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The city of Perth is situated on the South-West corner of Australia. It is the closest major city in the world to the 33 degrees South latitude at 32 6’.[10]

The bells’ new home at the end of Barrack Street on the river cannot be a coincidence. The local Nyungar clans have long known that this part of the Swan River is a major energy vortex. They call the energy lines, Warghuls and picture them as snakes.

In this area the aborigines say the Warghul coils up on the riverbed. Remember the foreshore is built upon reclaimed land. The Nyungars treat this area with great reverence, fighting very hard to stop a Multiplex development a little further along the river, underneath Mount Eliza.

Occult organisations also recognise this power-centre and are using the energies for there own purposes. Amongst these are the Freemasons who appear to be using public funds for their clandestine idolatry and worship.

Following are some conspicuous examples that appear to have so far been ignored by those who should know better. I include some descriptions of their occult significance and ask you to remember that it does not matter what you or I think of it. What matters, is what they believe.

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Australian Coat of Arms Masonic style.
Over the post office in Forrest Place.

On the front of the General Post Office in Forrest Chase is the Australian coat of arms. This representation is very different to the usual design, which appears next door on the front of the Commonwealth Bank building. The official badge shows a shield guarded by a kangaroo on the left facing an emu on the right. On the post office version the kangaroo appears in a Masonic stance with its head facing over its right shoulder, right arm straight down with its fingers outstretched. On both emblems the emus’ legs form a square and their heads, necks and legs form swastikas, though the GPO version is more pronounced.[11]

In St George’s Terrace outside one of the few remaining original buildings, Bishop Hale School a sign boasts that the building is a fine example of understated brickwork. Nothing to do with Freemasons then even though the square and compass, 16 battlements, arches, double crosses and other Masonic designs march all over it.

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The Barrack Arch

Further west at the top-end of the ‘Terrace’ we have the ‘Barrack Arch,’ built by James Brittain who also built Bishop Hale School. It forms a triangle with the bell tower and Freemasons Hall. As an outstretched compass centred on the bell tower it describes a circle (radius 1300 yards) that from the arch passes through the First Church of Christ Scientist, Ministry of Justice, The Entertainment Centre, Lake/ Wellington, Family Planning Centre, National Australia Bank, Bankwest, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, Alexander Library, the Museum, TAAFE, Beaufort/ Francis Street, Lotteries Commission, Telstra, Austalia Post, Aboriginal Family Centre, McIver Station, Moore, Wittenoom and Lord Cross, Wellington/Hill, Dental and Nursing School, Bishop/ Hill, the Royal Mint, Home Building Society, ABC, Freemasons Hall, the Swan River, Point Belches, Mitchell/ Riverside (Point Lewis), Mount Hospital, Jacobs Ladder/Mounts Bay Road. [12]

All places and organizations linked to Freemasonry.

An arch is a very significant piece of architecture to freemasons. It is used in the name architect, which is also part of the Masonic deity, The Great Architect of the Universe (The Universal Great Master of Cunning?). In Latin an architect is not only a Master Builder (Mason) but also a master of cunning (Mason?). It is a degree in Freemasonry whose oldest chapter is believed to be Stirling Rock No 2 (1743) in Scotland. A name and a country much identified with the pioneers of Western Australia. The arch is certainly in the way and many people have questioned its survival. Now we know.[13]

The Royal Arch Mason’s Oath:

"I will aid and assist a companion Royal Arch Mason, when engaged in any difficulty, and espouse his cause, so far as to extricate him from the same, if in my power, whether he be right or wrong…. A companion Royal Arch Mason’s secrets, given me in charge as such, and I knowing him to be such, shall remain as secure and inviolable, in my breast as in his own, murder and treason not excepted."

Just the kind of guys you want running your community eh?

Situated to the west of the bell tower is Mount Eliza named after the mother of their patron saint, John the Baptist. The summit is covered with Masonic-styled memorials because the west has fatal associations; it is where the sun sets.[14]

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The Black Pyramid The 'Black Duck'.
The 1979 logo for Western Australia's
150th anniversary.

A black pyramid masquerading as a conservatory rises 360 yards to the northwest of the bell tower. The foundation stone was laid by the then premier, Sir Charles Court, a freemason, in conjunction with the mayor, Mr. F. Chaney on the 31st December 1979.[15]

The glass and iron pyramid rests upon a concrete eight-pointed star, the Masonic square-upon-the-square. From above it also forms the Union Jack.

According to a brass plaque at the entrance the building was erected to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the State. At the base of the plaque is a peculiar eye-like design that was used as a symbol for the State’s 150th Anniversary and known then as the ‘black duck’. The original tricolour (black/ yellow/ red) design is attributed to a Mr. Norm Williams, who is said to have won a competition. It resembles a swan but on this plaque it could easily be a coiled serpent. Reversed it looks like the eye of Horus. All three are occult symbols. Swans are sacred birds to Ancient philosophies; they associate them with another sacred beast, the serpent because both their call and their neck are snake-like. They are associated with the Egyptian Moon and Mother Goddess, Isis (I-sis). [16]

On 15th October 1980 Princess Alexandra, daughter of the Duke of Kent opened the pyramid. To her reception the previous day she wore an emerald, ruby and Mother-of-pearl brooch (symbolic of water/blood/moon) in the shape of a swan – Symbols of the Mother Goddess Isis. And you’d never believe it. She only realised its pertinence to the river after pinning it on- well I never![17]

For centuries her family has been synonymous with Masonic Hierarchy. In 1939 his brother, King George V1 as the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge, installed her father, George, the Duke of Kent

On 27th June 1967, her brother, Edward became Grand Master of the Royal Alpha Lodge.5 The packed Royal Albert Hall ceremony attracted an international attendance including 64 Grand Masters and deputations from 67 other lodges.

A previous Duke of Kent, Edward retired as Grand Master of the Antients in 1813 as the Antient and Modern branches united whereupon he proposed that his brother the Duke of Sussex become the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge. The Craft was officially de-christianised at this time as well.[18]

Rivers are often used to symbolise the Milky Way, significant edifices and names are found in cosmically relevant places. The Swan River is no exception and its name is likely to be code for the Egyptian Goddess, Isis.

Interestingly the river forms the shape of a swan within an area from the Narrows Bridge to Belmont Park. (Bell tower to Bell-mount). From its source to the narrows bridge it is a serpent.

And behold, nearby in the east, the Freemasons Hall and the ABC. 1300 yards from the bell tower.

Between the bell tower and the Freemasons Hall, in the Supreme Court Gardens the Good Templars have erected a monument to their fallen. Although the Good Templars claim to have no connection to the Templars/Freemasons their symbolism is strangely similar.

The road layout around the bell tower site is figured like the Egyptian symbol of rebirth, the ankh composed of the tau cross of Osiris and the oval of his sister/wife Isis, both symbols of their regenerative organs. The phallic bell tower is positioned right in the middle of her oval. This road plan also includes the shen (omega)- a symbol of eternity. Formerly called Harper Square and probably named after Charles, Edwards or Thomas Harper, Masonic big notes. This name may have been just keeping the seat warm until the current project got under way.

The most noticeable trees in the area are Fig trees and Norfolk Pines. The fig leaf has phallic connotations, as does the actual pine tree, both are evergreen and therefore symbols of immortality and rebirth.

For a month until Sunday 20th February 2000, a large white dome occupied a portion of the Alf Curlewis Gardens between the bell tower and the pyramid. A dome is a symbol of either the sun or the moon depending on the circumstances. As the dome was there for a month I would suggest the latter.

The site of the bell tower is to be called the Barrack Square. A square is a fundamental aspect of Masonic thought, and regarded as both a right angle and a square. A square is made up of 4 times 90 degrees or 360 degrees-the distance from the bell tower to the pyramid.

The bell tower is a musical instrument and could be called a barrack room. Rudyard Kipling, a freemason composed ‘Barrack Room Ballads’ (1892), containing many references to freemasonry and is much revered by the Craft.

A chain-link fence surrounds the bell tower building-site; representing the basket that Isis gathered Osiris’s body parts in. (see later notes).

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Erecting the bell tower

St George’s Terrace stalking the Swan River banks is the central business district of Perth. From here huge corporate skyscrapers dominate the city like a mushroom cloud. The usual suspects financial institutions, government, judiciary and ecclesia inhabit the region, all proudly displaying their symbolic solar signals. Even the new bus port with its rising sun symbols shines down on our Little Egypt. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside doesn’t it?

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Pyramids over Challenge Bank

The logos of the Government Departments associated with the project are interesting. They include The Department of Contract and Management Services (pyramids and square), the Department of Land Management (Deltas, pyramids, squares and 8 lines).

The Developers are John Holland Construction a company associated with Holmes a Court’s Heytesbury Holdings. Janet Holmes a Court is the chairman.

The bell tower’s opening ceremony may occur at night so that a light can be shone upon it. Alternatively dawn would be an appropriate time for the first rays of the sun to hit the tower.

Somewhere in the vicinity will be a Benben Stone, which is a pyramid or cone shaped stone or object, representing the body and the burial place of Osiris. This could be a meteorite or even the nearby conservatory/pyramid.

Symbols of the divine trio such as grain (or bread), a jug, sun and moon symbols, horns, kites, serpentine and bovine symbols, crosses and pentagrams will be present. Also look out for red roses, white horses (or their modern equivalent, white cars), white doves, shepherds crooks, flails and torches. However it is wise to remember that we are probably dealing with a dark enterprise here so some of the colours and symbolism may be reversed, for example white to black. This dual nature is shown in the black and white floor tiles that are a prerequisite of every Freemason building.

The first bell tower design was an outright Egyptian obelisk. Made of golden-glass and purposely non-Christian its design created revulsion in the minds of the Western Australian public. Thinking they could pull the wool over the trained apathy of Western Australians they came unstuck and quickly came up with plan B, a subtle version of the same thing and replete with occult symbolism. [19]

The bells are placed at a height of 23.5 metres (925 inches (9+2+5=16). Sixteen is The Tower in the Tarot, the biblical Tower of Babel. In freemasonry the Tower of Babel figures in the 21st degree of the Ancient and Accepted Rite and in one of the degrees appended to the Order of the Knights Templar Priests.

The government claims that the bells will be hung at this height to reflect their original position at St Martin’s but the church has hung its new bells a stage lower to improve their performance. (But then it could have something to do with the temperature-for bells read balls- reversed symbolism?)

The 7-storey tower pierces the sky at 82.5 metres (3247 inches 3+2+4+7=16). Maybe the bell tower should be renamed the Tower of Babel.

Around the base of the octagonal bell tower is a set of 3 rounded copper sails. Copper is a sacred metal, a symbol of the sun, that is to say Osiris/Horus.

The tower is constructed of glass -to reflect light and the sun- and steel, which is made from iron, a metal associated with the regal thrones of Isis/Osiris.

The phallic bell tower will stand in a pool of water. Water has always been regarded as feminine and a pool is symbolic of the womb. The symbolism of the tower in the pool is obvious. Remember that symbolism creates energy and this representation must signify the union of Osiris and Isis.

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