Uncovering the Hidden

A Concise Compendium of Coverups

From 1960 to the Present


Just a few of the low points in recent American history that have dropped down through the cracks due to the tireless efforts of our "free press" to make everything look just dandy.

Theft of the 1960 JFK stole the election with help from Presidential Election Mafia boss Sam Giancana in Chicago and corrupt Democratic boss Leander Perez in Duval County, Texas. Ike advised Nixon to contest the election, but this was not practical. The mainstream press pretended to know nothing about it. [1], [2]

Involvement of the Numerous witnesses, including two LA Kennedys in the death police chiefs placed RFK at Monroe's of Marilyn Monroe house on the afternoon of her death. Her death was declared a "suicide" despite evidence, never properly investigated, that she was murdered. Monroe had threatened to hold a press conference exposing her liaisons with JFK and RFK. Her files were taken by federal agents in defiance of the law. A TV documentary, produced by ABC, which reveals much of this information, was suppressed by Roone Arledge, President of ABC News, on the day it was to air. Arledge is a personal friend of the Kennedys. [3], [4], [5], [36]

The assassination of No need to go into that one. Nobody JFK believes the cover story, although it's one of the more convincing ones.

The assassination of Another crazed gunman, acting alone. RFK Not very original, but HEY . . .

The assassination of . . . if it works, it works. MLK

[All three assassinations are discussed in Ref. 1]

The corrupt relationship Lyndon Johnson was "on the pad" to of LBJ with organized the Carlos Marcello organization. crime As Senate Majority Leader, LBJ saw to it that legislation unfavorable to gambling interests died a death. In return, he was given envelopes chock full of goodies. Robert Caro revealed many other instances of corrupt behavior by LBJ in the second volume of his biography. To the extent they have deigned to notice any of this, the mainstream press have sought to minimize its significance. [6], [7]

Watergate We think we know what happened, but none of it makes much sense. One theory advanced by Colodny & Gettlin: Nixon was removed from office by the CIA & the military after he bypassed their chain of command. John Dean provided the pretext by arranging the Watergate burglaries to retrieve evidence that his fiancee was involved in a DNC call-girl ring. Credible? Who knows? Who cares? Why did the media go after this president, but not LBJ, or JFK? [8]

The abandonment of Following WWII, Korea and Vietnam, American POWs/MIAs American POWs were betrayed and abandoned by the U.S. government, which found their existence inconvenient to acknowledge. It was recently revealed that some of these POWs were used in barbaric medical experiments conducted by their Communist captors. [9]

Mena The CIA apparently was running drugs into the country, or allowing it to be done. Without a proper investigation we will never know what really happened or who was involved. Don't hold your breath -- nine investigations have been quashed already. This is related to Iran/Contra which was investigated and covered by the press. [10], [11], [12], [17], [18]

Ruby Ridge The wife of Randal Weaver was murdered in cold blood by an FBI assassin while holding her baby in her arms, after Weaver's son had been shot in the back and killed by federal marshals. This was apparently okay with the mainstream press because Weaver was described as a "white separatist," a category they disdain. If there is any doubt as to the worth that the mainstream press place on the lives of "white separatists," compare what happened to the cops who beat up Rodney King with the treatment afforded the murderer of Mrs. Weaver -- he was never even reprimanded. It took months for this story to surface in the mainstream press, even in a form suitable for a coverup. [13], [14]

Waco A replay of the Warsaw Ghetto with federal agents playing the Nazis this time. While the mainstream press made a great to-do over the story by Kiri Jewell, who claimed that Koresh molested her, they saw nothing wrong in the feds burning two dozen children alive. Although Jewell's story was exposed as a pack of lies by the British press, the American press took no note of this. The fact that it raised a fashionably PC issue made it ideal for the two-dimensional comic strip fantasy they call "the news." [15], [16], [19], [20]

The death of Vincent Foster was most likely murdered, but the Foster independent counsel will not allow a proper investigation, probably due to a political compromise. The mainstream press seem quite content to assist the government in obstructing justice, which should surprise no one who has read this far. Their main problem is to avoid the embarrassing questions for which they clearly have no answers. Their recourse to name-calling makes them look like a bunch of petulant 10-year-olds, but they can rely on the docility of their customers, who seem able to swallow almost anything that is shoved in front of them. [All of the articles by Chris Ruddy on this subject are worth reading. Hugh Sprunt's Citizen's Independent Report is a masterful treatment of the official documents on the case]. See also [21]

Whitewater That one is not over yet, but consider the odds -- we have already mentioned 12 major coverups and thus far only one of them, Watergate, was exposed. But WAS it? Or was the exposure itself a pretext for a de facto coup d'etat, such as is said to have occurred in the UK with the Harold Wilson government? (The European press covered this extensively, although officially it didn't happen -- Harold just woke up one morning and decided to go fishing). If this seems farfetched, a similar thing happened to Willi Brandt in Germany and Gough Whitlam, at the time Prime Minister of Australia. Reporter David Leigh claims that CIA counterspy chief James J. Angleton was the instigator of plots to remove all three leaders. [22], [35]

World Trade Center An Egyptian Army officer was brought in bombing to infiltrate a group of Middle Eastern terrorists, intent upon blowing up the World Trade Center. His plan to substitute a harmless substance for the explosive was countermanded by the FBI, who planned a sting operation. The sting failed and the bomb went off, injuring a number of people. All of this was reported in the New York Times, yet the mainstream press continue to pretend it didn't happen. [23]

Oklahoma City bombing A German Army officer was brought in to infiltrate a group of Mid Western "neo- Nazi" terrorists, intent on blowing up the Murrah Bld. in Oklahoma City. Another informant, employed by the BATF, revealed the plot to the feds months before the bombing, but instead of making arrests, they set up a sting operation, placing hundreds at risk. Due to the gross incompetence of the BATF, the building was bombed with the loss of 168 lives. The mainstream press, who are fully aware of what really happened, are acting to assist the government in obstructing justice by concealing evidence of a larger plot (that would embarrass the government -- can't allow that). [24], [25], [26], [27], [28], [29], [33] [34]

Gulf War Syndrome Dr. Garth Nicolson believes that during the Gulf War a biological warfare agent was spread among allied troops using warheads, or other means to release a genetically engineered bio-war organism that infected a number of U.S. military personnel. Although family members, and even pets have subsequently been infected, the bureaucrats who run the USG consider their reputations to be more important than the lives and health of U.S. servicemen, upon whom they look with evident disdain. The Centers for Disease Control (which have never managed to control a single disease in their entire history) continue to deny that any knowledge exists of this bio-war agent, even though it was written up in the Journal of the American Medical Association. [30], [31], [32]

"Most Americans do not appreciate how much of the government's power actually springs from its control of information. Mendacious officeholders obscure and distort inconvenient facts, contrive bogus crises, incessantly propagandize the citizenry and, if need be, simply lie to achieve their own ends."

-- Robert Higgs


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This is not presented as an extensive bibliography -- it barely scratches the surface, but it should provide a starting point for those who are interested in recovering the recent, suppressed history of this country. Although mainstream sources have been cited, where possible, the articles have lagged the events by months, or years in most cases.

Published in the May 19, 1997 issue of The Washington Weekly. Copyright © 1997 The Washington Weekly (http://www.federal.com). Reposting permitted with this message intact.

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