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Bronfman and the Mafia
Sells Out the United States to Russia

7/2/1996 -- Bitterly, former Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion referred to Mussolini admirer Vladimir Jabotinsky, as "Vladimir Hitler". In the process leading to the establishment of the state of Israel, the faction of the Irgun ("The Organization"), linked to Mussolini-admirer Jabotinsky, was something which most Jews, worldwide, denounced in fearful whispers. The hard-core of the Irgun were fascitsts by profession, politically allied with Mussolini, strongly objecting to Adolf Hitler's anti-Semitism, but not Hitler's other fascists crimes. At the core, they were also gangsters, partly recruited from the circles of organized crime, and notorious for gangsters' methods of settling political differences with Irgun critics. The Jewish ring reaches high into the ranks of the Executive Branch of the U.S. government, into the Congress, and extends its wicked influence into the federal court. This is not merely an Israeli spy-ring, it is a spy-ring operating under the Israeli flag, but controlled by a network of Soviet agents, centered around the notorious Armand Hammer and the Bronfman family interests. Behind the ring, is the second generation of the Irgun apparatus of the late 1940s.

The extensive history of Israeli spying against the United States is reported in return for the Russia's release of Soviet Jews, the Israeli have passed on material to the Russians as a quid pro quo. The Russians very much want to get back into the Israeli picture. They want a presence there, and the Russians are now pushing this relationship as far as they can. Highly placed sources in Israel, date former defence Minister Ariel Sharon's negotiations with Moscow to approximately 1978. The best corroborated evidence currently, is that Sharon became a Soviet asset about 1981. When discussing this problem, most intelligence experts point to Sharon's surreptitious trips into the Soviet bloc.

A brief background

Shortly after the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, Bolshevik leader Leon Trotsky worked with a group of Polish Bolshevisks, to set up a now-famous Russian foreign-intelligence capability known as "The Trust". The Trust was a network of financial interests closely associated with the Communist International's apparatus outside Russia. There is one important feature of The Trust, which must be emphasized to understand the mechanics of this particular Israeli spy-ring. Most of the literature on the subject of the Trust, mistakenly, proposes that the Trust was created after the 1917 Russian Revolution. It is true, that the Trust as such was organized by Polish Bolsheviks, such as Felix Dzerzinskii, working closely with Leon Trotsky, and with the assistance of British spy Sidney Reilly and of the patron of today's Jon Speller, Commander Sergius Riis. Up to that point, such reports are factually true, but profoundly misleading.

Trust had been a pre-revolutionary associate of the vast, immensely funded operation of Alexander Helphand's (Parvus's). The point to be grasped, is that all modern radicalism in Europe and the Americas, has been established under the sponsorship of wealthy financier family- interests. The Jacobins under Robespierre, Danton, and Marat, were created and backed by powerful Swiss banking families from Geneva and Lausanne, with support from the British East India Company's Shelbourne, Pitt, and Bentham, in London. The French utopian socialists of the early 19th century, were funded and steered by the same banking circles.

The Jewish component of the funding of the Russian Mensheviks and Bolsheviks, is only an aspect of the operations centered in Parvus's networks. There are two areas of the pre-1917 map of Eastern Europe, on which to concentrate attention, to understand the Jewish-financier component of the Soviet Trust organization. The most important is the city of Odessa and nearby Bessarabia. The second is the old Livonian city of Vilna, dominated by Jewish light-industry manufacturers; it was the Vilna-based apparatus which had been the network smuggling funds to Plekhanov's circles in Switzerland, and smuggled Russian Marxist literature into Russia.

Both Sidney Reilly and Parvus originated from Odessa, and Trotsky's earliest political career was centered there. Many of the Jewish gangster-families of Canada and the United States, were immigrants from this region of Russia and Romania. Once Russia had both fission and fusion arsenals, and, by 1956, had established unchallenged control over the new colonies in Eastern Europe, Russia was prepared to restore the partnership with the Western factions of the Trust, and Western-based elements of the old Communist International apparatus.

In the English-speaking world, it is the British, Canadian, and U.S.A. variety of wealthy Soviet fellow-travellers, such as Averell and Pamela Harriman, McGeorge Bundy, Henry A. Kissinger, David Rockefeller, and so forth, which are most noticeable. The innermost thinking of the Western Trust partners can be found on Venice's island of St. George Major, the site of the Cini Foundation. The Jewish component of the Trust is run from the Venice of Parvus's sponsor, Count Volpi di Misurata, as it has been since the 13th century. The center of everything dirty penetrating Jewish circles, since the 13th century, to the present day, is the Luzzatto family of Venice: the Luzzattos, Recanati, and the Syrian Jewish families of Aleppo: the Jewish families adjunct to the phanariots of the old Byzantine and the Ottoman empires.

Russia's main satrapal power in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. The power of that new Venice would flow from its dominance in international gun-smuggling, drug-running, money-laundering, and other organized criminal activities. A key included feature of Israel's "Greater" destiny is the permanent annexation and settlement of the West Bank, with 1.3 million Jews, by not later than the year 2010, according to the Sharon Plan. However, the one thing required besides land to realize the West Bank policy, is warm bodies to occupy that land. This was the primacy topic of well-publicized discussions between Trust agents Armand Hammer and Edgar Bronfman's brother Charles, and Soviet party leader Mikhail Gorbachov. This is also the crucial feature of Ariel Sharon's "Project Independence", which has brought together top Jewish financiers cum organized-crime figures, such as Hammer, Bronfman, Max Fisher, and Kenneth Bialkin, to discuss "financial investments" in Israel.

If the Israelis carry out their end of the bargain, the Russians will allow up to 500,000 Russian Jews to emigrate to Israel, if and only if, they agree to settle on the West Bank. Elaborated arrangements were afoot to bypass the traditional emigration route through Austria - and thereby prevent the majority of emigres from typically changing course for America. Edgar Bronfman admitted that as the result of his negotiations with the Soviets on behalf of the Israeli government, the Soviets are prepared to release 400,000 Soviet Jews, if the Israelis will aid them in getting technology from the United States.

The Landsky Plan

During or about 1967, with the accession of the Trust's agent, Yuri Andropov, to the leadership of the Soviet KGB, the Russians began to move directly into major drug-running operations against the West. During the same period, leading figures in the Irgun apparatus took a decision to attempt to bring their leading Jewish organizes-crime collaborators in the West to Israel, as a means of turning Israel into a major center for all aspects of organized crime, including gun and dope running and money laundering. In 1968, Israeli Finance Minister Pinchas Sapir, the creator of Israel's "offshore" banking system, sponsored a "millionaires conference" in Jerusalem. All in attendence were in one way or another connected to the Israeli intelligence apparatus responsible for the weapons and money that helped create Israel in 1948. Among them were : Louis Boyar and Sam Rothberg - Henry Crown - Max Fisher - Ray Wolfe - Shaul Eisenberg - Raphael Recanati - Philip Klutznik.

Out of this conference, the Israel Corporation was created, an official government corporation. It was later exposed for illegal laundering of funds into the Banque du Credit International, set up by Tibor Rosenbaum and Pinchas Sapir. The first mobster to come to Israel was Joe Stacher, Lansky's life-long associate. Stacher, who faced five years in prison in the United States, was brought over at the instigation of Haim Bassoc, a leading member of the National Religious Party, and his close friend, Rabbi Menachem Porush, a leader of Agudat Israel. These organizations were leading factional allies of Menachem Begin's Herut party, and backers of the terrorist Gush Emunim settlement sect. Stacher and Landsky began heavily funding several Agudat Yeshivas, and became backers of West Bank settlements.

The public embrace of leading international mobsters by political and religious leaders in Israel was only that, a public display of a long-term relationship dating from the origins of the Israeli state itself. Israel's creation following World War II depended upon the help of British intelligence's Special Operations Executive (SOE) under Col. William Stephenson.

Stephenson incorporated these mobsters into the SOE's network, on the original pretext that they would be useful in anti-Nazi activities in the United States and Italy. Stephenson's top aide in the project was Major Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, who, although a Canadian subject, became the principal recruiter for the FBI's Division 5 counterintelligence section. Bloomfield, of the elite Order of Malta (Hospitallers), until his death in 1984. It was precisely this network that was utilized for the post-war creation of Israel. Exemplary of the network was the Sonneborn Institute. The express purpose of the Institute was to provide the Haganah, and later, the Irgun, with weapons and money. The leading personnel of the Institute included :

Henry Morgenthau, Jr. Former Secretary of the Treasury. He was coordinating Sonneborn fundraising and illegal money-transfer. Teddy Kollek. Former Haganah chief in New York. Later, he became the mayor of Jerusalem. Major Louis Mortimer Bloomfield. He supervised the organized crime networks, he also served for SOE's Division 5 of the FBI. Adolf Schwimmer. He functioned as on-the ground smuggling coordinator. Later, he founded Israeli Aircraft Industries, a major weapons conduit for Israel to this day. He was also a business partner of Shaul Eisenberg, the main coordinator of Israeli gun-running activity today.

The same networks and routes utilized for bootlegging, after prohibition, were used for drug trafficking. The drug supply was that previously established by Arnold Rothstein in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The Landscam Scandal

The real story behing the landscam scandal broke in the Israeli press. Two Israeli land dealers, Edmund Levy and Ze'ev Golan, were accused of forging a document allowing them to sell the land of a Palestinian family. The plan directed "Gush Emunim" organization in setting up sattelite settlements on the edge of older ones, thus enabling them to portray these as merely extensions of existing settlements, not new ones. This is exactly what is happening now inspite the peace accord.

In 1979, an Israeli high court ruled that West Bank land could be bought privately by individual Israelis. In addition it delivered a ruling that would rapidly expand the amount of land in Israeli hands. That process enable Israel to retain today 64% of the land surface in the West Bank and 40% of the land surface in Gaza, even after the redeployment of January 1996. (The activity of land confiscations by the military occupation apparatus is also included in the figure).

Israel is seeking to completely redeem Jerusalem. The estimate of funds necessary has been cited as $ 100 million. Contributions to this plot are coming from : 1- Tefahot Mortgage Bank 2- North American Bank of Israel 3- United Mizrahi Bank 4- Cyril Stein 5- PEF (israel Endowment Funds) 6- Robert Jacobs 7- Abraham Dwek 8- Albert Kaplan 9- Dr. Irving Moscowitz 10- Terry Risenhoover 11- Douglas Krieger 12- Pastor James Deloach 13- Dr. Charles Monroe 14- Michael and Barbara Ledeen 15- Lambert Dolphin 16- Pat Robertson 17- Joseph Churba 18- Stanley Goldfoot 19- Yuval Ne'eman 20- Geula Cohen 21- Gershon Solomon 22- Eduardo Recanati 23- Dov Schilansky 24- Yisrael Medad 25- Asher Kaufman

Israel is unwilling to accept any kind of negotiations regarding the final status of Jerusalem in the current peace talks.

Whose ally is Israel ?

On Nov. 21, 1985, the American people were informed that a U.S. Naval Intelligence specialist named Jonathan Jay Pollard had been apprehended that day by the FBI, at the Israeli embassy in Washington. Pollard had been confronted by the FBI three days earlier, with solid proof that he was spying for Israel. Pollard was an Israeli agent. But he may or may not have known that he was actually a Soviet agent. The unit of the Israeli secret service for which Pollard worked, sought to obtain U.S. secrets for the purpose of passing them on to the Russians. Pollard was carrying the day of his arrest 60 classified documents relating to U.S. Intelligence-gathering operations of the anti-terrorist Alert Center.

Since 1976 the Israeli secret services assembled several of its top operatives in the U.S. congress and defence establishment to form a network inside USA. Three overlapping institutions currently used by the Israeli intelligence: 1- The Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs (JINSA). 2- Americans for a safe Israel (ASI). 3- Individual cells in the National Security Council, the U.S. State Department, and the U.S. Justice Department, and a network within the American press. Some of these figures are Elliot Abrams, Bernard Kalb, Peter Rodman, Judge Abraham Sofaer.

Anti-Defamation League ADL

The Anti-Defamation League ADL founded in 1908 by Canon Edward West, a public relations division of B'nai B'rith. The ADL is considered to be the most powerful organization in the USA. Las Vegas businessman Morris Barney Dalitz, one of the most important figures of the ADL is one of the most important figures in organized crime over a period of sixty years, and as a lifetime right-hand man to organized crime's 20th-century, Meyer Lansky, known as the godfather of organized crime.

Dalitz was well aware of the fact that the ADL was, from its founding, a powerful secret arm of the National Crime Syndicate. Without the ADL's undaunted "public relations" work on behalf of organized crime, the USA would have never been flooded with illegal drugs and gangsters.

On the Canadian side, the booze was manufactured by the Bronfman Gang, led by Sam and Abe Bronfman, second generation Romanian immigrants whose father had been brought over to Canada by the B'nai B'rith allied Baron de Hirsch Fund. Their pure drug company was established with the help of the Hudson's Bay Company to manufacture illegal Whiskey. By the beginning of the 1980's, drug money-narco-dollars- had already became the primary source of liquidity to fuel the stock market and real estate speculative bubbles facilitated by the Carter and Reagan administration's deregulation of the banking and brokerage industries. As the power of drug money grew, so too did the political and financial clout of the ADL.

Since December 1985, the FBI admitted that a "Jewish underground" had emerged as a serious terrorist threat to the United States of America.

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