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"The information contained is alarming, as it alleges that foster children may have been fraudulently and corruptly adopted for exploitation in child pornography and other illicit activities as part of a 'white slavery', child trafficking network operating out of Denver."

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May 6, 2004
Dianne Feinstein
US Senate

Dear Dianne Feinstein,

At the request of Congressman Joe Baca's (San Bernardino) office, I am sending you this package containing testimony from the recent Congressional Inquiry on CPS reform held on March 13, 2004. The Congressman has forwarded over 100 evidence books to Congressman Wally Herger (Chino), head of the Human Services Subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee.

I wish to thank you for your efforts on my behalf thus far, in writing two letters to the Attorney General, John Ashcroft, this past year. I have included a copy of one of them in this package. In your letters, you asked him to contact you personally. Have you received a response? Unfortunately, over the past two years, I have received no response from Mr. Ashcroft.

Please kindly review the enclosed An Affidavit by Attorney, March 3, which was sent to Congressman Baca's office as part of the Congressional inquiry.

The information contained is alarming, as it alleges that foster children may have been fraudulently and corruptly adopted for exploitation in child pornography and other illicit activities as part of a 'white slavery', child trafficking network operating out of Denver. According to the affidavit, a Denver Judge named Max, states that this network murdered my husband David Chase, and targeted our adoptive twins, Denver foster children, ........ , for illicit activities and trafficking.

The attorney that wrote the affidavit, has informed me that he sent a letter to both your LA and San Francisco offices about two weeks ago, as he had met with you a number of times when he was working in San Francisco many years ago.

Your former aide, Kirsten Garey, from your Westwood Blvd. Office in LA has met with myself and members of the International Children's Rights committee, which I chair, on several occasions, and has been extremely helpful in our committee's efforts to raise awareness of this important issue. Since Kirsten is no longer at your office, please share this information with the appropriate current aide.

I am still concerned that legislation is needed to prevent foster children from being fraudulently adopted and trafficked, and would like to continue to work with your office on this issue.

My hope in writing you is that I will make you aware of the problems and difficulties in detecting whether or not children, such as the twins, have been exploited in child pornography. An expert in child trafficking and satanic ritual abuse rings, Sergeant Richard Valdemar, of the LA County Sheriff's Department Major Crimes Bureau, has shared the following with me: "Child trafficking rings transport the children from one place to another, and they are abused by one group of people after another, once children get into the system. Foster children, adopted children … any place where they can be procured from the regular system. They have people that are able to do this. Then the person who procured them is like their owner or broker; they don't care what happens to their children, and actually volunteer their children for this kind of stuff. Sometimes a great deal of money is exchanged. Sometimes the children may be there for a few weeks to a few months.

According to Sergeant Valdemar, children who have been exploited in pornography and satanic ritual are often conditioned, threatened, given drugs to cause memory loss and deterred with threats such as we have planted a bomb inside you and if you tell anyone, it will explode and you will die, or that your loved ones, friends, or pets will be killed, etc. So a safe setting is required in order for them to divulge the abuses done to them."

What Sgt. Valdemar is saying, is that in order to investigate these severe abuse allegations, professionals with prior experience in these types of cases need to be consulted. An excellent resource is the 'Children at Risk' video, narrated by Actor Mike Farrell which we are including in our 'Every Child Safe Campaign' resource package to be made available to law enforcement agencies, Social Services agencies, and therapists and those in political office responsible for overseeing of the foster care system.

Senator, Feinstein, I need your help in order to find out what happened to the twins? We need to find out exactly what Judge Max meant by " the wagons have been circled' around David Chase's children". Does this mean they have been targeted for this trafficking network's illicit activities? Is this still occurring behind the scenes?

As I stated in my testimony to the Congressional Inquiry, "there was no one left standing up for the safety of the twins. Are they now in the hands of the very network of individuals that murdered their adoptive father? Judge Max had stated that they were abducting children for the purpose of child pornography, and additionally twins were highly sought after for mind control experiments, satanic ritual abuse and pornography. Unless a thorough investigation is done, this type of illicit, and exploitive activity will most certainly continue, and fake nannies, and unscrupulous attorneys and child traffickers will undoubtedly infiltrate our federal child protective agencies."

I know you have many constraints on your time, but I strongly urge you to read the testimony of ret. FBI Agent, Ted Gunderson, who spoke before me at the hearing, and also please read my testimony. If you prefer, you could play the enclosed DVD and watch and listen to us at the hearing.

I would like the opportunity to meet with you personally, either in LA, where I live, or in San Francisco, or Washington DC if necessary. I have been asking for confirmation of the safety of these twins for almost 9 years. Now that CBI is aware of the location where the twins are residing, in Colorado, Dr. Linda Steele's request for them to be evaluated by both a medical doctor and child psychologist in order to rule out these multiple alarming allegations is long overdue. Dr. Steele's request is necessary, because, as Sgt. Valdemar states, exploited children have been prevented from speaking out about what they are subjected to because they are terrified of the repercussions of speaking out, i.e. threats carried being out, and other conditioning techniques. So if a Social Worker or police officer knocked at the door, they may not immediately detect the signs of this abuse, because it is so difficult to detect.

Unfortunately, none of the Colorado authorities have responded to the multiple requests to provide reassurance that these children have not been exploited.

I am certain both Sgt. Valdemar and FBI Agent (ret) Ted Gunderson would be available to meet with you or your staff to assist in educating those in authority to provide adequate responses to these types of serious allegations.

Thank your for acting immediately on behalf of the safety of children everywhere.

Yours in service to the children,

Yours in service to the children,

Judi Amber Chase.
The International Children's Rights Committee

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