NOTES ON A NATIVE SON THE GEORGE W. BUSH STORY A heartwarming tale about baseball, $1.7 billion, and a lot of swell friends By Joe Conason

When George W. Bush declared his candidacy for president in 1999, hundreds of his wealthiest supporters pledged to raise at least $100,000 each for his campaign. For a time their names were kept confidential, but eventually the Bush campaign-meaning finance chairman Donald Evans-released the names of the first 115 "Pioneers" to meet its fund-raising quota, even as hundreds more unnamed backers were reportedly trying to do so. Listed among the founding group of successful Pioneers were R. Steven Hicks, the brother of Tom Hicks; Tom Loeffler; three partners in Vinson & Elkins, the law firm that serves as counsel to UTIMCO; and former Texas Rangers partners Mercer Reynolds, William DeWitt, Rusty Rose, and Roland Betts. Also joining the Pioneers were Adele Hall, Charles Wyly, and Lee Bass, whose partnerships had received investments from UTIMCO; and Wayne Berman, the lobbyist and consultant who represents Carlyle Partners.
This vast agglomeration of monied influence is what has made George W. Bush both a rich man and a potential president. Knowing how he became what he is, it's difficult to imagine Bush cleansing the soiled hem of democracy, as his advertising promises he will do. He professes a compassionate conservatism, but his true ideology, the record suggests, is crony capitalism.

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From: TFlocco

thanks for your inquiry re: my piece in might use search site on wnd to check my other pieces on double-u......they might make your blood boil too. just type in "tom flocco" in the search site area and the pieces will come up......esp. check out "bush is no good trade" and "pr makes the war grow fonder." for the "oil is well for bush" piece:.......the key event was that kuwait and the others have LIMITED the production increases enough to keep the prices high and also extend the prices into the summer when DEMAND WILL GO THRU THE CEILING AND THUS PRICES WILL RISE EVEN FURTHER.....GOING INTO THE FALL ELECTION PERIOD.....JUST LIKE WITH BUSH SR. AND THE GULF WAR PERIOD.

......the other key point is that with all the quotes out of kuwait city, the bush campaign events and bush sr.'s two timely placed visits for meetings with the kuwaiti sheikh oil ministers---all placed within the context of a timeline are just too questionable to ignore......BUT THE MEDIA IS NOT ASKING THE BUSHES ANY QUESTIONS AS TO WHETHER THESE EVENTS, QUOTES, DATES AND VISITS ARE RELATED TO THE OIL SITUATION.......AND THEY ARE ALL DOCUMENTED VIA NEWS REPORTS AND PLACED IN TIMELINE ORDER........

From: "David Crockett Williams"

Although other Bush sons have been linked to the savings and loan debacle, and possibly drug trafficking if you believe in the internet news network, and possibly with the CIA asset, ZAPATA PETROLEUM, if you believe in the internet news network; and George Dubya has never been linked nor involved in scandal He is a shrewd and cunning businessman. He believes in Law and order, swift justice, and most importantly, Liberty for the common man.

Because of evidence that the CIA is still complicit in the illicit drug trade now, at such a scale of money that laundered drug profits in offshore banks provide sufficient low cost loans so as to fuel the merger mania and artificial stock market levels, this information may yet become the big media issue it should be and could propel even one of the candidates like Harder, Hagelin, or Nader, etc., into the White House if they handle this info correctly and survive releasing it to the public in context of the election arena, unless of course Al Gore turns up squeeky clean on all this but even then he would have to deal with this issue and correcting the problems.

According to Ruppert and his network of knowledgeable research associates, this drug trade seems a calculated cynical part of the drug war that intentionally uses the drug and forfeiture laws to keep what might otherwise be a bankrupt US economy going, as well as to gentrify inner cities by arresting and imprisoning minority family members on drug charges and then confiscating the family's housing and property to clear the cities of low income folks to enable higher profits and land values by this "gentrification" process.

Former Bush administration HUD asst secty Fitts also has direct knowledge of info on some of these themes that should become public knowledge.

David Crockett Williams

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