ChemTrails over Brighton

ChemTrails over Brighton,
East Sussex, England?
do these photo's show the phenomenon known as ChemTrails ?

Photo's Copyright of
Paul : ^ )

Time photos taken:
Sunday 2nd Feb 2003
between 11:30 and 12:15 Hrs.
Central Brighton, East Sussex, England.
(Near my home.)

I witnessed this happening in my area in the sky.
I saw the jetplane making the trails.
have yet to really look into the extensive reasearch on this phenomenon.

There is much info on the web.
look at this google search link:

on the right next to my Block of flats!

on my left side .
they were doing the area in a crisscross style.

see how the trails spread out.

I also witnessed trails being made over Queens Park Brighton and south east of park facing south.
I didn't have my camera that time.
same day Sunday but after 16:00 Hrs.
Please keep your eyes open to what is happening in your area and in your skies!
Stay alert and aware!!!


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