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I don't quite know what to think just yet.

I have never heard of you before. I came across your website here... , and then I discovered your other websites.

I absolutely love your website! Your site is the very first one that I have ever seen where anybody had the gutts to admit all of this stuff.

I have heard a lot of this stuff before but no one ever talks about it. I have been working on a page about the ACLU when I found your website. I am interested in linking your site to my page, if you do not mind?

I have a question for you though. I noticed your comment about the word "democracy." What is your meaning of that word?

I think that you just might be correct, but I am curious because when I was in school (not college but junior high and high) I was taught differently about the meaning of that word and I distinctly remember being told by my teacher that the word "democracy" was not at all related to the word "democrat."

I suppose when I think about this, that sounds ridiculous since that would totally change the way the english language works...if you get what I mean. I was taught that a democracy was supposed to be about a smaller government where it was believed that people were intelligent enough to make their own decisions, earn their own living and live their own lives without government interference. The word was always used in conjunction with capitalism.

I asked an older friend of mine what she thought the meaning of the word was and she gave the same answer that I did.

The page where I would like to add your link is here

Please stop by and visit my webpage at Andrea's Corner.


The article you referenced was originally by Dan Smoot, an ex-FBI Agent in the 1950's, from Texas, who was fed-up with the absurd way things were going and became a Radio talk host and author. Devvy Kidd is an accomplished and excellent conspiracy and tax researcher.. David Icke is from England, and is an excellent truth & conspiracy researcher. His writings are showing the global conspiracies and how they all tie together..

You are more than welcome to link any article to your site...

The definitions of democracy in the article are the research and opinions of Dan Smoot and/or Devvy Kidd for the most part...

The term 'democracy' is loosely applied now-days to mean liberty or freedom.. but that is a false interpretation.. which has been applied by political leaders for so long.. that most people forget the real meaning..

The US is not technically a democracy and never was.. It is a republic form of government in its original context. Democracy is simply majority rule.. This in government is tyranny and mob rule.... Vigilantee Justice is a typical democracy..

The House of Reps and the Senate are democratic bodies.. they use a majority rule...

The people however are 'supposed' to be protected from democracy's failings through a republic form of government. For instance, in a democracy, if all the white guys voted to kill all the black guys in a democracy then --- there is blood in the streets. The republic form is a set of boundaries which protect human rights from mob rule..for the minor electorate. (IN THEORY ONLY!)

To confuse things even further.. the current democratic party is more a republic form of ideology, while the Republican Party is more of a democracy mindset. During the civil war period the exact opposite was true of ideology of the parties. Your teacher is correct, because the forms of ideologies switch back and forth between these parties..

The Democrat party or the Republican party have nothing to do with the definition of the names they have chosen.. (more of the misrepresentations). Both parties represent socialism in different forms, and seldom ever truly practice or represent democracy or republic forms of government.

In reality and historically both forms have failed the people miserably-- The republic form lasts a few decades longer than the democratic form.. The socialist form of government, historically leads to tyranny and revolution.

Democratic Party advocates are usually very socialistic in their thinking.... The Republican Party advocates 'say' they are for less centralized government but have also, historically been socialistic in practice. Lincoln was a Republican, and created the first major socialist Federal government this land had seen. President Eisenhower was also Republican but very socialistic in practice, perhaps from his military background, which the military is 100% socialist in nature. Nixon too was in practice a 'socialist'.. Truman and Roosevelt (Rosenfelt) and Clinton (Democrats) were socialist in practice also.

Each and every action of any government leader that is socialist in nature and practice, erodes away the guaratees of freedoms we once had..and they are almost nil now.

Andrew Jackson was probably the the last anti-socialist president of any lasting impact that we had in the U.S, that was effective. Andrew Johnson tried but was over-ruled by a tyrannical socialist congress. During the Reagon years, people assumed that 'lasse faire' was anti-socialist, due to the campaign speeches and promises. But Reagon was 'lasse faire' which only meant he did nothing either way in regards to the people or commerce, yet at the same time he built up with socialist methods the largest peace time forces ever known in US.. When a true anti-socialist would have dismantled the standing armies as defined under the constitution.

You find the socialist behavior in the churches today also.....there is a central person or ruling body that calls all the shots..

I visited your page, and you have a nice set up.. You will find that we also expose as many of the lies and frauds perpetrated by religions, churches, and spiritual leaders that we can find. The Christians have been manipulated into believing things that just simply are not provable or true, by their own greedy leaders over the past 2000 years. Don't assume or presume we are anti-Christian, simply because we may be non-christians or not pro-christianity. The truth is the site is anti-Religiousity and its frauds. We are PRO-TRUTH regardless of where the chips fall..


A while back I did make a link on my site to your website...

I worked the polls in my town yesterday. I was on my feet for 14 hours. Then because of the demonRATS I was up all night long. I am so angry that the demonRATS even have a voice in this country. George Bush won by landslide and yet they keep trying to change it and cover it up. I want out of this country. The demons have destroyed me and I have no future here unless GW gets back this race. There is no point for even living under Hitler land. I wish that God would strike Flipper dead and save us all but maybe God does not care either.


Maybe you're right, that God simply doesn't care one way or the other who the people put in places of leadership, since he didn't do it. My guess would be that he is so appalled that we are choosing between, morons, liars, frauds and hypocrites, that he adiosed himself from the US, a long time ago.


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