People Checkmate
by Citizen "joe 6pk" Amer I CAN


My article and links today are quite scary. If you are faint of heart and do not wish to know the true facts of the "global village" you live in today, read no further. This is a follow up piece to the article I wrote last summer titled "Gun Owners Checkmate" .

I am going to take you beyond Echelon and Carnivore. The Orwellian 1984 spook / spy programs of NSA and FBI respectively. For this is now 2001. Our village today is part of the real New World Order. Once known under names like united States of America, USA or US. Today our country could better be referred to as United Socialist States of AmeriKa or USSA inc. In this UN state (nation), if you wave Ol' Glory, are patriotic and God fearing, you could become a suspect. (unless it has gold fringe of course). You see, the USSA is steered by Corporations, NGO's, UN and traitorous bureaucrats with plenty of "Diversity" . If you are politically incorrect and lack diversity, you could be in big trouble !

For this article lets use YOU as an example. Let's profile YOU as one of those real life wacko's as follows:

1. Loves and serves God and Country.

2. Goes to church.

3. Owns guns and thinks of it as a RIGHT instead of a privilege.

4. Loves his or her spouse and refuses to take on a fling with a same sex partner.( Like popularized on TV/movies,mags.,schools etc..)

Now that you are profiled. It is easy to see you are politically incorrect and lack that required diversity, needed to function in today's Utopia. The UN's big brother program decides you have need for watching. You could well become a link in a terrorist organization.

Now since it was YOU we have profiled. Let's say you wrote this very article, as well as others in the past that were critical of the government.( USSA or UN ). That means that the plane in link # 26 below is flying over your house instead of mine. (Say I like the way this article is going for a change;-)) You quickly research and find out the plane is a high tech surveillance craft known as a RC-135 Rivet Joint. You take the many overflights as a compliment your article research is paying off..

Unknown to you the government has put into your "file" that you are a member of the radical Freeman Society. No such group exists, but the lackey's in the global village international police organizations( i.e..your local Sheriff / PD) don't know that. Therefor you deserve extra scrutiny. You must be the enemy.

In the "old days" they might tail you. In today's hi-tech world, that's not necessary. You and the family decide on a day out. You stop by the burger joint for a quick bite (on camera). You go to Wal-Mart to shop (on camera ). You are watched closely as you examine the goods to make sure you don't get stuck with Chinese or Mexican junk. You swell with pride having finally found an item or two labeled, made in the USA. You are happy mostly because, you are oblivious to the fact those items were made in local prisons by people just like you. On the way home (in your smart car) down route 11 on camera ) onto ITS interstate 75 ( on camera ) you decide to go see Aunt Lu Lu at the hospital (on camera ).(see links 4-10 below).

While driving home down ITS interstate 75 (on camera yet again) you hear a special news bulletin on the radio ( controlled media channel ). Traffic has come to a screeching halt in a massive jam up. "Authorities"

International Monetary Fund authorized FEMA, FBI, ATF, IRS, Secret Service, US Police & Marshals and UN Military AGENTS) have declared a state of martial law. All publicly owned weapons are to be turned in to the "authorities" immediately. Additionally all members of the subversive Freeman Society, Patriots League, Gun Bearers Assoc., America Militia Corps etc. are to surrender immediately. Your family looks at each other in stark horror. You look for a way out of the traffic. Darn it, why did they put those concrete dividers in the highway? You decide to ease onto and ride the shoulder. Up ahead before the next exit, you see military check/chokepoints. You decide to chance it, you gun your engine and go around on the grass. Suddenly your vehicle shakes and looses power. (see ray gun patent at bottom of links). An ordinance rocks the vehicle. You and family quickly exit but are hit with a sticky goo substance. Somehow you manage to escape on foot across the hill overlooking the ITS interstate. You look back to see other vehicles trapped by the Vehicle Arrester ( see link # 28 ). You hide in the Crape Myrtle's, knowing that will help shield you from the heat sensing helicopters. You look in disbelief as un-manned military vehicles patrol the roadways.( see link #'s1-5 ). Soon a voice screams orders to surrender. You look around, hopelessly surrounded. You are quickly thrown down, boot stomped and searched, before being yanked to your feet. A blue helmeted Sergeant laughs and asked; you didn't think you could escape now did you? But how did you find me; you ask?

Since you are writing this, I will give you some options on ending it. Did they find you by:

1. Satellites that can tell if that quarter in your hand is heads or tails.( see link # 24 )

2. US Patent # 6,100,806 ( see bottom of links ) ( use US pat office search for more detail ).

3. That biochip they gave with your flu vaccine was read by electronics included with the on side road cams. All is connected with GPS. ( see link #'s 20 to 23 )

4. Frequencies in your head. ( see link #'s 17-18 )

Now some might be thinking this is a work of fiction since YOU and I wrote it. I assure everyone this is all too real. Yes I could have written many different scenarios and added hundreds more links. But this is tough enough to handle for now. I advise YOU to check out completely these links, including the ones I didn't use in the article itself (below). Sadly you will find our country in worse shape than you ever imagined.

PLEASE join me in saving this once great republic. Educate others, buy more firearms, speak out NOW !!!!!

Joe Burton

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