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Church Admires Bohemian Grove Ideology?

I mentioned in a previous issue the idea of strategic mechanisms. Jim Collins presented this idea at the Leadership Network Senior Minister's Forum in May.

Collins has written the feature article on this topic in the July-August 1999 issue of the Harvard Business Review. It is a much clearer explanation than I could ever give. I believe this conceptual tool could greatly aid consultants in working with church leaders to put systems under their visions and goals.

Major book stores and libraries carry the Harvard Business Review. Their online site has a summary at

Conceptual and practical tools are usually one of the key focuses of our General Consultants and Denominational Forum. This year's forum will feature Carl George in the hot seat for Q and A. We were reminded this week by our founder, Bob Buford, of a quip from one of the early participants in our forums. "Leadership Network is a bohemian grove of leading church thinkers."

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