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Pakistan Observer
Prof Niaz Erfan

Dr John Coleman, who is the author the book entitled “Conspirators Hierarchy—The Story of the Committee of 300”—was an officer in the US Intelligence Service. Introducing himself in the Foreword of the book, he tells us that in his career as a professional intelligence officer, he had many occasions to access highly classified documents, but during service as a political science officer in the field in Angola, West Africa, he had the opportunity to view a series of top secret classified documents which were unusually explicit.

When he returned to the United States in 1969, he found that names like the Order of St John of Jerusalem, Club of Rome, the German Marshall Fund, the Cini Foundation, the Round Table, the Fabianists, the Venetian Black Nobility, the Mont Pelerin Ssociety, Hellfire Clubs and many others were either totally unknown there, or else their true functions were at best but poorly understood, if at all.

After that he set about trying to remedy the situation in a series of monographs and cassette tapes. This awakened a large number of people. But he was working under severe risk. He and his wife were attacked. They suffered financial losses, continual harassment, threats and calumny, all part of a carefully-crafted and orchestrated programme to discredit him, run by government agents and informers, embedded in the so-called Christian rightwing, the “Identity Movement” and rightwing “patriotic” groups. These agents operated, and still operate, under cover of strong and fearless outspoken opposition to Judaism—their main enemy, they would have us believe. Undeterred by the strong opposition he continued working and wrote a number of books and articles.

When he studied the documents it filled him with anger to know that not only Britain and US, but in a way the entire world and in particular the third world countries were being controlled by an international group of 300 people—’the Committee of 300”, who have organised themselves into various societies and clubs like Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Zionists, Bolshevists, Rosicrucianism, Olympians, Illuminati, Round Table, the Milner Group etc. Of course on top all of them is ‘the Committee of 300’. According to Dr Coleman all the organisations listed above, and many more, are the ‘spin-offs’ of the latter.

The book bears the title “CONSPIRATORS’ HIERARCHY”, with the sub-title “THE STORY OF THE COMMITTEE OF 300”. It has 13 chapters and is spread over 288 pages. There are number of startling revelations in the book. Ordinarily it would be hard to believe in such revelations, but since they come from one who once belonged to the US Intelligence Service and roamed about the world on official assignments and had access to classified documents, we cannot but believe the veracity of the facts.

The Committee of 300 was established with the connivance of US Government, British Royal family, various International Banks, Insurance Companies, NATO, International Court of Justice (ICJ) etc, with a view to implement the agenda for the establishment of a godless One World Government, to which a new name ‘New World Order’ has been given these conspirators are the servants of the ‘One World Government’—New World Order and act like MONSTERS. He asks the reader to consider how President George Bush ordered the brutal slaying of 150,000 Iraqi troops in a convoy of military vehicles waving white flags on their way back to Iraq, retreating from Kuwait under an agreed disengagement and withdrawal. “Imagine the horror of the Iraqi troops when, in spite of waving white flags, they were mowed down by the American aircraft”. At another point of the front 12,000 Iraqi soldiers were buried alive in the trenches they occupied. Dr Coleman poses the question: “Is that not monstrous in the truest sense of the word? From where did President Bush get his orders to act in this MONSTROUS fashion?” Then Dr Coleman goes on to answer the question: “He got these orders from the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), who got its mandate from the Committee of 300, also known as “Olympians”.

Dr Coleman tells us that the conspiracy of the various organisations—the ‘spin-offs’ of the Committee of 300—is to attack major religions ie Islam and Christianity and it aims at the destruction of millions of people ( referred to by the Committee of 300 as the ‘surplus population’) and the removal of any leader who dared to stand in the way of the Committee’s global planning to achieve the objectives mentioned above.


Dr John Coleman has given a long list of the members of the Committee of 30 spread over 203 pages in 7 chapters bearing the following titles:
3. BANKS (126)
7. [AST AND PRESENT MEMBERS OF THE COMMITTEE OF 300.(347) Grand total comes to 725 organisations and individuals.

Dr John Coleman has described the Conspirators’ Hierarchy with the help of an inverted Hierarchy tree. The Committee of 300 is the root from which Organisations, Societies, Associations, Clubs, Groups, Institutes, Foundations, Trusts, Companies, Banks, Agencies, Parties, Lodges, Houses, Families and individuals are shown as branching at different levels. The Hierarchy tree is reproduced below for reference:

Almost always the members of the Committee of 300, whether groups or individuals, keep themselves and their work secret. They always work in a chain of command, which ends at the Committee of 300, which may be viewed as the Supreme Commander. According to Dr Coleman, Hinckley, the killer of President Kennedy was brain-washed by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry acting through such secret societies as the Knights of St John of Jerusalem, the Round Table, the Milner Group and so on down the line upon line of secret societies. “They form part of a worldwide chain of command and control running through the Club of Rome, NATO, the RIIA and finally right up to the Conspirators’ Hierarchy, the Committee of 300.

Describing the type of individuals who are enrolled as members of the Committee of 300 Down fields, including ‘cults diabolics’, mind altering drugs and specialists in murder by poison, intelligence, banking, and every facet of commercial activity”.


According to Dr Coleman two of the earliest targets were Italy and Pakistan. Late Aldo Moro, the Prime Minister of Italy, was one leader who dared to oppose the programmes of “Zero Growth’ and ‘Population Reduction’, planned for his country, thereby incurring the wrath of the Club of Rome, commissioned by the “Olympians” to carry out its writ. In 1978 he was kidnapped by the Red Brigade and was subsequently brutally shot to death. This happened after Henry Kissinger, the celebrated Foreign Secretary of USA, had threatened Aldo Moro. When threatening Aldo Moro Henry Kissinger was obviously not carrying out the US foreign policy, but was rather acting according to the instructions received from the Club of Rome, which is the foreign policy wing of the Committee of 300. Dr Coleman says that Kissinger also threatened late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Prime Minister of Pakistan, who favoured the possession of nuclear weapons for his country. “He was judiciously murdered in 1979”, says Dr Coleman. (Here Dr Coleman omits the details how the conspiracy worked to bring about an end to Z A Bhutto’s life. 

We can surmise that it was not the judges who ‘judiciously murdered’ Bhutto; it was done through Bhutto’s own cronies who, carrying out the orders of the Committee of 300, betrsayed him and testified against him and by his own lawyers or friends who advised him to fight the case politically instead of fighting it legally and instead of relying on arguments to rely on emotional outbursts against the courts of law and judges. He and his friends also chose to pressurise the courts not to give death sentence to Bhutto and later, when they failed to intimidate the court, resorted to exerting pressure on the then President of Pakistan not to carry out the sentence announced by the court. Unfortunately late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, in spite of his sharpness, did not realise that NO ACCUSED HAD EVER BENEFITED FROM ANTAGONISING THE COURT OF LAW. This is the lesson one learns from history).

According to Dr Coleman, later Gen Zia ul Haq paid with his life for intervening in the war raging in Afghanistan. Gen Zia ul Hag’s aircraft was hit by an ELF (Electric Low Frequency) device, shortly after it took off from Bahawalpur, causing the aircraft to loop into the ground. Gen Zia ul Haq had been warned earlier by the Turkish Secret Service not to travel by plane as he was targeted for a mid-air bombing. With this warning in mind Gen Zia ul Haq took the US embassy team with him as “an insurance policy”.

Dr Coleman, in his 1989 work, entitled: “Terror in the skies”, has given the following account of what happened on that fateful occasion: “Shortly before Gen Haq’s C-130 took off a suspiciously looking truck was seen close to the hangar that had housed the C-130 aircraft. The control tower warned base security but by the time action was taken, the plane was already air borne and the truck had gone. A few minutes later the plane began ‘looping the loop’ until it hit the ground and exploded in a ball of fire” (Looping the loop is a recognised trademark of an aircraft hit by ELF device.) Dr Coleman concludes the story in these words: “ There is no doubt in my mind that Gen Haq had been murdered. The truck seen near the C-130 hangar undoubtedly carried a mobile ELF device of the type the Soviet Union armed forces are known to possess”.


Revealing the real motive behind the so-called foreign aid Dr Coleman tells us: “One needs to have a clear understanding of just why the fake ‘environmentalist movement’, established and financially supported by the Club of Rome’, was called upon to wage a war against nuclear energy—with nuclear energy generating electricity at cheap rates and in abundant supplies, third world countries would gradually become independent of US and IMF aid and begin to assert their sovereignty. Dependence on foreign aid actually keeps other countries in servitude of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)”.

Dr Coleman further tells us that the people of the aid receiving countries receive very little of the aid money; it usually ends up in the pockets of the leaders wielding power, who allow the natural resources and raw material of their countries to be savagely looted by the IMF.


Dr Coleman reveals that the Club of Rome and its financiers, working under the name of ‘German Marshall Fund’, were two highly organised conspiratorial bodies, operating under cover of NATO. The Club of Rome formulated all of what NATO claimed as its policies.

The term ‘NEW WORLD ORDER’ is seen to have been coined and developed in the context of the Gulf war in 1991. The Club of Rome has its own private intelligence agency and it also sometimes borrows from David Rockefellers and INTERLOPE. US Intelligence agencies also very closely cooperate with it as does the KGB and the MOSSAD. NATO has its own highly organised political and economic agencies.

The Club of Rome, that also calls itself the ‘OLYMPIANS’, absolutely believe they have been charged with the responsibility to implement the following by divine right:
(i)Establishment of One World Government and New World Order with a united church and monetary system under their control.
(ii)Utter destruction of national identity and national pride.
(iii)The destruction of religion.
(iv)Legalisation of drugs and pornography.
(v)Depopulation of large cities by means of limited wars in advanced countries, and by means of starvation and diseases in the backward countries, resulting in death of 3 billion people by the year 2000. The report was prepared by Cyrus Vance and was accepted and approved for action by President Carter confirms the programme detailed above.
(vi)Encouragement of the youth to indulge in the use of alcohol and drugs by means of rock music in order to destroy the family unit.
(vii)Checking various countries from deciding their own destinies by means of crises created one after the other.
(viii)Introducing new cults like rock music, gangsters, teddies and the Beatles.
(ix)Building up the cult of Christian Fundamentalism in order to strengthen the Zionist state of Israel.
(x)Spreading sectarianism in the Muslim world.
(xi)Exporting ‘religious liberalism’ ideals around the world so as to undermine all existing religions, particularly Islam and Christianity.
(xii)Causing total collapse of world economies and creating total political chaos.

Ikram Sehgal

With a gathering of “Editors, Columnists and Reporters” representing the Pakistani intelligentsia and masses, with members of his administration sitting on both sides of the assembled media representatives, Gen Pervez Musharraf made a blunt presentation on May 25 of his government’s performance as well as his intentions for the future.

The intelligentsia may remain sceptical about the conduct and style of the event, the Chief Executive’s (CE) aim was to get his message across. “The great silent majority” that provides the maximum viewers for the “World Wrestling Federation” (WWF) bouts on TV, was the target audience who had to be reached out to in words and actions in layman’s language which they would be able to absorb, more importantly, to accept.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica “Durbar” is a “word widely used in India to signify a court or audience chamber; also any assembly of notables called together by a “governmental authority”. In the army, Commanding Officers (COs) of various units, particularly the fighting arms, hold regular Durbars to explain their policies, plans and intentions to the rank and file, this forum gives an opportunity to the Jawans to raise pertinent questions and vent legitimate grievances.

The Durbar is a very special occasion, with the Jawans sitting cross-legged on the ground facing the CO with his ceremonial chair and table, the “officer loag” and “JCO Sahiban” sitting alongside on chairs on both sides of the Assembly, ready to answer questions (and sometimes be taken to task by the CO) if need be. The CE started by taking issue with the notion of being “isolated” as a country, he was both right and wrong! We are not really isolated, however, neither do we occupy the same pedestal that we used to. Kargil brought negative dynamics into the situation, we are down diplomatically quite a few notches. However wrongly, the international perception have raised the Indians to the “moral high ground”, some of it is simply crass economics, the west’s commercial greed for tapping the vast one billion plus consumer market of India.

It would be scary if we did not recognise this reality. One must agree that the CE had more success than failure on his 19 trips abroad. To dispel apprehension among our traditional friends the CE opted to personally apprise them of facts as they existed on the ground, to look them in the eyes in face to face contact and let them gauge the sincere intent or otherwise for themselves, The Army Junta in Burma made a major mistake by isolating themselves inside Burma and let universal perception about their rule be crafted by the world media’s continuing love affair with Aung Sun Suu Kyi.

The lady’s democratic following notwithstanding, Burma had many problems of grave nature which needed a firm hand. In contrast to Ms Benazir’s and Mian Nawaz Sharif’s imperial globe-trotting on private jet along with large retinues of little or no consequence to governance, Pervez Musharraf travelled on scheduled flights with very small delegations. The trips well worth the time and money and effort, as a damage control exercise have been largely successful.

Since Oct 16, we have seen a number of Pervez Musharrafs on prime time TV as dictated by his media handlers. The real Pervez Musharraf finally stood up on May 25, 2000, symbolically with his gloves off. The aesthetic sense may have been missing but it was effective, as befits a unit commander explaining hard facts to his Jawans. There has been an increasing apprehension among the masses about seeming inaction under military rule, not delivering the goods, such vacuum is fertile ground for rumours. The CE explained the time lag in the language the masses understand, to develop a “strategy” in each area of concern time was needed, a comprehensive analysis of the problems had to be made before coming through with effective solutions.

On one major issue there can be no compromise, documentation of the economy. For too long a large number of our businessmen have been taking a free ride, included are those who have accumulated wealth illegally. 1.2 million people make for a miniscule “Atlas” to bear the burden of 140 million people. There is a resistance to the tax net being broadened, those affected are trying to scuttle the documentation process. 13 cities being targeted, one believes that an interim target of Rs 150-200 billion is achievable, eventually as much as Rs 600 billion. The break-up of the list of 1000 to be fired from CBR was extremely disappointing. About 850 of those being sacked are virtual junior nonentities, sacrificial lambs meant as a diversion to protect the big culprits at higher levels, the real leeches who have sucked this economy dry.

Even if the whole lot of 30000 CBR personnel are sacked it will make no difference to the collection, if the Finance Minister (better a full-time a Revenue Minister) were to send 90% of CBR officials home and request the business community to pay 30% more in taxes each year for two consecutive years without any check or verification, coordinated at most by the respective Chambers of Commerce and Industry, one believes that the response would be positive.

Client-Patron relationships seem to go on and on even if new staff is inducted, the problem is that the crooked soon find Godfathers for “protection”. One of the jokes at a play in Karachi made one cry for this country, it marvelled at a couple of very influential businessmen being picked up despite their “jack” in successive regimes.

They were not picked up simply for tax and excise evasion of various kinds, involvement in making fake products, taking of spurious bank loans, etc, they were hauled up on serious charges pertaining to national security, charges that could not be ignored despite their “blue-chip” contacts. Give credit to the regime for not knuckling under.

The appointment of the virtually unknown Sher Afghan Malik as MD PIA is controversial. What raised doubts was his CV, all rhetoric and no substance. No mention of the organisations or appointments he has served in or the naming of the entities he is believed to have “turned around”. Malik simply happens to be the brother-in-law of someone having extensive business dealings with PIA in a private capacity, and who coincidentally happens to be the father-in-law of someone who is “a dynamic young entrepreneur” according to one of our ministers. Coincidentally this paragon of business happens to be a fellow franchisee in a major western food franchise of the businessman hauled up under national security reasons aforementioned. And one may well ask who recommended Sher Afghan Malik for the crucial PIA post to replace the much replaced Arif Khan Abbasi? Abbasi was at least keeping PIA flying. Mr Sher Afghan Malik’s credentials to perform miracles need to be looked at carefully before this experiment grounds PIA permanently. Of course if he has the necessary credentials, more power to him.

Talking about PIA MDs, some columns ago I was very unkind to former Governor (and former MD PIA) Air Marshal (Retired) Daudpota when he was Governor. He is a fine, honourable gentleman, what better than to apologise when he is not in power. Definitely not run-of-the-mill “yes man” material, the Air Marshal expresses dissent without any qualms when he feels a negative response is necessary. The agenda of his bosses in governance, a decade younger than himself, was way out of his conscience to handle.

The CE’s Press Conference reminded one of the time late Gen Ziaul Haq lost his cool at the OIC Meeting of Heads of State and Government at Rabat (or was it Casablanca) many years ago, and was applauded for his plain talking by the hard-bitten assembled Muslim leaders. Further back one remembers Gen Yahya Khan, very witty and spontaneous, when facing a hostile Press. No leader has been as blunt to a fault as this genuinely honest but much-maligned man, one of the few leaders of Pakistan who made nothing for himself or even tried to.

A modicum of plain, straight talking was required from Gen Pervez Musharraf. A rough sampling of public opinion shows he achieved what he wanted to. Now he has to come through on his promises or his credibility will be as shot as was late Zia’s never-ending 90 days. Beginning 1970 most of the units and formations of the Pakistan Army remained in field conditions for nearly 4 years, reaching peace location even later than June 1974.

A symbolic act for the CE would be to shun the routine and move into the CE’s Secretariat with his camp cot, and in exclusion to everything else, get on with his commitment on a war footing on a 24-hour basis. Less than 1000 days are left for his mandate to run out, for the country the sands of time may be running out much faster.

Conspirators’ hierarchy—II
Prof Niaz Erfan

Giving fullest support to supra national institutions such as the UN, IMF, BIS (Bank of International Settlements), ICJ, etc.

(xiv)Infiltrating into and subverting all Governments and working from within them to destroy the sovereign integrity of nations.

(xv)Organising a worldwide terrorist apparatus.

What Dr Coleman wrote in eighties about the future shape of things, which was printed in 1992, on every passing day, has been and is unfolding itself as actual happenings before our eyes. Then he had written as follows: “Rival factions and groups, such as Arabs and Jews and African Tribes, shall have differences magnified and allowed to wage wars of extermination against each other under the eyes of NATO and UN observers. The same tactics will be used in Central and South America. These wars of attrition shall take place BEFORE the take-over of One World Government and shall be engineered on every continent where large groups of people with ethnic and religious differences live, such as the Sikhs, Muslim Pakistanis and the Hindu Indians. Ethnic and religious differences shall be magnified and exacerbated and violent conflict as means of “settling” their differences shall be encouraged and fostered”. He further discloses “ The United Nations is being slowly but surely transformed into a rubber stamp of One World Government, with policies dictated to it by the United States as we saw in the Gulf War… We are close to the point where the United States will send its military forces to settle any and all disputes brought before the United Nations”. The UN Secretary Generals have been most compliant to the US wishes, which is an important step along the road to a One World Government. This is all according to the plans of the Committee of 300.


Dr Coleman says that the Committee of 300 has planted its agents ‘in the muscle and sinew of the United States; into its Government, in Congress , in advisory posts around the President, as ambassadors, and as Secretaries of State. According to him the then US President plotted and planned the Gulf war. The President had justified the war saying that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein did not heed the warning to leave Kuwait alone. American people are told that ‘we won the Gulf war’. What is not yet perceived by a vast majority of Americans is that in winning the war, if at all, US lost its self-respect and the national honour, which is ‘lying rotting in the sands of the desert of Kuwait and Iraq, along with the corpses of thousands of Iraqi soldiers, whom we butchered despite the agreed retreat from Kuwait and Basra. We could not keep our word that we would abide by the Geneva Convention and would not attack them.’

On May 27, 1991, President Bush made a very profound statement, that is: “The moral dimension of the American policy requires us to chart out a moral course through a world of lesser evil. That is the real world, neither black nor white. (There are) very few moral absolutes”.

Dr John Coleman invites us to consider this in the light of the President’s order to the army to bury alive 12,000 Iraqi soldiers and to consider this in the light of his ongoing war of genocide against the Iraqi people and also to consider this in the bright light of truth, that he did all of these things in the name of the American people, while secretly taking his orders from the Committee of 300.


Dr John Coleman discusses in detail as to how and why the Committee of 300 popularised the use of drugs. He tells us that the newly created musical groups, their lifestyles, their fashions and fads swept millions of youngsters in America and other countries into the cult. The new ‘wonder drug’ was distributed in ‘sample size packages’, handed out free of charge on college campuses and ‘rock concerts’. The devilish bedlam of discordant heavy beat sounds numbed the minds of the listeners so that they were easily persuaded to try the new drug.

The Beatles, with their twanging guitars, silly expressions, drug language, un-washed clothes and weird hair styles, created new social patterns, first and foremost being to popularise the use of drugs. According to Dr Coleman the reason why the drug problem still persists is that the drug trade is being seen by the highest families in the entire world as a part of a coordinated gigantic money making machine. He thinks that “The lucrative drug trade is one of the worst examples of making money out of human misery”. The other more serious reason is the legal drug trade run by misery”. the pharmaceutical companies owned by Rockefellers.

The trend in making huge profits out of drug sale was carried over by such ‘legal’ drug death merchants as Sandoz, the makers of LSD and Hoffman la Roche, manufacturers of Valium. The cost of the raw material and manufacturing of Valium to Hoffman la Roche is $3 per kilo(2.2 pounds). It is sold to their distributors for $20,000 per kilo. By the time it reaches the consumer, the price of Valium rises to $50,000 per kilo. Hoffman la Roche does the same thing with Vitamin C, which costs them less than 1 cent a kilo to produce. It is sold for a profit of 10,000 per cent. Many pharmaceutical drugs contain opium in various quantities and it is believed that the paper used in manufacturing cigarettes is first impregnated with opium, which is why smokers become addicted to smoking. It was done to earn huge profit at the cost of people’s health.

When a friend of Dr Coleman objected to such huge profit he was persecuted and arrested. In fact anybody who dares to criticise such nefarious trade is bound to suffer because the manufacturers are members of the Committee of 300.

Dr John Coleman also mentions Pakistan in the drug trade. According to him once high grade opium came out of Pakistan via Mekran coast; from there it was shipped to Dubai, where it was exchanged with gold.

According to him once Pakistan, Turkey and Lebanon formed a ‘golden triangle’, which no longer exists. He says that since 1987 ‘golden crescent’ comprising Iran, Pakistan and Lebanon, has taken the place of ‘golden triangle’, though, according to him, smaller quantities are once again coming out of Afghanistan and Turkey.

Dr Coleman observes that the drug trade could not have flourished without the connivance, help and support of the International Banks.


The mysterious gang-wars that broke out in New York in 1950s were created and stage-managed by the conspirators and they have been found to be capable of any type of disruptive elements they like. Dr Coleman writes “Where those gang-wars came from nobody knew until the 1980s when researchers uncovered the hidden controllers who directed the so-called ‘social phenomena’”.

Dr John Coleman worked hard and found out that “gang-wars were carefully planned at Stanford, deliberately designed to shock society and cause ripples of disturbances. By 1958 there were in excess of 200 of these gangs (in USA only). They were made popular by a musical and a Hollywood movie ‘West Side Story’. After making the news for a decade, suddenly, in 1966, they disappeared off the streets of New York, Los Angeles, Newark, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Chicago”. The US public was bamboozled. They could not then comprehend that the gang-wars were the experiment of the Stanford Research Institute (the member organisation of the Committee of 300) in what they had termed as ‘social engineering. In 1989 gang warfare, as a social conditioning to change, was reintroduced to the streets of Los Angeles. Very shortly, says Dr Coleman, gang-wars spread to other areas. Drugs and prostitution also became rampant. Actually this was joint task of the Stanford Research Institute and the Tavistock Institute, who were assigned the task of destroying the existing society to rebuild on the pattern chalked out by the Committee of 300.

(The gang-wars soon spilled over to other countries, specially those under the influence of USA. It will be interesting to note in the context of Pakistan that simultaneously gang-wars were stagemanaged in Karachi, through racial/ linguistic groups. The gang leaders were promoted and protected through world media. And now the master mind behind the gang-war is living a life of luxury abroad, the money being provided by his promoters—the Committee of 300).


Dr John Coleman has also made this startling revelation that the Committee of 300 and Great Britain were involved in Drug War against China via India. He says that for a really interesting major study of the Chinese opium trade, one would need access to India Office in London. In the papers that he studied at the India Office under the heading “Miscellaneous Old Records”, he learnt that the opium trade in China was funded by the British East India Company through the “China Inland Mission”, ostensibly a Christian missionary society. The so-called missionaries distributed sample packages of opium and show to the lower classes how to smoke opium. The BEIC had developed poppy seeds in the poppy fields of Benares and Bihar in India.

One is staggered to learn that British investment in South America “exceeded one trillion pounds” in 1930, the main reason for such huge investment in South America was none other than drugs. He says that “the truth is that the supply of opium to China was a British monopoly, an official monopoly of the British government and official British policy… In reality the history of British occupation of India and Britain’s Opium Wars are some of the most dastardly blots on Western Civilisation”. He further reveals that “almost 13% of the income of India under the British rule was derived from the sale of good quality Bengal opium to the British-run opium distributors in China”. Here Dr John Coleman makes a startling revelation: “Every British monarch since 1729 has benefited immensely from the drug trade and this holds good for the present occupant of the throne”.

The Chinese Governments had to struggle hard to get rid of this national malady and to wean lower income groups from the addiction to Opium.


·Noriega, President of Panama, was trapped by the Committee of 300 and US government kidnapped him trampling all international laws and UN Charter.

·Henry Kissinger, the erstwhile US Secretary of State maintained computer files on every individual on earth.

·The dishonourable removal of President Nixon in the Watergate scandal was the result of a conspiracy prepared by the Committee of 300 and executed through highly placed and influential Jewish members of the cabinet, in which Haig played the pivotal role.

·Pornographic material is being prepared and spread in the world by the Committee of 300.

·United States fought 5 wars, including wars in Korea, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf, in the 19th century, under the orders of the Committee of 300.

·At least 4 billion “useless eaters” will be eliminated by the year 2050 by means of limited wars, organised epidemics of fatal rapid-acting diseases and starvation.

·Under the One World Government ‘no central bank save the Bank of International Settlements and the World Bank will be allowed to operate and all transactions will be carried out by means of credit cards.

·Mr Perez de Cuellar, a former UN Secretary General was bribed by the US Government to comply with their orders.

·Mr Eqbal Ahmed of Pakistan, now deceased, based in USA was M16 agent. Later on he became the director of IPS (Institute for Policy Studies) of USA. It may not be confused with the IPS (Institute of Policy Studies) of Islamabad. Only their abbreviated names are similar: their aims and objectives are poles apart.

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