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Power Without Ethics or Common Sense
By Dr. Andreas Toupadakis

"When I look at mankind today, nothing astonishes me quite so much as the shortness of man's memory with regard to political developments. Yesterday the Nuremberg trials, today the all-out effort to rearm Germany. In seeking for some kind of explanation, I cannot rid myself of the thought that this, the last of my fatherlands, has invented for its own use a new kind of colonialism, one that is less conspicuous than the colonialism of old Europe. It achieves domination of other countries by investing American capital abroad, which makes those countries firmly dependent on the United States. Anyone who opposes this policy or its implications is treated as an enemy of the United States. It is within this general context that I try to understand the present-day policies of Europe, including England."

January 2, 1955
Einstein acknowledging New Year's greetings from the Queen Mother of Belgium.

The human species has not yet learned from history that war only creates conditions that beget further war.

The superpower's new policy of preventive war is destined to bring chaos on earth if it is allowed to be practiced. We might as well call it the policy of global terror. Why have we become so mad? Who is pushing the world to its total destruction along with unspeakable agony and fear? Would it be an exaggeration to say that madness rules the world? For those who know the facts about the number and nature of weapons of mass destruction, it would be a true statement.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter, delivering his Nobel Lecture in the Oslo City Hall on Dec. 10, 2002, stated, "For more than half a century, following the founding of the State of Israel in 1948, the Middle East conflict has been a source of worldwide tension. At Camp David in 1978 and in Oslo in 1993, Israelis, Egyptians, and Palestinians have endorsed the only reasonable prescription for peace: United Nations Resolution 242. It condemns the acquisition of territory by force, calls for withdrawal of Israel from the occupied territories, and provides for Israelis to live securely and in harmony with their neighbors. There is no other mandate whose implementation could more profoundly improve international relationships."

And while Mr. Jimmy Carter speaks the truth in the previous statement, surprisingly he continues: "Perhaps of more immediate concern is the necessity for Iraq to comply fully with the unanimous decision of the Security Council that it eliminate all weapons of mass destruction and permit unimpeded access by inspectors to confirm that this commitment has been honored. The world insists that this be done."

However, as much praise as the first statement deserves to receive, the second statement deserves as much condemnation. No, the world does not "insist that this be done." The world insists that all nations disarm and the ones that have the most should start first. The responsibility of the United Nations is not to disarm a few nations and keep the rest armed to their teeth. The responsibility of the United Nations and the Security Counsel is to make sure that the superpower starts first and then with inspections in place they make sure that all other nations follow. Surely, if they cannot do that, their existence is meaningless. Globalization is a fact, but how does the United Nations prevent economic exploitation of the small nations? How do they act when they see the doors closed to the media and to the weaker nations during the world economic conferences?

The world asks, 'Why can Israel have hundreds of nuclear weapons but Iraq and North Korea cannot? Why does Turkey still occupy the northern part of Cyprus and why does Israel still occupy Palestine?' Who is "the world?" The world is not the superpower and its allies. The world is all nations, an elementary grade student will tell us. How far the West has gone! Why is it a crime for Iraq, North Korea or any other nation to even think of making weapons of mass destruction when other nations have thousands in their arsenals? In fact, at the same time they threaten to enforce their absurd standards, they are making more weapons of mass destruction.

But the world knows the obvious. It is not about weapons of mass destruction and it is not about changing this or that regime. Virtually all people of the world know that it is about total world domination, which can only come by ensuring control of the oil and placing military bases on the soil of other nations. And this has been accomplished for many years almost exclusively by killing millions of innocent people, mutilating many more around the globe for life, and devastating the environment. If this is not terrorism, then what is it?

We fail to realize the obvious, that there is only one superpower manipulating politics and the economy, but there are many superpowers that have the capacity to bring the world to its knees at any moment, even by mistake. Any nation with weapons of mass destruction is a superpower. There really is no world king. And the so-called globalization and world government will be nothing but the most inhumane government ever devised on the face of the earth. It will be based on terror and extortion. What good will that do the world? But the people will revolt sooner or later as they have always done, and who will be able to bring order? Will the self-proclaimed builders of nations be able to rebuild the world? What can be built from ashes and without survivors? That is what we need to contemplate.

Unless we realize our hypocrisy, madness, and absurd logic, we will never see peace on earth. That is a given. Threats beget threats, and terror begets terror. Weapons beget weapons and hate begets hate. Has the world been transformed into a madhouse, giving praise to lies and condemnation to truth? If we have reached that kind of maturity, what remains? Should we expect a global Hiroshima in order to understand how blind we are? It would be too late.

Why do the United Nations and the Security Counsel enforce international law in places like Kuwait but do not in other places like Israel and Palestine or Turkey and Cyprus? Why do they have double standards? It seems then an obvious fact to any ordinary and honest observer that the dogma 'an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth' has taken dominion of the international institutions, which proclaim that they work for world peace. But what then? If such is our current condition, who will deliver the world from the coming catastrophic consequences? What will the nations do in order to avoid having such a calamity come from the practice of such a dogma? How long will the people of the world wait? Until they see their lives ruled by a minority of people with absurd desires? Until they see their world gone forever and their lives taken in agonizing death? Can't they see where they are headed?

Why did the United States of America long ago choose the path of threats and killing to serve the world? What would the result have been if only a fraction of the resources that have been used to create and support the awesome and simultaneously diabolical war machine had been given to poor nations? Those who have searched the numbers know well that our world would not be the same. But power corrupts. Power without ethics is destined to destroy not only the weak but also the strong. Nevertheless, physical power never broke the spirit of freedom, and it never will.

Andreas Toupadakis, Ph.D.
Former Scientist of Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore National Labs

BIOGRAPHY Dr. Andreas Toupadakis has spoken about peace and the urgent need for nuclear disarmament at the United Nations as well as numerous colleges, universities, and other venues in the US, Japan, and Greece. He was a featured speaker at the 2000 World Conference on Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, and he has been the recipient of numerous peace and justice awards. The City of Berkeley adopted a resolution honoring him for the courage and personal sacrifice he displayed in leaving his job at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

He is a native of Greece with a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He has taught chemistry at colleges and universities in the US and Greece, and he worked as a chemist in industry as well as at Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories. He has a wife and two daughters. He believes deeply in non-violence, and he revels in the teachings of such varied figures as Gandhi, Plato, Socrates and Einstein. He is currently writing his book on life planning through wise career choice and on career change. His first book on world peace will soon be available. While he is visiting the USA, he is giving lectures and seminars on peace, sustainable living and career satisfaction across U.S. campuses.

"It is better to light a candle
than to curse the darkness." -- Chinese proverb --

"I myself would wish neither; but if it were necessary
either to do wrong or to suffer it,
I should choose to suffer rather than to do wrong."
-- Socrates --

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