Uncovering the Hidden

Fear NOT
The Ultimate Label "Anti-Semitic"

by Tom J. Kennedy

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19 states: "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers." For those readers who are not sure what side of the censorship debate you are on Article 19 clearly upholds everyone's right to "freedom of opinion and expression." It is as easy to become tricked with "truth" and/or "falsehood" as we approach the endtimes. Some writers warn us not to confuse "subjective truth" with "objective truth." As people awaken they are seeking "freedom from dogma" therefore, it is prudent to encourage them to truly explore "freedom of belief, freedom of speech and freedom of expression" so there is clearly no need for censorship. We are intelligent beings capable of deciding to be content in our current enslavement with the "bewidered herd" by our slave masters or we can take action to free ourselves.

In the front of the book The Other Side of the Coin authored by Patience Strong,{out of print} the publisher added this comment: "We, as publishers, believe that our responsibility to readers is best served by giving them access to all points of view and all types of literature. We do not wish to act as censors nor to attempt to mould public opinion by refusing to publish cogently-expressed beliefs." This concise statement is a great "truth" indeed. Why then, do some of my fellow-Canadians seek to deny me access to literature they deem to be "Anti-Semitic" or "Hate Literature?" Their evaluation of the literature in question may be right or wrong or they may be biased because of the powerful "fear-based" influences.

I anxiously implore readers to take an active role in the liberation of "free speech and freedom of expression" from the yoke of "Hate Propaganda" which has been foisted upon free thinkers in various countries of the Western World during the latter half of the 20th Century. This essay, "Fear NOT - The Ultimate Label - Anti-Semitic" is designed to better inform people about the perils of "censorship." If you think that "censorship" in general or the "Anti-Semitic" label in particular does not concern you, think again, because "censorship" and the "Anti-Semitic" label are too often being used as a claimed but unfair justification for keeping "truth" from the masses.

The repercussions of unbridled "censorship" are very alarming indeed. It is interesting to ponder the motives of the well-intentioned, censorship advocates like Green Party members, and CJC (Canadian Jewish Congress) supporters who are experts at intimidation. They incite fear and hysteria with their irresponsible actions of telephoning, emailing and faxing threats based on biased media clippings. Unfortunatley, the general public tends to believe everything that they learn from the media. Neither am I suggesting that everyone should believe everything that David Icke or any other researcher says or writes about. However, I will defend their individual and collective rights to "free speech and freedom of expression." Whatever new information I learn I will process and research further to determine if it rings as "truth" for me. I can only encourage others to do likewise.

These professional censorship advocates threaten to initiate court action and/or stage planned protests to harass seminar promotion companies such as (Sumari Seminars) who are planning events (such as David Irving Seminars in the 1980's and David Icke Seminars in the 1990's). They make similar threats to the owners of the building where the targeted events are scheduled to take place (such as De La Salle High School, Ottawa, Ontario, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario and The Cleary Centre, Windsor, Ontario). When the recipients of these threats exhibit fear and show no respect for "free speech and freedom of expression" they simply break their contracts and refuse to rent the space to the the promotion company. Venues in both Ottawa and Windsor were cancelled and contracts were broken during David Icke's Ontario '99 Tour.

It is time to summon heroic minded "free thinkers" in Canada, USA and elswhere to protect and enhance "free speech and freedom of expression." If we wish to defend our respective countries against the ongoing erosion of "free speech and freedom of expression" in the 21st Century we must immediately exercise our natural right to question why renowned researchers are targeted and unfairly branded with the the ultimate label "Anti-Semitic."

Free thinking citizens of the world must retain the right to "believe or disbelieve" any event or series of events which have occurred at any time throughout history. Likewise, free thinking citizens must retain the right to "believe or disbelieve" any document which has been published at any time throughout history because the issue of "falsification of history" is yet unresolved. It was indeed incomprehensible that the enemies of "free speech and freedom of expression" possessed the audacity to rejoice when the content of undoubtedly authentic documents which were of fundamental importance for a better understanding of World War II were denied to Ernst Zundel in excercising his natural right to justified defense during the Zundel Retrial of 1988 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is curious to note that few Canadians cared about this blatant injustice towards Ernst Zundel during the mid-1980's.

In passing, I feel compelled to share this small detail re: a face-to-face conversation which I had with Ernst Zundel back in the mid-1980's. At that time I was publishing the bi-monthly LEADS newsletter wherein I wrote extensively about the design flaw of "usury" and how it was the real killer machine that was keeping us in financial bondage to the financial elite for our entire lifetimes. Ernst counselled me to be careful saying: "Tom, you are writing about the usurious money system which reaps the Financial Elite multiple millions annually. What you are writing about is even more sacred than the "holocaust" so be very careful for your well-being!!"

Similarily, the Government of Canada denies any alternative interpretation of history to all citizens of Canada by listing hundreds of resources (books, pamphlets, audio cassettes, video cassettes etc.) dealing with issues of a "political and/or economic" nature on a "Banned Book" list, thereby makng it an offence to purchase such resources. Governments commonly enact misguided, dangerous and assinine laws such as the "Banned Book" list, in ignorance and fear as a result of coercion from selected powerful lobby groups. I have often wondered why cannot I be one of the "enlightened" persons who can be granted the ultimate power and awesome right to "ban" and/or "approve" books, pamphlets, audio cassettes, video cassettes, etc. without the knowledge and consent of my fellow-Canadians?

We are passing through a dangerous period in the history of "free speech and freedom of expression". In order to focus your attention on the dangers that threaten "free speech and freedom of expression" I encourage you to review some issues relating to the "falsification of history" - re: economics, politics, taxes, health, energy, etc. - as described and exposed by respected researchers and authors as:

Readers are invited to read an abundance of information which is being compiled and presented in books, on the internet or otherwise. Always follow the references and links to learn more of "what you didn't know you didn't know." Realize that it is your choice and that you are not being forced to read this information nor to source the resources nor to follow the links. It has always been my conviction that I will invite people to temporarily set aside former belief systems and dogmas and to dare to listen to and/or read information that may in fact challenge almost everything that they have come to believe in. Keep in mind that while you are cordially invited to examine new information, I will not impose information upon anyone. If this information is not for you then move on BUT do not cry out for censorship and unfairly paint others with the "ultimate label - anti-semiticism" and by so doing deny others the freedom of choice that is being extended to you.

As Dr. Chiappalone, from Australia - who has also been unfairly labelled "Anti-Semitic" - says: "Take the information or leave it. It is your business entirely what you do with it!" It is my humble observation that much of which is being commonly classified as "Anti-Semitic" may in fact not be "Anti-Semitic" at all. It is my observation that there is indeed a clique of Financial Elites who have ties to "Freemasonry" and other "secret" orgainzations. Without a doubt, these Financial Elites show blatant contempt for the ordinary Jewish people as they demonstrate contempt for the non-Jewish people.

Anyone who happens to be Jewish ought to be motivated to research any information which is labelled "Anti-Semitic" for it may very well be so-labelled falsely. Share your findings with your fellow-Jewish families and friends and encourage them to likewise do their own research. There is evidence to suggest that dangerous adversaries may be within the midst of ordinary Jews, who are knowingly or unknowlingly using the ultimate label "Anti-Semitic" to serve their selfish interests. These adversaries are perpetrating misinformation in the good name of most common Jewish folks who are no more privy to the higher knowledge of power and control than anyone else. It is foolish and futile to demonstrate against "respected researchers" such as David Icke by carrying "Anti-Semitic" placards and intimidating those who are openly seeking "truth." Such misguided actions ultimately permit the "hidden agenda" of the Global Elite to continue unfolding according to their 10,000 year, secret plan.

In the "Leaflet handed out by British Greens at Icke's seminars" which is published by the "Green Party Anti-Racist and Anti-Fascist Network" it is written: {Almost all of his examples of the Global Elite - such as Marx, Trotsky, Kissinger and the Rothschilds (from Icke's book And the Truth Shall Set You Free pp.40-43, 175-177, 242-244, etc.) are Jewish people.} In fact, David Icke identifies many non-Jewish people who are working to implement the secret agenda of the Global Elite. As the information comes his way the list of Global Elites grows. Any observer might notice that a disproportionate number of names of these Global Elites - relative to the Jewish population of the world - can be traced to bloodlines of Jewish descent. Perhaps

David Icke may be correct when he writes in the book And The Truth Shall Set You Free: "I strongly believe that a Jewish clique which has contempt for the mass of the Jewish people worked with non-Jews to create the First World War, the Russian Revolution, and financed Hitler to power in 1933...." (pp.124-125) In the Robot's Rebellion, David Icke writes: " ...the Rockefeller and Rothschild empires will feature in the story from now on, but I want to stress most emphatically that I will be highlighting certain people and the way in which the empires have been used. I do not wish to suggest that everyone called Rockefeller or Rothschild is involved. Most of them will not know what is going on either..(page 153)

(ref Robots' Rebellion Wake Up Call for HUman)

Before labelling anyone "Anti-Semite" and calling for "censorship" readers are invited to browse and bookmark some thought-provoking background information at these URL's:

I have always been motivated to find out the real reasons why particular researchers and historians get targeted with the ultimate label "Anti-Semitic" and other lesser labels such as "Neo-Nazi" and "Racist". Needless to say, I was motivated to follow the information in search of reasons why David Icke was being so-labelled during his Ontario '99 Tour. My research led me to John Murray and Matthew Kalman, two young British journalists who run their own 'eco-political' investigative magazine, Open Eye. It seems they took upon themselves a mission to discredit David Icke sometime in the mid-1990's when they published an article in The Jewish Chronicle and perhaps elsewhere - which somehow seems to get quoted anywhere in the world where opponents rise up to bad-mouth David Icke. The "Leaflet handed out by British Greens at Icke's seminars" was indeed handed out by protestors at the door of The Hart House, University of Toronto on October 6th, 1999. In fact, as I entered the seminar I cordially accepted the "leaflet" from Richard Warman, a member of the Green Party of Ontario from Ottawa who had viewed a portion of David Icke's Freedom Road video with me in Ottawa on September 30th, 1999.

It is my observation that much of the information on the "Leaflet" was initiated by John Murray and Matthew Kalman who co-authored and published an article in 1994, entitled "The Icke Man Cometh" shortly after David Icke published "The Robots Rebellion - The Story of Spiritual Renaissance." In this article, they wrote: "Icke enthusiastically embraced classic Nazi conspiracy theory, alleging that the world was controlled by a secret cadre of "The Elite." In the same article they wrote: "He openly endorsed The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Tsarist antisemitic forgery which inflamed Hitler's notion of a global Jewish conspiracy."

Of course, when I found out that David Icke was being accused of "openly endorsing " The Protocols of the Elders of Zion I was immediately motivated to locate them and read them. First I entered the words "protocols+elders+zion" at the Hotbot and Alta Vista Search Engines. I did not find them. Then I entered the same words at the Webcrawler Search Engine and lo and behold I found a source with an abundance of information about the history of the Protocols from the website "Be Wise As Serpents" wherein the following words are written under a subtitle called An Explanation of This Information. There are numerous subtitles at the website worthy of reading.

"Parts of what follows below was actually painful for us to post here. However, because of the ongoing misinformation campaigns launched by opposite sides of this issue, we feel it is our duty to post it. BeWISE is in possession of a vast amount of this type of material, but we are limited as to what we will be able to post. The particular piece that follows was from a well documented and comprehensive manuscript (book) entitled "Are These Things So?". It was first published in 1934 by the "WAAJA" - World Alliance Against Jewish Aggressiveness which was based in New York. Our research found out that as a result of the publication of this vast manuscript, they were forced into oblivion. In fact the authors literally disappeared, never to be seen. In light of the entirety of this material which one would need to "see for oneself", we can fully understand this. Keep in mind that what follows is merely a small excerpt of a vast amount of documented material."

Under another subtitle, "Description and Information" you will find the following relevant information plus much more in an article entitled "Description and Noted On The Protocols."

"These were originally taken from William "Bill" Cooper's fine tome "Behold A Pale Horse" however, we found some interesting intros to each Protocol in Victor Marsden's much more comprehensive book,"The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" (Originally published in 1934). We also were able to include a Conclusion from Nilus' Epilogue (1905 Edition) that Bill failed to include. We thought we would clear up something that William stated in his intro to this heinous document...

First of all, we applaud Bill for exposing these to so many through his awesome book. Interestingly, we note that in his "Author's Note" that he erroneously states that these Protocols are a product of the "Illuminati" and not the world Jewish (Zionist) leaders . . .       We can only gather from this (2) possible reasons for this entry from him:

1. that he hasn't properly done his "homework" and adequately researched the Historical Truth concerning their origins, or

2. that he did this in an effort to gain a wider distribution of his book and avoid attacks from powerful Jewish leaders and control groups such as the ADL etc...

We have found that there is much confusion concerning the True origin of the Protocols. BeWISE will simply state for the record, that they are what they say they are, and they are definitly from the Jewish (Talmudic / Masonic / Zionist) leaders and rabbinical in their essence and "mind-set". They were not meant for "public consumption" and caused a huge panic within the Jewish community. As a result, the Jewish leaders have seen fit to spend BILLIONS of dollars for "damage control" in a pathetic effort to deceive the masses of "goyim" that the Protocols are not a Talmudic/Jewish plan to acheive total world control. This is absolutely ludicrous! Unfortunately even many of our Christian/Patriot/fellow freedom-fighters have bought these massive LIES, and are therefore not fully aware of just who their physical enemies are. Tragically, they are unable to effectively understand much less combat the devastating agendas of the NWO.

However, because many people HAVE done the required research, know and understand these agendas - and more importantly - possess the tremendous courage to disseminate information about their True nature, we see the Talmudic/Judaists again feeling the need for still more damage control. Note the April '95 issue of "Readers Digest". It featured an article titled "This Lie Will Not Die" by an obvious Talmudic front man, Lawrence Elliot, and it was filled with such LIES and dissinformation that it was truly laughable to read. It is incredible the lengths that they will go to deceive the masses. This "Lie will not die" simply because it IS the Truth! And the Truth shall stand in the end no matter how it upsets the religious apple carts of the world.

The controlled media, 'Hellyweird' and the publik & private fool systems treat the American people like mushrooms: Keep 'em in the dark and feed 'em manure! But again, more and more of us "mushroom people" are waking up to the Truth... "

So thanks to "alarm bells" by the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Green Party of Ontario myself and many other readers will have more knowledge about The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which I am told are on the Banned Book list compiled by the Federal Government in Canada. How absurd - for anyone can read The Protocols of the Elders of Zion on the internet - the only remaining bastien of "free speech and freedom of expression." I am wondering if either Bernie M. Farber or Frank de Jong took the time to read The Protocols of the Elders of Zion???

Concerning The Protocols of the Elders of Zion Henry Ford Sr. said on February 17, 1921 : "The only statement I care to make about the Protocols is that they fit in with what is going on .... They have fitted the world situation up to this time. They fit it now."

It must be observed that when Henry Ford Sr. made this statement about the Protocols, it was in reference to the five million dollars of research he had invested to publish the book entitled The International Jew. The Protocols according to Henry Ford Sr. were the "alleged secret minutes of the Elders of Zion." Though the Jews at the time were advertising to the world that the Protocols were a "forgeries" Henry Ford Sr. wasted no time in arguing with them. When the Jews told Mr. Ford that the Protocols were a forgery, he said: "I don't believe they are a forgery, but whatever they are they fit what is going on as the Jew attempts to gain world power."

According to Gerald Smith, author of the Introduction to The International Jew: "Some students of the situation have pointed out that even the word "forgery" implies that the object referred to is an accurate reproduction of the original. For that reason every student of the Jewish problem should have a copy of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

My research into the Protocols led me to another document published by another noted patriot, Russell Maguire, who formerly owned the American Mercury Magazine. A man of wealth who demonstrated intelligent business initiative, he became alarmed over what he come to know as Zionism's Master Plan for World Power. This documented research manuscript came into his hands and he took upon himself the mission to publish it. Following its publication, he was the victim of attempted blackmail, physical threat, danger of assassination and the complete sabotage of his business enterprises. His life became so harassed that he left America for an isolated island home where he felt he could be safe from harassment, persecution and the risk of death itself.

During the 1990's, John Murray and Matthew Kalman have methodically make great attempts to discredit David Icke with the anti-semitic label. They also wrote: "The antisemitism of the book is not concealed. Icke accuses Jewish bankers of lending both Hitler and the Bolshevicks, a classic piece of far right propaganda." It is worthy of note that after the publication of the article "The Icke Man Cometh" Icke's first publisher Gateway refused to publish any more of his books. Perhaps that was their hidden agenda - to silence David because he was getting too close to the "truth." Being the creative individual that he is, David sought financial backing from a Jewish supporter, David Solomon to finance the launch of his own publishing company, Bridge of Love - which is still operational from the Isle of Wight. David has weathered the "anti-semitic" storm in Cnada in the fall of 1999 and and his books continue to be read by people from all over the world. Bravo !!!

In the article, The Dark Side of David Icke (see below) the author writes: "It is no secret that one of the sources for The Robot's Rebellion is another book, Behold A Pale Horse, whose author, William Cooper, is a former US naval intelligence officer and guru of the Christian Patriot militias in the US."........ "what concerns Icke's critics most is the suspicion that he is now being used to spread anti-Semitic propaganda. Tucked away at the back of Behold A Pale Horse, for instance, is the full, unexpurgated text of the Protocols, a fraudulent document which purports to be the secret minutes of a Zionist conference held in Switzerland in 1897,outlining a conspiracy by Jews and freemasons to take over the world. In The Robot's Rebellion, Icke refers to them no fewer than 25 times as the "Illuminati protocols" - language that is taken directly from Cooper."

From reading the above one might expect that William Cooper would be supportive of David Icke's mission. I have previously corresponded with William Cooper by email so I recently sent him the article "Censor NOT" which is posted at Freedom Room of The Cyberclass Network. William Cooper sent an email back to me wherein he wrote: "David Icke is a monumental BULLSHIT artist. How dare you speak of "truth" while citing David Icke and his bullshit lie "The Biggest Secret" as examples of that "truth"? You must be absolutely out of your mind. Lizard people? Shape-shifters? Queen Elizabeth changing from a human to a reptile and back again? Stick this bullshit where the sun don't shine."

I invite readers to browse William Cooper's main website at this URL: www.harvest-trust.org If it does not connect try this secondary William Cooper site which has a selection of his writings. So are you confused yet? Discernment of who is working with and for who and what is their respective agendas is the challenge for all of us. I have read William Cooper's book Behold A Pale Horse and I can attest that both William Cooper and David Icke write about a similar theme - a hidden agenda by a Global Elite for world dominance - of which the masses are totallt unaware. Suspicions aired by these great and respected researchers slightly corrodes their work.

Perhaps they are both correct in all or in portions of of their analysis of the information which they have uncovered and then again perhaps they are both wrong. Even for the researchers, discernment is the key, for what if sources are feeding them "half-truths" in the information that they pass along. I anxiously await the day when all researchers put aside their "egos" and work in unison the network pertinent information to the masses. Let us listen and read and determine what is "truth." Let this process unfold as quickly as possible so that we can indeed be better preapred to thwart the completion of the secret agenda of the Gloabl Elite. And time is running out.....

Consider now the content of a Faxed Letter from Bernie M. Farber, Executive Director, Canadian Jewish Congress, to Sumari Workshops on September 23, 1999. Bernie Farber writes:

Consider this exerpt from the content of a News Release by The Green Party Of Ontario on September 30, 1999.

"The Green Party of Ontario plans to protest the October 6, 1999 speech of anti-semite, David Icke, if Hart House Theatre does not cancel the booking. According to Frank de Jong, Green Party of Ontario leader,"Offering a platform to new age conspiracy theorist and anti-semite David Icke is bad judgement on the part of the U of T."David Icke was removed from the British Green Party for his anti-Semitic writings."

........"In September, last year, the Green Party Executive decided,without opposition, to refuse Icke a platform at our AnnualConference. It also banned the sale of his book, 'The Robot'sRebellion'.This decision was exceptional, but it was necessary. Icke's use of anti-Semitic material and his continuing public associationwith the Green Party make a neutral position untenable. The Robot's Rebellion is a conspiracy theory which claims a group of aliens and well-connected people, called the 'Illuminati', are manipulating and controlling world events with a view to establishing global domination."

........"One of Icke's main sources is a notorious document called the `Protocols of the Elders of Zion', which he renames `theIlluminati Protocols'. It states that Jews are trying to takeover the world, and was used by the Nazis to justify the genocide of 6 million people. The Waffen SS used to carry copies in their knapsacks."

From reviewing the material initially published by John Murray and Matthew Kalman it seems that both Bernie M. Farber, Canadian Jewish Congress and Frank de Jong, Green Party of Ontario have simply taken what was written as "gospel truth", added a few bits of information to dress up the "anti-semitic" label without giving any real consideration for the message of "knowledge, truth and love" that is paramount to David Icke's global mission.

They have no idea that their respective organizations are lower level, compartamentalized pyramids within greater pyramids - all of which lead to the same power structure at the top of the ultimate pyramid of power of which David Icke and many other researchers are exposing as being controlled by a New World Order Elite with significant input from Freemasons and Bilderbergs. They achieve a certain level of success with the media for journalists usually do not bother to do intensive research since the common "sponge mentality" of the masses makes it so easy to sell advertsing for print and electronic news if you instill some "fear" and paste nasty labels on people who "dare to move beyond the bewildered herd."

David Icke explains this "sponge mentality" and how it affects 99% of the masses on pages 4 and 5 in his book "I Am Me, I Am Free."

"....One generation allows its sense of self to be conditioned by older generations, parents, teachers, and media people. They don't question why. this sponge mentality and the desire to impose one's thoughts and beliefs on others has created an amazingly effective vehilce for the Elite to control the direction of the world. It is what I ahve called the Hassle-Free Zone. Every dogma, belief system, culture, and society has a Hassle-Free Zone. It works like this: you set limits of acceptable thought, view and behaviour and anyone who steps outside of those very narrow limits is immediately either ridiculed as "mad" or condemned as "bad." In my case, both. Some people stay within the Hassle-Free Zone because they are persuaded that this desperately constricted view is indeed how life should be lived. But there are very significant numbers of other people who realize how ridiculous the limits of the Zone are, but the fear of facing ridicule or condemnation ensures that they keep their mouths shut and their heads down. As they say in Japan, the nail that stands out from the rest is the first one to be hit. Here again we have the Hassle-Free Zone policed by those twin weapons, the baa, baa (those who accept the limitation of conditioned thought and view as their reality) and the fear (those who think differently, but are frightenedto say so). This means that great swathes of humanity are living a lie and denying what they really believe and what they really want to do with their lives. They don the mask. Stand in a crowded street and watch all those people walking by. You are not looking at the real, infinite them. You are looking at the mask they project to the world. The mask they believe is acceptable enough to the rest of the prisoners to avoid being ridiculed or condemned for thinking and acting differently to the demands of the Hassle-Free Zone. It is the fantastic tensions within the psyche caused by this denial which lie at the heart of most mental, emotional, and therforephysical disease (dis-ease, disharmony) which manifests as illness, depression, suicide, lack of fulfilment, and "what's the point?" This daily "war" in the psyche brings into conflict that part of us which recognizes our infinity and uniqueness, and the conscious level which seeks to deny such feelings because it fears the consequences of expressing uniqueness, in a world of programmed uniformity. These two levels of the psyche are what I term "I Am Me, I Am Free" and "Oh My God."

I Am Me, I Am Free, wishes to express and celebrate its uniqueness. Oh My God, is terrified of what that will mean in daily life. "Oh My God, what will my family think if I say what I believe? What about the fellahs at work? And the guys down at the bar? They'll think I've gone mad. Oh My God!"

I can certainly attest to this as members of my family have been chastising me for "being different" since I began my search for "truth" in 1980. It no longer troubles me what they think. Just recently, when my family members became aware of the David Icke "controversy" while he was in Ottawa, one of them wrote in an email to me: "I dont have any interest in this stuff - why do you continue getting tangled up with these marginal people and causes?"

I answered back with an email stating: "I carry on so because I truly enjoy what I do.... I don't live my life for anyone else. I have long ago stopped living my life in a way that I was always worried or concerend what other people say or think. People can say or think whatever they wish and it does not concern me. I seek to hurt noone and I seek to reach out and serve others with love from my heart. They can choose to accept or reject my invitations to learn new knowledge that they will not learn in institutions of formal learning."

Readers are invited to read not only what supporters of David Icke write but also what David Icke's opponents have been writing about him. Your challenge now, is to discern "truth" from what you read as you leave behind former beliefs and dogmas and follow new information. I encourage you to seek "truth" for yourself during this brief but exciting incarnation on planet earth at this critical time of global awakening. Perhaps the unfair labelling of researchers as "Anti-Semites" has a hidden agenda to keep people from seeking the "truth?" Or could this whole "Anti-Semitic" labelling be another "divide and conquer" deflection to keep us busy while the real 10,000 year agenda of the Freemasons and Bilderbergs is being hastily completed? Just wondering??


Behold a Pale Horse

reveals information kept secret by our government

by William Cooper

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

by Victor Marsden

The Robots' Rebellion :

The Story of the Spiritual Renaissance

by David Icke

And the Truth Shall Set You Free

by David Icke

I Am Me I Am Free :

The Robots' Guide to Freedom

by David Icke

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