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Kris Kristofersson was a Rhodes Scholar.

This is very important and rarely if at all known; Clay Shaw's address was"1313" dauphin ave. in New Orleans. His house was "RED" with a "WHITE" door. It seems to tie into his perverse and mystical leanings as far as young boys and magic not only was he directly involved in the Kennedy assination he has blatant brotherhood/satanic symbols color his house.

A fuel hauling company in the new york city area is called "Island Transportation" I see their fuel trucks driving around new york and long island. they are based in West "Babylon" Long Island they have a big symbol on the trucks. It is a upside down triangle with the letters "TC"(trilats?) and THE EYE OF OSIRIS !! I see them all the time and no one even thinks twice of what the blatant symbols are. also standard oils old office is in the wall st. area.

From another building I can see J. Rockefellers old office, it has a porch facing towards the statue of liberty, and on both sides of this "porch" their are "obelisks"...

from r.r.


I figured out: Between the deaths of JFK and Diana is exactly:
33 years 9(=3x3) months 9(=3x3) days
November 22 ,1963 to July 31, 1997
Timelined long in advance undoubtedly.


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