Jest Texas

Marshall Fields

A tall Texan walks into Marshall Fields in Chicago. The young lady clerk looks him up and down admiring his size.

"May I help you?", she asks.

"Yes,maam", he says with a tip of his hat, "I'd be needing some clothes.

A jacket, size 48 tall."

"My you are a very large man.", she comments

"Yes maam. I'm from Texas.", the man says proudly.

"Would you be needing anything else?", she enquires.

"Yes maam, pants, size 38 waist, 34 leg.", he replies.

"My you are an extremely large man.", she says in awe.

"Yes maam, I'm from Texas.", he responds.

"And would you need anything else today?", she asks.

"Yes maam, boots, size 13, EEE width, thats all." the Texan states.

"Oh my, you are one very large man.", she remarks.

"Yes maam," he drawls, "I'm from Texas."

She proceeds to the cash to ring up his purchases. As she does she looks him up and down admiring his stature. Finally she shyly comments,

"You know you are one very, very large man.", focussing below his belt buckle, "do you mind my asking, umm, just, umm, how large are you?"

The Texan straightens up and says, "Not at all maam. Happens all the time. 4 inches."

She is aghast. "4 inches? Why, my boyfriend is bigger than that!", she exclaims.

The Texan replies, "That would be from the ground, maam."

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