Conspiracies and Coverups


We grieve for Lee Harvey Oswald because he was the hero of Nov.22, 1963. After all it was Lee Harvey Oswald who was actively warning JFK of a mercenary army that was following "you, Mr. President" around the country. It was Oswald the hero who was responsible for the nightly cables that arrived at the many FBI offices about the land. And it was that the FBI who successfully stopped Oswald from communicating to JFK. It was after all the FBI (Agent Hosty) who repeatedly gave orders to destroy those highest priority messages to the Commander--in-Chief.

The FBI was directly responsible for destroying the President's protection. So whenever you hear the word FBI and meet someone from the FBI you know now who you are dealing with. In fact the FBI is the most treasonous organizations to the American Constitution that exists in America today. Because the FBI had to complete their murder cover-up agenda for their commanders. The commanders of that mercenary army ended up turning the hero namely Oswald into the bad guy i.e. the lone assassin and the terrorist.

Documents below prove that it was George Herbert Walker Bush who was commander of the mercenary army that murdered President Kennedy. And note the same Bush Crime Syndicate used the same strategy with another planned contract on America with 9-11 and their own hired mercenary Osama bin Laden.

When Oswald finally returned to the United States after having defected to the Soviet Union he was met only by George DeMohrenschild whose son was a roommate of George Herbert Walker Bush. That means that Bush and George DeMohrenschild were both bosses of Lee Harvey Oswald at the time of the Kennedy Assassination.

The letter from J. Edgar Hoover declaring that it was George Bush of the C.I.A. that revealed to him that it was supposedly a Lee Oswald who shot Kennedy.

Page 308 from Volume XVIII of the Warren Commission. Entitled the Lee Harvey Oswald --Repatriation Loan, June 1 1962. It begs the question as to why would the United States government lend money to a Marine who defected to the Soviet Union for "political reasons" and was responsible for the crash of a U-2 Spy Plane which had the effect of canceling the major summit meeting between Chairman N. Khrushchev and President Eisenhower?

"Declaration of Lee Harvey Oswald dated Novemer 3, 1959 requesting that his U.S. citizenship be revoked."

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