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Today the Travel Channel's new series, Secrets, did a show on the secrets of Harrod's in London. It was neat to watch but what really got my attention is the Egyptian section of Harrod's Al-Fayed made out of an old elevator shaft.

There is a carved sphinx with Al-Fayed's face on it and several pharoanic busts of him "watching everyone" as the guide said. At the top of the Egyptian escalator ride of several floors is an elaborate ceiling with the signs of the zodiac in Egyptian, BUT not in zodiacal order, which is significant to me. The Egyptian zodiac is placed around the belt of Orion (not the whole constellation, just the belt) as pointed out by the guide.

There are the 3 stars of the belt of Orion as bright, single lights (looks like crystal). The lights are smallest to the left, larger in the middle and largest on the right. Each star has rays, getting more as they move right (10 rays on the left one, while 18 on the right). The one on the right is Mintaka, capitol star of the Orion Empire and home of the reptilian queen!

During the program, they make an issue of how Al-Fayed is warring with the queen of England. She won't even give him a passport. Look deeper. The queen is the Ninhursag (representative) of the rebel queen who broke from Orion. Al-Fayed seems to be with the returning Orion (Mintaka) faction. This is internal fighting. Both are equally bad.

Even in David Icke's book, The Biggest Secret, it seems that both segments meet for ceremonies irregardless of internal battles.

How interesting. Robert Morning Sky is also one of the Mintaka faction, as you can see from his material. How interesting.

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