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Murdered in 1993

Dear David,

We are almost into a New Year. The case of my two sons who were murdered in 1993 is being put under the rug and forgotten. Seems not too much concern is placed upon child murders. It is more productive to catch bear poachers.

Originally, the police thought it was suicide. When things didn't add up correctly the sheriff reopened the case on Sept. 20, 2000. The story can be seen at this address…http://www.phillipswi.com/ scroll to search…Robert and Ben Moore.

I was told by Patti Wensel of the BEE that the results of what was sent to the crime lab would be made known within six weeks. That was back when they reopened the case.
That was over 3 MONTHS ago.

I need to know what happened that day so long ago so I can recover from this deep pain that will continue until this person is apprehended and off the street so he cannot kill any more children. The people should be told so they could be aware for their children's sake. If he can murder two young children everyone should be aware.

The police should have known that in that condition I was in deep shock. It is hard to lose even one child never mind two at once. I wasn't thinking clearly and the media kept calling and calling and asking why? My X husband kept saying it was suicide and that it was school. That was what I told them.

I do not think they will release the results because I believe the Remington single shot gun they had that belonged to their father wasn't used in the murders and to proclaim that wasn't the gun would be telling people it is murder and that there IS a murderer running free and unless stopped he will murder again.

I need all the people who care about children to help me. We need to write to the BEE:

We need to know what are the results of the PHYSICAL EVIDENCE sent to the crime lab in Madison concerning the murders of the two young Moore boys on September 20, 2000

If enough people write…they will reply!
Thank You,
Here is who to write to:
Channel 12 in Rhinelander Wis…wjfwtv12@newnorth.net

BEE HIVE PRESS bee@phillipswi.com
City of Phillips police…philpspd@win.bright.net

Roberta Moore

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Send Letters of Support to:
robertamoore81@hotmail.com~ Roberta Moore

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