Uncovering the Hidden

The Secret History of America
The Greatest Conspiracy On Earth

It has been a little over a year since the first Catalog was released. A lot of things have happened since then. Dozens of books and videos have become available and thousands of people more have learned about the New World Order. The direction that this country is going in has become clearer to a lot more people as jobs are lost, properties are seized and more and more people are witnessing and experiencing military preparedness actions taking place in their cities and towns. The secret forces attempting to take this country CANNOT just do whatever they want because they need the support of the masses. It has been remarked in Globalist meetings that the nations and leaders and even the heads of the U.S. are waiting to usher in the New World Order, the only thing that is stopping them or slowing them up is the American people. There is too much resistance at this time from patriots who would rather see the United Nations dissolved. A bill was sponsored by Congress to remove us from the U.N., but was shot down. It is definitely time for a MOVEMENT in America to disassemble the U.N. or at least get US OUT. Recently, an attempt to fly the United Nations Flag in Montana was shot down by patriots and protesters.

     New information has surfaced about the Oklahoma bombing, John Doe # 2 might be identified. There is a family, Glen and Kathy Wilburn, who lost two grandchildren in the daycare center, and who have conducted their own investigation for the past year and a half. They have filed a wrong ful death lawsuit against McVeigh and doing so has given them discovery subpoena power to pursue

their investigation. Two key people have been identified as major co-conspirators along with the BATF itself. The person believed to be John Doe # 2  is a man named Michael Brescia. Once pictures were shown to a number of key witnesses, almost all overwhelmingly agreed that he was the one. Brescia is a 24 year old man from Philadelphia. He has been identified as the individual with Mcveigh at the Ryder truck office. Brescia is a Christian Identity follower who was living at Elohim City, a Christian Identity center on the border of Oklahoma and Arkansas. There he shared a room with the second key individual, a man named Andreas Strassmeir, a former German military officer who came to the U.S. hoping to work undercover for the Justice Dept. or the DEA. It is more likely he got a job with the BATF. In 1988 and ’89, he was involved in the infiltration of the Texas Light Infantry and a set up involving militia members and illegal gun purchases. Strassmeir has been interviewed a couple of times by a British reporter named Ambrose Evans Pritchard.

     According to Pritchard, Strassmeir has stated that the BATF had an operation going where they were monitoring McVeigh and the whole thing and tried to wait until the last minute so they could show that they saved everyone from doom and look like heroes, except for one problem: the bomb was supposed to go off in the middle of the night, and the ATF had a surveillance operation going

on all night long, they had a bomb squad and a team to intercept the bombers, but somehow the plan got changed, they lowered their guard and then it went off at nine in the morning.

    Same Subject From A New Perspective—Whether the government knew about it, had something to do with it, intentionally or not, or just plain screwed up a sting type situation isn’t really the point !----It has been said that McVeigh was part of an intelligence group involved in criminal activites. McVeigh himself claims to have a microchip implant !

     New information has come out just recently in the major news about several people on trial for a series of bank robberies tied to an Aryan Nations Republican Army, a neo-Nazi Christian Identity group based out of guess where ? That’s right, Elohim City !! -----

     A Brief Thought: During the civil war period, a man named Albert Pike from the south, not just any man, but founder of the 33rd degree, the highest degree in Scottish Rite Masonry, who himself was a Sovereign Grand Inspector General and authored many books on Freemasonry, including “Morals and Dogma” (The Bible of Freemasonry), also was the Leader and Founder of the Ku Klux Klan. Elements of British Israel Freemasonry and the movement to bring America back under England’s control, become apparent in the Christian Identity movement. British race patriots and promoters of Racial Identity linked to Freemasonry (Theories that the nothern Europeans, Vikings, etc, are the true Jews and therefore god’s chosen people and thus superior), were people who Hitler admired greatly and studied intensely. ----Is it not possible that Freemasonry, with it’s tentacles wrapped up in the BATF on one hand and the neo-Nazi movement on the other, could be promoting CHAOS to achieve ORDER ? The Anti-Terrorism bill had already been written and was waiting to be passed into law at the time of the Bombing !!! WAKE UP !!! We are being terrorized into giving up our rights and guns through OUR FEAR OF TERRORISM !!

     And what ever happened to the MONTANA FREEMEN ? …..80 Days the FBI tried to get them to surrender. The government kidnapped the leaders on their own property. Everybody in the country watched. Some people got so tired of watching , they would have had the FBI burn the place down just so they could get back to the O.J. Simpson trial. Why did the FBI want them so bad ? Do you think they’re trying to teach people not to write bad checks ? What do you think would happen if they sent the FBI, the tanks and the SWAT team in for everyone who wrote a BAD CHECK ? How come we haven't heard anything at all since, not even word of a trial ? It’s as if there’s a place they can take people that society doesn’t care about, bypass the judicial system and we may never even hear from them again. This is a SERIOUS possibility !! THIS COULD BE YOUR FAMILY !!!


     The Revolutionary War was fought for one purpose and one end and that is SOVEREIGNTY ! After the war, the colonies were each separate and Independant countries and still are today. Every FREEMAN 21 years of age or older who owned land and was able to vote was a king in his own home. He was untaxable. His land was untaxable and his income was untaxable. Nobody can tax the King, the King is Sovereign. The FREEMEN of MONTANA had long ago renounced their U.S. citizenship status in favor of being an American National (Different From a State Citizen, But Similar). They severed all contracts with the government so they would not be under it’s jurisdiction. The U.S. government is a Foreign Corporation with respect to a state. A corporation cannot have citizens, only franchises. When you except a social security # or you register to vote , you elect to be a U.S citizen, which the courts have ruled is of SUBJECT STATUS, Not SOVEREIGN. So after having renounced their U.S. citizenship, they then attempted to set up a township. Using proper methods, with an understanding of the laws involved, they were competent, knowledgable and lawfully able to set up a township, after all, who set up the township you live in or the one up the road ? Someone or some people have to be able to set it up. In a TOWNSHIP, you may have a COURT. Who do you think set up the court in your community or town ? God ? No, people did. Someone with the proper authority. Who has the authority to set up a court ? Who is the government ? WE THE PEOPLE ARE !!! Not U.S. citizens, but state citizens or maybe American Nationals. George Washington was not a U.S. citizen, he was a state Citizen of Virginia. Do you think the IRS was going around telling Washington or Jefferson to pay their taxes or forfeit their land ? Of course not!! That is why we fought the war!!!

     You need to know what is a Common law or COMMERCIAL LIEN. This may be the Light Saber that slew Darth Vader and took down the Empire in one swipe. The entire legal system in America is based on certain principles. Not to sound religious but the truth is that these principles come to us from the Bible. Our organic law in America comes from the Magna Carta and the Bible. Even going back to the bible, if someone wronged you, you would present them with a “Commercial Affidavit” to seek remedy or recourse. This is your complaint that they wronged you, but that you intend to straighten it out with them and this is your attempt. At this time , they now have X number of days to respond (usually 10 or 20),and if they don't respond in that time then you win the contest by default. Now that you won the contest and you know you were right you can sue for damages by placing a Lien on their ass or assetts. You can now claim that you are taking their property or car or whatever as a security against the judgement. You present them with the Lien, they ignore it, they lose by default and you now own everything you named in the Lien. Take the IRS for example: And remember, everything works on presumption. The IRS presumes you are a U.S. citizen and owe $50,000 to the IRS for taxes. They don't send you proof, just a notice that you owe and to pay this amount. That is their informing you of the wrong that you’ve done. The next letter comes informing you of their intent to place a Lien on your property unless the amount is paid. The only way to refute a Commercial Affidavit is POINT FOR POINT IN WRITING. If you don't do this, you have just defaulted and everything the IRS said in their original presentment is considered true and that is how the court will rule. Most people never contest a Lien or even know how to do it properly. So almost everybody loses. But you don't have to.

     To understand the Liens a little better you need to have a clear understanding of WHAT MONEY IS….Lawful money is Gold and Silver only. Paper is not Lawful Money. Federal Reserve Notes are NOT Lawful Money at all. Federal Reserve Notes are not even money, they are DEBT ! I hate to let you down, but if you have a hundred dollar bill in your pocket you are not A hundred dollars richer, you are a hundred dollars in DEBT ! Ever since 1933, the U.S. government has declared Bankruptcy and borrowed  money from the Federal Reserve, a private (for profit) corporation with stockholders who make upwards of a billion dollars a year. The Federal Reserve Notes floating around represent Debt, or borrowed money. Borrowed money has to be payed back and the bum in front of Seven-Eleven isn’t the one paying it back, you and I are, people who use the money, and each year that we pay interest on that money, we have less of it, not just the guy down the street, but everyone in the economy. There are several economies operating alongside each other at this time both locally and globally.

     One type of economy which has always been around and which is still in use is uses the CREDIT SYSTEM. We have been on the CREDIT SYSTEM exclusively since 1933. The CREDIT SYSTEM is regulated by the U.C.C or UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE. Along with the credit system comes limited liability for debts. If I take you to court and sue for a hundred dollars you are not obligated to pay me real money, you can use monopoly money (Federal Reserve Notes) or a Promissory Note, a promise to pay. That is what a Federal Reserve Note is, A PROMISE TO PAY. ---YOU CANNOT PAY A DEBT WITH DEBT !! You CAN DISCHARGE DEBT, however. Now, think about this carefully. If the Federal Reserve can print money, and loan it to us, Number 1: What authority do they have to print the money at all ?, and, if they do have the authority to print money, where is the gold and silver to back it up, or are they just printing it out of thin air ? Number 2: Why would we be obligated to use it and forced to pay interest to them ? Number 3 : What stops you or I from doing the same thing ? Remember, the government doesn’t print the money, a private corporation does. Who gives them the authority ? Here are the answers : The government can contract if they want to to borrow money; it’s a stupid idea since they can print their own, but for the meantime, while it’s under the control of the Masonic International Bankers, that's what they are doing. The point is , THEY DO NOT HAVE EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO PRODUCE CREDIT OR MONEY.

     The MONTANA FREEMEN had spent 20 years studying common law and commercial banking procedure and so forth…They had also acquired a very powerful book on banking that is not well known because they don't want you to have it, called the Banker’s Handbook Of Commercial Banking Law, which reveals a SECRET--that CREDIT IS CREATED WITH THE LIEN PROCESS !!

This is where the Federal Reserve gets the authority to print X amount of dollars. Since 1933, the Federal Reserve has had Liens on the U.S. citizens and their property. From this Credit of a perfected Lien, they can then issue bills of exchange, documentary drafts or Federal Reserve Notes, which are the same. Consider this , the 1930’s, the Great Depression, a cattle rancher stuck in a position of needing to purchase food for his cattle, and short on Federal Reserve Notes at the time still had credit. His sheepskins are worth money and although he doesn’t have it at the time, he knows he will in the near future. He can’t wait to buy food so he issues a documentory draft or a promissory note for the amount due to the foodseller. It’s the same as a check. He doesn’t need the bank to provide him with a check or even need to have it in the bank. Now, the foodseller takes a look at this piece of paper and says well it doesn’t look like a dollar but it doesn't really matter because he knows if he wants some sheepskins he can redeem that paper for some sheepskins, or if he needs a boat and he knows that the guy who sells boats could use some sheepskins, he’ll give the boat dealer the piece of paper and the boat dealer can then redeem it for the sheepskins. As long as people aren’t issuing more credit than they have goods or services to back it up, everyone will be happy. If you find out somebody in the community is doing that then you don't have to accept his promissory notes and then he will have no customers and go out of business. Simple. In other words, WE DON'T NEED THE FEDERAL RESERVE !!

     Now back to the FREEMEN and what they were doing. The FREEMEN placed common law Liens on public officials, state and federal, including Judges and Sheriffs, The IRS, Large Corporations and The United States Corporation and everyone else that wronged them. Since none of these people knew how to respond properly, and also given the fact that the way the Liens were written, they were written as confessions, so whether they were signed or not by the party, the refusal to respond means acquiescence to the confession, the Freemen now had the government and it’s employees Liened up to 17 TRILLION Dollars. Now, when you have had a Lien placed against you, you cannot obtain credit, buy or sell your house, car or any property written into the Lien. And the most devastating part is that you cannot, almost no matter what, ever have the Lien removed except by the party who filed it against you or a court order. If you try to get a court order to remove it, the judge will tell you he can't, it is RES JUDICATA, or ALREADY DECIDED. It is a bargain of the parties in fact and the government cannot keep you from your right to CONTRACT. Now that the FREEMEN had all of this credit, they started to do several things: They placed 200 million dollars in certified money orders to the World Bank to pay off the National Debt and forever bar the IRS from existence. They also started to teach classes at the ranch for people who wanted to learn and to pay off their debts. This is what Shweitzer would do. Say you owed the IRS $10,000, they would write you a check for $20,000 pay to Your Name and the IRS. The IRS would accept the check and issue you a refund for the remaining $10,000 and you could go the next day and cash it at the bank !!!!! This worked well for over 3 years and the Freemen took in millions of dollars, without a problem. You're probably thinking now, why did it work then? and what happened to make it stop working? Well, it worked then, the same as it still works now and always will. There is some speculation the government didn’t go after them for the checks, but for something else, and just used the check situation as a confusion cover. The Freemen, in their pursuit of taking back their government, accumulated large amounts of hard evidence of drug trafficking by Montana officials. There was an elementary school with only several hundred kids in it, but there was cocaine in the school at the fifth and sixth grade and the Freemen had evidence of high officials involvement in trafficking. But back for now to the money issue. The fact of the matter is that all kinds of government and non-government agencies accepted these checks for years. Examples : In Sept. 1995 a Sonoma couple, Drehne and  Sheila  Pierce, who had an IRS Lien placed on their assets for back taxes exceeding $8,000, obtained a “Certified Bankers Check” from Leroy Shweitzer with a face value of $22,700, and mailed it to the IRS. Since Shweitzers’s money order was for nearly triple the amount due, the couple sent a letter with the check requesting a refund for overpayment or Criminal Conversion will occur. Within 30 days, the IRS lifted its' Lien against the couple and mailed them a refund check for more than $14,000 dollars. A photo of these checks is included in the catalog for PROOF that this did occur. The IRS is not alone. Roger Leffler of Fridley, Minn., sent a $13,000 Freeman bank draft to his state’s Office of Child Support Enforcement for past due child support. The agency apparently accepted the check, clearing his account, and issued him a refund check for $5,712.72 and on and on the stories go.

     So, was it legal ? Well, is the Federal Reserve and IRS and what they are doing legal? It’s the same thing and it works because the system is based on it. The commercial Liens are often for hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. The amount of damages sought is at the discretion of the individual, but at the common charge of 5 to 10 cents on the dollar to fashion the Lien, the more you seek, the more you pay. They are registered under form U.C.C.-1 with the respective secretaries of state, and then are used as collateral, or as in most cases, commercial paper that is sold, leased, transferred for collection, or used to back up money orders. “Liened Up” companies and individuals have been known to buy them back at a fraction of their value in order to save money on legal costs fighting them, and escape related aggravation. Patriot community leaders suggest Americans are putting Liens against banks, companies and government entities and employees as a simple and effective means to redress grievences. Literally billions of dollars in Liens have been filed in the last few years. Liens apparently are also ending up in the hands of Foreign governments. Unlike banks in the United States, the intrinsic value of American-generated Liens is not disputed by most countries, many of which are buying them up as they would any other form of government paper. F. Joe Holland claims the offshore sale of this paper has become a cottage industry in the U.S. And according to Michael Overturf of Burbank, Calif.,who acts as an intermediary between citizens and offshore intersets and manages a “portfolio” he claims is worth more than $10 Billion, “the Process of liquidating the Liens is quite simple, and lawful. Say for example there is a third world country that owes debt to the U.S. government. They can rent or lease a commercial lien from us, and use it to increase or enhance their asset base, allowing them to loan money to people in their country to do projects. Now, if they purchase the lien outright, they can also go to the U.S. and say they want to apply this lien against their debt. They can also create letters of credit, or they can borrow more money from the treasury of the U.S., because they have increased their asset base. An offshore bank can add these Liens to their portfolios, and they actually become part of their assets. When they loan money or credits to their clientele, they are loaning from a credit base calculated from their asset base. They are using the Lien as an asset and ‘consideration of a contract’”.

     Do you know that an unprecedented number of politicians have announced their retirement in ’95 and ’96. It’s as if they're all flying south for the winter. Over 50 key politicians have announced their retirement and most of them have strangely commented that they want to spend more time with their families. Does this seem odd ?

      Another very important SECRET in this country at this time is the FIFTH COLUMN. Within the CIA there is an elite group of computer hackers who have aquired an 18-wheeler and a KRAY SUPERCOMPUTER and are traveling around the country at this time downloading files from U.S. and Foreign Bank accounts and draining these accounts of their finances. The accounts belong to

politicians and world leaders and the finances are the bribes and hush money of those individuals involved in criminal activities.

     Several years ago a system of software was developed called PROMIS, by a company called INSLAW. This was criminal tracking software that was used by the Defense Dept. and other agencies after they stole it from the maker and forced him into Bankruptcy and Jail, where he remains today. Danny Cassalero was murdered investigating this case shortly after he came up with an “Octopus” conspiracy theory of they way things operated in the highest circles. Anyway, this software was slightly modified by the CIA and secretly “slipped” into banking software that was exported out of our country for use by foreign and offshore banks. The software was modified to track banking transactions instead and the information about the flow of finances throughout the world was now being monitored by the CIA or at least a few agents who wanted to find out where the money was going. After this rogue CIA group got ahold of the information they then photocopied it and had it hand delivered to each particular congressman, senator or politician along with a note explaining to them that they no longer had their bribe fund and they had 24 hours to turn in their resignation or face public scandal, humiliation and possible criminal charges if they refused. This gave the politician just enough time to check and see if the funds were still there or not and to make a decision. Well, according to Jim Norman, a respected journalist for Forbes Magazine (who happens to be the Fifth Column’s only Media Liason), EVERY politician so far has resigned. Media Bypass published Norman’s story detailing how former White House Deputy Vince Foster was a spy for Israel and had his $2.73 million dollar espionage bounty, stashed at a Swiss bank, raided by the Fifth Column shortly before his death—after Forbes declined to run it. Norman was later forced to resign from Forbes after coming across evidence that Forbes Inc. Chairman, Casper Weinberger himself had more than $2 million raided from a Swiss account by the Fifth Column.

     At the time of this writing, one member has died, one is disabled and now Chuck Hayes “Angel of Death” has been arrested on the eve of the presidential election. A flood of information may be released soon exposing many corrupt politicians if Hayes is messed with. This could be a fun scene to watch unfold. Stay tuned and pay attention.

      Through the help of a mutual friend, I have been able to talk to Charles Hayes’s attorney, Gatewood Galbraith, who ran for Governor of Kentucky on a Pro-Hemp platform. According to Gatewood, Chuck Hayes is a liar and could not produce any good evidence or witnesses at the trial. You would think if there was an element in the CIA that was working for the good of the people and one of their own was on trial for part of an operation to expose high ranking officials in the government, that they would use the opportunity to bring out the information.

    According to Karen Lee Bixman, who wrote for Media Bypass magazine, the entire "FosterGate" story you just read about above was false information. Apparently, Karen tried to expose this and Jim Norman, Troy Underhill and a couple others attempted to keep the truth from coming out. Karen claims the Swiss bank account number that supposedly belonged to Casper Weinberger was really the license number on John Hull's (Contra cocaine trafficker) airplane. If this is true then there is a possibility that Media Bypass is infiltrated or even started by the Intelligence Community to spread false information to the patriot community.

           Do you own a cable box? If you do, consider this possibility: Ever since you purchased that cable box and put it on top of your T.V, it has been monitoring and videotaping you in your living room and recording everything you say for the intelligence agencies.

This has not yet been established as a fact, but it is a tremendous possibility. As of this writing, the new issue of Nexus magazine contains an interesting letter from a man who met someone recently who had spent the last 20 years working for one of the largest cable companies in the U.S. This man witnessed the top-level cooperation between the cable companies and the government as part of a giant surveillance and intelligence gathering network. He was responsible for designing the new range of T.V. top boxes that all cable systems employ as a junction “decoder”. He said that all of these new junction boxes contain a tiny microphone inside and a black and white fisheye camera behind the clear plastic on the front, and that the cable has return channels included into it’s specification for sending these signals back to the carrier. –Note : This is complete hearsay at this point, as it’s only source for verification at this point is from a letter written in to a magazine, which anyone can do. If anyone has real info on this sort of thing, please send it to me.

     Another not completely verified story, yet absolutely possible : A supposedly “leaked” 3 Page document has appeared recently regarding a new surveillance and control product developed by IBM and secretly tested on prisoners in California, Texas and Massachusetts. The 2020 NEURAL CHIP IMPLANT—According to the source of this document, they are aware that Federal regulations do not permit the use of implants on prisoners, but they have entered into contractual testing of their products. They boast of having major successes in privately owned sanitariums, but cite an increased need to test the products full scale on violent subjects. Supposedly, in California, several prisoners who were identified as members of the Mexican Mafia were brought to the health services unit at Pelican Bay and tranquilized with advanced sedatives. The implant procedure takes 60 -90 minutes, but they are working on a device that will reduce that time by up to 60%. The results of implants tested on eight prisoners are as follows :

     Implants served as surveillance monitoring device for threat group activity; Implants disabled two subjects during an assault on correctional staff ; Universal side effects in all 8 subjects revealed that when the implant is set to 116 MHz all subjects became lethargic and slept an average of 18-22 hours per day; Each subject was monitored for aggresive activity during the test period and they found that 7 out of 8 test subjects exhibited no aggression, even when provoked. One problem discussed was slight bleeding at the nose and ears for up to 48 hours after implantation, which they express a need to fix or risk being exposed. The document makes claims that law enforcement has now penetrated EME or Mexican Mafia because of this technology, and that they know they cannot use the information in court, but it has still helped them to figure out who their outside connections are and to help them wrap up a 14-month long investigation into their activities. Essentially, the implants make the unsuspecting prisoner a WALKING, TALKING RECORDER of every event he comes in contact with. This may SOUND like a great way to control crime, but when the REAL CRIMINALS are in Washington D.C. then the entire population will become slaves to the criminal bureaucracy and there will be no more GOOD PEOPLE ANYMORE !! Whether this is real or not, IT WILL BE HERE SOON, if it isn’t already.

     One of the effects that science fiction has is that although you read it or watch it knowing that it is not real at the time, you still leave with the impression of the possibility in your mind. If we do not take the time to imagine the possibiliy of things, we may be that much slower to realize the reality of things. Anyways, it can’t hurt anymore to be aware. –AWARENESS IS THE KEY !!

     Since awareness and conciousness are the keys, when you happen to slip from your everyday waking awareness state and realize that you are ALIVE and you want to find out WHAT IS GOING ON ? , fortunately now, in today’s age, we have access to the MOST  incredible medium of INFORMATION EXCHANGE, possibly ever developed on the planet –THE INTERNET—Now for the first time in history, the average Joe Blow can find out just about anything, if he knows where to look. Not just in America, but almost anywhere in the world. So, how important is this ? About as important as YOU probably believe life to be. THE INTERNET is a reflection of our awareness in cyberspace, an area where we can all meet with minds only, and soon video and audio, where we can share all of our thoughts and feelings with the world at no EXTRA CHARGE. Everything that has been suppressed for centuries, will soon be available for all to know. EVERYTHING that EVERYBODY knows will soon be available for all to see. Everyone who knows what the SECRET GOVERNMENT is doing should put out a WEB SITE with hundreds of PAGES discussing everything that they are aware of and include a page for LINKS to other important sites. This is happening right now and there is A LOT of INFO on the INTERNET at this time. Eventually there will be so many sites out there, that everyone will learn what they need to know in order to make an effective change. The government is attempting to do several things to control the INTERNET and us as well through the use of it. They know they cannot shut off the information exchange, but they are going to control who uses it and whether someone who is using it to expose the government, goes to jail or not. Clinton would like to see legislation passed that makes it a crime to post offensive speech on the INTERNET. Offensive to WHOM ? ---The truth hides from no one. Only lies attempt to hide themselves.

If they can lock you up for posting offensive speech online, then they can ARREST almost ANYONE at ANYTIME for almost ANYTHING. This is what they want. Another reason to KICK IN YOUR DOOR if they want you. There is already talk of denying Federal Parolees access to the INTERNET or prisoners on probation, because of access to pornography, bomb making info, etc… That's like denying a driver’s license to someone caught smoking pot, who wasn’t driving at the time. Which they do in California. One has nothing to do with the other, but somehow, NOW you can’t drive your car, you can’t own a gun for protection and you can’t even find out what you can do about it because you CAN’T USE THE INTERNET, all because you got caught with some POT. 30-60 million Americans use marijuana regularly and they are all subject to these discriminations. Imagine how many people will be on the INTERNET. The other way that they will keep you from the information is by filling the WEB with so much GARBAGE info that you will never find what you're looking for or if you do it will take you all night and by the time you do you will be ready to go to sleep. That’s why we need tens of thousands of PATRIOT SITES on the INTERNET with lots and lots of LINKS !!




1998 has started and still no word about the FREEMEN anywhere in the media. The Oklahoma Bombing Trial just ended for Terry Nichols. Strange weather patterns are occurring around the world. Is it because it was predicted in the BIBLE ? Or because the Masons, who wrote the bible, own weather control devices now, which can influence religion and popular opinion ? Is it a coincidence that the Kobe Earthquake and the California Earthquake both occured on the 17th of January, one in 1994 and one in 1995 and both within about an hour of each other ?

      A very strange and interesting scenario is being followed by researcher Harry Mason for Nexus Magazine involving The AUM Shinri Kyo (SUPREME TRUTH) in Japan, (supposedly responsible for the subway (sarin) gas attacks), and Drug Trafficking in Ecstacy and the purchase of a 900 Million Dollar EM (Electromagnetic) Tesla "Earthquake" Machine that is possibly either being tested at this time or maybe even involved in a secret sound-wave-war between powerful drug factions or empires. Apparently, the epicenter of the Kobe Earthquake in 1995 was also the location of a secret Electromagnetics research and manufacturing facility in Japan.

     The research started with strange fireball events in remote parts of Australia around the beginning of 1995. On May 28, 1993, a meteor fireball was seen by several people and reported to local police stations. The Fireball was followed by an immediate 3.9 Earthquake. This area of Western Australia has had no recorded earthquakes since seismographs were first installed in the early 1900's. Some observers reported that the fireball was cylindrical and yellow-blue-white in color. It was heard as a pulsed, roaring or loud diesel-engine sound, well before it passed overhead. Next, a near blinding high energy burst of blue-white light. Then eyewitnesses say, a second fireball was seen which was a little smaller. Following the sighting of the second fireball, there was a smaller, less significant ground tremor. The Fireballs were spotted by residents near Banjawarn. Banjawarn is the most isolated station area in the Eastern Goldfields region of Western Australia. This Sheep station gained notoriety since it's purchase the same year (1993) by the Japanese Aum Supreme Truth sect. Hayakawa, Deputy Leader of the sect, initiated the purchase in late 1993 desiring to "Conduct experiments there for the benefit of mankind". The agreement regarding the sale was completed on April 23, some 35 days prior to the 1st Fireball event. Since the May 1993 event, there have been over 1000 reports concerning Aerial Fireballs and associated light-energy emissions. Similar events have been reported in the New Zealand area.

      The most spectacular and well documented of these Fireball events occured around 2:00 A.M. on May 1st 1995 above Perth, W.A. It was seen as a large spherical red-orange fireball with a small blue-white tail. It flew over the eastern side of the city of Perth (Population 1 million) and was seen and heard by many people. Observers reported that the "object" emitted a loud, roaring, pulsed noise--similar to a diesel freight train before it arrived. It was reported that it stopped dead in the sky and the tail inverted through the fireball to point toward the previous direction of travel. Then there was an enormous burst of blue-white arcing light-energy that briefly lit up the city and it's suburbs as clear as daylight. A loud, vibrating massive explosion-like seismic wave reverberated around Perth, causing the city buildings to shake and books and objects to fall off shelves. About 500,000 people were estimated to have been woken up by this "sound".

     Evidence for the existence of exotic weapons capable of producing these effects is given in part in a "Voice of Russia" program of Dec. 23, 1996, where they discussed modern RUSSIAN ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPONS of the MICROWAVE PLASMA variety. Science Authority Boris Belitsky claimed a plasmoid, a blob of Plasma fired into the path of an upcoming missile, it's warhead or an aircraft, would  effectively Ionize that region of space and disturb the aerodynamics of the flight and terminate it's flight. This makes such a generator and it's plasmoid a practically invulnerable weapon, providing protection against attack via airspace or the atmosphere. Belitsky claimed evidence of the existence of this technology comes partially from the fact that a few years ago, back in 1993, at the Russian-American summit in Vancouver the Russians proposed a joint experiment in testing such generators--or "Plasma" weapons as they are called--as an alternative to the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). It was proposed to be code-named "Trust". There is a lot of evidence out there to prove the existence of this technology. The Soviets have been leading the way in this research for decades. Scientific researcher Tom Beardon is one of the best sources for info on this subject. Nikola Tesla claimed in 1908 that he could hit any antipodean planetary city with an enormous EM energy pulse, delivered in microseconds that would "Create an explosion equivalent to more than the power of the extant world Navies combined."

     U.S. Senator Sam Nunn was chairman of a U.S. Senate inquiry into the "Japanese Aum Sect and Weapons of Mass Destruction". Nunn was reported to have stated that the U.S. inquiry team had evidence that the Aum Supreme Truth sect had attempted to purchase Nuclear Weapons from the Russians and had also attempted to develop the same from their own scientific laboratory base--and had probably succeeded. Researcher Harry Mason contacted Dan Gelber, chief counsel of the U.S. Senate inquiry. Dan Gelber informed him that the U.S. had found evidence that in 1992 the Aum sect had sent a research team to study at the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Their objective was to get data on Tesla's electromagnetic wave transmission technology. As early as 1914, Tesla predicted the electrical control of atmospheric moisture and he gave some thought to how this "Weather Control" could be achieved using his magnifying transmitters. The background of the Aum's Deputy leader Kiyohide Hayakawa is interesting. He studied for his masters degree at Osaka University in "Greening Technology". His thesis is marked highly confidential and is under Top Secret wraps. The University authorities originally stated that he studied "Anti-desertification" in the Climate Engineering department. However Japanese investigative journalist Yoichi Shimatsu (see web site--www.pelego.com) has uncovered strong evidence that this department is a cover for secret Japanese Electromagnetic (EM) weapons research. Hayakawa was a high ranking member of the "Moonies" before he broke with them in 1987, with $20 Million (U.S) of their funds and joined the Aum Supreme Truth. He brought along with him 35 fellow members of the Moonies and rose almost immediately to the position of Deputy Leader. He apparently used the Aum organization for drugs, arms and high-tech scientific equipment dealing around the world.

     In 1997, Garry Greenwood wrote a book titled "All the Emperor's Men" wherein is discussed the interesting career of Yasuko Shimada, Hayakawa's contact and helper in Western Australia. In the book Greenwood discusses his own personal experiences with the international Japanese cult "MAHIKARI". He was a devoted member of this "New Civilization" Spiritual Healing Religion for some 17 years and was their # 2 spiritual leader / executive in Australia for about 10 years. Several years ago, Greenwood left the sect when he discovered that it's founder Lt. Colonel Yoshikazu Okada (Ex-Emperor's bodyguard and Imperial Guards), had been instrumental in planning the Japanese Armys' Rape of Nanking" in China prior to WWII. He also found out that at the higher Japanese Mahikari Command levels the cult was viewed as designed with just one purpose : TO INITIATE THE PLACEMENT OF CURRENT EMPEROR OF JAPAN BACK TO HIS "RIGHTFUL" POSITION AS EMPEROR OF PLANET EARTH WITHIN OUR LIFETIME. Apparently these people believe that in an earlier lifetime, many thousands of years ago, the Present Japanese Emperor ruled this entire planet, and it is now his ordained destiny to rule the Earth again. Greenwood noted that Yasuko Shimada, Hayakawa's contact, was instrumental in establishing Mahikari in Australia in 1974, where it has approximately 2000 members, but concentrates on the rich and powerful. In April 1993, a Japanese group arrived in Western Australia.

     The Japanese Environment Ministry approached the Western Australian government with a plan to undertake an "Anti-Desertification" study in the eastern goldfields area of W.A. Joint research by Yoichi Shimatsu in Japan and Garry Greenwood has uncovered a trail of connections between the covert Japanese money-power supporters of both the Aum and Mahikari sects. These include prominent (LDP) Liberal Democratic Party politicians such as Shintaro Ishihara, co-author (With the late Sony chairman Akio Morita) of a book entitled "The Japan That Can Say No". This 1989 books' basic thesis suggested that Japan should allay with Russia, & that by MATING JAPANESE MICROCHIPS TO RUSSIAN SUPER-WEAPONS they could put the finger up to the USA and JOINTLY RULE THE WORLD.

      Researcher Harry Mason was informed by The Australian Federal Police that the Aum's Science Minister Hideo Murai (A Nuclear Physicist) was regarded as "The Most Intelligent Living Japanese". Murai had a pre-Aum background in EM technology. He had worked at Kobe Steel, researching microwave and other EM / Ray Wave technology applications for cold moulding of steel, having graduated as an astrophysicist specializing in Cosmic X-Ray Analysis. His KOBE STEEL LABORATORY WAS AT THE EPICENTER OF THE 1995 KOBE EARTHQUAKE.

     Strongly supportive evidence about these weapons came from a Moscow source developed by Japanese investigative journalists. This person was present during a conference in Moscow (Jan. 1990), when a top Japanese delegation, led by Foreign Minister Shintaro Abe met with USSR President Gorbachev and his aide, Politburo Member Alexander Yakovlev. Their intent was to establish "Bilateral Cooperation". At further meetings in Jan. 1991, Gorbachev via Yakovlev offered the Japanese the USSR's super-secret intercontinental EM Weapons technology--Capable of producing Earthquakes--for U.S. $900 Million. Gorbachev also agreed with Japanese Diet member Toshio Yamaguchi to the setting up of a joint Japan-Russia University in Moscow that would be tasked with co-opting the brightest young Nuclear Physicists' minds of both countries to develop new 2nd and 3rd generation EM superweapons by mating Japanese Microchip and electronics know-how to Russian 1st Generation Weapons Technology !! This University was soon formed and under the cover of "Cultural Studies" was administered by the Aum sect and one Lobov. Lobov became Yeltsin's Head of  the Security Council--after the late 1991 coup that removed Gorbachev. The Aum members first arrived in Moscow in late 1991. Under the support of Lobov, given many hours of free time on Radio Moscow and access to the Russian Army the Aum soon had 50,000 Russian members as compared to 30,000 Japanese. The Aum sect was utilized to effect many covert arms purchases in Russia for the Japanese government. Both Yakovlev and Lobov were in repeated contact with Hayakawa over the next few years. The U.S. Senate inquiry found that very large sums of money had been transferred to Lobov's Swiss Bank account and supposedly several people have ended up dead in Russia attempting to research this information.

     There have been 1000 major fireball events known to have occured in Australia over the last 4 years, 100 of these involving huge aerial explosions of Nuclear-bomb-force levels, and 10 of these "explosions" have coincided with medium range 3.6 - 4.0 Richter Scale earthquakes. Another major fireball event occurred on May 1st 1997, in Central New South Wales in the late evening. As with the Perth May 1st 1993 event, this, too was witnessed by a large number of people, described as Massive Blue-White Rippled Lights flashing through the night sky. There were calls to the local police stations and national and local UFO groups and the following day channel 10 TV ran a story picked up from the Sydney Reuters concerning the many reports to the police and astronomical observatories. Within one day, there was a news blackout and that was all that was heard. SOUNDS LIKE SOMEONE'S CELEBRATING MAY DAY !! Who Could That Be ? Maybe the Illuminati ?

     Another interesting point: Shoko Asahara, the leader of the Aum Supreme Truth had predicted in a Tokyo Radio Broadcast on Jan. 8th, 1995, that a major earthquake would soon occur at Kobe. He even stated that this quake would be initiated by "A foreign power" utilizing an Electromagnetic EM weapons system. Aum's Science Minister Hideo Murai later stated at the Foreign Press Correspondant's Club in Tokyo on April 7 1995 that, "There is a great possibility that the great Hanshin (Kobe) earthquake was activated by electromagnetic power or some device that exerts Energy into the ground". In Japan, European chemical and nerve gas experts who examined the Aum's chemical complex claimed there was no evidence to show that Sarin or other nerve gases were manufactured there. They did find some samples of  Sarin as well as other nerve gases. What was discovered that was being manufactured there was the drug "Ecstacy" (MDMA). Japanese investigative journalists believe that the drugs were being distributed world-wide by the Yakuza, possibly through a rogue CIA operation. That is all on this subject. The only thing I personally find skeptical about all this is the fact that the researcher Harry Mason also discusses and includes the April 19th bombing as evidence in his information and makes the very large mistake of saying that it occured on April "17". I don't know maybe it's one of those small oversights that is actually a very large and critical one when doing research. The REAL information tends to come out once other reasearchers have had a chance to review new information coming down the pipeline and they have a say at it from their own personal perspective and research. Sometimes it literally takes years before it is possible for consciousness to come to certain semi-solid conclusions about events that took place at an earlier time. Like Kennedy, like Watergate and like Iran Contra, the facts don't come out right away, but over time we can see the puzzle start to piece itself together.

     Speaking of the PUZZLES that are piecing themselves together, like The Oklahoma City Bombing. You can add several hundred to the number of people MURDERED BY THE FBI IN WACO. The "PROOF" that the FBI MURDERED all those people at the OKLAHOMA FEDERAL BUILDING on April 19th, HAS JUST COME OUT. ----I will quote directly from the McCurtain  Daily Gazette (This appeared in the Free American) : Near Pandemonium broke out in a Federal courtroom here Monday when a senior agent of the FBI shocked observers by telling the court that the spiritual leader of Elohim City, the Rev. Robert Millar, was a confidential informant for the FBI. The McCurtain Daily Gazette has long been reporting that Elohim City is a religious and paramilitary compound in east-central Oklahoma that is frequented by some of the most dangerous members of the neo-Nazi underground in the United States and Canada. Although residents of the cult have continued to deny it publicly, the Gazette has reported that it's sources believe one of those shadowy figures was Timothy McVeigh. Stories published in this newspaper have also exposed Elohom City as the center of a wide-ranging conspiracy to over-throw the federal government by members of a group called "The Aryan Republican Army". Several of those members have since been arrested on charges related to a string of bank robberies across the midwestern United States.

     The incredible revelation that the leader of Elohim City himself was part of a government intelligence operation came during a pre-trial hearing associated with the upcoming trial of another confidential informant, Carol E. Howe. Howe, a former Tulsa beauty queen, debutante and one-time paid undercover informant for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, is scheduled to stand trial later this month for conspiracy charges associated with making bomb threats and possession of bomb making components. Howe was indicted shortly after the Gazette reported that she intended to be a key witness in the trial of Timothy McVeigh.

     U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch, who presided over the McVeigh trial, refused to let Howe testify in Denver, ruling that her information that Elohim City was the center of the Bombing conspiracy might "Confuse the Jury". Under questioning Monday by Howe attorney Clark Brewster of Tulsa, Special Agent Peter Rickel stunned everyone when he reluctantly admitted that the man Elohim City Members call "Grandpa" is really a cooperating source for the FBI. Millar's status as a confidential informant began in the Fall of 1994. The FBI admitted in court that Millar was a paid confidential informant, although the amount of his paycheck was not revealed. When Rickel disclosed this startling information, a Senior FBI agent and several U.S. Attorneys bolted from the courtroom in an agitated state.

     Millar's encampment was heretofore considered by experts in domestic terrorism to be the "Switzerland" of the neo-Nazi movement in the United States. Elohim City, a 1000 acre area of rolling timberland is the residence of some 80 followers. But, more importantly, it has played host to some of the nation's most notable subversives. Thus Millar's position as a mole for the FBI could explain why the compound was never raided. Despite it's use as a hideout for gun-runners, drug smugglers, bank robbers and suspected members of the conspiracy that bombed the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Elohim City has enjoyed a reputation as a place fugitives can live without fear of arrest.

     In the weeks before the Oklahoma City bombing, BATF agent Angela Findley had planned to raid the compound and arrest it's Security Advisor Andreas Carl Strassmeir. Strassmeir, an illegal alien who migrated to Elohim City from Germany, was suspected by Findley of converting semi-automatic weapons to machine guns as well as plotting with other Elohim City residents and visitors to bomb federal installations. Carol Howe reported to Findley during the time she worked for the BATF. Howe told Findley that Strassmeir was the ringleader in the plot to bomb the Oklahoma City federal building and that Millar was preaching twice a day to his flock that the group had to ACT BY APRIL 19th, OR THEY WOULD END UP LIKE THE BRANCH DIVIDIANS  IN WACO !!! The arrest of Strassmeir was scrubbed after senior members of the BATF, FBI and the U.S. Attorney's office met in Feb. 1995 and discussed Findley's plan. Strassmeir was also an important source of intelligence for the U.S. government. In Jan. 1996, shortly after it was discovered that it was Strassmeir that Timothy McVeigh had called for in the days before the bombing, the German national fled to his native Berlin with the aid of German Intelligence officers. All I can say is this: If Timothy McVeigh got the DEATH PENALTY, then so should the FBI Agents and all others INVOLVED, including Janet Reno and possibly Bill Clinton. We will wait until the Independant Grand Jury comes to a verdict in Oklahoma, but if they decide there was a Government cover-up and conspiracy then WE THE PEOPLE should put the Criminal perpetrators on TRIAL !!! I'M SURE this would send the PROPER MESSAGE to GOVERNMENT TERRORISTS that they cannot get away with CRIMES AGAINST THE PEOPLE.

    Have you heard of Remote Viewing ? The CIA has, and they've been using it to spy on you, or so they say. The only problem is: the people discussing it and writing books on it are CIA operatives who claim they are "Allowed" to talk about this stuff. I personally don't think they are "Allowed" to talk about anything they are not instructed to talk about specifically for PROPAGANDA purposes. If someone who used to be in the CIA is saying anything at all, it is probably because THAT is their new assignment. I could be wrong, of course.

     The creation of these Remote Viewing programs was mostly in response to the aquired knowledge in the U.S. intelligence agencies that the Russians had been working on such projects. "GONDOLA WISH" evolved into Project "GRILL-FLAME" in the Late part of 1978. Later, it became "Sun Streak" and then "Star-Gate".

    The "official" story goes like this: The unit was known formally as "Special Action Branch" and was attached to INSCOM. It took it's orders from the Pentagon office of the Army's Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence. It's tasking requests originated from a variety of offices throughout the U.S. Intelligence Community, including the CIA, DIA, even the President's NSC. The information was stamped not only with the standard Army intelligence "SECRET" , but with the Pentagon Code-word "GRILL-FLAME". Only a few dozen officials in the intelligence community had been briefed on the existence of "Grill-Flame". The unit's Commander was Lieutenant Colonel Murrey B. "Scotty" Watt. A partial listing of the "Remote Viewers" are as follows: Mel Riley, Skip Atwater, Joe McMoneagle, Major Edward Dames Fernand Gauvin, Uri Geller (Psychic ?), Keith Harary, Ingo Swann, First Sergeant Leonard "Lyn" Buchanan. Some other KEY players are as follows: Colonel John Alexander, a Senior Aide to Major General Albert Stubblebine, Chief of the Army's Intelligence & Security Command (INSCOM) 1982-84; Bonnar "Bart" Cox; Dir. of Information & Engineering Science Div. at Stanford Research Institute (SRI); Lieutenant General Daniel O. Graham (USAF), Dir. of Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) 1974-76; Commander C.B. "Scott" Jones, USN, Former Senior Aide to Senator Claiborne Pell (D-RI), advisor on Psi-related matters who ran a group of psychics that performed contract work for several federal agencies in the early 80's; Professor Michael Persinger, Psychologist at Laurentian Univ. Ontario and informal consultant to SRI, early 80's. Persinger had studied the link between Neurophysiological processes and mystical or paranormal experiences. Major General Edmond Thompson, Head of the U.S. Army Intelligence Agency 1975-77, Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, 1977-1981, DIA Deputy Dir. for Management & Operations 1982-84, and a key supporter of the Remote Viewing Program.

    "Remote Viewing" is a term used by the Army / CIA to describe a process where the participant "Projects" his or her mind into another Time / Space "Location", thereby being able to "See" a given situation in the past, present, or future time. The philosophy behind the ability to do this is simple: Something similar to a tape head (Use your mind) imprints thoughts and vibrations as they occur in Real-Time on an Etheric Tape (Akashic Record, called by the ancients & still today), documenting the entire history of mankind (civilization) and all the events that have occured so far. By meditating or Directing your thought to "Blank your mind out" and then focusing on a particular given object, you can "Be" wherever you think. This is supposedly different than "Astral Travel" where you take a part of your spiritual body with you. According to the "Experts", this only involves your mind, not your body in spirit. Robert Monroe already had a center set up teaching people about Astral Projection in the late 1970's or early 80's. I read the book "Journeys Out of the Body" when I was in my early teens. Apparently, this is a little different. The intelligence agencies may not have helped set up Monroe's institute, but they definitely took advantage of its' existence and used it to train operatives in the "Remote Viewing" program for a lengthy period of time.

    Altered States such as those in which "Out-of-body experiences" occured are mostly unmeasurable. By using electroencephalographs and other scanning devices, one could see the changes in brainwaves and brain activity pattern. After some experimenting, Bob Monroe came up with idea for controlling these patterns by playing sounds with frequencies that matched the brain-wave frequencies because he learned that the brain had a tendency to mimic the frequencies presented to it that way. Monroe knew that when one frequency was presented to one ear and a seperate frequency to the other ear, the difference between those frequencies (e.g., 8,000 Hz minus 7,990 Hz=10 Hz) was also perceptible to the mind. It was what communications engineers called the "Beat Frequency". Monroe decided to present the Altered-State mimicking sounds as beat frequencies--i.e. One set of frequencies in one ear, and a slightly different set in the other in such a way that the mixture would produce the desired waveform pattern. It seemed to work so well that Monroe patented it and called it the "Hemi-Sync" method and soon started producing Hemi-sync tapes which would induce the Altered State necessary for "Out-of-body experiences". Supposedly, when the first of the team of Remote Viewers, Skip Atwater, visited the Monroe center in 1977, Monroe had already been around for awhile and had already developed these tapes. It is possible that this is when the CIA started working with the Monroe Institute. How closely they were working together and on what other "Programs" is probably a more significant question.

    It is my suspicion as well as others' like Alex Constantine ("Virtual Government & Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A") that the so-called "Remote Viewing" program is possibly in reality a cover for a very sophisticated MIND CONTROL --THOUGHT IMPLANTATION Program. Have you been hearing voices in your head lately ? I haven't personally, but I do know that several serial killers who spent time in CIA-run psychiatric facilities have claimed to have heard voices as well as other mass murderers and people who have "flown off the handle" like post office employees and U.P.S. workers. How come all of the disgruntled employees who go off all work for government-connected (contracted) corporate businesses? Also, what connection would this "Thought Implantation" have with supposed "UFO abductees" or various "Channels". According to the Remote Viewers, there were several times when they "Viewed" UFOs or their "Grey Occupants" or various other mysteries like underground caverns on Mars, etc. The official line from the remote viewers is they didn't know what to conclude except that possibly our civilization was under some kind of observance or control by other worldly entities and pretty much the same line of info that comes down through the UFOlogy pipeline. Here is one interesting possible (mind control) twist: According to the members of the CIA Remote Viewing team who worked with Uri Geller, when the team questioned Geller about the origin of his supernatural abilities, he claimed a belief in a Supercomputer Spaceship in the Heavens that controls All That Is, Called "Spectra".

    Anyways, around 1990, Dave Morehouse and Ed Dames formed a company called Psi-Tech, with the idea of using moonlighting remote viewers as a kind of psychic investigation team for private clients. One of Psi-Tech's clients supposedly asked Dames to Remote View the mysterious "crop circles" appearing in wheatfields in Southern England and was provided with data suggesting that the circles were caused by "Flying Saucer-like devices skimming over the wheat fields". Later, a group from the former Soviet Union asked Psi-Tech to Remote View the disappearance of a Russian Space probe and Ed Dames again implicated "aliens". In 1991, Dames retired from the Army, seperated from his wife, moved to Alberquerque, and became very involved in the UFO scene. A year and a half later in March 1993, he appeared at a local UFO conference and announced that a colony of pregnant Martian females lay beneath the New Mexico desert. Sometime between April & August, he predicted, these Martians would give birth and emerge above-ground. He told the audience "We're sure it's going to happen, we've alerted the media, and teams of doctors, technicians, and documentary filmmakers are on call and in place to respond at a moment's notice...President Clinton will announce it and everyone in the world will know!". After August 1993 came and no aliens appeared, Dames was running out of money and turned Psi-Tech into a "Remote Viewing Training Company" and offered a week-long course. One of his students was Courtney Brown, political science professor at Emory University in Atlanta. Courtney Brown got very involved in Remote Viewing and began to take a look at the "History of Interactions between Aliens and Planet Earth" and the details of the various  races of aliens such as the big-headed "Grays" and the "Blond and Blue-eyed Nordics". Later, Brown published his book titled "Cosmic Voyage". Are you starting to see the PATTERN ? It is very possible that "Remote Viewing" programs are also a cover for Thought Implantation Mind Control. THOUGHTS ARE FREQUENCIES. By aiming different frequencies at you and trnsmitting wave-forms of information to you, it would be logically concluded that they could influence your thoughts. One very good way to study the effectiveness of this would be to use subjects who have cleared their minds in a controlled environment and are "Seeking out Information in the Ethers".

    Information is coming out from several different sources, claiming that the Jesus did not die on the cross, but was instead saved by his brother James and taken away somewhere safe where he and Mary Magdalene had children. Supposedly these children became the French Kings in the fifth and sixth centuries. King Merovee. The story is long and involved. It is fully documented in books like, "Holy Blood, Holy Grail", "The Messianic Legacy" both by authors, Michael Beigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln. Shortly after, appeared "Guardians of the Grail" by J.R. Church, and then "Pandora's Box" by Alex Christopher, and most recently "Bloodline of the Holy Grail" by Lawrence Gardner. I have read these and the story is quite convincing when you take a look at it. All books are written by completely different people and include basically the same information "Line".

     The Freemasons actually trace their history to the Knights Templar; the Templars however, were created by the Priory of Sion, which was set up supposedly to protect the Merovingian bloodline. Wouldn't it be nice and convenient for the Masons to say they have inherited the teachings and the lineage of Jesus? Then they could really get away with some crimes. If you do the research, in conspiracies you cannot avoid at some point tracing things back to the Knights Templar and then to the Priory of Sion. There is conclusive evidence that there was something inherited, possibly wealth, or possibly just information, (MAJOR INFORMATION, perhaps). The Priory, after all had the Wealth of Solomon's Gold, of this we can almost be certain. It had been placed in the hands of the Templars for safe keeping and there is dispute whether this gold was taken and stored at Rennes Le Chateau in Southern France.

    The most important documents discovered by the authors concerning the Priory of Sion came from the Grand Lodge Alpina, the Supreme Mother Lodge of Switzerland. These documents, called "The Dossiers Secret", told of a Catholic priest named Berenger Saunier, who was also a Freemason. Saunier had joined a Rosicrucion Order that was founded in 1873. On June 1st, 1885, Saunier was posted to a little parish in the tiny village church of Rennes Le Chateau in Southern France. Eight centuries earlier in 1059, the village of Rennes Le Chateau was consecrated to Mary Magdelene, the Patron Saint of Southern France. At the time of Saunier's assignment, the church was in need of repair and in 1891, Saunier attempted to restore it. At this time he discovered four parchments preserved in sealed wooden tubes. Two of these parchments are said to have comprised genealogies, one dating from 1244 and the other from 1644. These parchments contained a list of the Grand Masters of both the Knights Templar and the Priory of Sion, as well as a history of the Merovingian bloodline. The heading of one of these documents was in cipher. When translated it read, "To Dagobert II King and to Sion belongs this treasure and he is there dead." According to the tenets of the Priory of Sion, Jesus Christ did not die, but merely pretended to die, was taken from the cross and stolen from the tomb and was believed to have married Mary Magdalene, and even produced children. They claim that when the Romans destroyed the Temple at Jerusalem in 70 A.D. , that Magdalene fled with her sacred children by boat across the Mediterranean to France. She then found refuge within a Jewish community. Future generations of her offspring were said to have married into the Royal Frankish Family and by the fifth century produced a king, whose name was Merovee. He was the first in a series of kings called the Merovingian bloodline. It is said that the offspring of Merovee were noted for a birthmark above their heart, a small "red cross".

    This symbol eventually became the emblem of the Priory of Sion. This same "Red Cross" carried over to the Rosicrucions (Rosy Cross). The first forming of the Rosicrucions was after the Battle at Gisors in 1188. This is where the Knights Templar and the Priory of Sion had a  "falling out" and split. The Ordre de Sion (Order of Sion) changed it's name to the Prieure de Sion (Priory of Sion) and selected Jean de Gisors as it's first Grand Master, a vassal of the King of England. Ormus was an Egyptian sage and mystic and a gnostic adept of Alexandria, blending Christianity with "Masdeism", which was a Greek / Roman Form of Zoroastrianism. Ormus and his initiates had taken the Red Cross as their identifying symbol four centuries before Merovee was born with the supposed "Red Cross" birthmark above his heart. The Knight's Templar adopted Merovee's Red Cross six centuries later. To emulate the Templars, The Priory took the Red Cross of Ormus as it's own emblem, then adopted the Title "L' Ordre de la Rose Croix Veritas" or "The Order of the True Red Cross".

    If Ormus is the source of the 'Red Cross', and the bloodlines coming out of Jerusalem or the immediate area used the 'Red Cross' as an emblem, we have to consider the significance of this "Red Cross". What is it really ? Or maybe more appropriately, What does it represent? It is my personal contention that it represents "knowledge". Not just any knowledge, but a very particular knowledge of the history of religion and the origin of religious meanings. Remember when you read the next section on religious history, that the Knights Templar were originally called the "Milice du Christ" or "Soldiers of Christ". Is the Red Cross a secret symbol for a Mushroom, particularly the (Red Cap) Amanita ?

    In no way is this meant to be a blasphemy to God. Also, at the same time, this material is not Anti-religious. I suppose it could be considered Anti-church, or Anti-establishment religion. After all, everyone's relationship with God is INDIVIDUAL. How people perceive God and what people perceive to be God, will always be different according to different people and cultural makeup. The New World Order seeks to bring about a ONE UNDERSTANDING of GOD. This can never be. A one-world religion is Utopian at best. It may SOUND like a good idea, but I wouldn't want to require someone of a different religion to believe in mine as I would not want to be required to believe the doctrines of the Jehovah's Witnesses or some other fanatical religious sect. This information is being presented to give the reader a CHOICE to realize to where the origin of modern religions traces back, NOT to deny God or the idea of GOD in any way. As long as people live by GOODNESS, it doesn't matter what you believe as far as religion goes. I personally don't believe anything is more in accordance with God than sound spiritual practices, like teaching GOODNESS or showing people how to be FREE in their MINDS. Living for God, or living in accordance with God is far more important than one's church related beliefs. What goodness comes with murder ? How many murder in the name of God ? Even Abortion clinic protesters that murder are still murderers, even if they are trying to prevent the murder of innocent children. Is this what God would want ? If so, in whose opinion ? One Man cannot decide what God would want, and no clergy can speak for God. Everything in this catalogue is not the word of God either. This information is here to be studied and pondered, not necessarily taken as God's WORD. Now for a little bit on Language.

    Do You Believe that God ever authored a Book and that he called it "The Bible"? Or do you believe that a group of scholars close to God or the Son of God ever collected the works of God's Words or God's Son's Words ?  Do you believe the Son of God ever appeared on Earth ? If he did, do you think he would actually allow a bunch of mere mortals to Crucify him on a Cross ? Why do you think God would allow it and not step in and stop it from happening, if He is ALL-SEEING ? And, if God spoke to Moses, how do we know He really did and that Moses was not lying? How do we know Moses was not just another Capitalist trying to Monopolize on a Book by saying he spoke to God? What if the Ten Commandments were really a reflection of Moses' own morals and guilt complexes brought about through his own cultural and spiritual ideologies at the time and he intended to push his Religion at the time?, after all, they were ingesting some strange fungus.

WHAT IF GOD IS A GODDESS AND JESUS WAS A MUSHROOM ? What if "God" was a "Great Penis" in the Heavens, who every Winter blessed the Mother Earth's Womb with Fertile Semen, called today "Rain", and gave birth to the "Son of God", a "Miniature Penis"--A SACRED MUSHROOM. This would not be so unbelievable if you were living thousands of years ago, in Ancient Sumeria, Egypt or Jerusalem. How can we really verify what happened thousands of years ago if we don't even know the language in which the books that we are reading were written. Also, words mean different things depending on the culture and time of their use. If the Latin is a translation of the Hebrew writings and we look at the Hebrew writings themselves (understanding Hebrew), how do we know that the people who wrote them at that time correctly understood the Egyptian or Babylonian translations of the Original Sumerian Version? Or, what if, along the way, each time the shaman priesthood translated into a new language, they kept the Original Words or Meanings hidden intentionally? Very few people in the world today know EVERY language including: Sumerian, Babylonian, Cuneiform, Acadian, Assyrian, Egyptian, Hebrew, Phoenician, Greek, Latin, and others. If you happen to know all those languages, what are the chances that you have also read the "ACTUAL DEAD SEA SCROLLS"? John Allegro nows all of these languages and was hired to be a part of the Original editing team deciphering the Dead Sea Scrolls back in the 1950's, shortly after they were found. He was the first to access and read the "Copper Scroll". He was kicked off the editing team after a period and then went on to publish his findings. In 1970, he published "The Sacred Mushroom & The Cross", a book about Judaism and Christianity and their origin in Ancient Mushroom Fertility Cults still in existence around the time of the conquering of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. by the Romans. He cites the obsession of the "Essenes" with the Amanita Muscaria Mushroom and blames the wrathful response of the Roman Empire on the secret, subversive mushroom cults and dissemination of information in code relating to "Jesus", the Sacred Fungus. -"The Fungus recognized today as the 'Amanita Muscaria', or 'Fly Agaric', had been known from the beginning of history. Beneath the skin of it's characteristic red and white spotted cap, there is concealed a powerful hallucinatory poison. Every aspect of the mushroom's existence was fraught with sexual allusions, and in it's phallic form the anciaents saw a replica of the fertility god himself. It was the "Son of God", it's drug was a purer form of the god's own spermatozoa than that discoverable in any other form of living matter. It was, in fact, God himself, manifest on earth. To the mystic it was the divinely given means of entering heaven; God had come down in the flesh to show the way to himself, by himself."--From "The Intro of "The Sacred Mushroom & the Cross".

    According to Allegro, in ancient times it was believed that if the rain in the desert lands was the source of life, then the moisture from heaven must be only a more abundant kind of spermatozoa. If the male organ ejaculated this precious fluid and made life in the woman, then above the skies the source of nature's semen must be a mighty penis, as the earth which bore it's offspring was the womb. It followed therefore that to induce the heavenly phallus to complete it's orgasm, man must stimulate it by sexual means, by singing, dancing, orgiastic displays and, above all, by the performance of the copulatory act itself. "To raise the crops the farmer copulated with his wife in the fields. To seek the drug that would send his soul winging to the 7th heaven and back, the initiated into the religious mysteries had their priestesses seduce the god and draw him into their grasp as a woman fascinates her partner's penis to erection. Plants were thought more plentifully endued with the sperm of God than anything else. These were the Drug-Herbs, the science of whose cultivation and use had been accumulated over centuries of observation and dangerous experimentation. Those who had this secret wisdom of the plants were the chosen of their God; to them alone had he vouchsafed the priviledge of access to the heavenly throne. And if he was jealous of his power, no less were those who served him in the cultic mysteries. Their's was no gospel to be shouted from the rooftops: Paradise was for none but the favored few. The incantations and rites by which they conjured forth their drug plants, and the details of the bodily and mental preparations undergone before they could ingest their God, were the secrets of the cult to which none but the initiate bound by fearful oaths, had access." "Very rarely were these secrets ever commited to writing. Normally, these 'scriptures' would be passed from mouth to mouth, unless a disruption of their cultic center occured, such as war, then it became necessary to write down the names of the herbs and the manner of their use and accompanying incantations, and it would be in some esoteric form comprehensible only to those within their dispersed communities."

    Allegro believes that this is the case with the Jewish revolt of A.D.66. "Instigated probably by members of the cult, swayed by their drug-induced madness to believe God had called them to master the world in his name, they provoked the mighty power of Rome to swift and terrible action. Jerusalem was ravaged, her temple destroyed. Judaism was disrupted, and her people to seek refuge with communities already established around the mediterranean coastlands. The mystery cults found themselves without their central fount of authority, with many of their priests killed in the abortive rebellion or driven into the desert. The secrets, if they were not to be lost forever, had to be committed to writing, and yet, if found, the documents must give nothing away or betray those who still dared defy the Roman authorities and continue their religious practices."

    Allegro goes on to say "The folk-tales of the ancients had from the earliest times contained myths based upon the personification of plants and trees. They were invested with human faculties and qualities and their names and physical characteristics were applied to the heroes and heroins of the stories. Some of these were just tales spun for entertainment, others were political parables like Jotham's fable about the trees in the Old Testament, while others were means of remembering and transmitting therapeutic folklore. The names of the plants were spun out to make the basis of the stories, whereby the creatures of fantasy were identified, dressed and made to enact their

parts. Here then, was the literary device to spread occult knowledge to the faithful. To tell the story of a Rabbi called Jesus, and invest him with the power and names of the magic drug. To have him live before the terrible events that had disrupted their lives, to preach a love between men, extending even to the hated Romans. Thus, reading such a tale, should it fall into Roman hands, even their mortal enemies might be deceived and not probe farther into the activities of the cells of mystery cults within their territories."

    Allegro gives us other insights into what was happening at the time in Jerusalem. How did Modern Christianity come about ? And what happened to change it from a mushroom-worshipping cult then to the Modern conservative, Christianity based on a man dying on a cross?: Also from the introduction, "The ruse failed, Christians, hated and despised, were hauled forth and slain in their thousands. The cult well nigh perished. What eventually took it's place was a travesty of the real thing, a mockery of the power that could raise men to heaven and give them a glimpse of God for which they gladly died. The story of the Rabbi crucified at the instigation of the Jews became a historical peg upon which the new cult's authority was founded. What began as a hoax, became a trap even to those who believed them-selves to be the spiritual heirs of the mystery religion and took to themselves the name of "Christian" . Above all, they forgot, or purged from the cult and their memories, the one supreme secret on which their whole religious and ecstatic experience depended: The Names and Identity of the source of the Drug, the Key to Heaven--The Sacred Mushroom."

    Probably the most overlooked point in researching history is the fact that we do not take into consideration the origin of the WORD we are dealing with, for the WORD had a different meaning in the previous language from which it came. A WORD in ENGLISH today may have a particular MEANING, but it is not necessarily the same MEANING as the WORD had in say, Latin or Hebrew. And what do Latin and Hebrew have in common? If a word means something in English and a word means something in Hebrew, is that WORD going to have the same meaning? Possibly Not! But, what if that WORD had a common origin in both languages, going back to Sumerian? Then the MEANING of the WORD in SUMERIAN would be the correct or closer TRUE MEANING of the WORD.

    Allegro's work is really a study in words and their origin, since this is the source of their true MEANING. From the Introduction of "The Sacred Mushroom & the Cross"--"Our present study has much to do with names and titles. Only when we can discover the nomenclature of the sacred fungus within and without the cult, can we begin to understand it's function and theology. The main factor that has made these new discoveries possible has been the realization that many of the most secret names of the sacred mushroom go back to ancient Sumerian, the oldest written language known to us, witnessed by cuneiform texts dating from the fourth millennium B.C.. Furthermore, it now appears that this ancient tongue provides a bridge between the Indo-European languages (which include Greek, Latin and our own tongue) and the Semitic group, which includes the language of the Old Testament, Hebrew and Aramaic. For the first time, it becomes possible to decipher the names of gods, mythological characters, classic and biblical, and plant names. Thus, their place in the cultic systems and their functions in the old fertility religions can be determined. Even gods such as Zeus and Yahweh embody the same fundamental conception of the fertility deity, for their names in origin are precisely the same. A common tongue overrides physical and racial boundaries. Even languages so apparently different as Greek and Hebrew, when they can be shown to derive from a common fount, point to a communality of culture at some early stage."

    One of the first examples given in the book is the word "Etymology", which is the study of the relationship between words and the thoughts they express. Where does the word "Etymology" come from? Etymology seeks the "True" meaning of the word. The Greek word for true is "Etumos". So, at least going back to Greek, the word "Etymology" has in it's roots, the MEANING of "TRUE".

    Taking a word back even farther to Sumerian is a little more involved, though this is necessary, if we are to know the "True" meaning of the word. Another example taken from the first chapter, this time, titled "In the Beginning god created" ; "If we were to seek the root of a modern barbarism like "de-escalate", we should immediately remove the "de-" and the verbal appendage "-ate", slice off the initial "e-" as a recognizable prefix, and be left with "scal-" for further study. The Latin scala means "Ladder" and we are clearly on the right track. But at this stage the etymologist will look out for possible vocalic changes occuring between dialects. One of the more common is between "L" and "N" and we are not surprised to find that an early form of the root has "N" in place of "L", so that Sanskrit, one of the earliest dialects of Indo-European, has a root "skan-" with the idea of "going up". Sibilants can interchange also, such as "s" and "z" and short vowels can drop out in speech between consonants, like "i" between "s" and "c". In fact we can break down our Indo-European root "scan-" "ascend" still further into two Sumerian syllables, ZIG, "rise" and AN "up" ". --ZIGAN (Scan) (Scal) (Escalate).

    How many people do you think there are that are actually qualified to tell you what's in the books that comprise the bible ? I would think only a handful, if that. Not only would you have to know all of the languages going back to Sumerian, you would also have to have devoted your life to the study and research of religion, and the third qualification is that you would have to possess no preconcieved notions or expectations about what you were researching. (An open Mind). If you go back into the books looking for Jesus the Christ, you may only find a man, but if you were to approach the situation having already taken Hallucinogenic Mushrooms in your life and you realized in your research that the original meaning of the words, Jesus Christ meant, "to be Annointed" or "To Annoint with Semen", you might figure that the original meaning had more to do with fertility, or possibly an object closely associated with fertility.

    Allegro describes the difficult situation of translation : "Even within the bible, language has hitherto posed a major barrier to research into Christian origins. Jesus and his immediate followers are portrayed as Jews, living in Palestine and adopting Jewish customs and religious conventions. The religion propounded by the New Testament is at root a form of Judaism, but the language in which it is expressed is Greek, a non-semitic tongue. Words and names like "Christ", "Holy Ghost", "Jesus", "Joseph" and "Mary" come through Hebrew channels but have Greek forms or translations in the New Testament. The words of Jesus are quoted freely, and often given the weight of  incontrovertible authority, but in fact nobody knows for certain what he said, since what we have are translations of a supposedly Aramaic original of which all trace has otherwise been lost."--"What we have now discovered is that by going far enough back in time, it is possible to find a liguistic bridge between these ethnic and cultural groups. However far apart their respective languages (Greek & Hebrew), and philosophies may have become, they stem from a common, recoverable source, and it is there that any realistic study of Christian and Jewish origins must begin. The Root of Christianity in a sense lies not in the Old Testament, but like that of Judaism itself, in a pre-semitic, pre-hellenic culture that existed in Mesopotamia some two or three thousand years before the earliest Old testament composition. The Christian doctrine of the fatherhood of god stems not from the paternal relationship of Yahweh to his chosen people but from the naturalistic philosophy that saw the divine creator as a heavenly penis impregnating Mother Earth."

    From the Chapter "The names of the Gods"--"Based on an etymological examination of the chief God-names, we can arrive at a common theme of Life-giving, fecundity, or fertility. Thus the principle Gods of the Greeks and Hebrews, Zeus and Yahweh (Jehovah), have names derived from Sumerian meaning "juice of fecundity", spermatazoa, "seed of life". The phrase is composed of two syllables, IA (ya, dialectally za), "juice", literally, "strong water" , "U", perhaps the most important phoneme in the whole of Near Eastern religion. It is found in the texts represented by a number of different cuneiform signs, but at the root of them all is the idea of "Fertility". Thus one U means "copulate" or "mount", and "create"; another "rainstorm", source of the heavenly sperm; another "vegetation", as the offspring of the God, whilst another U is the name of the storm God himself. So far from evincing a multiplicity of gods and conflicting theological notions, , our earliest records lead us back to a single idea, even a single letter, "U". Behind Judaism and Christianity, and indeed all the Near Eastern fertility religions and their more sophisticated developments, there lies this single phoneme, "U" ".

    From the chapter "Plants and Drugs"--"The Greek word Daimon, derives, through the Persian "dew" (there is a strong linguistic affinity between "m" and "w"), from a probable Sumerian original DA-IA-U-NA, meaning, "having power over fertility". The demon thus had the power of affecting, for good or ill, birth or death, and the various stages of health in between. The medicinal drug had similar powers, and the Hebrew word for "be sick", dawah, and it's cognate noun in Arabic meaning "medicine", come from the same root. So the demon of health and sickness and the drug are one and the same"....."Since all life derives from the divine seed, it follows that the most powerful healing drug would be the pure, unadulterated semen of the God. Some plants were thought to have sap or resin approximating to this, their "purity" or  "sanctity" in this regard being measured by their power as drugs to kill or cure or intoxicate. In Sumerian, the words for "live" and "intoxicate" are the same, TIN and the "tree of life", GEShTIN, is the "vine". Similarly, in the Greek oinos and the Hebrew yayin "wine", there is probably a common Sumarian root, IA-U-NU-, "semen seed" ". ...."The use of the name Jesus (Greek "iesus") as an invocation for healing was appropriate enough. It's Hebrew original, yehoshua, Joshua, comes from Sumerian IA-U-ShU-A (ShUSh), "semen which saves, restores, heals". Hellenized jews used for "Joshua", the Greek name Iason, Jason, very probably since Iason, "healer", and the deponent verb iaomai, "heal", come from the same Sumerian source. In the New Testament taunt, "physician, heal thyself" (Luke 4:23), we probably have a direct allusion to this meaning, as we certainly have in Jesus' title "savior", Greek soter, the first element of which reflects the same Sumerian word, ShU, "save", and so is rightly used in Greek for saving from disease, harm, peril, etc., and is a common epithet of Zeus and kings. The fertility god Dionysus, (Greek Dionusos), whose cult emblem was the erect phallus was also a god of healing, and his name, when broken down to original parts, IA-U-NU-ShUSh, is almost identical with that of Jesus, having NU "seed" only in addition : "Semen seed that saves", and is comparable with the Greek Nosios, "healer", an epithet of Zeus." This is very compelling. If you don't understand it, then you might want to re-read it a few times.

    Basically, the information above represents one idea that perhaps the source of "Christianity" was not a man, but instead a Mushroom, specifically "Amanita Muscaria" (Fly-Agaric). The confusion supposedly arose through the changes in language and an attempt to keep rituals and secrets of the fertility cult from the Roman authorities. Apparently, both the Greek and the Hebrew languages have common roots tracing back to Sumerian. There is no record of a Hebrew version of the New Testament, only a Greek translation. The stories in the Bible parallel stories that existed in other countries in other languages in earlier times. The names even trace back directly in language to the names of the same characters in the stories from other countries. The one main difference between

"Christianity" and these earlier fertility religions is the fact that in the earlier religions the central figure, the "Son of God", was a Mushroom. So, the question is, was Jesus really a man or was he a symbolic representation for a Psychedelic Mushroom ? We may have to learn ancient language ourselves in order to find out, or maybe take a trip to Kashmir.

     In this next section I have presented a couple of letters by Leroy Shweitzer of the Montana Freemen describing why he believes he and the others are still in jail. I would like to add a couple of points to this involving Sovereignty. Most readers by now are probably wondering, "just what exactly is a Sovereign Citizen ?". If you ask different "authorities", you will certainly get different answers.

     To some, "Sovereignty" means not having any contracts with the federal or state government, including licenses, social security numbers, and bank accounts. To others, it is not being a U.S. citizen under the 14th Amendment, but instead a State citizen of the Republic. This would include recession of all contracts and documents relative to governments', etc. Others claim membership in a "Jural Society" is a necessary element of "Sovereignty". The reason for this is because the definition of a "citizen", in Law, is "a member of a Jural Society or body politic". Some of the different groups that teach "Sovereignty" or "state Citizenship" include Richard McDonald, an ex-police officer from Simi Valley, Johnny Liberty (John Van Hove) in Cascadia Oregon, The Montana Freemen, The Republic of Texas, Erwin Rommel School of Law, Jim Mattatel and the Concerned Citizens of the South Bay and the list goes on. There are many more around the country and probably many other groups of which I am unaware. All of these groups have a lot of information in common, but they teach different tactics, methods, and have different beliefs, some religious-based. This makes sense, since our organic law in America comes down to us from Biblical (Canon) Law....I believe a "Sovereign" is someone who can walk into a courtroom and walk out of that courtroom a FREEMAN, provided no common law crime was committed (Rape, Robbery or Murder).

    In this country there are a lot of secrets, but there are some really BIG secrets, too. THERE ARE SO MANY CRIMINALS IN THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM THAT THERE IS NO ROOM LEFT FOR ANY JUSTICE. Our government is secretly being run by a CRIMINAL MOB that will do WHATEVER is necessary to stay in power. Even if you have the law on your side and you are RIGHT, you can still be sent to jail, convicted and sent away. Even if you know all the laws and you are correct, the judges can do whatever they want. They won't even allow the jury to know they have a right to judge the law as well as the facts of the case. An informed Jury can Nullify any case they want and it only takes ONE JUROR. "Sovereigns" often think they are immune to laws because they are "Sovereign" and the judge is just going to let them go. THIS IS NOT TRUE. They will walk all over you, unless you walk on them first.

     The best defense is a good offense they say. You will soon see how this is true. The FREEMEN are still in jail today, mostly because they DO know the Law. How does the criminal government deal with this? They can't. So they have to hide everything, commit more crimes and cover these up as well.

    I have studied a bit from all of the groups mentioned and have met some interesting people along the way. From what I have learned, the only "Sovereign" people are the ones with backpack nukes and ground to air missile launchers and lots of firepower. In other words, the "Sovereigns" in the world today are the International Bankers and the might they can whip up against an opposing country or political group. The Illuminati Freemasons have destroyed every last remaining spec of "Sovereignty" that ever existed in this country.

    There are people who win using "Sovereignty" methods, but usually only because they take the judge by surprise and the next time the "Method" is used the judges are ready for it and they just overrule you. The big problem really, is that people do not represent themselves, but instead hire an attorney, who is really an agent of the court. You see, it all goes back to the Original 13th Amendment and "Titles of Nobility". There are 25 National and 4 State (California) Constitutions that have been discovered. The only ones that have not been repealed or altered are the ORIGINAL ones. These documents are still the "Law of the Land" today. The Original 13th Amendment forbide public officers from holding "Titles of Nobility". "Sir" and "Esquire" etc. are "Titles of Nobility" bestowed by the "KING" on his subjects, thus empowering them and making them "Agents" of the King. The Bar Association is a Fraternal Order that the Judges and Attorneys belong to. The Judges are not supposed to be Attorneys. Back in early America, everyone knew the Law, because knowing the Law meant your Freedom was important to you. In American Jurisprudence an Attorney's relationship to the court is given first priority over his relation and duty

to his client. A client is further defined as a "Ward of the court". A ward of the court is defined as a "child or person of unsound mind". Therefore someone who hires an Attorney is a child or a person of unsound mind. In court, if you have an attorney, you cannot speak unless the judge asks you a direct question and if you try to you will be removed. An Attorney will never really bring in any crucial information or do anything the judge doesn't like much or they can be sanctioned or have their licenses pulled by the judge's influence in the Bar. If you really want to be free, you must learn to fight in court and learn court procedure and case law, etc. Then you have to know how to apply it. Even if you do this, you may not win. If the judge respects the Constitution and your rights, you may walk; if not, the judge, who believes he or she is God because nobody showed them differently, may punish you to the fullest extent of the law out of vengeance and there is not much you can do. He can raise your bail so you sit in jail until trial or appeal and they can intentionally make it hell for you in jail. Just ask Ex-Congressman George Hansen, who was brutally tortured in the prison system for trying to help the American people fix the corruption in government.

    There are some more recent developments in the law studies going on here in California. Thomas Marvin Maxwell has published two books, "The Truth About the Motor Vehicle Code" and "The California Code Is Not Law". He has studied for years and his books document the fact that the CALIFORNIA CODE OF 1872 WAS NEVER LAWFULLY PASSED OR ENACTED. Thomas says "There is really only one thing about the origin of the code that is of real importance, and that is the fact that the four original divisions of the code, as shown with their "approval dates" are not part of the official record of the Public Statutes of California. I have personally inspected the volume in which all the Acts of the California Legislature were published for the nineteenth session, 1871-1872, and there is not one single reference to any of the four approval dates for the four codes. The codes were approved "off the record". Because of this, it is important to realize that there is no official record of the text of the codes, other than the codes themselves. Every Statute passed by the legislature contains the "text" of the law that is being passed, and the placing of that text in the published volume of the statutes for each session of the legislature, is the permanent

record of the laws passed. There is no such permanent record of the laws passed. There is no such permanent record of the origin of the codes, with respect to them having been a part of the legislation passed at the nineteenth session of the California legislature." Therefore, all Amendments to the "codes" are not valid either. This creates a very large problem for us as a people, but it also provides us with another opportunity and weapon to fight in court with.

    Another book along these lines to surface recently is titled "For The Record..., How the Heck are yaa ? ..."Of Necessity, Constructive Notice, and to Establish for a Court of Record...YOUR Intent...I Require..." or "How To Speak pleasently, yet firmly, to a Public Servant !". This book came out around the middle of March, 1998. It is partially written by William Gary Young and research contributed by Joe Allen and Thomas Marvin Maxwell. This book may be one of the most powerful tools ever developed for fighting in court. The essence of the information is that under the Bretton Woods Agreement, the Secretary of the Treasury is appointed the U.S. Governor of the I.M.F. (International Monetary Fund). This is a Foreign Principle. All Agents of Foreign Principles must register under the Foreign Agents Registration Law. All employees of the U.S. government are paid by the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury. Through the GAO (General Accounting Office), all funds collected, go back to the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury. Anyone soliciting funds for the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury or collecting information using the NCIC (National Crime Information Computer), must register. If they don't register it is a violation of USC Title 18 Section 951, and the fine is up to $5,000 and up to 10 years in jail. Now, you cannot serve two governments or Principles. If they do register, they are deportable as agents of a foreign principle impersonating U.S. officers. If they take a signed and sworn "oath of office", and they are working under the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, they are liable for Treason for being an Officer of the U.S. government and acting as an Agent of a Foreign Principle. So, they cannot register and they cannot have an oath of office either. They are damned if they do, and damned if they don't. The truth is "They don't have either one". This is how the IMF controls our puppet politicians. There are specific tactics for bringing this kind of information into the courtroom and when it has been done correctly, the result was that the JUDGES FLED THEIR OWN COURTROOMS. Warning : Do not use this info in any way in court without the proper background information. It could cost you Time in Jail. However, if applied properly, it just may be the only thing that can save you from a corrupt Judge. These books are available in this new edition of the Catalog. Also, another little tidbit of info June 25th 1948, the American Bar Association went in and changed all the Statutes they didn't like and left the rest. They knowingly removed and replaced a lot of our laws. This was done without the consent or knowledge of the legislature. So, don't even attempt to use statutes after June 25th 1948, when defending yourself, only when on the offense against them since they are the ones who took an oath to those codes. Remember "Those who sleep on their rights have none" & "The price of Freedom is eternal vigilance".

     " AN OPEN LETTER " By Political Prisoner Chief Justice Michael LeRoy (Shweitzer), Montana FREEMEN--Nov. 1996

    This letter is to show all the people why the so-called FREEMEN are in jail, the reasons will not be fully explained in one short letter, but those who have studied in Law will see the picture.

    The greatest fraud in America was committed by the Bar association who nearly eradicated our supreme Court in its' exclusive, original jurisdiction under Common Law venue. Our People in Justus township researched our supreme Court in its' own government as judicial branch of government who are not paid a public salary per se, but are paid only upon costs taxed against the losing party on the civil side of the court and costs taxed against the county on the criminal side of the court, and these costs are billed at the  "quarter sessions" after the cause was settled. This is relevant to ch. 40 of the Magna Carta.

    The prevention against titles of nobility from entering our supreme Court is found in Constitution of Montana eighteen hundred eighty nine, anno Domini at Article V, section twenty-six, where it says the Legislative Assembly shall make no local or special laws in respect to our Courts of Justice, our Constables, summoning and empaneling grand and petit juries, setting fines and punishments, changing the law of descent, creating franchises.

    What the people do not realize is the difference between our General Congress assembled and the Legislative assembly. Our General Congress Assembled is none other than supreme Court sessions at the county court at the seat of government. It is proven in Constitution of Montana at Article XX, section six, where each and every county has a supreme Court seal. Only the appellate branch sits at the State capital; our exclusive, original branch sits at county seat. John Bouvier proclaimed this truth in eighteen hundred fifty six, where he said every county clerk and recorder is a supreme Court clerk. Our bench and bar are ch. 45 of Magna Carta, good and lawful men well versed in law and duly disposed to keep it. No attorneys.

    Our supreme Court quorum consists of at least three qualified electors as found in national Constitution at Article II, sec. 2, cl. 2, and these are not United states citizens. The chairman is the president and the Senate are the two associate Justices. You will see this at 28 U.S.C. sec.1 under supreme court. The president named here is not Bill Clinton since he is executive branch and it is not the Chief Justice William Renquist in Washington D.C. sitting in appellate branch of supreme Court. It is the chairman of the county commissioners and few there are in America who know and understand these truths, but Justice John Paul Stevens knows.

    We find roots in this organic truth in Deuteronomy 1:15-18 and 16:18-20. So, how do we prove this to the slumbering giant, our Nation in North America ?

    United States Code Title 28 is a great study guide if you read all footnotes, Historical Revisions, Amendments. Also study division of the courts where you find our law side verses the contract side. Another clue is this: All Legislative Assembly created tribunals are contract courts only in the executive branch of government. Our Judicial branch of government in its' exclusive, original jurisdiction in Common Law venue is reserved to the people alone; no public officers on a public salary. It means no agent of the people sets our supreme Court since the agent is necessarily either executive or legislative; hence ch. 24 of Magna Carta, where we will not have any sheriffs, bailiffs, or other of our hirelings who hear matters of the Crown. Title 28 U.S.C. sec.1251 agrees. Also ch. 38 of Magna Carta re-affirms this seperation of  powers where it says an executive officer on his own bare saying cannot move our supreme Court. Fundamental law is separation of powers and our supreme Court is dormant for lack of knowledge. We full well realize the Appellate branch supreme Court is open but our exclusive original branch just re-opened and the Justices are in jail. Yellowstone county jail, country of Montana, united states of America, with ample knowledge to teach these truths to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. this is one reason our qualified Justices' will not be allowed to testify in open Court for fear appellate Justices would then trade places for willful acts of treason. ! Nuff Said ? Please contact chief Justice LeRoy Michael at above mailing location for further truths and where the proof is located. In Yahweh through our Savior Immanuel. ---Chief Justice LeRoy Michael, Freedom Center - c/o P.O. Box 80446, Billings, Montana state, zip code exempt.

OUR MANDATE IS VICTORY -A letter to Brother Joseph from LeRoy Michael Shweitzer--Special Prosecutor (FREEMEN)-Oct. 1997

     Out of the blue, a jail guard asked two of our people at two seperate units, "What is going to happen to them now ?", so you know they have been told that we won our case! And the fact that the case against me in U.S.D.C. district of Minnesota, Third Division was dismissed. It was brought by private parties concerning a warrant I had given them. Also, a banker in Indiana where our liens were discussed and there was talk about "pooling funds" to pay the liens. We caught the whole rotton bag of fish. Now the payback is hell !

    Clinton is not making any nominations to fill federal judge vacancies. Why ? --It seems there is a supreme court justice out west who proved an executive branch officer cannot select a judicial branch officer ! Who would of thought only an Elector can vote in our judicial branch of government? This is the real meaning of the seperation of powers doctrine. No "Agent" of ours can select our principle! All agents courts are voluntary! We are exclusive! It had its' origin in Deuteronomy. We are that court of first and last resort - now appealable.

    Our Three Justice courts is in bench (banc). So a title 11 bancruptcy is our chancery division over the agents U.S. Trustees. Any docket by our Creditors creates an automatic stay on all legislative assembly created courts. This is well covered in the D.C. Court Rules. Everything is re-organization (banc-ruptcy) as in federal common law (U.C.C.). Do you see why we set up private security agreements under U.C.C. 1-105 & 1-103 ? The doctrine of law of the place controls simple contract. Parties' power to choose applicable law, territorial application of the act. When you docket your claim in bancruptcy it means a Creditors' claim - not the debtor in an insolvency petition. So all federal judges become respondent under conflict of financial interest. This is the reason for the automatic stay ! Then our special panel is the only one who could hear the matter under law of the place in our foreign countries. It becomes ex-parte all the way--We won--the trustees lost. You must get a copy of the D.C. Court rules to see our "exclusive" court. It is not federal ! It's origin is local government-(traditional). They refer to this in the rules. We create an admission panel to screen all attorneys. They (panel) have absolute immunity ! Their actions are non-appealable. We supercede the appellate Supreme court in D.C.

    The D.C. crowd knows what we have discovered and they are now caught for treason if they fail to obey our Edicts. They never had authority to send federal judges into our several States. Our impeachments are valid and cannot be overcome. Any denial of three justice panel is denial of access to our venue in supreme court. This is why it is the defendant's prerogative to retain his venue. A denial would nullify your right of religion. Also, it would deny you equal right of suffrage.

    We are just now getting the system to realize they are culpable for willful acts of treason by suppressing our right to access our judicial branch of government. This is why the three justice panel was put back into Montana Codes Annotated at 2-2-144. It was not in the 1993 edition. The State Bar Associations were knowingly pulling these guarantees out of the codes to promote their plans for overthrow of our Republican Form of Government. We have the proof and will prosecute the Liars / lawyers until our Nation is restored. This information is spreading out across the land. Our right of self-governing is being restored slowly, but surely. The Corporation Tribunals Are Exposed.

    Our People must learn the importance of our judicial conference of the United States (of America) as found in Title 28, U.S.C. ,331-335, Chapter 15- Conferences and Councils of judges. This was not done by the so-called Common-Law Courts and they had no evidence of their lawful office. Without that, they had no real judicial immunity to counter-act the prosecution against them. We must make public our Three justice panel with proper oath and bond. This will be the new Republic from ground zero. Where are all the good and lawful men? Gone to prison every one? May the power and protection of our Creator Yahweh rest upon you as we totally destroy the evil tyrants in our Nation, A-Men!, in Yahshua. L.M.--Special Prosecutor in "other circuit."

source: http://www.freedomdomain.com/

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