Jest Texas

Don't Jump...??

A Texan looked up at the top of a tall building and discovered a man ready to jump!

"Stop," he yelled, "remember you're someone who has value!"

The man yelled back, "I just lost everything of value in the stock market!"

"But remember you're important to your wife," yelled the Texan.

"She divorced me, the witch."

"Your children! Remember your children," yelled the Texan.

"They never call," said the man.

"Then your parents. Remember your parents," yelled the Texan.

"Dead as doornails," said the man.

"Then 'Remember the Alamo," yelled the Texan.

"What's the Alamo?" inquired the man.

And the Texan replied:
"Jump, you SON OF A BITCH! !"

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