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It may seem to many that I am the person who has farted in the lift but there were many disturbing aspects hidden within the spectacular Olympic Games opening ceremony.

I didnít manage to catch it all as I was working at the same time but there is much food for thought in the little I did manage to see.

It is generally supposed that the original Greek Olympics were begun to honour the sun god, Zeus but I wonder whether they were a later version of more ancient cultures possibly Egyptian or Sumerian.

Human sacrifice has always been an integral part of sun worship and it still carries on today. The Australian Olympicís overt messages were ominous and only hint at what has been going on behind the scenes.

The symbolic sacrifice of an Aboriginal woman in a fiery ring (the sun) whilst standing on the symbol for the Moon Tree (shaped like a keyhole or even a pawn) in a pool of water (the moon) is probably the most visible to those who know the signs.[1]

The Moon Tree is a common theme in ancient religions and was considered a place of sacrifice. There is much to associate this whole Olympic thing with the Egyptian God Osiris and his latter day followers like the Freemasons.

The consumption of Cathy Freeman and the torch may represent the end of many hopes and dreams including those of indigenous Australians, women even the whole of humanity.

Did anyone notice the sun on the pyramid? The lightening view of the fiery ring from the base of the steps was awesome.

Numerous camera angles gave us depictions of Egyptian deity symbols such as the hawk (Horus) and the Star of David or Seal of Solomon.

The whole stadium is designed in the shape of an eye.(See my article on the Bell Tower and the Olympic Games Illuminati agenda.)

And what about the spaceship?

All done with spectacular style, a moving scene and one that looked breathtaking.

What if it was?

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[1] This shape is seen in many Illuminati controlled or inspired places. One such place is the island where Diana is buried.

The Babylonian Moon Tree

Mountains and trees were seen by humans as connecting links between Heaven and Earth. Any figure that shows an axis connecting the two realms is said to be an axis mundi. The Tower of Babel, the Ziggurat, was a human rendition of the saced mountain as a temple city. The following are adapted from Ester Harding, Woman's Mysteries.

Notice that the figure on the far right resembles a woman's body. Woman and tree are regarded as "the same."


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