The Bilderbergers


To understand who controls the leadership of NATO, the world's biggest military operation, you only have to look at the connection of the NATO Secretary-Generals to the Bilderberg Group.

· The earlier sec-gens do not appear to have been Bilderberg attendees, but if you know different, please let me know. These were Lord Ismay (1952-1957), Paul Henri Spaak (1957-1961), Dirk U. Stikker (1961-1964), and Manlio Brosio (1964-1971).

But from then on, the leader of NATO has become a Bilderberg appointment.

They are:

· Joseph Luns (1971-1984) Bilderberg Group

· Lord Carrington (1984-1988) Bilderberg Group, the chairman since 1991).

· Manfred Wörner (1988-1994) Bilderberg Group

· Willy Claes (1994-1995) Bilderberg Group

· Javier Solana (1995-1999) Bilderberg Group

· Lord Robertson (1999- ) Bilderberg Group

How much easier it therefore becomes to instigate Bilderberg policy in the Gulf, Bosnia, Kosovo, etc., etc. Especially when every major "peace" negotiator in Bosnia was a member of Bilderberg and/or it's related network, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations, and Trilateral Commission.

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