History and Conspiracy

Illusions of History

By "One Who Knows"
Calvin Burgin

I learned back in the 1950s that ancient history 'experts' were inconsistent in their stories. I then spent over 50 years, off and on as time allowed, trying to figure out the truth of ancient history (B.C., Before Christ), the true chronology, etc. I wrote several books and articles about what I was learning along the way. I finally determined that all of the oldest ancient history needs to be moved forward about at least one or two thousand years - closer to our time. Some events, such as classical Greek history, needs to be moved around at least 300 years closer to our time, if we assume the date of Christ's birth is reasonably accurate. I wrote a book giving a brief summary of this situation, called The Biggest Secrets of History Unveiled (finished in December 2004). It is human nature to want to make a discovery older than it really is. Archaeologists want to attract attention by making discoveries older than they really are, everyone likes to find the 'oldest known.' I see this problem every day in my occupation as a professional numismatist (coin dealer). In addition, the main problem is from the brainwashing of the religious advocates who want to date everything according to their own pet theories and fantasies.

The famous Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) considered himself a Christian. He was the genius who gave us our laws of gravity, invented calculus, and is one of the greatest thinkers of all times. He tried to make sense of the 'facts' of history and wrote a study of ancient history called The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended. He was never totally satisfied with it and was revising it at the time of his death in 1727. It was finally published in 1728. My copy was reprinted in 1988.

Newton said in the Introduction of the book "...they have made the Antiquities of Greece three or four hundred years older than the truth." He begins Chapter 1 by saying "All Nations, before they began to keep exact accounts of Time, have been prone to raise their Antiquities; and this humour has been promoted, by the Contentions between Nations about their Originals."

Newton was Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, same elite position now held by Stephen Hawking. He was succeeded in that position by his friend and student, William Whiston. Whiston was the translator of Josephus, if you have a copy of Josephus's writings, most likely it will be the one translated by Whiston. Newton was proficient in Latin and Greek and he and Whiston studied the old manuscripts.

M. I. Orlenko in 1927 had this to say about the writings of Newton: "They are the fruit of forty years of labour, diligent research and a tremendous erudition. Basically, Sir Isaac Newton had studied all the major literary works on ancient history and all the primary sources beginning with ancient and oriental mythology" (Sir Isaac Newton. A Biographical Aperšu, pages 104-105).

Newton learned that the traditional historians (of such as Egyptian and Assyrian history) had greatly elongated history and summarizes what he learned in the last paragraph of the last page: "And whilst all these nations have magnified their Antiquities so exceedingly, we need not wonder that the Greeks and Latines have made their first Kings a little older than the truth."

For a time I made the same mistake that nearly every other researcher of ancient history makes, including William Whiston and Isaac Newton. I assumed that the date of the birth of Christ was correct or nearly so, within around 4 or 5 or maybe 12 years or so of the traditional zero point 1 BC - 1 AD date (there is no year zero). If we do not use that date, then we have absolutely nothing, no starting point, to go by - or do we?

After I concluded my study of ancient history (history BC - before Christ), I began looking at AD history, after Christ's birth, and looked at the accuracy of Christ's birth date. What I found is that the date of Christ's birth is unknown and known to be wrong. All scholars agree that it is wrong - they argue that it is 3 or 4 or 6 or 8 or 12 or whatever years wrong. The consensus is 3 or 4 B.C. is 'probably near' right. But they cannot make the facts fit the dates. Nothing actually works.

The 'experts' try to make Herod's order to kill the babies, Herod's death, the census of Luke 2:4-7, shepherds in the field, the birth of John the Baptist and Zacharias' service in the temple, the testimony of early writers, and other elements of the scenario to fit into a solid picture of what really happened and when, and they cannot do it.

When I looked at it, I see a major problem of all of them. For instance, "we know that Herod died" in such and such a year, Josephus lived at the time of Christ in such a such year and he said so and so, etc. They are using circular reasoning. How do you know Herod didn't live maybe 1,000 years later than 4 BC or at some other date? "He lived at the time Christ was born", you say, that's how we know. But you don't know when Christ was born, how can you use such reasoning to prove anything? Most Christian and Jewish 'authorities' and 'experts' are very flagrant at using circular reasoning in setting biblical and related dates. Most (practically ALL) other Western historians use circular reasoning and imaginary dates established by circular reasoning. If they try to use real evidence, when they have it, they often come out with results that seem to them and to everyone else totally 'off the wall.'

The Chinese, though, have their own history, a continuous history from modern times back, unlike the Western world, and it appears that the dates of when they learned writing, when they started using brass or iron, the reigns of their kings and their connections with other kings of other nations, etc., makes the Chinese history around 1,500 years later than equivalent Western history. Some Chinese find it somewhat embarrassing that the Chinese history is not as old as Western history.

The problem, though, is not Chinese history. The problem is the LIARS of Western history.

I have found that if you use the evidence as it presents itself, you can often begin developing a big picture that solves lots of seeming contradictions in the traditional Western history and chronology.

Can we establish a real, solid, proven date in ancient history as a starting point, around which to develop other dates? The answer is Yes, we can, but very few will believe or accept the reality that this proven date presents.

Herodotus is known as the Father of History. He is also known these days as the Father of Historical Lies. What Herodotus wrote contradicts and conflicts with much history accepted by moderns. Rather than deal with the problems presented by Herodotus' stories, modern historians just say Herodotus lied and then present their own 'politically correct' modern viewpoint version.

Isaac Newton isolated the problem, but he never could solve the mystery because he made the major error of assuming that the date of Christ's birth was very close to correct. IT IS NOT!

There are other complications, some of which I have written about elsewhere.

The second greatest historian of the ancient Greeks was Thucydides (471-400 BC). He was second in time but is usually considered to be the greater historian because Herodotus saw the hand of God in all human events. Thucydides was more 'scientific' and left the gods out of his history. It was reported that one day Herodotus gave a speech at the Olympics. Thucydides was in the audience and was moved to tears.

The Peloponnesian war broke out in 431 BC (using traditional dates) and Thucydides wrote that he began writing of the war "at the moment that it broke out." My Britannica Great Books of the Western World tells "All was at last ready, and they were on the point of sailing away, when an eclipse of the moon, which was then at the full, took place" (Thucydides Seventh Book, Chapter XXIII, #50).

Thucydides actually wrote of three eclipses, two solar and one lunar, that occured during the war. From his writings we learn the first and second eclipse were solar, the third was the lunar one. The time between the first and second was 7 years. The time between the second and the third is 11 years. The first eclipse is a full eclipse, in the summer, after midday, local time. He mentions the stars can be seen, which cannot happen in a partial eclipse. The second eclipse is at the beginning of summer, the third eclipse is around the end of summer.

Mathematicians and astronomers can determine from this information (and given the location) exactly when this would have occurred. Look at your calendar and newspapers, the calendar makers, astronomers, mathematicians routinely tell you when and where eclipses will occur and where and when they did occur in the past. There are computer programs that can do this for you if you do not have the math skills. Some astrologers can do this.

In the 16th Century A.D., the chronologer Dionysius Petavius determined a date that fit the first eclipse - 3 August 431 B.C. The start of the Peloponnesus war was then dated 431 B.C. The famous astronomer/mathematician Johannes Kepler confirmed the date.

Petavius then figured out the date for the second ecllipse, 21 March 424 B.C. Kepler also confirmed that date.

Then Petavius choose 27 August 431 B.C. for the third eclipse.

When more modern astronomers tried to verify these dates, heated debates broke out in the 18th to the 20th centuries. The problem is the first date would not have been a total eclipse - and Thucydides in the original Greek clearly stated you could see the stars - it was a total eclipse. It would not have been total anywhere on earth. Prominent historical 'experts' who tried to solve this 'Thucydides triad problem' over the years included Petavius, Zech, Heis, Struyck, Kepler, Riccioli, Hofman, Ginzel, Johnson, Lynn, Stockwell, and Seyffarth. They did not want to get too far away from the 'well-known' date of the birth of Christ and were not able to solve the problem.

Finally a Russian mathematician named N. A. Morozov determined that an exact solution does exist. The eclipse actually occurred 2 August 1133 A.D.

Then A. T. Fomenko pointed out that there were actually two possible solutions - the other was 22 August 1039 A.D. For reasons I won't get into here it was decided that the 1133 A.D. date was the correct one.

This means that Thucydides and Herodotus were 1,000 years AFTER the traditional date of Christ's birth. This means the date of Christ's birth is at least about ONE THOUSAND YEARS too old, too far back. When you pursue the ramifications of this mathematically proven fact, you will begin to see how massive are the lies that have been perpetrated upon you, upon all Western humanity.

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The ramifications of this fact are tremendous. The response of people is, "No, it can't be" and very few will even try to pursue the truth, most do not have the knowledge or skills to pursue and prove the subject.

Morozov and Fomenko asked their peers to help solve this problem. Most did not want to get seriously involved, but a few did pursue the problem. Eventually Anatoly T. Fomenko and his contributors wrote a seven volume series of books detailing what they did and how and why they did it, with the results obtained. Some of the top Russian scientists, mathematicians, astronomers, physicists, chemists, historians and professors contributed, over 50 names, probably over 100 names (I did not actually count them, but many are listed on page xxvii in the preface of Fomenko's book).

Their results are summarized on the back cover of the book. They learned: Jesus Christ was born in 1053 A.D. and crucified in 1086 A.D. Events in the Old Testament refer to mediaeval events. The book also states that the Book of Revelation was written after 1486 A.D., and was written before the book of Genesis. Eusebius, the 'Father of Church History', actually lived in the 15th century A.D., not the traditional 4th century.

I can hear people scream, "Well, what about..." such as "What about the Dead Sea Scrolls, they were written around 100 or 200 B.C.?" If you check it out, when the Dead Sea Scrolls were first discovered, many scholars said they were written in the Middle Ages. Then someone did some radiocarbon dating tests on them in 1962 and pronounced "they were written about 200 B.C." Afterwards, scientists studying the radiocarbon dating techniques have discovered the tests were flawed and worthless. See the book C-14 Crash by Bl÷ss and Nimitz. But the damage has been done, we now 'know' that the Scrolls were written 100 or 200 years or so before the birth of Christ, and 'everybody knows' when that was.

De Arcilla, professor at Salamanca University in the 16th century, claimed 'ancient' history was counterfeited in the Middle Ages and published at least two documents saying the whole of history before the 4th century AD was a hoax, a forgery. Jean Hardouin (1643-1727), Director of the French Royal Library and eminent scientist and author of a large number of books on theology, history, archaeology, and coins stated that most 'ancient' coins and similar artefacts where either counterfeits or were of much more recent date. The current issues of Biblical Archaeological Review magazine are carrying reviews of criminal indictments claiming that many 'biblical' artifacts are in fact forgeries and counterfeits. Peter Krekshin (1684-1763), personal secretary to Peter the Great wrote a book saying the traditional Roman history being taught was wrong and dated too far back. Robert Baldauf, assistant professor at Basel University in the late 19th - early 20 centuries wrote four books of the series History and Criticisms concluding that 'ancient' written works were a lot more recent than what was being taught. Edwin Johnson (1842-1901), eminent English historian, after many years of study said that the traditional history needs to be greatly shortened. "We are a lot closer in time to the Greeks and the Romans than what the chronological tables tell us" (The Rise of English Culture, Putnam, 1904, page XXX). Wilhelm Kammeyer, who died in 1959, was a scientist who developed a method for verifying ancient documents and wrote several books saying that nearly all the ancient and early mediaeval Western European documents were either copied (and 'revised') or forged in more recent times.

You have been had, my friends, more than you can possibly know until you check it out. If you want to rise from the world of lies, deceits and confusion in which you live into the fresh atmosphere of TRUTH, then I suggest you begin by reading my Biggest Secrets of History Unveiled and Anatoly T. Fomenko's History: Fiction or Science? and pursue the links and references given. Your world will never be the same. Welcome to the real world.


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Ag-agria on the shortcomings of History
through Mike Quinsey

Truth is something that you have learnt to live without. Because it is lacking in so many different ways, you find it difficult to know when you can trust something or not. Twisting or ignoring the truth has become a way of life, and as such considered an acceptable way to live. Lies and half truths are used to inflate the egos of those who rule, and dictate how you are allowed to perceive your present life.

You can go back millennia of time, and your history is so distorted that you will find it hard to determine the facts amongst the falsely given information. Regrettably the falsehoods are perpetuated by professional people, who have always supported the versions they have been given without any real questioning. By questioning what has been given, you can be ostracized and ridiculed and even lose your status, or profession. History is ignored or re-written according to who is in power, and it has been thus for millennia of time.

It is therefore almost impossible to find the real truth, or get a proper understanding of the history of Man. Yet it is so important that you have a true perspective of it, because you have all lived through various epochs that have brought you to where you are today. Each period of your history has had something to teach you, and it has a habit of repeating itself. Just as in your individual life you have lessons presented to you again and again, so it is the same for any civilization.

Consider that many realities are born on Earth, and they continue for thousands of years. You are born into the one which is appropriate for the lessons you need to learn. Some realities last longer than others, and those that are based on anything less than God?s Will are destined to die out the quickest. But all have value, as they were nevertheless created by you and it is the law that you must see out your creations. In your ever growing consciousness you incorporate the experiences, and gradually you bring more understanding into each life. How much better it would be if you could also bring such facts to mind, by learning of your correct history.

Take for example the Egyptian period, full of mystery and unanswered questions as to how it suddenly arrived on the scene as a developed civilization. Is it not strange that so much is recorded about the history of the lives of their Pharaohs, yet no clue is given in ancient history as to when the Egyptians came into being? Is it not also strange, that there is no record of the building of the Sphinx, one of the most magnificent monuments in the world, and the Giza Pyramid complex? Surely such massive achievements would be heralded in many writings throughout the world, yet none have so far been found.

The answer is that they were built thousands of years before the ancient Egyptian period, and with technologies that have long disappeared. It was the coming together of Beings who made their way to Egypt from the last remaining land portions of Atlantis. This idea has been accepted by some of you, and see how the truth of this period links you with an even older civilization. The reason for the demise of Atlantis is important for you to know, because today you face the same decisions as they did then. This time you have made the decision to change the reality to one that will result in the Light becoming triumphant. Whatever little may be known about Atlantis, one thing is for sure, that it has disappeared off the face of the Earth. How could one of the greatest civilizations ever known disappear without trace? The truth is that it was destroyed by the experimentation of the dark with forces that they were unable to control. There are some traces of Atlantis above water, but its landmass was broken up in stages until finally Poseidon sank, and much remains on the seabed of the Atlantic Ocean.

Your history would have you believe, that you are the most advanced species since arising out of simple beginnings. In fact, you have risen up many times and gone complete circle to start once again. There is always a plan, and it is progressed as necessary by the souls who bring the different stages into being. Never think it is all by chance, although many times it will seem that way. You have the freedom to accept what is placed before you, or reject it and it is you who determine how that reality works out. Now see how you return to experience what you have created. It is all very just and fair, although few of you will know of your earlier involvement.

Now you stand at the door to cosmic consciousness, and you have little idea as to how you have come this far. Some cannot even comprehend what it is all about as their consciousness is shrouded in the dark of ages past. Yet, at every stage all are given the same opportunities to evolve to the present day levels. What is not done, is to force anyone to proceed at a speed that is not of their choosing, and they are considered to be no less than anyone else.

The battle to reach a conclusion that has been made by those of the Light, has nearly reached its climax. Unlike before, your consciousness has been raised sufficiently to become the predominant force. You have chosen the path to Ascension and it is clearly set out before you. No amount of disruption or delaying tactics will prevent it manifesting. The dark still try their hardest to circumvent the result, but it will be to no avail and they will suddenly find that their power has disappeared. You have been able to stop, the headlong rush over the edge of the cliff of death and destruction. No more shall the dark practise their deception, and proliferate the world with their lies. It is a time for the full truth to come out, and soon only the truth will exist. Your true historical links with the past will be made known, and of it there will no doubt as it all exists in the Now.

I am Ag-agria a Guide and Teacher, happy to advise you of the coming times when you shall live in a happy environment free from all of the vagaries that you experience now. It will be a time of joy and a great coming together of like minds. Soon the memories of the past difficulties will fade away, to be replaced by ones of wonderful happiness and true love. My love goes to you