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The Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) sponsored a Third Way love-fest of international leaders, "The Third Way: Progressive Governance for the 21st Century," April 25, 1999 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Therein, Clinton & Clinton were joined by the modern Third Way socialists British Prime Minister Tony Blair, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, Dutch Prime Minister Wim Kok, and Italian Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema,

Clinton apologist and DLC President Al From opened up the show bragging about their Third Way plans for us: "The Democratic Leadership Council is an idea action center dedicated to developing third way philosophy and a third way governing agenda. We are gratified and amazed to see similar themes cropping up all over the democratic world."

That is a very important statement. Because, at last From clearly admitted that the DLC is a socialist, or Third Way, organization. We've come a long way from the cover ups of years gone by, when the words "Third Way" were only mentioned behind closed doors. Because, in reality, today's Third Way is little more than an extension of Cecil Rhodes and the socialist training of the Rhodes Scholar program at Oxford. Both are also closely aligned with the Fabian Society, an outwardly socialist group. http://www.fabian-society.org.uk

The impeached liar Bill Clinton was first to speak and told more about the Third Way movement in jest than he did in serious conversation: "At our last luncheon one of the members made a crack that we had five members of the last politburo of the Soviet Union sitting around our table today. And another one said, 'Yes, and a lot of the rest of us should have been on the politburo, but we weren't.' (Laughter.) And it was a picture of how much the world has changed."

Clinton's Fabian friend, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, also stated his idea of the Third Way: "On the Third Way itself, I think we start from one very simple proposition: How do you provide prosperity in this world of economic change, how do you provide stability in this world of social change?"

Blair also defined elements of the third way as to: "define a new role for government a society that is free from prejudice but not free from rules," and added, "our belief in community is a belief that this applies internationally as well as nationally."

Then, Tony Baloney forgot his appointed place in the script for a moment and babbled on a little: "You know, you want to -- everything's got to be, you know -- and therefore, when people come along and say, 'Well, actually, no, that's not really the context in which we're operating anymore,' people find -- you know, people find it difficult to understand. But that is precisely what we're about."

Whatever. Maybe that means something in England.

Next up was Netherlands Prime Minister Wim Kok. He spilled the beans a little talking about NATO. Kok said that NATO "will be a different, new NATO based on the same values -- rule of law, justice, against crime, against inhumanity. We will do it in another way in accordance with the new situation. We are living in a world, an interdependent world, where change is a must."

So, OK; NATO is to be a political police department.

But they are going to have to re-write that NATO charter. Because, if that is their "rule of law," they are all lawbreakers. NATO was designed to be strictly a defensive organization, and Serbia did not attack any part of NATO. Inconvenient, that.

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder was next up. He asks: "is there an alternative to near liberalism on the one hand side and some kind of orthodox state socialism on the other hand? That is the reason why people have started for a third way, because both of those tracks have been discovered to be misorientations and, well, misguided ways."

Schroeder labeled "the Third Way as an open system." The problem is, we have a Constitutional republic here. Our government is well defined in the Constitution. There is no wiggle room for any other form of government. All the United States needs is a few patriot politicians to steer the ship of state back onto its correct course.

Italian Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema gave us another hint of what this socialist Third Way doctrine is about: Control of the people. I "think one of the greatest social issues in our societies and social problems in our society is how to reorganize the relationship between work and family life in a freer way, the relationship between work and time, the time we each use for our own personal life, for our family life, for the people we love, for the things we love to do, our hobbies, and the time we use for our education."

Yeah. Leave it to the Third Way socialists. They'll have every little thing in our lives all programmed for us. That's exactly what it's all about, too: A programmed population of good little worker bees, all following hundreds of laws, rules and regulations without question. Socialized medicine, "School to Work," gun control, environmental law, and "Outcome Based Education" are but the obvious beginning. This bastard child of communism called the Third Way is soon to become our way. Because, while we Americans were occupied supporting out families, busy bureaucrats were incrementally implementing the Third Way plan by phasing it in one law, rule and regulation at a time. We didn't notice. Now, it's almost too late.

See issues 63, 72 and 95 for more information. And, go to http://www.dlcppi.org/ for the full scoop on the DLC meeting and what they have planned for us.

by: Doug Fiedor
A Weekly View from the Foothills of Appalachia

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