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The Godfather

The other night I sat down & watched the movie classic "The Godfather". I am referring to part one of the series & I believe I've seen this film at least a dozen times or so over the last 15 years.

However, that night I caught a visual of something I've never noticed before. In fact, if it wasn't for "The Moneychangers" video that I have, I would not have received this little 'in-your-face' new world order zinger. We all know that the High Priests of Illumination use their propaganda arm in Hollywood to either condition the masses for what's coming (i.e Artifical Intelligence) or purposely produce an 'in-your-face' film as if to say, "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha......WE did this & you're too mindless to figure it out." (i.e Capricorn One).

In "The Godfather", remember when "Sonny" Corleone was gunned down at the causeway toll booth? Shortly after his son's funeral Don Corleone instructs his lawyer to arrange a meeting of the heads of the five families so as to call a truce & put an end to the bloodshed. So where does this meeting take place? The film provides the viewer with a three to five second shot of the outside facade of an architectural gray stone building that is none other than the Federal Reserve Bank of NewYork.

Was this one of those 'in-your-face' digs by the New World Orderlies? I'm not suggesting that the mafia runs The Fed but more importantly that The Fed is run by a policy similiar to that of the mob - one of extortion, whereby a fiat currency is created out of thin air & is charged interest for the privilege of usury. I'm referring to a policy administered by a group of wealthy (banking) families that make up this private cabal known as the Federal Reserve.

Notice if you will, that in "The Godfather" art imitates life. In the film, the families are systematically killing each other off. In real life, every few years one banking leviathan swallows up another, gaining more turf from which to set up shop & bleed the mindless sheep dry. Futhermore, when the Federal Reserve Bankster provides statements to the intellectual prostitutes of the mainstream press, they more often than not lie through their usury green teeth. Today, we have a train wreck in slow motion global economy & we hear:

"The economy worldwide is stable & improving. I see no reason why the sheople......I mean people.....shouldn't dump their life savings into the casino stock market. People should go on spending & more importantly, buying on credit."

E possibile avere del contante con la mia carta di credito????

Alla Prossima, David from Ann Arbor, Michigan USA

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