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There is something very smelly
going on in Perth Western Australia

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There is something very smelly going on in Perth Western Australia. The Western Australian government is well on the way to completing a structure that I believe could have ominous implications for everybody.

There is much more to the Barrack Square development than meets the eye.

There are questions that should have been posed and answered long ago.

Why have the West Australian public and particularly the press and other politicians swallowed the lines promulgated by Richard Court and his cronies?

Alarm bells rang for me when I first saw the bell tower design in the West Australian newspaper and increased by many decibels when the ‘new’ design was foisted upon us.

My curiosity and limited knowledge of sacred geometry, secret societies and ancient myth was aroused and the further I investigated the affair the more ominous (and obvious) the plot appeared.

The plot is intricately woven and difficult for the layman to grasp but I will endeavour to unravel the scenario as best I can.

THE OFFICIAL COURT LINE claims "the bells which once rang out in the church of St Martin-In-The-Fields were gifted to the people of Western Australia by the Cities of London and Westminster to commemorate Australia’s bicentenary in 1988."

THE TRUTH is the bells are clapped out and the hard-up church was about to consign them to the furnace when in their own words-

‘ St Martin’s has however received an unexpected gift of extraordinary generosity. The peal of bells, settled in 1727, had become too old and frail to bear another re-tuning; they needed to be melted down and re-cast if they were to give further service.

The University of Western Australia, where campanology is a subject to be studied seriously, offered the old bells a good home, giving in return enough bell metal to make a new peal. The offer was accepted joyfully’.[1]

Who told the church that campanology is studied seriously at the UWA?

When I telephoned the university they didn’t even know what campanology was and assured me that it was not on the syllabus.


What is all this about the bells being a gift when we clearly payed for them in bell metal. Well apparently Renison Goldfield did. They shipped 12 tonnes of Australian copper and tin to England in exchange for them.[2]

At no time has the church stated that the bells were a gift but you can’t help feeling that the church couldn’t believe its luck [3] ( But they also have a map of Lasseter’s Reef that Richard Court might like to buy.)

We shipped 12,000 kg’s of bell metal in exchange for 12 bells). The combined weight of our now 18 bells is 8,791 kg’s? [4]. There must be an awful lot of wastage in bell manufacturing.

And another thing the cities of London and Westminster could not have ‘gifted’ or sold or bartered or even polished the bells. They didn’t belong to them. St Martin’s is entirely self-funded receiving nothing from the Church of England or the State. Their only sources of income are from donation and their company St Martin-In-The-Fields Enterprise Ltd. set up in 1987.

So, not only have we been told porkie-pies by our premier we have saddled ourselves with an expensive pile of scrap metal and a multi-million dollar tower to put it in.

According to the church a group of toll-huddle partners claiming to represent the University of Western Australia fronted up to the church. Offered much more than 5 farthings for the ‘Bells of St Martin’s and shortly after twelve knackered bells arrived on our shores, where according to Richard Court, the Labour Party, who were in office at the time (not realising their true nature and being a bunch of ignorant ingrates), chucked them into a yard to rust in the rain.

Whereupon enter stage right our hero singing:

"We will grow rich rang the tills of Sure-Dick"[5]

What is the West Australian government up to?

Could it be, as I suspect that the bells were just an excuse to build a tower?

Primarily towers are symbols of masculinity and dominance. Towers, pylons, crosses, obelisks and columns are phallic symbols erected to commemorate victories and also to represent emasculation

Symbols are often dismissed by both the profane and the initiated for various reasons, yet the manipulation of symbolic interpretation has been a key to the control of societies throughout history.

Through writing and art symbols speak directly to the subconscious; and as the subconscious controls the conscious their power is potentially enormous.

Symbols are codes whose interpretation depends upon understanding, which of course enables them to be used for furtive purposes. ‘Advanced’ societies being poorly educated and richly indoctrinated create great opportunities for all sorts of monuments and emblems to be chucked up in appropriate positions with very little criticism. Ridicule encourages ignorance so nothing is done.

The first catalysts for symbols were natural phenomenon. The more vital and mysterious the objects appeared the more power was attributed to them. Naturally the sun became the most potent symbol of all. Obviously everyone could not have a sun as their emblem so other symbols were invented to represent it. This was the beginning of clandestine (clan-destiny) symbolism.

The world is awash with totems; logos, uniforms, badges, emblems and flags because people with shared interests appear to have a deep need to adopt identity symbols.

Over time some symbols gain more power and value, as ownership is concentrated into corporate ownership. Natural law would suggest that this rate accelerates and certainly by now all of the national and global corporations would come under one flag, owned by one body. So it begs the question, why are they still independent? The answer has to be they are not but it suits somebody’s purpose to appear so.

Because solar symbols and its proxies are considered to be the most powerful every branch incorporates them into their logos. In virtually every culture the sun is seen as masculine, fiery and illuminating. Hence we see suns, domes, towers, pyramids, triangles, torches, lights, tunnels, heads, eyes, crowns, dragons, phoenix’, lions, eagles, spiny animals etc. in architecture and emblems. Indeed the word Logos means: the active Principle which ensouls the solar system; the effect of the cause that is ever concealed.[6] (in other words a cover story).

Enormous energy and attention is focussed upon these symbols; science tells us that energy does not dissipate it creates something else.

So WHAT is the energy created by, from and around the bell tower creating?

The government bestows legendary and miraculous powers upon these cast-off bells. According to them they rang out over London’s Trafalgar Square for more than five centuries. [7]

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Government bill board at the bell tower site

Trafalgar Square has only been around for about 150 years. And these bells are only 280 years old anyway. Robert Mote of Whitechapel cast a new 6 peal in 1583 to replace the original set. Laurence Wright of London replaced some of these in 1593 when cracks were found in them. The bells were recast and a further 6 added in 1721 by Rudhalls of Gloucester when the present church was built.

Government literature states that the bell tower will be a symbol for the people of Perth. What Perth has to do with a set of crook bells from ‘Blighty’ has not been explained; yet it is being partially truthful when it describes the ‘gong–dangler’ as a symbol of Perth. It is a symbol all right but not of Perth.[8]

And…for ‘gong-dangler’ read doppelganger. I do not believe that it is what it appears to be. We are being hoodwinked.

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