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On January 10, 1901 the Lucas Gusher blew in on Spindletop Oil Field near Beaumont, Texas. United States President, William McKinley, summoned the McCulloughs of Alabama as heirs of Pelham Humphries to come forward. President McKinley's summons named the McFaddens and HALLIBURTONS as defendants. President McKinley was soon afterwards assassinated.

Pelham Humphries had received the 4,428 acre league as a colonist of Lorenzo de Zavala on February 14, 1835. Pelham Humphries paid the taxes on his Spanish land grant through the year 1848 as a non-resident of Texas. The McCulloughs/McCullars of Alabama filed Case 512 CL90 in July of 1901 in Jefferson, Texas (Marion County.) Rose Law Firm represented the defendants. The McCulloughs won a favorable court ruling and were granted leave to amend. The defendants petitioned the court in Jefferson to transfer the case to Beaumont in Jefferson County, Texas.

In or about 1972, attorney Robert Edward Lewis of Gadsden, Alabama meticulously prepared a revivor to Case 512 CL90 naming the then living McCullough/McCullar heirs of Alabama. Attorney Lewis named attorney Joe Tonahill of Texas as co-counsel. The summons was prepared to be served on the up-dated list of defendants by United States Texas marshals. Soon after this date, Governor George Wallace of Alabama appointed attorney Robert Edward Lewis as a district judge for Etowah County (Gadsden, Alabama.) On June 8, 1986 Andrea Mitchell (now Mrs. Alan Greenspan) made the following statement during a news digest: "And finally tonight, if you think that you have an ancestor named Pelham Humphries, shot in a Texas bar in 1840, stake your claim to oil riches his land produced. Lawyers are looking for an heir...royalties so far...more than two billion dollars."

Judge Robert Edward Lewis met with the McCullough/McCullar heirs in Alabama (as well as other heirs of Pelham Humphries.) He allowed audio taping of these meetings with the heirs. Judge Lewis stated that Case 512 CL90 is still wide open in Texas court and that the heirs of Pelham Humphries still own both the surface and mineral estates of Spindletop Oil Field. Judge Lewis states that he will act as representative agent for the Humphries' heirs.

From 1986 until his sudden illness and death in August of 1993, Judge Lewis met with attorneys, senators and postal inspectors in an effort to expose what he believed to be an on-going fraud on the judicial system of the United States concerning the Humphries' heirship claim as well as the connection that he believed existed with the Howard Hughes' Estate.

That connection being that Howard Hughes Sr. had the patient on the diamond drill bit that was used to drill oil wells on the Humphries' league at Spindletop. Judge Lewis documented pooling agreements and followed the movement of the monies that were supposedly set aside for the heirs of Pelham Humphries...stating that the United States Federal Reserve System was set up with these monies and that the Catholic Church was also drawing from the Humphries' estate. Judge Lewis sited his sources as Republic Bank in Dallas (and the connection with BUSH and HALLIBURTON there), W. W. Felts of Houston, Texas. a certified genealogist (whose parents were employed as CPA's at old Houston City Bank, where the Humphries' escrow accounts were originally set up in 1901), attorney Thorpe who supposedly hand-carried $25,000.00 drafts, that were drawn weekly on The Republic Bank in Dallas, to a ranch in Muenster, Texas during the LBJ time frame (citing Ernest and Margaret Medders/The Poor Sisters of Charity in Indiana/attorney W. T. Weir of Philadelphia, Mississippi), the abstract records on PURE oil company to Humphries Oil to Sinclair to ARCO to BP and finally the elite globalist group comprised of the Rothchilds/Bilderbergers/Rockefellers/Morgans/Carlyle Group and others concerning what he believed to be their plan to use the mineral estate from Spindletop Oil Field to finance their secret agenda known as THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

The Judge was in contact with persons who reported to him of prisons being constructed in various locations all over the United States to house those who might try and expose this secret agenda of moving our world into a one world government, one world bank, one world military and a one world religious entity. Judge Lewis discovered a plot in the state of Tennessee that appeared to be orchestrated by someone closely connected with the oil industry to stir up the Humphries in Tennessee and other states via the Andrea Mitchell (Greenspan) news brief in an attempt to get a Mr. Brown Peregoy of Gray, Tennessee to organize any and all Humphries for the express purpose of filing a frivolous lawsuit claiming to be the legal heirs of Pelham Humphries so that the Texas judicial system could rule against the bogus litigation forever barring any future attempts to finally return the Pelham Humphries' league back to his true heirs.

Judge Lewis stated in private and in public that he planned to retire from the "bench" in January of 1993 and file as administrator of the Pelham Humphries' Estate. Judge Lewis was again meticulously up-dating the 1901 Case 512 CL90 as he had in 1972. He was quietly working with a very well qualified certified genealogist, on the east coast, as he was continuing to secure piece by piece proof as to who Pelham Humphries actually was. Judge Lewis was proving that Pelham Humphries was also known as PELLUM Humphries also known as George Washington Humphries who died in Catahoula Parish, Louisiana in May of 1849.

He documented that Pelham was running stolen slaves with Jim Bowie, William Barret Travis, James Walker Fannin, Jr. and others as members of a secret slave smuggling gang known as The Alphabet. The Judge believed that Pelham Humphries specifically chose the land on the Sabine River so that he and his slave smuggling partners could transport slaves from back in the interior out to Texas and nose a boat in there on the Humphries' swampy league of land selling, the stolen slaves to the east Texas farmers.

Jim Bowie is documented in Catahoula Parish, Louisiana at the exact same time as George Washington Humphries as well as Benjamin Lindsay (who was a part of the fraud committed on the Humphries' league following Pelham's death in 1849.) The McFaddens were also from Louisiana and would have known who Pelham actually was and when he died. The McFaddens are still holding the land by adverse possession; however, Judge Lewis had carefully secured exemplified records from Texas over a period of 32 years wherein he proved through various court cases when the railroads were sued when cattle were hit by trains...that the entire league was NOT fenced in.

Judge Lewis had performed superb research documentation on the conveyance records and abstract records concerning the league...proving that neither Pelham Humphries nor his true heirs-at-law ever conveyed the land to anyone...therefore proving that the league's surface and mineral estate still legally belong to the true Humphries heirs even at this late date.

Recently a book has been published by TGS Publishers of Frankston; Texas entitled "The Alamo Secret" by Maria del Corazon wherein the judge's story is told. The author describes the lives of the men who perished at the Alamo and Goliad back in 1836 as to their secret slave smuggling gang and their use of the Humphries' league. The author presents Judge Lewis' case to the reader as he tirelessly continued for over 32 years to win the Pelham Humphries' league back for the true heirs and to once and for all expose the fraud and crimes committed against Pelham's heirs as well as the current crime and fraud being perpetuated against the citizens of the United States and eventually the whole world concerning the secret agenda planned by those still in control of the Humphries' league and mineral estate to finance THE NEW WORLD ORDER!

Following the recent publication of "The Alamo Secret," the author discovered yet another connection between the men who perished during the Texas Revolution years and the current heirs of Pelham Humphries... that connection being that Samuel McCullough was the first casualty of the Texas Revolution. Samuel was a free black man. The author had already documented that President William McKinley had summoned Elizabeth McCullough/McCullars of Alabama in 1901 as an heir of Pelham Humphries. Judge Lewis had also named the heirs of Elizabeth McCullough of Alabama as heirs of Pelham Humphries in the 1972 revivor to Case 512 CL90 that he prepared prior to being appointed a district judge by Governor George Wallace. In 1994, following the Judge's sudden illness and death, one Samuel McCullars filed his affidavit of heirship, in his county of residence courthouse, as a descendant of the Elizabeth Cullough/McCullars named in the very first lawsuit filed on Spindletop Oil Field in 1901 and as summoned by President McKinley prior to his sudden assassination in 1901.

The author noted that it appears that, miraculously, one of the main secrets of The Alamo and the men who gave their lives in the Texas Revolution is that two men by the same name of Samuel McCullough/McCullars, born over 150 years apart, share the honor of being a part of a continuing crusade to right a horrible wrong that has cast a dark and evil shadow on our land since 1836. The question must be asked, "Is the flow of the spilled blood of Samuel McCullough, as he died for The Republic of Texas... and now the current cries for JUSTICE from Samuel McCullough/McCullars, as an heir to Spindletop Oil Field, joining in name and cause to restore the flow of the oil to the rightful owners? Is God Almighty calling in an accountability of those who have not been good stewards of the natural resources that HE placed under that salt dome at Spindletop…those who have gained untold amounts of self-serving personal wealth and who are at this very moment planning to use these monies to enslave the entire world with their secret agenda of control known as The New World Order?

This author is humbly reminded of that very special scene in the currently released movie about The Alamo wherein actor Billy Bob Thornton rendered a solid award winning performance of Davy Crockett as he reverently played his fiddle while walking atop the walls of The Alamo. The dialogue was eternally prophetic, for all mankind, as the actor's words resounded the historic battle cry for harmony among all men as creation throughout history continues to beg for redemption........redemption and deliverance from the evils that man's inhumanity to his fellow man continue to cause yet more innocent blood to flow."

In December of 1992, Judge Lewis instructed this author to travel to Catahoula Parish, Louisiana and locate an attorney there who would revive the 1849 Succession of George Washington Humphries, also known as PELLUM Humphries. The attorney stated to this author that, even at this late date, he could file an amended judgment for possession in reference to the 1849 estate of George Washington Humphries, add the Texas assets, and up-date the genealogy as to whom his now living heirs are, proving that the heirs summoned in 1901 by President William McKinley are descendants of the same family.

A nationally respected certified genealogist contacted the heirs after Judge Lewis' sudden illness and death in 1993 and informed the family that DNA testing could be used to establish the heirship bloodline of Pelham Humphries by using the now living descendants of Elizabeth McCullough/McCullars as the 1901, court acknowledged, controlling factor.

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