The 9/11 Disaster
The Myth and Reality
by Brian Desborough


The startled exclamation of the television news anchor was echoed by hundreds of awed onlookers, as they fled for their lives from the vicinity of New York’s World Trade Center Site. In the aftermath of the disaster, the global economic collapse was accelerated, rescue workers contracted a mysterious illness (probably radiation sickness) and millions of well-meaning, but incredibly illinformed American citizens displayed the Stars and Stripes as a gesture of patriotic solidarity.

The claim made by the United states Government and the corrupt mainstream newsmedia, that the disaster was perpetrated by the bin Laden terrorist group, is provably false.

The four Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft that were involved in the 9/11 disasters, possessed fly-by wire control systems. In the infancy of aviation, aircraft control surfaces, e.g. ailerons, rudders and elevators, were connected to the pilot’s control column by means of cables. As aircraft speeds increased dramatically during the 1930’s, the loads inparted on the control surfaces became sufficiently high on the larger and faster aircraft as to necessitate the incorporation of hydraulic flight control systems.

With the advent of the 1960’s, the increased size of airliners prompted aviation engineers to devise methods for reducing the weight of hydraulic control systems. This was accomplished in the BAC Concorde by substituting capillary tubing operating at ultra-high hydraulic pressures, in place of the heavier conventional hydraulic tubing. Another flight control system successfully developed during the same time period by a British team under the direction of Dr. Gray Walter, incorporated electronic circuitry connected to sensors attached to the pilot’s head. This system enabled the pilot to fly an aircraft by means of brain waves, thus eliminating the time lag for a thought to be converted into neuromucular movement. Although this reaction time lag is of very short duration, it could mean the difference between life and death during an emergency flight maneuver. The system was successfully test flown, but never adopted by civil aviation.

A major technological breakthrough in the weight reduction of hydraulic flight controls occured with the introduction of the Boeing 757 and 767 fly-by-wire aircraft. The hydraulic circuitry linking the cockpit flight controls with the servo mechanisms which actuated the ailerons etc., was replaced by electronic signals emanating from a series of computers. This innovation also enabled fly-by-wire aircraft to be equipped with a unique anti-hijacking system.

As a former aerospace research engineer, the writer is aware that the US Department of Defense delegated its research arm known as the Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop a black box specifically to prevent the hijacking of fly-by-wire airliners. If communication between air traffic controllers and the flight crew of such an aircraft ceases, and the aircraft deviates from its preplanned flightpath, the DARPA black box enables a covert Federal ground control facility to remotely fly the aircraft and safely land it. With the cockpit flight controls deactivated, it would be impossible for hijackers to deliberately cause the 9/11 disaster. A visual link between the ground facility and the aircraft could be accomplished by means of a Global Hawk remotely controlled surveillance aircraft. With the capability of operating at an altitude of 60,000 feet, the Global Hawk would be almost visually imperceptible to a person on the ground, in the vicinity of the World Trade Center.

In February, 2001, the writer and his business partners met with a person well known to the higher echelons of the international financial community. He told the group that he had been informed by a major member of the Bush cabal, that American elements within and without the United States Government, were planning a major event which would hasten the collapse of the American economy. The event was scheduled to occur in September, 2001. After the event, the Dow Jones Index was to be gradually ramped down to a baseline of 5500. He added that a two tier currency system then would be introduced, one dollar value being for international trading purposes, while the other would be restricted for use within the United States. This domestic dollar would be devalued to 94% of the international dollar.

For several years, the writer has assisted in a support capacity, high-level survivors of Illuminati mind control programs. Being programed multiples, the various alter personalities of such victims have been encoded with very politically sensitive information appertaining to Illuminati activities. When a mind control victim’s programer dies, the victim’s programing sometimes begins to unravel, thus allowing someone such as the writer, to access some of the sensitive information encoded in the mind of the survivor. In this manner, the writer has been able to penetrate some of the Illuminati’s deepest secrets concerning organizational structure and its diabolical plans for the future of humanity.

Each of the thirteen Illuminati bloodline families operates a Council of Thirteen. The Illuminati High Council of the United States is domiciled in Southern California; in July, 2001, the writer learned via sources associated with the High Council, that the head of the Council and an aide, were involved in the abduction of Chandra Levy. According to investigative journalist Sherman Skolnick, Chandra Levy and Monica Lewinsky were Mossad intelligence operatives, who were assigned to sexually compromise political figures. According to an informant who is a member of Britain’s Wessex Lodge, which is a satanic sub-cult of the Illuminati, and also is the overlord of the notorius Skull and Bones cult, which spawns major American political figures, Monica Lewinsky was programmed by an Australian member of the Wessex Lodge. Significantly, the parents of both Lewinsky and Levy engaged the services of the same attorney and also the same public relations person.

Since the writer had foreknowledge that the Bush cabal was planning a treasonous event, it follows that at least some prominent members of Congress also knew in advance. The writer suspects therefore, that American congressperson Gary Condit was targeted, as a warning to congressional members, that the same fate would befall them if they leaked the truth about the 9/11 plot. As an Illuminati control measure, it is customary for upwardly mobile politicians to encounter career roadblocks unless they have major skeletons in their closets. This is why so many major elected public figures are pedophiles, and why no congressional member has publicly revealed the truth about the real perpetrators of the 9/11 disaster.

If, as the writer suggests, it was physically impossible for Arab terrorists to have hijacked the fly-by-wire aircraft involved in the 9/11 events, how do we explain the purported phone call purportedly made from Flight 77, which struck the Pentagon? A few hours after the crash, CNN announced that US Solicitor General Ted Olsen received a phone call from his wife Barbara, who was on board Flight 77 at the time the call was made. According to the newscast, Ted Olsen claimed that his wife, who was a CNN reporter, stated in the phone call that the passengers and flight crew had been herded into the rear of the aircraft by Arabs armed with box cutters.

This purported phone call, made shortly before the ill-fated aircraft crashed into the Pentagon, was the first time that the media made mention of Arab terrorists being the perpetrators. The CNN newscast added that Ted Olsen also stated that when making the phone call to him from American Airlines Flight 77, his wife couldn’t have had her purse with her at the time because she didn’t use her cell phone. Instead, she used one of the airline phones installed in the back of the passenger seats, and called collect. This is the smoking gun which debunks the “Arab terrorists did it” claim, for it is not possible to make a collect call using such a phone.

Either the Solicitor General or CNN has been caught in a blatant and shameful lie. According to the Executive Intelligence Review, Ted Olsen is an asset of British Intelligence. If the writer and his business partners were made privy in advance to the fact that the Bush cabal was plotting to perpetrate a treasonous act in September, 2001, it’s very strange that Ted Olsen, who was rumored to have been experiencing marital difficulties at the time of the crash, and whose appointment as Solicitor General made him a member of the Bush inner circle, had been kept out of the loop regarding the planned aircraft crashes.

The newsmedia later reported that another phone call had been made by a passenger on the aircraft which crashed in Pensylvania. The purported call was made to a telecommunications company phone operator, and allegedly lasted thirteen minutes. The phone company later contacted the passenger’s wife, claiming that the passenger had said that some passengers were planning to attack Arab terrorists who had hijacked the plane. This alleged phone call lacks credibility, for surely a telephone operator receiving such an emergency call would immediately reroute the call to an appropriate Federal agency, instead of chatting with the hapless passenger for thirteen minutes. It’s also scarcely credible that hijackers would permit a passenger to make such a phone call in the first place. According to eyewitnesses, this particular aircraft was shot down by a military fighter. The eyewitnesses claimed that bodies were observed falling from the flaming aircraft while it was still high in the air. This would explain why the airplane wreckage was strewn over an area of several miles.

Not to be left out of the tall story department, the FBI claimed that personal effects belonging to the alleged Arab hijackers had carelessly been left behind in the hijacker’s hotel rooms and rental cars. Even more improbable, it was claimed that a passport belonging to one of the hijackers had miraculously survived the flames of the Trade Center, and had been found intact several blocks away from the crash site!. No official explanation was given as to why a terrorist, intent upon suicide, would be required to carry his passport in order to enter paradise. In order to reinforce public hatred toward Muslims, the major American television networks showed news footage of Palestinians purportedly celebrating upon learning of the 9/11 disaster. In actuality, this was stock footage filmed on the second day of the Gulf War. It depicted Palestinians, unaware that Saddam Hussein was a business partner of George Bush, Sr, jubilant that American forces had invaded Iraq in order to depose the hated dictator Hussein.

On April19th, 2002, while speaking at San Fransico’s Commonwealth Club, FBI director Robert Mueller admitted that the alleged Arab perpetrators of the 9/11 operation “left no paper trail.” He added: “In our investigation, we have not uncovered a single piece of paper, either here in the United States, or in the treasure trove of information that has turned up in Afghanistan and elsewhere that mentioned any aspect of the September 11th plot.” Mueller attributed this total lack of evidence linking any Muslim to the plot, to the fact that the “terrorists” used “meticulous planning,” a statement diametrically opposed to prior FBI claims that the terrorists left a trail of evidence linking them to the plot. It should be abundantly apparent from the above that Islamic terrorists were not the perpetrators of the 9/11 attack. If further evidence is necessary in order to substantiate such a claim, we have only to examine the manner in which the World Trade Center structures collapsed.

According to more than one American major television network, the impact arising from the aircraft crashing into the twin towers, dislodged the brittle fire retardant coating from the tower’s structural steelwork. This allowed the steel floor beams to become exposed to the burning jet fuel, causing them to buckle under the intense heat and separate from their wall attachments. The weight of the collapsing upper floors caused a cascade failure of the lower floors, thus resulting in the total collapse of both towers.

This explanation is patently false. A perusal of video footage showing the initial collapse of the North Tower, clearly reveals the communications mast located atop the North Tower collapsing vertically downwards. The mast was mounted on top of a central service column which housed the elevators. This central service column in turn was supported on massive box-sectioned columns attached to the bedrock, which were fabricated from steel four inches thick. In order for the communications mast to fall vertically downwards, the steel columns supporting the entire central service column must have been severed, down in the basement area of the structure. Severing the steel columns would have caused the entire central service column to drop, thus rupturing the floor beam attachments and precipitating the collapse of the entire tower. In other words, the twin towers did not collapse due to aircraft impact, but because a highly skilled demolition team severed the steel columns in the basement of each tower.

Is there a smoking gun which validates the writer’s claim? There certainly is; in fact more than one. After the calamitous disaster, it was found that the steel columns at the base of the elevator shafts had melted. A temperature of 2800 degrees Fahrenheit is necessary in order to melt structural steel. Even with an ample supply of oxygen, burning jet fuel only attains a temperature of a little over 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, burning plastic and furnishings inside the towers generated a great deal of black smoke, which was quite evident as it poured from broken windows. Soot particles in such smoke absorb a great deal of high energy free radicles which are liberated during such conflagrations. This chemical reaction is known as the “wall effect” and drastically lowers the temperature of the fire to about 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This is why it was physically impossible for burning jet fuel to have melted the steel columns, especially since falling debris from the collapsing floors would have resulted in the basement region of the towers being an oxygenstarved area.

The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory is situated some twenty one miles north of the World Trade Center. The laboratory’s seismometers registered very minimal activity at the moment that the aircraft impacted the twin towers, yet recorded major seismic spikes at the commencement of each tower’s collapse, before the falling debris began to impact the ground. Simultaneously, people evacuating the towers reported hearing explosions, and all cell phones in the vicinity momentarily went dead. These are additional smoking guns indicative that the central service columns of both towers had been deliberately severed.

The temporary interruption of the cell phone transmissions is a clear indication that a localized electromagnetic pulse was generated at the commencement of each tower’s collapse. The seismic spikes occuring prior to the falling debris impacting the ground, are the characteristic signature of a ground-coupled nuclear explosion, the explosions heard as the towers collapsed are attributable to the high-explosive detonators used in the initiation of the nuclear reaction. The intense heat generated by such a thermonuclear explosion would not only melt the steel columns, but could also account for the large quanties of finely pulverized concrete, an anomaly not normally encountered when a large building is demolished.

There you have it, dear reader, the above smoking guns are a clear indication that nuclear explosions, not aircraft, collapsed the World Trade Center structures. In 1975, prolific writer John McPhee, who was educated at Princeton and Cambridge Universities, wrote the book “The Curve of Binding Energy.” The book title is derived from a nuclear physics term for the mass which is converted into released energy during nuclear reactions. The book cites physicist Theodor Taylor discussing the miniaturization of nuclear weapons. Taylor disturbingly and very prophetically predicted that sometime in the future, terrorists could destroy the World Trade Center towers with nuclear weapons the size of a stick of chewing gum!

The early 1960’s saw the introduction of the W54 class of micronuke. About the size of a coffee can, this class of micronuke had a yield equivalent to ten tons of TNT explosive. The 1970’s hailed the development of an even smaller micronuke possessing yields of up to 100 tons of TNT. Known as Special Atomic Demolition Munitions (SADM) this micronuke was specifically developed to be used for the demolition of large buildings behind the enemy lines, by Special Forces teams.

According to informants closely linked to the Illuminati High Council of the United States, the aforementioned Council head (who has initials R.C.) and his aide, who were involved in the abduction of Chandra Levy, also were involved in the destruction of the World Trade Center structures. Both of these people served in an elite inter-service special forces team in Vietnam, and are V.P.’s of a major telecommunications subsidiary. This particular telecommunications company recently merged with another well-known telecommunications giant. The writer currently is conducting an investigation into Illuminati links to the multi-billion dollar global pornography industry. Interestingly, the Dominican Republic division of this latter telecommunications company has amassed hundreds of millions of dollars from its porno operation, using females from as far afield as Brazil and Finland.

Because of their special forces background, the aforementioned two High Council alleged perpetrators, are associated with a High Council aide who was a former special forces colonel, noted for his demolitions expertise during the Vietnam War. In fairness to this gentleman, he has showed this writer a chemical implant in his chest. Unless he does the bidding of the High Council, the chemical contained in the implant, which must be replaced on a regular basis, will be withheld, causing his death. The organization delegated by the United States Government to investigate the heinous destruction of the World Trade Center was that cesspool known as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) most of whose parasitic staff are more involved with the creation of dossiers on all members of the American public, than they are on disaster relief. Not surprisingly, FEMA investigators ommitted to examine the World Trade Center debris for determination of the explosions heard during the collapse of the twin towers.

Two French journalists have generated a great deal of publicity by suggesting that the Flight 77 aircraft did not crash into the Pentagon. Their conjecture is based upon the fact that the width of the gaping hole made in the Pentagon’s outer wall was narrower than that of the airliner’s wingspan, and the apparent lack of aircraft wreckage in some video footage. Since the aircraft purportedly was in a spiral dive at the moment of impact, the ill-fated airliner would have been banked, not in horizontal flight when it hit the Pentagon. The width of the gaping hole in the Pentagon’s wall accordingly would be narrower than the wingspan of the aircraft.

When a cannon shell penetrates a concrete wall, the shell fragments are found on the far side of the wall, not in front of it. In a similar manner, Flight 77, travelling at almost 500 m.p.h., began to disintegrate as it demolished the out wall of the Pentagon, but the wreckage possessed sufficient kinetic energy and velocity for it to be deposited inside of the building. The writer has seen video footage of the crash site which reveals aircraft wreckage and fragments of the building’s airconditioning system, strewn inside the remains of that particular wing of the Pentagon.

Moreover, a business associate of the writer told him that his daughter occupied an office in the immediate vicinity of the crash site. She apparently left her office only a few minutes prior to the crash, and confirmed seeing aircraft wreckage and pools of unburned jet fuel. The evil perpetrators of such horrific events as the demise of the World Trade Center, are invariably those who benefit most from the disaster. In the aftermath of the 9/11 catastrophe, many corporations were forced into bankruptcy; particularly hard hit were airlines, whose profits plummeted as a large segment of the public elected not to fly unless absolutely necessary. As corporations became insolvent, many were quietly aquired for only a few cents on the dollar by that Chinese giant corporation Huchison Wampaugh. Typical is the case of US Air. As this airline declared insolvency, Huchison aquired it for only four cents on the dollar. Does this imply that the Chinese were the perpetrators of the 9/11 conspiracy? Not at all, for the major stockholder of Huchison Wampaugh is Pilgrim Investments, which just happens to be owned by the Bush family.

Just as the 1929 stockmarket crash was engineered in order to transfer the wealth of many into the coffers of a few Illuminists (Winston Churchill and his American financial advisor Bernard Baruch being among the conspirators) so the 9/11 incident was perpetrated to facilitate the transfer of the wealth of American corporations and citizens into the rapacious hands of the Bush cabal.

With much of America being tinder dry for most of the year, if Arab terrorists really had the inclination to put America back into the horse and buggy era, they readily could have accomplished it with ease, not with million dollar cruise missiles, or hijacked aircraft, but with a few boxes of matches, strategically used in order to initiate massive firestorms. As a wealth generating ploy, we see an obvious precursor to the 9/11 incident in the phony Gulf War. The mainstream newsmedia falsely told us that Iraqi tanks were massing along its border with Kuwait, even though commercial satellite photos clearly demonstrated a total absence of tank tracks. Saddam Hussein was not only a business partner of the Bush family, but also served as a Pentagon asset by acting as a geopolitical buffer between Iran and Syria. An American who served as a tank commander during the Gulf War, told the writer that as the war was winding down, fuel supplies for the NATO tanks were curtailed, leaving the tanks stranded in the desert for three days. Presumably, this treasonous act was to prevent the possibility of Nato forces entering Bagdad and possibly arresting Saddam Hussein.

In keeping with the bin Laden family, the Bush family members are major stockholders in the Carlyle Group, a consortium of armaments manufacturers which profited greatly from arms sales for the Gulf War. At the conclusion of the Gulf War, Prescott Bush, Jr, (the secret ruler of America) and James Baker III, successfully negotiated multi-billion dollar reconstruction contracts with the Kuwaiti Government, on behalf of the Bush family, thus graphically demonstrating that war is financially rewarding for the few, at the expense of the many. As Nazi Reichsmarschal Hermann Goering succinctly explained to the Nuremburg War Crimes Tribunal, if a governmental hierarchy falsely instills fear of an attack, the gullible public will willingly aquiesce to the launching of an appropriate invasion against the innocent nation. Such a duplicitous ploy worked when Nazi S.S. members, dressed in Polish military uniforms, attacked a German customs post near Hochlinden, thus providing a pretext for the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany.

The aftermath of the 9/11 treachery saw bemused Americans surrender their hard fought constitutional rights, in return for false promises of Federal security. The multitudes of Americans proudly flying the United States flag were abysmally ignorant of the fact that in 1203 A.D., King John of England, in his capacity as Crown Corporation Sole of England (meaning he owned everything in England) deeded England and her dominions in perpetuity to the Vatican Corporation Sole. In return, the Vatican Corporation Sole assigned King John and his heirs, the right to rule England and her dominions, in perpetuity. This is why the United States of America is a private corporation and body politic, formerly known as the British-owned Virginia Company, not the collective name of these united Sovereign States of America.

If the readers care to study the 1783 Treaty of Paris, which was signed two years after the conclusion of the American Revolutionary war, they will see that King George III of Britain is introduced as Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire and the United States of America. The signatories representing America are John Adams and Ben Franklin (Franklin was a member of the Illuminati Lodge of Paris, whose Grand Master was Saint Germaine). The fact that Adams and Franklin signed the document, indicates that they acknowledged that King George was still the covert ruler of America.

Does the Anglophile Bush cabal have any additional planned “terrorist” surprises in store for us? In October 2001, the writer learned from three separate sources, one financial, one military and one closely connected with the Illuminati, that an American West Coast city would be subjected to an aerial gas attack, to be delivered by means of a private aircraft. This attack was to be followed at a later date, by the creation of a massive tidal wave in the same area, as a population reduction measure. The writer has not been informed as to whether the tidal wave would be created by geophysical or nuclear means. In the 1970’s, the Soviets estimated that a nuclear device detonated at either of the underwater sea mounts located along the American West Coast, would generate a tidal wave some five thousand feet in height. Similarly, General Jimmy Doolittle had proposed detonating a nuclear weapon in Tokyo Bay for the same purpose.

Now that much of the world’s populace is bitterly opposed to an American invasion of Iraq, the Bush cabal in all probability will deploy the aforesaid aerial gas attack on a hapless American city, then blame it on Iraqi terrorists, as a pretext for attacking Iraq. This heinous crime may be aborted however, since the writer has informed several investigative journalists of the plan. Instead, a possible alternative could be for the Bush cabal to arrange for the assassination of Ariel Sharon. Economically dependent upon America and Britain for financial largesse, especially since its tourist industry is in tatters due to the on-going intafada, Israel probably would tacitly agree to such an assassination, launching a reprisal attack on Iraq, thus allowing America to enter the fray in support of Israel.

As this article is being written, American Senator Paul Wellstone and his wife have just died in a plane crash. How conveniently fortunate for the Bush cabal. The Senator’s death presents an opportunity for the Republican Party to control both houses of Congress, thus enabling bills favorable to the Bush family to be rubber stamped into passage. The Senator was the major congressional thorn in the side of the Bush cabal. The hapless senator was pressing for a new investigation into the disappearance of $350 million from the coffers of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which vanished into a black hole during the Reagan/Bush presidency. More explosive details surrounding the senator’s all too convenient death, can be found at the website. It should not be construed that unanimity prevails among members of the Bush cabal, for while the Bush family are involved in the construction of the Unocal pipeline project to construct a pipeline from the Caspian Sea region to Pakistan and China, Vice President Cheney is a major player in the construction of a rival Russian pipeline, which suggests that Cheney may suffer a similar fate as Senator Wellstone. In a similar manner, the thirteen Illuminati families, although united in the establishment of a totalitarian global government, are at best “friendly enemies.”

Alarmed at the attempt of the Windors and the Bush cabal to establish a global hegemony, the Chinese and Russian Illuminati families, together with the Japanese Fascist cabal known as the Black Hand, plan to launch a nuclear attack and invasion of America sometime after the Spring of 2004, the invasion force primarily entering America via Alaska, Florida and Mexico. The two million strong Mexican nationalist group known as La Raza, already equipped with automatic weapons and hand grenades, also are rumored to be planning to create mayhem in the southwestern region of the United States.

In a bizarre form of planned obsolescence, those merchants of death, otherwise known as armaments manufacturers, have repeatedly supplied the American military with very defective weaponry. The US army was supplied with the M16 rifle during the Vietnam war. It proved so defective that it tended to jam after only a few rounds were fired. Realizing that it was more effective as a club than a gun, the army stopped using it, and it accordingly was given the the marines, who apparently never saw the joke.

By replacing defective weaponry with just as defective later versions, arms manufacturers have become obscenely wealthy. This defective weapons game is still being perpetuated, as evidenced by smart bombs that miss their targets, and the appalling number of helicopter crashes during the genocidal incursion into Afghanistan. During the Gulf War, it took approximately ten days for military satellite terrain imagery to be transmitted to army personnel, forcing the frustrated soldiers to aquire the same terrain data in a fraction of the time, from commercial satellite companies. This lack of interagency cooperation, together with defective weaponry, does not bode well for America, should the Sino- Russian invasion of America become a reality.

The growing animosity between the Asian and Western worlds, has been fueled not only by the bellicose activities of the House of Windsor, and their allies the Bush cabal, but also by the disparate philosophical ideologies of the two factions. Western nations embrace a law and order philosophy clearly defined in terms of black and white, with no shades of gray in between. Asians, on the other hand, possess a fundamental philosophy which suggests that an interrelationship exists between everything in the cosmos, beautifully displayed in the Shinto religion of Japan, and is a philosophy which the Chinese even incorporate into their business affairs.

The Asian ideology is perhaps appropriately exemplified by considering the fact that traditional Asians would never consider swatting a fly, something Judeo-Christians do whenever a fly alights upon them. Flies are attracted to ammonia, which is emitted by humans who partake of a poor diet. If flies pester you, dear reader, it’s because you stink, so don’t take it out on the humble fly. Flies transmit disease, you counter. Well, so did the first Europeans when they first set foot upon American soil, as the Indians discovered to their horror. Hopefully, the humble fly has served to illustrate why many Asians view Westerners with contempt, and accordingly will not treat the populace with respect, or compassion, if they fulfill their plan to invade America.

During the 19th. Century, the Illuminati planned three World Wars, the first two actually occuring for the purposes desired by the Illuminati (the dissolution of the British and German empires and the creation of communism). The Illuminati plan for WWIII initially calls for a war in the Middle East; major nations then will take sides. The resultant world war will be so horrific, that the relatively few surviving members of the human race will be disillusioned with existing religions, and readily embrace the Luciferic religion of the Illuminati, together with a global government. The new Luciferic religion, designed to appeal to all ethnic groups, is currently in the planning stage at an American retreat in Crestone County, Colorado.

The writer suspects that as we are rapidly approaching World War Three, in addition to the two warring factions (the Asian and Western powers) a third party is very covertly manipulating global affairs. The highest level of esoteric knowledge holds that a non-physical executive group (not the Ascended Masters of New Age dogma) directs the spiritual evolution of all living creatures in our solar system. This executive group is in communication with highly evolved humans collectively known since the 8th century A.D. as the Khwajagan, who possess phenomenal telepathic powers. Operating from several centers, some of which are in Western nations, the Khwajagan are responsible for implementing the plans of the non-physical executive group. If the spiritual development of humanity in general is progressing satisfactorily, the Khwajagan remain virtually inactive for decades, but reactivate if civilization is advancing too quickly, or too slowly, to be in accord with the overall spiritual development of the other various denizens of our solar system. Major centers of power from which the Khwajagan operate include the Hindu Kush region and Afghanistan, at such towns as Bokhara and Balkh. People throughout the centuries who have brought major spiritual or cultural changes to large segments of humanity, have studied under Khwajagan masters at Balkh, including Zoroaster and Adelard of Bath, the latter having introduced advanced aspects of astronomy to Europe after studying under the Khwajagan.

The ways of the Khwajagan are not always peaceful, if the end result is spiritual and cultural advancement. Saint Bernard of Clairvaux was the driving force behind the promotion of the Crusades, not only for the purpose of enhancing the Vatican coffers with loot, but also in order to rid Europe of the semi-illiterate and corrupt knights who participated in the bloody Crusades. A positive and unexpected aspect of the Crusades, was that some of these knights married Muslim women, thereby aquiring Islamic culture, which they then introduced to Europe In this manner, the level of civilization in Western Europe made a quantum leap forward.

As previously mentioned, Western nations, in contrast with their Asian counterparts, embrace a fundamental philosophy which is not in attunement with the cosmos. In consequence, the Western Illuminati bloodline families have demonstrated by their greed, that they are irresponsible stewards of Planet Earth, as evidenced by the appalling environmental harm generated by their transnational corporations such as ADM and Monsanto. Not only are such Illuminati-controlled transnationals harming the environment, some are also causing severe health problems to a large segment of the global populace.

The Monsanto subsidiary G.D. Searle is a classic example. This is the pharmaceutical company which developed the artificial sweetener Aspartame. Numerous research studies linking Aspartame to more than ninety physical ailments, ranging from seizures and diabetes to lymphoma of the brain, are well documented elsewhere, and need not be repeated here. The Food and Drug Administration’s own board of inquiry considered it to be too dangerous to be approved as a food additive, but were overruled by the FDA Commissioner, who approved its use, then promptly resigned and accepted a position with G.D. Searle’s public relations firm Burson-Marsteller!

The head of G.D. Searle at the time was none other than the present American Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld! When news leaked out alleging that G.D. Searle falsified its testing of Aspartame, an enraged Congress during the Carter administration appropriated sixty million dollars for the prosecution of Rumsfeld. However, the corrupt Reagan/Bush administration prevented the trial from taking place. Aspartame, which is even to be found in multivitamins and pharmaceuticals, is sold in at least seventy nations.

From the viewpoint of the Khwajagan and its non-physical executive, this totally irresponsible lack of good stewardship of the Earth and its creatures, human or otherwise, is why not only the Western Illuminati hierarchy, but also a large segment of the unthinking and apathetic Western populace must be disposed of, if future generations of humanity are to have a habitable planet, and be able to live in peaceful attunement with the cosmos.

The writer wishes to stress that he is not an apologist for the Russian and Chinese political establishment figures, for they are responsible for the wanton environmental havoc presently occuring in their own nations. In all probability, the next few decades initially will see NATO forces defeated through the use of defective weaponry, chemical or biowarfare, and intensive fighting in the Middle East. Many combatants will probably succumb to the deadly radioactive dust resulting from the use of ammunition manufactured from depleted uranium (some 250,000 Americans who fought in the Gulf War have subsequently died, or are chronically ill, after exposure to mycoplasma pathogens and depleted uranium dust during the Iraqi conflict). At that stage, with NATO forces rendered virtually ineffective, Russia and China would seize the initiative and launch a nuclear first strike and invasion of America and Western Europe. Massive earthquakes, generated by means of Tesla advanced geophysical technology, and targeted to destroy much of the American infrastructure, probably would be a precursor to such a nuclear attack.

The outlook for the populace of western nations at the present time is very bleak; if the planned invasion of western nations by China and Russia fails to materialize, then the Illuminati plot to effect a massive depopulation of the global masses by means of famine, plague and controlled warfare, as proposed by both the despicable Council of Rome and the United States National Security Council Policy Directive 200, already in progress, will presumably proceed at an accelerated pace, now that the notorious Homeland Security Agency is operational. On the other hand, if the planned Sino/Russian invasion becomes a

reality, then genocide on a massive scale undoubtedly will occur, initially. Because of the widespread female infanticide which occured in China during the Mao regime, in accordance with official governmental policy, there are presently some two hundred million young Chinese men who will never have a chance of marrying, if they remain in China. Such a large number of disgruntled young men presents a clear and present danger to the Chinese political hierarchy. If a Chinese invasion of America and Europe becomes a reality, many of these unmarried Chinese men undoubtedly will be transported to these conquered western nations, where they presumably would intermarry with western women, just as the Crusaders married Islamic females, aquiring a pancultural uplifting in the process. After a few generations, the offspring of such marriages hopefully would have learned to live peacefully, in attunement with the cosmos. As for the belligerent western Illuminati hierarchy, their plans for a global hegemony would be dashed.

The universe appears to possess a gradation of conciousness amongst its various inhabitants, with the human race near the bottom. The above scenario, horrific as it appears, is typical of the manner in which the Khwajagan and its non-physical executive operates, if all other means, including religion, fail to spiritually uplift large segments of humanity. The simplest way to avert conflict of any sort, is to modify the belief structure of one’s adversary, so that it is in accord with one’s own.

The massive arms stockpiling and advanced weapons development currently underway in China and Russia, is indicative that these nations feel that they are compelled to either defeat America and Britain, or they ultimately will become mere satrapies of the planned global hegemony of the western Illuminati families. Commenting on the advantages of launching a surprise nuclear attack, Russian military strategist Colonel Sidorenko has stated: “ Only the offensive leads to the attainment of victory over the enemy.....The attacker has broad capabilities for launching surprise attacks, for the rapid exploitation of the results of nuclear attacks....”

The writer suggests that the impending World War III, regardless of whether it is fomented by the western Illuminati faction, or by an alliance of China, Russia and Japan, can still be averted, and the Khwajagan goal of a paradigm shift toward an elevation of spirituality on the part of the global masses, accomplished.

A paper trail exists linking the narco and money laundering activities of the Bush cabal, the House of Windsor, and the Rothschild and Rockefeller dynasties. Even though American congresspersons, ensconced in their labyrinths (not corridors) of pseudopower, lack the spinal fortitude to correct the virtually terminal illness afflicting America, there purportedly are American military personnel of flag officer rank (i.e. Admirals and Generals) who are opposed to the criminal activities of the Bush cabal. It is therefore incumbent upon these members of the armed forces to exercise their patriotic duty and effect a military arrest of the aforementioned criminals, not only for their narco activities, but also for their treasonous links to the 9/11 genocide.

If such a patriotic action is fulfilled, then the planned global hegemony of the Bush cabal and the Windsors collapses, thereby negating any pretext that China and Russia may have for attacking the western nations. A global word of mouth pandemic, as outlined in the writer’s book “THEY CAST NO SHADOWS,” could follow, leading to political and spiritual enlightenment of the global multitudes.

In concluding this article, it is perhaps timely to consider that the present woes afflicting America would never have occured if Americans, even prior to the drafting of the American Constitution, had taken the trouble to think for themselves, instead of deferring the task to so-called “experts.” Had they done so, they would have discovered that the Revolutionary War was initiated by the Jesuit Superior General (Lorenzo Ricci) and the wealthy American Carroll family. Even most of the Founding Fathers, so revered by Americans, were scoundrels with hidden agendas: tax collector Samuel Adams, for instance, wanted the war in order to escape trial and almost certain imprisonment for embezzlement; the satanist Ben Franklin was British spy Agent 72, who informed the British Admiralty of the location of American ships, while smuggler John Hancock organized the Boston Tea Party because the British had lowered tea prices in America to less than that of his smuggled tea.

What was needed at that time period was more people of the caliber of Patrick Henry. The great man refused his appointment to the Philadephia convention on the grounds that he “smelt a rat,” and ferociously fought against ratification of the Constitution, claiming that it had been illegally prepared, declaring “What right had they to say “We the people?” Very pointedly, he warned that a future American government could grant: “...a great and mighty President the powers of a king..... The licentious and wicked of the community will seize with avidity everything you hold.” Did he have the Bush cabal in mind?

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