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Seperate Book Reports & Paper-Dolls
Is Our Children Learning?

I just finished reading the article by Dr. John Coleman about the Committee of 300 and their goals.

I'd like to give you some insight into what I experienced as a teacher in Dade County, Florida. I didn't go to college until the age of 37 and started teaching at 42 so many of my ideas were still probably considered old-fashioned. Luckily, I was hired by a principal at a junior high school whose ideas were similar.

When a new school in Miami Lakes was completed I was one of the teachers chosen to go there which was considered very good. Now, I want to tell you about the neighborhood and who had a big influence on that school plus boundaries.

The land had been owned by the Graham family who formerly had a dairy - the same as the Graham of the Washington Post and Senator Robert Graham of Florida. I was certified in Social Studies and Language Arts (English) and loved teaching history until we began to receive materials which were to be used making the United States a demon for its actions toward the Japanese during World War II. Only one or two pages about the Korean and Vietnam wars were in the books we had to use - therefore, I did research and prepared my own materials.

Then we began the Team System and each Team had a l/2 hour period for homeroom in which each team had to teach about a country on the African Continent. Teachers were switched from room to room, depending on their team assignment. I complained about a room change when I was doing the Yearbook because of no counter or cabinets for materials so the next near I was banished to a decrepit portable with a seven-period day; over 40 students in an advanced class, plus a large low-level class, plus the others and still having to do the yearbook.

My husband was so sick and nearly died that I think the principal felt sorry for me and let me come back into the building. Those of us who were older were encouraged to retire though. When I left, the Department Chairperson went to a high school and the new one had 7th graders do projects with book reports such as making paper-dolls and she used my exams but had to write on the board that they didn't have to answer about 3/4 of my exam because she had not taught the material.

She had gotten to go to the Reading Conference in Las Vegas though - and she was pretty!

By the way she spelled separate on the board for her students as "seperate."

My husband's business had suffered due to circumstances beyond his control and we were crime victims to the point that after our home was broken into by a gang and Janet Reno was State Attorney at the time so nothing was done even though the detectives had proof of who had done it, we finally gave up and moved here to north central Florida where I have my parents and other relatives.

Do you think the depopulation of large cities will be brought about by a combination of terrorism and gangs? Most people you talk to who have moved away during the past twenty years or so were really fed up because of the crime problems.

[name withheld]

Depopulation is occurring with different methods all over the world. World population is on the decrease according to some census reports, proving that depopulation is actively ongoing. What they use in Florida is different from what they use in South Africa. Crime, spraying, war, terrorism, starvation, plagues, man-made diseases [AIDS]; --- are just a few of the tools designed to accomplish these evil goals. Ignorance and mind manipulation of the masses is, of course, what they are counting on the most to get away with these schemes. Those of us that 'lift the veil' and see through their schemes are most fit or prepared to conquer what they throw at us. The number of people awakening to their plots is growing, but still miniscule in the overall picture.

With ignorance on their side, they are making larger and bolder moves to complete their satanic (demonic, reptilian, evil) plans. A 'silver spooner,' like Dubya, is solid proof that they can get away with anything they want to... even running a person(?); besides who has obviously missed a few grammar classes; openly states he wants limits to freedoms. The 'soon to be' theme will be 'Farewell U.S.A --- Hello Fascism.' The pervertedness of it all is that the U.S. Americans will 'think' they voted this mafia thug into power, when the winners were determined long before the 'fake elections.'

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