because there really are no answers to these and countless other anomalies, or is it because we are being deprived of a complete vision of history? Whatever the truth, it is hardly to be expected that modern scientists will begin to answer, in any serious way, the questions posed here, or that the works of Comyns Beaumont and Immanuel Velikovsky will suddenly begin turning up in the classrooms of the world. The fact is that scientists are merely doing catch-up and are merely re-discovering what mystics, prophets and philosophers have been saying for millennia.

Fortunately, there are those few from within the academic enclaves who cannot be silenced and who are willing to look again at the array of unexplained data. Certain free-thinking men and women of science are filled with awe and curiosity when mysterious ruins turn up in the depths of the Andes or from beneath the oceans in Japan, or when some intricately designed artifacts, or even modern hominoid skeletons, emerge from strata dating back 60 million years and more. Paleontologist Michael Cremo, for instance, writes in his monumental revisionist work Forbidden Archaeology of crafted artifacts discovered in strata as old as 2.5 billion years which have shapes and compositions that the hominoids of the time could not have produced. And in the monumental work from the 90s entitled When the Earth Nearly Died, scientists Allan and Delair, finally give us the science that proves beyond doubt that the Earth was indeed visited by a recent catastrophe and pole shift, and that not one but four giant pre-historic continents sank beneath the waves after a frightful deluge that extinguished at least eighty percent of the flora and fauna on the surface of the planet. Why is it that we have not heard worldwide debate on this book and its findings? Why is there silence over Richard Milton’s recent classic Shattering the Myths of Darwinism, which refutes, with formidable arguments, the unsustainable theories of Evolution and Uniformitarianism. Thanks to Allan and Delair, Milton and Cremo and a few other revisionist researchers we can ring the deathnell of the "Uniformitarian" paradigms of Lyell, Agassiz, Giekie and Darwin. The latest research not only clearly exposes the Ice-Age fallacy, but also concertinas out of existence the two-million Pleistocene Epoch which is said to have housed it. The strategies of the Royal Society to place an Ice-Age between us and our ancestors of the high civilizations of antiquity have finally been vetoed. The way is open for us to revisit the past, and benefit from the wisdom of our forefathers.

If there is anything more fantastic than Giekie’s extravagant theory it is that it has been lapped up by his successors and by intelligent men who, by logic alone, should be able to denounce it. Yet it is today a dogma - Comyns Beaumont (Riddle of Prehistoric Britain)

...it is astonishing that such an unscientific explanation ever came to be formulated, yet in a short time both it & the concept of immense thick ice-sheets descending from a hypothetical northern mountain system…was enthusiastically embraced...as virtually established fact - Allan & Delair (When the Earth Nearly Died)

The evidence is perfectly unambiguous. Along with the removal of an “Ice Age:” like that which has been hitherto commonly envisaged, the evidence suggests that there is something seriously amiss with the last phases of standard geological chronology - Allan & Delair (When the Earth Nearly Died)

Archaeologists all over the world have realized that much of prehistory as written in the existing textbooks, is inadequate, some of it quite simply wrong - Colin Renfrew (Before Civilization)

With the unconventional discoveries of these, and other, fine researchers, we can now not only vindicate the names and reputations of history's many maligned masters, and not only rectify the earth-sciences, but we can gain invaluable insights into the psychological problems of mankind. It goes without saying that if, in relatively recent historical epochs, all mankind experienced, and was traumatized by, the most atrocious cataclysms, then each individual's "Race Memory," will bear the eidetic impression. This encodation of unimaginable horrors, within the human DNA, can account for inherent human insecurities, fears, phobias, and other psychic maladies. We must understand that our various day-time fear and phobias are, in most instances, of a physiological, rather than psychological origin. Researchers into mankind's dark-side and behavioral peculiarities, such as Sigmund Freud, Julian Jaynes, Leonard Schlain, and Terrence McKenna, have postulated that even the human ego itself is a recent phylogenetic development, which came into existence rapidly to ensure the survival of the traumatized human consciousness. In his masterpiece on consciousness, The Origin of Consciousness and the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, Julian Jaynes declares that the recent past was a time of intense psychosis for the whole of mankind. Jaynes, writes Terrence McKenna:

...has suggested that human consciousness has changed its character even in historical times, the ego as we know it was not really in existence, except under extreme stress. And then it presented itself almost as an exterior intrusion into consciousness, like the voice of a god - Terrence McKenna (Institute of Noetic Sciences Magazine. Sept-Nov 2000 edition)

We reproduce catastrophe because we ourselves are traumatized – both as a species and individually, beginning at birth. Because we are wounded, we have put up psychic defenses against reality and have become so cut off from direct participation in the multidimensional wilderness in which we are embedded that all we can do is to navigate our way cautiously through a humanly designed day-to-day substitute world of symbols - a world of dollars, minutes, numbers, images and words that are constantly being manipulated to wring the most possible profit from every conceivable circumstance. The body and spirit both rebel - David Watson (The Pathology of Civilization)

Many prominent academic and public figures (Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan, Prof. Oberth and General Douglas Mac Arthur, and others) were, and are, convinced that our planet has been visited by alien beings multiple times. Indeed, it borders on the ludicrous to rule this idea out when it is remembered that virtually every star in our galaxy has a planetary system in each of which two or four planets might have an Earth-like environment and chemistry that encourages our kind of life to exist. Since there are 100 billion stars with planets in the Milky Way galaxy alone; and since there are 450 billion galaxies, it is rather preposterous to assert that mankind is alone in the universe, or that we have not received visits from alien beings. As I reveal in my book, we did indeed play host to a particular contingent of visitors, who descended to Earth approximately 50,000 years ago. Due to the fact that they were extraordinarily technically and scientifically advanced, these entities, that I refer to, were innocently taken for gods or angels by our planet's indigenous races. Our ancestors have been named Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon, Engis, Homo Erectus, etc,. However, since the information concerning these proto-humans comes from the same "authorities" who gave us the theories of "Ice-Ages" and "Evolution," etc., we would do well to take what we read about our ancestors with the proverbial "pinch of salt." Again, the myths prove a more enlightening archive of knowledge.

According to the myths, and to both the accepted and apocryphal scriptures, these particular alien beings were known by a variety of names, each with various meanings. The most common name, as used in the scriptures, is "Nephilim" (said to mean “those who were cast down” or also "those of strange birth"). In Sumeria, they were known as the Annunaki, or Annanage (meaning "heavenly serpents"). They did not come to our solar system or planet by choice. They were being pursued into our corner of the galaxy by members of their own planet, or planets, and were in a great need of rest and cover. They erected a decoy base on the giant ocean planet Tiamat, which one existed between Mars and Jupiter, but came here to Earth to hide out. When their pursuers arrived they utterly destroyed Tiamat, believing their nemesis to be on it. The remains of this enormous planet now form the asteroid belt.

According to the harmonic rule known as Bode's Law, a planet should exist between Mars and Jupiter - some 260 million miles from the Sun. Beginning in 1801, tiny rock and metallic objects were discovered to be orbiting the Sun at about this distance. Since then, several hundred thousand large asteroids have been catalogued…it had earlier become evident that much of the material of this 'missing planet' had been pulled into the orbits of Earth, Mars and Jupiter as either meteors or orbiting satellites - Joan d’Arc (The Late Great Planet Tiamat)

 If we elevate the Moon to planetary status, as the Sumerians appear to have done, then we have a total of ten planets orbiting the Sun today. On this basis one planet is currently still missing from the earlier Sumerian total…Could there really have been another planet known to the Sumerians, as yet unknown to us or lost since their day?- Allan & Delair (Cataclysm)

This cosmic destruction was witnessed, in horror, by our ancestors, here from the surface of planet earth, and our ancestors recorded what they saw and experienced in their oral and written legends. Tiamat (also known as Lucifer, Marduk, Rahab, and Phaeton) was fifteen times larger than the Earth, and was known in antiquity as the "Second Sun." This name was given because of the natural resplendence of its atmosphere in the true sun's rays. Its destruction occurred in the region of the zodiac known as Scorpio, which is why this sign is habitually considered malign. After its destruction, the real sun and moon were given names (Sol and Luna) which mean "alone." Moreover, the words disaster ("no-star") and catastrophe ("breakdown of a star"), which we still use for some kind of travesty or upheaval, also pertain to the heavenly cataclysm.

Go and cut off Tiamat’s life, and let the winds convey her blood to secret places - Enuma Elish (Babylonian Epic)

And behold a star fell from heaven, and the children of the earth began to tremble and quake before them and to flee from them. And again I saw how they began to gore each other and to devour each other and the earth began to cry aloud – Book of Enoch

Tiamat's huge frame exploded. Debris was flung into the freezing reaches of space. As the ice entered below our planet's Roche Limit, and into the ionosphere, it liquefied and in falling earthward, it caused the pre-history's famous Deluge or Flood. The incoming debris added such weight to the Earth that its rotation was slowed. Altogether, five and one-quarter days were added to the annual rotation. Moreover, Tiamat's waters became the majority of Earth's great salt-water oceans known today. The fear some of us have of the sea, arises from our race-memory of this historically recent Deluge.

I have been in the bark of Dylan, Son of the Wave, When the waters rose as lances, Falling down from the skies, Into the exposed abyss - Book of Taliesin (Welsh Bard)

Upon arrival to the Earth, the visitors hid themselves away, for a time, in underground caves, but eventually emerged to conquer the now lost continent of Appalachia, where they founded their great city state of Atlantis. It was from there that they set about making contact with the Earth's original inhabitants. They brought to Atlantis, and corralled there, many of our ancestors. Soon thereafter, the legends tell us that they sought sexual congress with the earth females.

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bear children to them…the mighty men which were of old, men of renown - Genesis 6-8

Fortunately, or unfortunately (we may never know), the sexual relations between the strange humanoid, but alien, visitors and our earth women, proved a failure at producing offspring.

And the daughters of Cain with whom the angels had companied conceived, but they were unable to bring forth their children, and they died. And of the children who were in their wombs some died, and some came forth, having split open the bellies of their mothers they came forth by their navels - The Ethopian Kebra Nagast

No human being of this earth could give to such a monster birth. He must be of the Demon Race. Though human still in form and face, if not a demon, he, at least appears a party-colored beast - Epic of the Kings

On some high crag, O king, set forth the maid…hope for no bridegroom born of mortal seed, but fierce and wild and of the dragon breed - Apuleis

It was this failure that caused the visitors to re-think the plan and to commit upon a course of action which was to forever change the histories of man and earth. They decided to instigate a program of genetic hybridization, and due to their technical proficiency, they crossed their own alien DNA with that of the humans. There are many references to this event in the myths and legends of old, and even in the scriptures we find enigmatic passages hinting at it.

And God said: Let us make man in our image, after our likeness - Genesis 1:26

The first man Adam became a living being, the last Adam a life-giving spirit. The spiritual did not come first, but the natural, and after that the spiritual. The first man was of the dust of the earth, the second man from heaven - 1 Corinthians 15:45

The alien masters knew that they were doing a forbidden thing, and knew that it would have severe repercussions. However, because of their desperate need for servants, they vowed to move ahead with the program.

And then Samjaza, who was their leader, said unto them - I fear ye will not indeed agree to do this deed and I alone shall have to pay the penalty of a great sin - Book of Enoch

Their genetic interference of the Earth Races resulted in several hybrid creatures, the most exceptional of which I refer to as "Homo Atlantis." Each and every human, of the last 10 millennia or more, is directly, or indirectly, descended from him. Every one of us has both "human" and "alien" DNA, and this is exactly what we have been told in all the world's sundry myths, from the Celtic and Arthurian legends to the Ramayana and Mahabharata. It is also implied by recent scientific findings into the geological record and the biology and genetics of humans, findings which are being sequestered by those with a vested interest in maintaining the present status quo.

molybdenum, a very rare metal plays an important role as a trace element in the physiology of all Earth creatures. It is surprising, therefore, that life so dependant on a rare metal should arise on a molybdenum-poor world like ours - Max. H. Flint and Otto O. Binder (Mankind- Child of the Stars)

"Homo Atlantis" can also be referred to as the “Son of the Serpent.” Throughout the ages, the symbol of the serpent has been used to represent the high sciences, and specifically the secret knowledge of genetics. We still see the twin serpentine Caduceus on the pharmaceutical and medical monopolies of today's world. The serpent symbol was used by the ancients because it was known that the DNA helix had a serpentine appearance. The Semitic word NSHS ("nahash") which means "serpent" also means "to discover" or "to find out," connoting science and scientists.

It was the job of the "Sons" to serve their masters, by carrying out the various tasks of building, mining, gardening and husbandry that was required of them. They did this in the precinct of Ea (Garden of Eden). Upon the creation of "Homo Atlantis," it is believed that every other hominid was eradicated from the Earth.

Neanderthal Man endured both cold and mild cycles with apparently equal success. He continued to exist in western Europe right up to about 35,000 years ago, and then he abruptly disappeared...The disappearance of Neanderthal Man and the advent of Cro Magnon Man at approximately the same time is one of the truly big stumbling blocks to the Evolution theory, for they are non sequitur species - Otto O. Binder and Max H. Flindt (Mankind - Child of the Stars)

Eventually, the "Sons of the Serpent" tire of their servitude and rebel. They exited from the Garden of Ea and set up their own base and culture on the continent of Oceania (Lemuria) where the Pacific exists today.  The word lemuria means "land ancestral" or "birth place of humanity." The Indian Tamil text, Silappadikaran, refers to Lemuria as Kumai Nadu or Kumari Kandam - the “Dragon Land of the Immortal Serpents.”

As a result of the exodus of "Homo Atlantis," the alien masters were forced to return to the drawing-boards to begin a new series of experiments. Again, they cross their own alien DNA with that of the human to create a Mark II being, that we can call "Adamic." However, not desiring a repeat of the Mark I being's behavior, the Atlanteans decide to suppress the centers of higher intelligence in Adamic Man. He is literally dumbed-down and, as such, becomes the perfect servant. Consequently, he is sent out into the garden to take over the duties of his absconded genetic cousins. The euphemism that has come down to us to represent Adamic Man's intellectual backwardness, is "naked." Adam and Eve (that is, the Adams and the Eves, plural), were sent into the "garden" (Earth) intellectually, and not physically, "naked."

Let us make him who shall nourish and sustain us. What shall we do to be invoked, to be remembered in earth?…So then, let us try to make obedient, respectful beings, who shall nourish and sustain us (The Maya Popul Vuh)

The scriptures also tell us that the "gods" sought to forbid man from partaking of the enigmatic "Tree of Life." This term is again a euphemism for the knowledge of genetics. From the earliest days the DNA spiral has been depicted as a tree with its roots in the earth and its 22 branches in the heavens. This organic image, for the DNA spiral, is certainly more realistic and appropriate that that commonly used today which ludicrously resembles some kind of mechanistic leggo-set floating in hyperspace.

All seemed to be going well for the Atlanteans until the Lemurians (the "Sons of the Serpents") decided to rescue their Adamic cousins from their imposed servitude. Sympathizing members of the Mark I being (Homo Atlantis) left Lemuria, and came, by space craft, to Atlantis on a mission of mercy. They had been monitoring their creators, and knew that, sooner or later, they may return to the drawing-boards to create another slave-race. Since they both possessed human DNA, the Lemurians saw the Adamic Race as cousins to themselves. As a result, they could not permit the Adams and Eves to remain dumbed-down and in servitude. So we have the story, corrupted later, of the Serpent entering the garden. Contrary to what we have been told by the deceitful mythographers of religion, of Judeo-Christianity, the "Serpent" was not evil, and was not in the "Garden of Eden" to tempt but, rather, to awaken.

The appellation Satan, in Hebrew…belongs by right to the first and cruelest “Adversary” of all other Gods - Jehovah, not in the serpent which spoke only words of sympathy and wisdom - Madame Helena Blavatsky

The Lemurians did not do so well interacting with the Adams (the males), who were too dumbed-down to "get" what was being told to them. However, fortunately for the human race, the Eves were much more responsive, and were strangely attracted to the visiting Sons of the Serpent. It is because of this rapport that the Adamic Race finally decided to leave Atlantis and accompany these strange but alluring Lemurians to their own paradisiacal homeland. Some accounts seem to indicate that they crossed to Lemuria by space-craft.

And when the cloud was taken up from the tabernacle, then after that the children of Israel journeyed: and in the place where the cloud abode, there the children of Israel pitched their tents - Numbers 9:17

Upon arrival to Lemuria, the Adams and Eves were genetically re-altered and initiated into all the secret knowledge that was hidden from them. The strong bond between the Eves and the Lemurians was never forgotten by either side. And the marginalization, domination, and even destruction of the females on this planet has its roots in this original allegiance. While resident on Lemuria, the Eves held high office socially and theocratically. In fact, it is from this period that the Cult of the Priestesses and the great Matriarchies arose. It is also from this time that we inherit the ancestral memory of a paradisiacal time when life was harmonious and men were in perfect unison with nature and each other. This was the reality, not on Atlantis, as we are often asked to believe, but on Lemuria - the true birthplace and home of civilization.

Upon finding out that their perfect slaves have been seduced away, the Atlanteans arose in anger. So great was their ire at being snubbed and deprived in this manner, that they instigated a full-out atomic war. This was fought with alien weaponry and many references exist to it in the sagas of old. It was this literal “Armageddon” which caused the Earth itself to react with violence. The magnetic fields of the planet, together with the Roche Limit were disturbed, and due to the ferocious heat of the weapons, from both contingents, the moisture in the atmosphere was almost entirely incinerated. Debris from ruined Tiamat entered again and caused a second great period of floods and devastation. Eventually, due to the terrible magnetic imbalances, the polar axis suffered a dramatic reorientation, causing furious winds and tidal waves to descend upon the continents and their inhabitants.

…forwards and backwards, and again to right and left, and upwards and downwards, wandering every way in all six directions. In one day and one fatal night there came mighty earthquakes and inundations that engulfed that warlike peoples - Plato’s Timaeus

There was tumult in the sky shaking the joints of the immovable universe, the very axle which runs through the middle of the revolving heavens was bent - Nonnos (The Dionysiaca)

There was a time when their tribe possessed the whole earth and were strong and numerous and rich; but a day came when a people rose up stronger than they and defeated and enslaved them. Afterward the Great Spirit sent an immense wave across the continent from the sea, and this wave engulfed both the oppressors and the oppressed, all but a very small remnant - (Legends of the Tahoe Indians of California).

For this they are willingly ignorant of – the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished - 2 Peter 3:5

Behold the Lord maketh the earth empty and maketh it waste and turneth it upside down and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof - Isaiah 24

I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away - John 21

South becomes North and the Earth turns over - Egyptian Papyrus

The "war of the gods," which probably ensued around 13,500 years ago, precipitated total devastation on our planet. Neighboring planets were also adversely affected. The Polar-Shift, caused the loss of the great landmasses of Appalachia (Atlantis), Oceania (Lemuria), Tyrhennia, Beringia and Fennoscandia, and caused the great prehistoric Miocene Ocean to spill out of its basin. Its waters remain as the Black and Caspian Sea and also as the Mediterranean. Some scholars even assert that these events caused the death of the Earth itself. Naturally, as a result of all this wholesale upheaval and mortality, the human, and animal, survivors were also to suffer phrenic and somatic traumatization, the likes of which can hardly be imagined today.

Many a modern scientist has expressed a belief that a thermo-nuclear holocaust occurred in ancient times. Commenting on the Mahabharata, top physicist Fredrick Soddy wrote in his book Interpretation of Radium:

Can we not read in them some justification for the belief  that some forgotten race of men attained not only the knowledge that we have so recently won, but also that power that is not yet ours?…I believe that there have been civilizations in the past that were familiar with atomic energy and that by misusing it they were totally destroyed. 

At Rochester University, when Robert Oppenheimer was asked if the discharge of his Atomic bomb was the first such event, he answered publicly: Well yes, in modern times, of course.

The day of the Lord is cometh as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be be burned - 2 Peter 3:10

A single projectile, charged with all the power of the universe, an incandescent column of smoke and fire as bright as 10,000 suns from a shaft fatal as the rod of death. Endowed with the force of thousand-eyed Indra’s thunder. It was as destructive to all living creatures…Hostile warriors fell to the earth like trees burned down in a raging fire…a substance like fire has sprung into existence…blistering hills, rivers and trees. All…are being reduced to ashes…You cruel and evil ones, drunk with pride, through that iron bolt you shall become exterminators of your race – The Mahabharata

...This weapon was so feared that "in great distress of mind" the king had the bolt reduced to fine powder and thrown into the sea. Even with these precautions, people's hair and fingernails fell out overnight, birds turned white and their legs  became scarlet and blistered, and food went bad - The Mahabharata

It was as if the elements had been unleashed. The sun spun round. Scorched by the incandescent heat of the weapon, the world reeled in fever. Elephants were set on fire by the heat and ran to and fro in a frenzy ...water boiled, animals died, the enemy was mown down and the raging of the blaze made the trees collapse…Horses and war chariots were burnt up... Thousands of chariots were destroyed, then deep silence descended on the sea…The corpses of the fallen were mutilated by the terrible heat so that they no longer looked like human beings. Never before have we seen such a ghastly weapon and never before have we heard of such a weapon - The Mahabharata

Many writers and commentators speak about the strange beings that existed in pre-diluvian times, and who were certainly involved in the tribulations that were later attributed to purely supernatural agencies.

And on Earth shall be monsters, a generation of dragons of men and likewise of serpents - Clement (Apocalyptic Fragment)

Atlantis race became a nation of evil magicians…the giants and magicians and all flesh died and every man - Madame Helena Blavatsky

There were the giants famous from the beginning, that were of so great stature, and so expert in war…But they were destroyed, because they had no wisdom, and perished through their own foolishness - Book of Baruch 3:24

The frightful Pole-Shift, which sank the continents, was not predicted or desired by the warring factions. Neither side could know of the Earth's violent reaction to their violence. Great casualties were known on both sides. Moreover, along with the continents went the sophisticated alien technology. The weapons, the super-computers, space-crafts, crystals, and laboratories, etc., were lost. Some of this technology is occasionally dug up today, and is usually quickly sequestered away in vaults, hidden away from questioning eyes. The loss of the hardware is a very significant event, and had great consequences for the future of mankind. After some semblance of normalcy returned to the planet, the survivors of the Atlanteans congregated at the new equator, specifically in Asia Minor. They are the founders of the empires of Sumeria, Babylon and Assyria. From these locations, they set about the manipulation of history itself, seeking to moving mankind forward to the point where their sophisticated technical hardware could be reconstructed. This was a monumental task, and has taken the offspring of the Atlanteans approximately 11,000 years to achieve. The Industrial Age and Silicon Age are their creations. As I reveal in my book, the consequences for mankind are very serious, should the progeny of the Atlanteans achieve their goal, and should they manage to vacate this planet, as was their alien fore-fathers' intent. This change of galactic address has been schemed for millennia now, and is the reason for the rise of world empires, for the subjugation and slaughter of the earth’s indigenous peoples, for the seizing of their land, for military super-budgets, for SDI, for the “New World Order” and for the election to power of those blood-related “overworld” demagogues who, Pied-Piper like, ever lead us down the roads toward servitude, nihilism and annihilation.

If suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet, we'd forget all the little local differences that we have between our two countries and we would find out once and for all that we really are all human beings on this Earth…And yet, I ask, is not an alien force already among us?…There are only a handful of people who know the truth about this - Ronald Reagan (to a full session of the United Nations September 21, 1987)

Though we have been taught otherwise, it is this writers firm belief that the genetic interference of the alien visitors caused what we know today to be evil, to come into the life and experience of mankind. We have been erroneously taught that the inhumanity and callousness, the vices that plague humankind existentially and socially, arise merely as the result of the movement of nature. These traits are merely the inevitable recalcitrance of our phylogenetic evolution, we are told. However, simple observation and common sense indicates that everything in nature, from the constellations to the molecules, are in total balance. Why then, would nature instill in her highest creation a propensity of corruption that would serve to undermine her own order? The fact is that Nature does not make such blunders, and evil is not a mere bi-product, or epiphenomenon of our phylogenetic evolution. On the contrary, it is the result of constant tinkering with the ordinances and laws of Nature that has lead to man's inner psychological schism and to the social dissension and corruption that abounds. Those who contravened the Natural Order in this manner are the criminals. The “Serpent Masters,” who visited our planet ages ago, arrived and took over without permission. They literally invaded our sovereign planet and interfered with the destiny and evolution of the native inhabitants while possessing no “legal” status, so to speak. Like many terrestrial illegal immigrants, these aliens had, and their progeny have, no love for the world they occupy. Their treatment of the Earth tells us as much. Their plundering of nations, their decimation of indigenous peoples and their violation of nature, should be taken as ample evidence for their origins. The human victims of Earth must, therefore, remedy the injustices perpetrated against them by assertively taking back their power and exercising their birthrights as “Earth Citizens.” Men and women, as their own “Immigration Officers,” so to speak, have the right to bring to justice, and even expunge, those who have violated universal law, human sovereignty, and who have themselves no rights, status, jurisdiction or authority. The so-called Controllers, or Hidden Masters, the Secret Chiefs, those descendants of the alien conquerors, whose influence and machinations have wrought untold horrors on Earth have absolutely no legal right to hold their offices, to pass their laws, to exercise command, to create wars, or to slaughter, impoverish, enslave, divide, and mislead mankind. They have no right to interfere, in any way, with the destiny and evolution of the Earth. Since they have appropriated these rights, they must be held totally accountable.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places - Ephesians 6:12

Arguably, the strongest arguments for the presence of alien DNA lies in the mysteriously destructive behavior that we have adopted toward our own home planet, women, the animal kingdom and to the indigenous peoples who have lived in relative harmony with the planet. We, the inhabitants of the planet, are now on the brink of ecocide and we have experienced millennia of brutality and death. If we take it that this state of moral bicamerality within us is the fault or cause of nature, then this fallacy becomes the very foundation of continued atrocity and disregard towards the intelligence that gave us our existence. If blind nature operates in such a way or is capable of such a blunder, then it is imperfect and both religion and science has the evidence it needs to continue to advocate the denigration of the organic. They can continue to exploit this pernicious error into an entirely self-serving paradigm, as they have done. We are compelled to falsely believe that our moral imperfections are caused by evolution, by nature, which is not intelligent, which is ontologically inferior. And, if nature is inferior, it follows that those peoples and tribes who honor nature and who are obedient to its subtle ordinances, must also be inferior, and be worthy only of destruction. We need to throw out these fallacies and understand that evil originated due to the persistent and secretive tampering with the ordinances of nature by those who came here seeking to colonize and enslave. Once this is fully understood, many other of its symptoms will be revealed to the light of truth. Every living being today, both male and female is, in fact, "Homo Atlantis." We all have both the DNA from the distant stars, and natural DNA from our earth-loving ancestors. And we all have an inner spiritual and moral dichotomy as a result of this abnormal amalgam. The very name Adam comes from the Semitic adom meaning "cut off" or "divided." The "dividers" were the so-called "gods," (Nephilim, Annunaki) feared and revered, expert in the science of genetics, with a total grasp of astro-navigation, mining, metallurgy, hybridization, cloning, and cellular-encoding, etc,. In modern times, we have been made to believe that this level of science is a very modern phenomena. A close reading of ancient myth and scripture reveals this to be an unsustainable belief, and that the high sciences of cloning and hybridization, etc., were well known practices in distant ages.

Zeus gathered the gods in council to express his concern that these unusual creatures would one day challenge their hegemony. He was loathe to exterminate them with his thunderbolts, though, because there would be no one to bring the gods offerings. He solved the problem by putting each creature into a trance and then splitting it down the middle…Upon awakening, each half only dimly remembered what it had been prior to being cleft in two. Zeus explained to the assembled gods and goddesses the cleverness of his scheme. These creatures would no longer pose a threat to the gods, because they would dissipate their considerable energy by spending the rest of their days searching for their missing halves - Leonard Schlain (recounting Plato’s Symposium account)

And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man…And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man - Genesis 2: 21

It should be clear by now, that the legends of our ancestors contain very valuable information concerning not only our human origins, but our future. In a short time from now we are all going to know for certain what the truth is about our origins and our destiny. Whether we have the courage to accept what is revealed will depend upon the level of our indoctrination and constitutional equilibrium. As these truths become known, we are sure to experience profound changes emotionally and mentally. Due to the fact that we have been lied to for so long it may be that many members of the human race will simply not be able to accept the truth. And, what is more, the masters of the lie have not, as many writers assert, departed to return another day. They are still right here amongst us manufacturing deceptions at a phenomenal rate. We learn all-to-well from these deceivers, but no so well from ourselves. We fail to realize that our true salvation comes from our regard and reverence for the wisdom of our ancient fore-bearers who cared greatly for the generations that would be following them. Many are the treasures they left for us, that we have habitually ignored and ridiculed. By doing so, we have become degenerate, recalcitrant, and psychically and emotionally toxic.

...man is everywhere a disturbing agent. Wherever he plants his foot, the harmonies of Nature are turned to discords – George P. Marsh (The Earth As Modified By Human Action)

Whether we like to hear it or not, it was not the ancients who were primitive. They had a sense of life that we know very little about today. Many are the conversations and speculations, today, about what makes man really different from the primates and hominids. How hard it is to hear the true answer. The reason for any difference between man and animal, is that man alone is the consummate murderer, rapist, mutilator, and deceiver; responsible for genocide and ecocide on an unimaginable scale. He is the only being who endangers his own well-being and future through perverse acts of carnality and violence. And, perhaps, strangest of all, he is the only being who hastens to execute such uniquely human activities for pure pleasure.

The detailed description of the life of primitive hunters and food gatherers has shown that man – at least since he fully emerged fifty-thousand years ago – was most likely not the brutal, destructive, cruel being and hence not the prototype of “man the killer” that we find in more-developed stages of his evolution - Erich Fromm (Anatomy of Human Destructiveness)

Our exile has not only been from the Goddess, but also from Nature. It is not surprising, considering that most Westerners live apart from their environment, protected by concrete roadways, consuming machine-processed foods and filled with media information to the detriment of the experience of our own senses. The seasons go unnoticed, we seldom touch the earth, eat fresh food or observe the world personally...The sacred is a forgotten dimension in our society which we ignore at our peril - Caitlin Matthews (Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom, Bride of God)

How refreshing it is, at least, to know that our earliest (pre-visitation) ancestors were not so disposed. But how galling and irksome to know that we are. As I mention in my book, and in this short article, the problem of evil must be answered. We are bequeathing it to our children if we do not come upon the right answers soon. The Maya predictions, concerning the future, estimate that the world will change drastically after the year 2012. They hint that evil shall soon be gone from the world and that mankind will be living in harmony. This may be, but we would do well to remember that the theme of social harmony is also always on the minds of the planet's most violent men and women. The alien elements who rule from behind the world's religions and governments have their own anti-human policies for instigating social order and control. They would have a "New World Order," to replace the old world disorder. They would have a psycho-civilized race, kept in bondage not with chains or bars, perhaps, but with vaccinations, microchips, implants and powerful mind-altering pharmaceuticals. Yes, the road ahead is dark. But, as the prophets have said, men have, by way of their sickening complicity, gullibility and sheer ignorance, brought themselves to the brink of doom. Dreaming of utopias, speaking like angels while acting like devils, has mankind approaching not the gates of paradise but the precipice of oblivion. According to some of the bleakest prophecies, most human beings are, during the next decade, going to be so inebriated, drugged-up, tuned-out, controlled and/or heedless, that they will relish and even crave their own inevitable annihilation and will, like the most deplorable of junkies, regard it all merely as their next best "high." Like a scene from a Werner Herzog movie, the lost and depraved within the human race, the diseased and sodden, will merely attempt to reserve front-row seats at their own Apocalypse, so to speak, and will mockingly raise their empty glasses, laugh, and party on down, until the twelfth-hour's explosive end.

And when men could no longer sustain them, the Giants turned against them and devoured Mankind. And they began to sin against birds and beasts and reptiles and fish and to devour one another’s flesh. Then the Earth laid accusation against the lawless ones - Book of Enoch

A great change will come to pass, such as no mortal man will have expected. Heaven and Hell will confront each other in this struggle. Old states will perish and light and darkness will be pitted against each other with swords, but it will be swords of a different fashion. With these swords it will be possible to cut up the skies and to split the Earth. A great lament will come over all mankind and only a small batch will survive the tempest, the pestilence, and the horror - Pastor Bartholomaeus (1638)

Then she added a prophecy in which she foretold the approaching end of the Divine Age and the beginning of a new one, in which the summers would be flowerless, the cows milkless and women shameless and men strengthless, in which there will be trees without fruit and seas without fish, when old men would give false judgments and legislators make unjust laws, when warriors would betray one another and men would be thieves and there would be no more virtue in the world - Badb (War Queen of the Tuatha de Dannan)

Then saw she wade in heavy streams, men – foul murderers and perjurers, and them who others wives seduce to sin, brothers slay brothers; sisters’ children shed each others blood. Hard is the world, sensual sin grows huge. These are the sword-ages, axe-ages, shields are cleft in twain, storm-ages, murder-ages - till the world falls dead - The Norse Edda

Looking to and studying the works of our ancestors should not be an idle or frivolous endeavor. It should be undertaken with the detail and method expected of the professed scientist, with the reverence and moral sensibility expected of the professed theologian and, most of all, with the passion to find out why it is that we inhabit the moral climate we do, why we go from the sublime heights to the demonic depths. For it may be that it will not only be the ancients who experienced tribulation and ruin in their times, but it may soon be ourselves experiencing the same. For, it has been said that those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

From the dawn of time we came, moving silently down through the centuries, living many secret lives. No one has even known we were among you...until now! - Sean Connery (Highlander)

Over 30,000 years ago we were, on this planet, the unwilling host to alien beings whom we took for gods. Today, we are ruled over by those who consider themselves the children of the gods, by those who may, in fact, be the very bloodline descendents of the original alien tyrants from distant stars. The ancient "gods" chose to violate our sovereignty (in all senses of the word). From their interference with our biology we have inherited their genes and, as a result, the anti-human drives which cause immoral, violent and unjust actions. As Socrates once declared, "to hurt another is to hurt oneself." To hurt another yes! But humans have a capacity for hurting themselves without help from others. As the great psychologists Wilhelm Reich and R. D. Laing have remarked, man cannot progress or mature until he becomes aware of the myriad ways in which he commits cruelty and violence to his own self, to his own body, mind, heart and soul. His cruelty certainly begins at home, and perhaps this too is a legacy of the alien part of us. Additionally, our ability to hurt the Earth can also only bring calamity upon us. For the Earth is our ultimate parent. She is the minister of our healing and the secret of our future. First, though, she must be healed. Sadly, few there are among us who have the inherent knowledge of how to heal the Earth-Mother. This is no simple task, and it takes certain peculiar skills. The Zen masters speak of creation from destruction, and this is a cardinal tenet of the Taoists also. In order to have creation from destruction, however, one must know the nature and essence of destruction. One must study it, and come to know destruction and evil intimately. Eventually, as the study continues, one learns to look deeply within themselves, for it is all there within the self. The self is the theatre for the final Battle of Armageddon, for though the original violations to our being were external in nature, the problem and the paradox now lies within. That which was, and is, phylogenetic is now patently ontogenetic. It is now an existential conundrum that we each have to solve in order to own the future and be free. Only when we know the workings of, and reasons for, our own cruelty and perversity, will we be able to assist others to heal themselves. But how far we are from this kind of knowledge. We are taught, in this world, from day one, to know everything possible about everyone and everything other than the self. And this is the root of our problem. To know another is impossible, and even if it were possible, such knowledge would be of little consequence to the ultimate scheme of things. But to go beyond the other, is to annihilate the ego, the problematic existence of which is predicated upon the proximity of the other. To end this primal attachment and to cease being a stranger to oneself – in this alone lies wisdom.

Many stand outside at the door, but it is only the solitaries who will enter into the bridal chamber – Jesus Christ (the Apocryphal Gospel of Thomas)

When all the ties of the heart are severed here on earth, then the mortal becomes immortal – Katha Upanishad

We don’t receive wisdom, we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us - Marcel Proust

In the Book of Luke, the Christ said; "...the son of man hast no place to lay his head." And so indeed it is for the unawakened, for those without a center or a destiny, forever living on the surface of themselves. The man who has trained himself to know all that he can know about everything and everyone else, but who knows next to nothing about himself, is the rich man accoladed by his fellow slaves in the world of light and sense. Fanfare will follow him wherever he goes, and he will never be lonely. He does not need to look within, for he is the crowned son of the gods, and has his mirage kingdom to conquer and amuse. Men, women and nature are there for his taking. He cannot see the trail he leaves, for his eyes are ever on future horizons. Nothing will change until the strange day when he awakes to find that he has reached the final horizon. Only then will he be privy to the chaos that was his life and journey. Only then will he reach the void of tomorrow into which he threw his discarded soul. Only then will he realize how, through emptying himself into the world of men, he has locked himself out of the sweetest gardens and finest of palaces. Upon turning away from the gates of the kingdom of Selfhood he abandoned the holiest of temples to become a prisoner and slave in the wretched and decaying House of Time. So, only then, while peering into the nether from that high balcony of Time's dark tower, will he realize how and why his life became his curse, his punishment, and his tomb. His last vision will be of lightening from the north which, like Excalibur through the red dragon's heart, falls hard to strike his tower, incinerating it and all within, burning down its frame to the dark and silent chasm that opens its dire embrace, ten thousand fathoms deep.

Broken down is the city of chaos. Every house is shut up, so that no one can enter. In the streets there is an outcry…All joy has reached its eventide. The mirth of the world is gone. Desolation is left in the city, And its gates are battered in ruins - Isaiah 24:10-12

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