Conspiracies and Coverups

London Police - Judge-Jury-Executioner
Pure Nazi Police State

Letter from London Police

David Icke was right when he wrote his article Farewell to Canada several years ago. The FREE Canada has degenerated into a police state faster than most other nations. This letter proves the Canadian London Gestapo has the illicited power to determine who is the Enemy of the State!... Forget about trials, juries, judges, rights, constitutions, etc...They are null and void with new Canadian Gestapo. Are you an 'approved citizen' in Canada? Wake up Canada before the Gestapos, the CJC's, the Green Party, the B'nai Brith, bury all your rights as humans...

You can now be 'REQUIRED' to attend the government endorsed "BRAINWASHING" classes of your Local SS...Gestapo

The header of the letter could easily read "Dedicated to Community Slavery"

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