Conspiracies and Coverups

...the Masons killed John Lennon


There's alot more to this all, I know...all so well, then meet the average eye. Information is coming in and forth like an open faucet.

My project, The LennonTask, is very much something to open the eyes of REALITY, but is coming through from the Lennon aspect. Conspiracy....oh yeah, I heard it in my head with resound...the Masons killed John Lennon. For years, since the Lennon connection started with and for myself, information on other things not so light and high and bright started to come forth. Do I channel? No..I don't. It's not a usual thing that I can describe, so I won't even take the time. Information is plopping on my lap from all around...and it seems that in some way I am to marry both sides...the spiritual and the not so nice together. Present a real picture, with loads of help from me friend.

This sounds hoaky, I know. It's so much and so deep and head is not yet spinning with it all, but I am not certain where it goes. I am taking all information in, and in, and in....the Lierally Connected to John Lennon Volumes on my site will explain the rest. Codes within messages, some known to me...some unseen for's working and it's real.

I am writing to you for whatever reason lead me to your site. For I know you have hit on the same truth that I have been given.


"And the world will live as one."
Imagine / Lennon

The Music of Time

by Preston Nichols

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