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Memories from Your Past

What bothers me the most about "False Memory Syndrome" is that all of psychology and psychiatry are based on remembering past events. In any therapy session that's all you deal with are memories from your past. What this small group of people are saying is that their whole business is false. No memory is real.

Or is it just incest and rape?

They are getting far too much press as they only represent 2% of therapist. I lived in Seattle and saw the woman most responsible for the movement (I forget her name) and she is a classic rape/incest victim. Glazed over look. In total denial. You would be well advise to seek out her handler. I had just read your book "The Biggest Secret" and Kathy OBrien's "TRANSformation" and all I could think of was "she being controlled" There was no grey area with her. All incest memories were false.

I'm in Las Vegas now. The capital of pedophilia. Could you illuminate me on what to watch out for. I don't remember you mentioning this in your publications. By the way there are at least two statues of liberty here. I've also noticed some kind of electromagnetic vortex (for lack of a better word) As I'm driving around in my old 1966 ford all my gages suddenly go full to the right. I've suddenly got a full tank of gas, my oil pressure is extremely high and I'm really overheating. I'm trying to map out the locations to see if there is a pattern.

name withheld

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