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The Bronfman Canadian
Green Party & Jewish Congress
Private HolyCost

The Bronfman family of Canada has been a major outspoken critic of FREE SPEECH and PRESS and proponents of censorship. The Bronfmans built an empire on running booze illegally into the United States from Canada, during the prohibition years. Their connections to Al Capone were well known and the Bronfmans were considered were part of the 'MOB.' Kemper Mafia in Arizona who were supporters of John McCain were also connected to the Bronfman mob. All these affiliations were involved with illegal booze running, the source of the Bronfman fortunes. These were all interconnected mobs, and none could act or perform without the knowledge and consent of the others. If you do not know of these connections here are some links providing the background for this article.

The Seagram Company and the Canadian Jewish Congress were founded by the same Bronfman family, which has been linked to the Arizona Kemper mafia group and Al Capone's Mob. The Seagrams Company Bronfmans are also supporters and affiliated with the World Jewish Congress, the Canadian Green Party, the Anti-Defamation League, Playboy Magazine and Resorts, Southern Poverty Law Center and B'nai Brith. Edgar Bronfman, President and CEO of the Seagram Company has been quite outspoken through these various sponsored affiliations. He wants and demands censorship of anyone writing about the German Holocaust, outside his private interpretations. His organizations along with similar minded power bases, like the Weisenthal Center, Nizcor Group, etc., feel they have the sole private right to publish and post on the internet any and all information regarding history, especially history involving WW2, Hitler, the German Holocaust. They deny rights to any other person or organization which attempts to investigate the Bronfman 'private' claims and 'private' histories. For some strange reason, Bronfman and subordinates feel they OWN and CONTROL this part of history, and anything written out of their "approved" views has to be censored, at all costs.

Background on the Censors:

You have to remember while perusing these articles, every pro-censor activity mentioned in the articles below was backed, supported, even bankrolled by the Bronfmans through the spider web network they control, including political parties, candidates, beaurocrats, government officials, religious organizations, businesses, etc. Some of these ties are so strong that when you say the World Jewish Congress, Canadian Jewish Congress, Canadian Green Party, the Seagrams Company, and others you are really saying the Bronfman mafia, because they are all controlled by the same family.

This site has certainly never questioned Bronfman's right to publish his views on history and the holocaust. In fact, there are some excellent scholarly articles on the internet, promoting his views, which deserve further investigation and professional public debate. We welcome information of all kinds to the public view and scrutiny.

His dogmatic views to 'privately' censor all other writings questioning his own interpretation of evidences during WW2, is in reality setting up and drawing the battle lines of a major war. This attitude makes any reasonable thinking person, question these private agenda motives. Is it possible his private history cannot stand up to public investigation and scrutiny? If there is nothing to hide or hide from--- why create the conspiratorial motif around the issue? All questions, even questions neutral to the Bronfman view, are labeled and declared enemies of the Bronfman controlled empire and his version of history.

This site has not authored, even in one instance, a true, genuine, Holocaust Denial statement, attitude, or theory. In fact, it has admitted that something very evil and very insane, racially motivated, did really happen! And that many Jews and Gentiles alike lost their lives and suffered insane horrors at the hands of the Nazi Regime, through such names as Josef Mengele and countless others. This site has investigated some of the participants of those horrors, and questioned some of "Bronfman's private agenda" versions of the history surrounding these atrocities.

Yet, by the hand of Bronfman, this site has been thrown into his 'private lists' and 'labeled' by Seagrams as a 'Holocaust Denier', anti-Semitic, racist, hate-promoters, ad nauseum....When in reality, we have only challenged his 'presumed and self-appointed' messiahship control over the control of "FREE SPEECH, INTERNET and PRESS!" By law these are rights in most FREE nations (except Bronfman controlled Canada) guaranteed and preserved for the individual.

Bronfman's agenda to censor the internet, starts with the concept of 'protecting the children' from porn and abuse. We certainly agree that children should not have access to adult materials, and that technology is available to place such material into protected areas of the internet for adults only. The U.S. government places sensitive material onto the internet and is definately protected from public view. However, Bronfman's alignment with the Southern Poverty Law Center makes any person with a brain, question this relationship, since the founder of the SPLC is a known wife abuser, pedophile, rapist, child molester, etc.

We agree that children should not have access to these kind of individuals, who permeate synagogs, churches, governments, child care centers, children's clubs, rehab centers, cult and hate investigating foundations, quasi-government organizations, political lobby foundations, religious organizations, and political organizations. Children should be protected by available technologies from access to any and all adult material in the internet, including advertising with obvious sexual innuendoes. (the T&A approach to sexually promote a non-sexual product)

That is our view and the 'alleged' view of the Bronfmans and the Seagrams Company.

If you go to www.seagrams.com and look at their privacy policy, you will even see that Bronfman states:

Concerning Children: This Site is neither directed nor targeted to children under the age of 13. However, certain of Seagram's Affiliated Sites may contain content that may be of interest to visitors of this age, while others of Seagram's Affiliated Sites contain content appropriate solely to persons over the legal drinking age. Use of those Affiliated Sites is subject to those sites' respective Privacy Policies.

On many pages of Bronfman's website and his subsidiary websites, you will see this statement:

You must be of legal drinking age in your country to visit any of the sites below.

However, there is NOT one single technology employed to require adherence to this policy. These websites and their content has been declared by Bronfman himself, as unsuitable for children. The products and the advertising really are not suitable for children, yet Bronfman has not even one technology employed to restrict children from accessing these websites.. There is not one single protection of children anywhere on a Bronfman website. Something is not quite KOSHER in Bronfman's thinking? Is something very hypocritical in this concept?

Bronfman dedicates his 'purported' respecting the intellectual property of others, yet in reality his henchmen have taken writings from this website, from David Icke's books, and republished them. Bronfman and his subordinates in his many affiliations take them out of context, with the sole intent to republish the words pushing their private agenda!

1. You should assume that everything you see or read on the Site is copyrighted unless otherwise noted, and may not be used except as provided in these Terms and Conditions without the prior written permission of Seagram. Seagram neither warrants nor represents that your use of materials displayed on the Site will not infringe rights of third parties not owned by or affiliated with Seagram.

We respect the intellectual property rights of others, and require that the people who use the Site do the same.

With this warning in mind, published on the Bronfman sites, we will reproduce under the Fair Use laws, some content (less than 1% and less than 512 words) from the Bronfman materials, for the purpose of information, public scrutiny, and education in this article.

With the Bronfman's hypocritical stance on protecting the children, and in view of the dangers his websites impose on the underaged, which he admits on his website .... and failing to install the technology to protect children...

Welcome children! to the Bronfman ADL, Canadian Jewish Congress, Canadian Green Party, Southern Poverty League, Seagrams, World Jewish Congress, promotion of sex and sexually inticing advertising of products... Some call it plain ole porn.....

Now does HYPOCRISY sound like the politically correct and KOSHER word to use here? Bronfman is pushing 'pornography' affiliations with Playboy and children are indeed allowed access to Bronfman's private agenda, be it sex or history. Now you may counter that is 'soft porn' but the English dictionary here in front of me, does not have a definition between varying levels of pornography. (That is a U.S. Legal system way of confusing an issue-- to divide it up into levels.) The advertisement on the right is promoting pornography and this ad is available to children. The advertisements on the left and below are sexually promoting a non-sexual product.

All images are from a Bronfman website.. the self-appointed god of 'Protector of Holocaust History." With the Bronfman & associates 'less than ethical' views on FREE SPEECH, even though acting on those views is illegal in many places around the world, they are still called 'respected citizens of the community,' per Bernie Farber, while the Bronfmans use SEX to sell their poison devil 'booze.' Yes children you will find plenty of booze and boobs on a Bronfman website.

Let me make this clear... WE are not opposed to 'pornography' per se or its publication. We are opposed to hypocrisy, censors, and liars. The Bronfmans, the Farbers, the de Jongs, Warman, and other Seagram/Bronfman alliances fit that description.

Back to protecting the children.. Something we believe in.. and something that Bronfman Inc. only 'says' they believe in...

Boys and girls....(attention parents) you can download these boobs... and the booze to FULL SCREEN size for your computer.. free of charge, access to all, courtesy of the Bronfman 'sex sells' websites. (is this KOSHER or Politically correct? to point out the truth to the public? To prove the hypocrisy of the Bronfman mafia lies? FACTS is FACTS! We didn't make this up folks)

Also notice there are no Morgans.. just well endowed Morganettes! Where are the feminist organizations regarding this obvious sex-sells Bronfman website? Some of those 'feminist' rights groups should be upset and protesting the obvious deployment of women and sex to sell booze. Unfortunately some of those groups have kissed the snake... they took money in support from a Bronfman controlled organization.

These are one and the same people who think they have the right to determine what you may or may not read! What a bunch of HYPOCRITES. The Canadian Jewish Congress, through its Green Party supporter Bernie Farber came out in defense of the Bronfmans as 'respected' leaders of the community (of morality?) in an article recently. These personages, (for I would not agree to them being human, without proof) (90 proof?) want you reading this provocative material, with mind-numbing booze in hand, rather than the 'unapproved Holocaust' material. All you need in their estimation is booze and boobs, and porn, -- forget education, forget thinking, forget information, forget all in THEIR booze.

This "self-aggrandized leader of morality and (their) truth", the Bronfman mafia, is the same one that demonstrates (demons-traits) against Mr. Icke from speaking about the immoral agenda of the evil, pedophilic, satanic, luciferan agenda being forced on the humans of this planet. Bronfman doesn't personally show up himself, but Bronfman controls the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Canadian Green Party, B'nai Brith, and countless other foundations, organizations, etc, worldwide, and each one of these arms have 'controlled puppets.' --- Farber, Mock, Kraft for the CJC, Warman, de Jong, Russow, and many inside the Canadian Green Party, and hundreds of thousands just like these mindless controlled puppets.---

Children can download Corinne, Raelene, and Jeanette, to satisfy their pruient interest in this material. In fact, children can download a new lust toy every month. IT is NOT an issue that this material is printed or available on the net, except in the case of children. The issue is the fraud, lies and HYPOCRISY of these self-appointed demi-gods, which feel they have some right to manipulate people and governments into their 'approved' agendas. They are guilty by their own words!

The Bronfman mafia and all its associates have a long history of illegal activities, including FRAUD against the people. Below is one case against the HYPOCRITICAL moral defender of censored speech.

Kiefer-Stuart Company v. Seagrams (1951)
Vertical price fixing and market division
Seagrams and Calvert corporations conspired to set maximum resale prices to be abided by liquor wholesalers in Indiana including the Kiefer-Stuart Company. Seagrams and Calvert agreed to refuse to deal with wholesalers who did not agree to these maximum resale prices.

Since Seagrams and Calbert had conspired to set prices (even maximum prices) they were in violation of the Sherman Act. The company's argued that Kiefer-Stuart and the other liquor wholesalers in the area had formed a cartel to raise wholesale prices and that the setting of maximum resale prices by Calbert and Seagrams was designed to counter this anti-competitve cartel.

The court responded that collusion is not permissible even in order to combat cartelization on the part of other firms. It is not clear how the court would have ruled on the setting of maximum resale prices in the absence of collusion between Calbert and Seagrams.

Of course the Bronfman tribes do not want you to be able to read things like this. PRICE-FIXING in the marketplace has been illegal since the inception of the United States. Yet, the Bronfmans, (Farber's pillars of the community) were involved in illegal activities, only 6 years after the U.S. sacrificed thousands of soldiers to stop the JEWISH HOLOCAUST. Some gratitude, eh? What a big THANK YOU... for stopping the Germans from Killing all of the Jews! What HYPOCRISY -- Thank you and Screw you -- the same crap we get from the Bronfman mafia today.

The Big HolyCost - The Bronfmans

How many words in a book have ever killed people? How many words spoken have killed people? How many words on an internet screen have killed people? Without much research.. (I did look) the answer is NONE!.

Can words in a book be the cause of a holocaust? Of course not. Only people can be the cause. Yet the Bronfman puppet, Bernie Farber of the CJC claimed such would be case if the devil internet were not CONTROLLED!. In 1995, an internet site posted some articles from a book called the Anarchist's Cookbook along with other material in the same vein. Nothing there was unusual or not easily available elsewhere, but Farber, Bronfman's man, started pushing for control of the internet due to this one site. This was in 1995, so you can see the Bronfman mafia has been determined to gain control over the internet, like they have the press and other communications industries, such as Universal Studios and Time Warner.

    The article is posted here and you can see the exposure of the Bronfman/Farber's lies. This article was published in a Canadian newspaper also. THE LITTLE DEATHNET STORY THAT GREW

Can you see the pure unadulterated hypocrisy here.. again? Alcohol is an ingredient of many of 'home project' experiments in making homemade weapons. With a certain amount of alcohol content, they are 'ready-made' Malotov Cocktails...simply add the wick. And Bronfman makes the stuff by the megaton! Why isn't the idiot Farber trying to get legislation to stop the manufacture of this dangerous chemical, easily obtainable on the streets, used in making dangerous home weapons? Because the marionette Bronfman did not pull Farber's strings in that direction! If only such a dangerous chemical was not so easy to obtain. All the words in the world would not cause the fire or explosion.. the Bronfman booze would.

So if the words in a book cannot kill anyone or harm anyone, then why object to the words written in a Holocaust Denial essay? If the Bronfman mafia is telling the truth surrounding the facts of the holocaust, then how could any number of lies change the truth? The truth of the matter is that Bronfman and clan don't really care about the truth of the holocaust, one way or the other! The story of the Holocaust, regardless of facts or truth about it, is being used to control and manipulate the masses. David Icke defined this method in Revelations of a Mother Goddess as emotional manipulation.

Another author charges Bronfman's puppet with using feigned 'hysteria' to manipulate things to his perverted point of view.

The Bronfman clan has been manipulating the masses in some very subliminal, covert and overt methods for many decades. Who is Bronfman trying to manipulate emotionally? The Jewish people! He doesn't give a damn about the Gentiles, other than to harrass them since in his Talmudic view they are dirty dogs.

For example, Edgar Bronfman, president of the World Jewish Congress, in May 1989 called the people of Austria "dirty, anti-Semitic dogs" for their refusal to renounce Kurt Waldheim as their president. (Bronfman was speaking at a meeting of the Canadian Jewish Congress. His remarks were reported in the Toronto Globe and Mail, 8 May 1989

You see he doesn't give a damn about the Gentiles.. He does use them as his personal supply of puppets (puppies), such as the Canadian Green Party. People of the world have to wake up and realize that the Green Party, the Canadian Jewish Congress, the World Congress are NOT decision makers, but are controllers of decision makers, so they can stay safely out of the public scrutiny and view. The subliminal mind controlling nonsense here is that Bronfman calls himself Congress, making it appear to the world he has a power, that in reality does not exist. Doesn't Congress sound impressive and official? Actually this Congress could be called the Bronfman club... Since it is there to serve his private agendas.

Post those holocaust pictures, over and over, raise the memorials, condemn anyone who dares question details around that history as liars, and anti-Semites... Bronfman then emotionally manipulates the Jewish people to think like he wants them to, and react in the way he wants them to.. And many fall for this manipulation, never questioning if the facts being given them about WW2 are absolutely accurate. ---just following the Bronfman emotional lead into being non-thinking individuals. Thank God, not all the Gentiles fall to be his puppets and not all Jews fall for his line of crap.

David Icke, David Irving, Ernst Zundel, and others have been labeled by the Bronfman mafia. They did not seek this label or the other kind 'dog' labels of the Bronfmans. They simply question some of the accuracy of history and the claims of the Bronfman history. Some goes as far as to say it never happened, others question the numbers, other simply investigate the participants of the events. Labeling is another smear tactic. It is designed to cast a person in a less than favorable view publicly. It serves to re-enforce the sheeple drugged by the emotional mind control. The problem of labeling is WHO determined the definition of the label? Usually the labellers.

Take Bronfman's 'big stick' -- the anti-Semite label.. Under his 'private' definition, he has slanted it to mean Jew-hatred by any person who disagrees with Bronfman or won't subject themselves to his control. However, there are a hell of a lot of Semites in this world who are not now or ever were JEWISH! The Semite race preceded Abraham according to Torah texts, as the lineage of Shem. Well, there were a lot of non-Abrahamic Semites born and reproducing before Abraham was born. The entire Moslem world would be descendent of Abraham and would also be Semites. Of course one should look a Shem's daddy, Noah. He had three sons making all Semites related to the other two children of Noah. The real definition makes the charge of being an anti-Semite rather a useless term, unless you hate nearly everyone on the face of the earth.

Another favorite, disparaging label is to call David Icke a 'Holocaust Denier' or the gentler 'Holocaust Revisionist.' David Icke wrote in his books that the 'historical Jesus never existed.' In the sense of fairness and all things being above board for public scrutiny, Bronfman and puppets never call David Icke a 'Christian Revisionist' or 'Crucifixian Denier.' Pay attention.. Bronfman and puppets are ONLY interested in their 'private agenda!'--- not fair play, not equality of views. They do not care about the 'dogs' and the Christian Jew Jesus being revised or denied! WHAT HYPOCRITES! It's only their private history they want to preserve, whether it is the truth or not.

I came across a bit of information while doing research for this article that I had not seen before:

Riggs tells us that in 1939 Lt. Col. Dr Ernst Bloch, a German Jew, serving in Hitler's Wehrmacht, in particular working for Abwehr chief Canaris, had special orders to rescue Rebbe Schneerson and his followers from German-occupied Warsaw and take them to Germany.

What Riggs doesn't tell us - or he was ignorant of this fact - is that these special orders had come directly from the Chancellory in Berlin, that is, directly from Adolf Hitler.

Hitler called Himmler at the Reichssicherheitshauptamt in Berlin to organise a free passage for Schneerson and his followers to a country of their choice. Hitler also ordered a special forces group, led by Bloch, to bring Schneerson and his group safely to Berlin. At the same time Himmler and Canaris organised their safe transit from Germany via Latvia to Sweden, and from there to New York, USA. Schneerson remained there until his death in 1994.


To me that raises some very curious questions. But if I study this and research this and write on this, I too will fall into the anti-Semite grinding machine of the Bronfman mafia. This is 'not approved' material by them. I just don't feel I should have to be expected to seek permission and approval from a mafia family that made their fortunes through illegal booze trafficking, in concert with Al Capone and Kemper Marely. Is this the same Schneerson family with connections to Bush? Can't find out though, because this is 'revisionism' which is not KOSHER.

This little piece from Cambridge University brings up another interesting fact?

Cambridge University researcher Bryan Rigg has traced the Jewish ancestry of more than 1200 of Hitler's soldiers, including two field marshals and fifteen general (two full general, eight lieutenant generals, five major generals), "men commanding up to 100,000 troops."

  In approximately 20 cases, Jewish soldiers in the Nazi army were awarded German's highest military honor, the Knight's Cross.

Archived article:Hitler's Jewish Army

None of the words from those two articles killed anyone. I didn't even feel a scratch. Perhaps I should not refer to them as fact... That's jail time in Rothschild Germany and Rothschild France... and total Bronfman harassment in Canada. If these are legitmate evidences, which do indeed 'correct' not revise history, then they should be investigated and properly written in the history books. I don't understand why this information is so dangerous to the Bronfmans. Black brethren also fought on the Confederate side of the American Civil War. It was their home territory. So what? If these stories are true then they sure lend credence to these reports also, but in Bronfman Canada, we'll never find out:

Bronfman and puppets moan and wail about forgetting the massacre of 6 million (contested) Jews by the Nazi Regime, which if true is not something this world is likely to simply forget. They fail, however, to mention the millions of non-Jews which also lost their lives, sacrificed for a banker's (Rothschild) war. In the puppets' holier than thou diatribe of protecting the Bronfman version, through intimidation and emotional manipulation, everyone is overlooking the obvious, NOT one word killed anyone! Guns, swords, gas, starvation, bombs, tanks, GOVERNMENTS and POLITICAL PARTIES, etc. did the killings.

The Bronfmans' and puppets produce and support the biggest killer of history. Booze. Alcohol Kills!. The words on this page do not. The table below shows the average deaths per year in the United States from Bronfman's and colleagues products (sold with sex).

How can alcohol be blamed for 100,000 deaths each year?

  • 5% of all deaths from diseases of the circulatory system are attributed to alcohol.
  • 15% of all deaths from diseases of the respiratory system are attributed to alcohol.
  • 30% of all deaths from accidents caused by fire and flames are attributed to alcohol.
  • 30% of all accidental drownings are attributed to alcohol.
  • 30% of all suicides are attributed to alcohol.
  • 40% of all deaths due to accidental falls are attributed to alcohol.
  • 45% of all deaths in automobile accidents are attributed to alcohol.
  • 60% of all homicides are attributed to alcohol.

  • (Sources:the Scientific American and Addiction Research Foundation of Ontario.)

    100,000 deaths. That's more than a statistic. That is 100,000 individuals with faces. 100,000 individuals with lives not fully lived. 100,000 individuals grieved by mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and children. Every year.

    Note that the table only includes those deaths attributed to alcohol, and not those deaths which are alcohol related. It does not address the booze deaths in Canada or the rest of the world. Booze kills. Words do not. You can safely move this figure to 500,000 deaths worldwide, and have a very underestimated figure to deal with. With this number to work with how many have suffered at the hand of the Bronfman and colleagues' (others in the same booze business) HolyCost? 1 million in two years... 6 million in 12 years... Not counting the illegal booze of the Bronfmans during the US Prohibition, but only since 1920, this would easily reach the 400 million people dead due to Bronfman and colleagues. Wow! the holocaust numbers pale in comparison to the holycost numbers. If the Seagrams Company was only accountable for 1% of total world market, they by themselves would have killed 4 million people. That's an incredible holycost!

    Of course Bronfman might counter and say the numbers weren't reliable, and that records of those numbers were not all that accurate back 50 years or more. He might say that the numbers are even made up to make his company look bad. I would have to say to him that he is a 'Statisitics Revisionist' and 'Alcohol Poison Denier.' But think about it.. isn't this exactly what the Bronfman mafia wants you to accept with his tirade of censorship on the Holocaust history? What is so wrong with challenging history or statistics? They are both only as good as the author or compiler.

    I can hear the industry giants like Bronfman wailing that the use of alcohol is the choice of the individual and using alcohol requires personal awareness and education. Tell that to the tobacco industry who used the same argument, but are now having to pay individuals for death claims and paying states billions for the other costs of tobacco illnesses and deaths. The Bronfmans did not refuse booze to these dying people, therefore they are complicent in these deaths. Perhaps there should be a super payoff from the Bronfmans and colleagues to pay the medical and death costs, the same as the tobacco industry. While avoiding answering to a liability like that, Bronfman and puppets think that people who never lived during or saw WW2 should pay not only the JEWISH survivors of that war, but the surviving JEWISH offspring of that era, that never lived through it. I have not heard Bronfman once say that all the Gentile families that suffered losses during WW2 fighting the Nazis, should also be compensated. Oh yes, they are just 'dogs' to him.

    None of the words in the paragraph above killed anyone. Booze did.

    Don't get this website, me, or this article wrong! We do not attempt to determine what you may or may not read or hear and certainly not what you consume. That is your choice, not ours.. Don't you wish the Bronfman puppeteers had taken this view?

    The fact is the Bronfman mafia and puppets have an incredible influence on your life and way of thinking. The Bronfman empire was born in the days of prohibition, illegally smuggling booze into the United States for the Al Capone Mob. It has grown into a giant company like the spider-web influence which David Icke wrote on in one of his articles. On this link there is a listing of only SOME entities of the Bronfman mafia empire. This is the hub of the web, and it branches out to thousands of other connections, that are not listed on this link.

    With the multi-billion dollars Bronfman spends on advertising these products, along with bringing direct subliminals through his communication industries, you and I are being blasted from all sides by Bronfman in one way or another. His 'sex-sells' advertising of his non-sexual products has been investigated by many far more qualified than I.

    This linked article was written by an M.D. directly to Edgar Bronfman, concering his advertising and connections to the Playboy porn industry, along with challenging Bronfman advertising with the "sexualization of children" and that "30% of your cartoons and illustrations are child magnets." Bronfman, in his usual form, has one of his puppets at Playboy answer for him, rather than address the issue like an honest businessman, not even bothering to feign concern for the Doctors, well researched material.

    Two more doctors, this time Jewish doctors, express the same concern of the sexual content of booze advertising and other concerns over disastrous harm and lies by the booze industry.

    It seems while adeptly ignoring the problems of Bronfman's own products and advertising, he still has time to harass 'revisionists.' These doctors and professionals are charging that these advertisements are manipulating the masses into buying booze on a false and intentionally manufactured pretense, that booze attracts sexual encounters. Booze industry giants will deny this till the next holocaust, but the United States government, admitted that sexual advertising does indeed manipulate the public at large! It hasn't been that many years ago that the Federal government clamped down on cigarette advertising, banning the cigarette companies from using these manipulating tactics. No advertising was allowed featuring the 'pretty woman' or 'rugged man' with a cigarette in their lips. The United States government affirmed this as manipulative on the YOUNG MINDS.

    Author Wilson Key defines this method as 'emotional manipulation' . . almost the same words used by David Icke in Revelations of a Mother Goddess. This book "Subliminal Seduction" by Key and the book "The People Shapers" by Vance Packard both uncover the mind control techniques used in advertising, even down to the being mind numbing, including Seagram examples. These are not words as in this article, but are images, to invoke emotions, responses, scents, and to give a FALSE impression of the product being sold. It is all control folks, its part of the Matrix, it's characterized in the movie, 'They Live." It's too bad both of these books are now out of print, or I'd link them up for you here.

    While Bronfman is employing mind control and subliminal programming, he dares demand censorship over anything! Again I repeat.. WHAT A HYPOCRITE!

    You would not believe how Bronfman sneaks in this subliminal control over your mind and your children, but two books, three including David Icke's book, are all saying the same thing. This article is providing you the with evidences, the facts, the research, the resources that reveal what we are exposing here for you. These are solid facts.

    Remember while you are reading - Not one word on this page has harmed you.

    One final fraud of the Bronfman mob... Why the Green Party? While the Green Party, in itself, has been ineffectual, it has gained a voice in public awareness, based on the past accomplishments, good or bad, of real environmentalists. If the environmental movement ever gains a real foothold in policy, then the Green Party, if it still exists at that time would simply slide into an unearned position of power in government. In the meantime they make noise and rattle sabres about an number of time wasting issues, having forgotten what the Green Party was originally all about. The controllers, with the power of the purse, such as the Bronfman mob and the Catholic based Sierra Club, have infiltrated a 'once upon a time' grassroots movement and replaced the ideals with policies, agendas, and time and fund wasting activities. The Bronfman mob has replaced environmental issues with fascist, socialist, and communist goals. Henchmen puppets like Bronfman's Warman, & de Jong have replaced the environmentalist at the top of the Green heirarchy. The Bronfman controlled Green Party allows no dissent to the policies or the leaders. The Bronfman Greens have placed unpopular minority agendas at the top of the list, losing favor with their once dedicated environmentalist members. The polls show the incredible small number of votes being cast for the Bronfman controlled party Green candidates. The Green Party, along with the Communist Party have been attempting to gain 'equal voice and power' in governments from a minority position. This will never happen in a FREE SOCIETY, since that would be acquiring powers without the consent of the governed, i.e. dictatorship, tyranny, totalitarianism. If the Green Party ever expects to gain any sort of real policy making power in government regarding environmental issues, they have to start making friends of the public, instead of making enemies of the public at large. They will have to start by LOSING their controllers, the Bronfmans and the unpopular as hell, Sierra Club. Censorship and authoritarian attitudes will never bring anything but a small number of fascist votes to the polls. Pro-Freedom stances will make the public an ally.

    It was the environmentalist's concern over the ozone layer and the hole in the atmosphere that brought about the end to natural CFC's (freon) being used throughout the world. Whether that was over-reacting or correct has really yet to be seen, but when the volcano in the Phillipines erupted it was reported that it poured more CFC's into the air than the U.S. could in a hundred years. That makes the amount used in the U.S. miniscule in comparison to one volcano, but there is no doubt that the U.S. was polluting through frivolous use of CFC's. Even with conflicting environmental and scientific reports the ban was put in place, under great suspicion, as to it being an effective tool to prevent depletion of the ozone layer.

    Supposedly, safer synthetic freons, at 10 times the costs to consumers, had already been developed and patented prior to the ban being imposed, by the DuPont Chemical Company. Why was it imperative for the Bronfman mob to infiltrate and start controlling the Green Party? They own DuPont. They wanted their new patents to pour more billions into their pockets at the expense of the consumers. What better way than to attach themselves, then control the only real environmental political voice, the Green Party? The Bronfman mob still pushing through their private agenda and for guaranteed profits, at the expense of many honest Green members that only wanted an environmentally conscious society.. not a dictatorial environmental rule, as would be imposed by the likes of Bronfman and the Sierra Club. The Bronfman mobsters not only had a vested interest in the CFC's issue but a vested interest to destroy the real environmental movement. Why would the Green Party align itself with a family like the Bronfmans, notorious mobster background, questionable fortunes, and convicted of price fixing, if not for the Bronfman coffers.

    In light of the Bronfman background and heinous crimes and control, they still think they are the sole ethical, Jewish, holocaust authority, with the right to abuse others who disagree.

    What are they really saying to you? You get to experience EVERYTHING that SEXY EYE has to offer? Everything that BOOZE has to offer? IT's A LIE!

    I remember some of those experiences.... toilet hugging, dry heaves.....

    Well it is time to end this article.. and I will grab a cigarette, a non-Seagram kosher wine, and read The Biggest Secret. As I said, I am not your censor, don't let Bronfman and puppets censor you either. I offer this article to my Gentile and Jewish friends, and to a very special Rabbi, that gave me proper grounding and information to see through the CRAP (I mean Bronfmans) of LIES, whether JEW or GENTILE. May the Bronfmans suffer the destiny afforded to Henry Kissinger by the Sanhedrin.

    I am not anti-Semite or any other label that the Bronfman goons might apply. I have already been labelled as a Jew-lover in the most derogatory way, in a court of law by a Masonic judge and an Eastern Star lawyer, simply for telling the truth about how the government system was harming a Jewish family. I didn't know then that truth came with disparaging labels, after all they made me take an oath to tell the truth, when they really wanted lies. What a bunch of frauds, these judges and lawyers are! So don't give me your holier than thou bullshit Mr. Puppet Farber.

    I do a fair amount of research and run across the Christian and Patriot Jew-Watch sites, that do promote negative rascist theories. They do, however, have the right to publish and speak this type of racism. It disgusts me, but I have to remember, coming out of a Christian upbringing, that this racism being portrayed is a racism of ignorance and brainwashing. Many times these folks don't realize that the material is rascist.. to them the material is factual, re-enforced by their lying preachers. They label all Jews as bad for the likes and actions of the Bronfman/Rothschild/Kissinger/Albright types.

    This attitude is like saying that all U.S. citizens are like Bush/Clinton/McCain etc., and it just ain't so. These Christian sites represent only another kind of pure hypocrisy... They think they are warning of the Jewish danger and Jewish takeover of the world, even cursing and hating all Jews for this.... Yet they awaiting the return of a Jew named Jesus, which will rule the world with an iron rod! Doesn't that seem rather odd? What greater hypocrisy could there be to warn the world of a Jewish takeover, when what they are praying for is a Jewish messiah to take over the world?

    Having studied for a number of years with some Jewish people and with a rabbi, you just cannot 'lump' them all together as a single group, any more than you can any other people. A large number do not agree with the Bronfmans, the Kissingers, the Rothschilds, and that ilk. An even larger percentage are apathetic and oblivious to any truths of these matters. Sleepers and sheeple are in all races and groups of people.

    Don't stand still for hypocrisy, lies, censorship and frauds, whether they be from the Bronfman mobsters, the Bush mafia, or Christian preachers.. It just ain't worth it....


    A federal court in Philadelphia has already ruled : quoth that court,
    "Just as the strength of the Internet is chaos,
    so the strength of our liberty depends upon the chaos and
    cacophony of the unfettered speech the First Amendment protects."

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