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Murder of Robert and Ben Moore

I have more information. It is about the murder of Robert and Ben Moore. When they were killed was an election year. The sheriff at that time, Wayne Wirsing was involved in a war of sorts with the lead detective Richard Heitkemper. Due to the war between the two, the sheriff wouldn't let Richard Heitkemper be the detective on the case. Instead he put a new guy on the case, a guy that wasn't familiar with cases like these. Mike Roberts had said at the time "there should be 4 or 5 guys working on this case." He knew it was a double murder. Mike did the best he could.

Eugene Heitkemper was locked in the Racine Jail when he wrote to the police that he had evidence of foul play in regards to the death of the Moore boys. The police waited one month before they investigated this. See police report page 3 of 7 (January 26, 1994

Eugene Heitkemper knew Mike Baxter because he was locked in the same jail in Raccine Wi. On April 20, 1994. Mike Baxter was arrested by the Phillips, Wisconsin Police for 2nd degree sexual assault of a child. A man I knew was in jail at that time for breaking into the school. When Mike Baxter was in Phillips jail he got beaten up because he was a pedophile. They sent him to Raccine.

Mike Baxter is a Jehovah Witness loner. My kids met him at the kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. I was told the murderer's name is Mike Baxter. My informer was in Phillips Jail in 1990. Here is the open records for access on this pedophile. http://ccap.courts.state.wi.us./InternetCourtAccess. Look for this abuse on 10/23/90 There is no address on the records. I believe he lives in Chelsea Wis.

Check out Eugene Heitkemper's record. He was in jail 4/20/94 for drugs. Does anyone smell a rat besides me?

Roberta Moore

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