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Muir Woods is a deep valley on the south side of Mt. Tamalpais, a federal enclave largely surrounded by the state park; it is notable for containing one of the most beautiful stands of redwood in the southern part of the range still occupied by the coast redwood, sequoia sempervirens. The area passed through several sets of hands before William Kent finally deeded it to the federal government (Kent was also responsible for much of the other land in this area being publicly owned; he and the U.S. Army between them probably saved West Marin from becoming a dormitory city, aka suburbia).

At one point the Bohemian Club intended to turn part of this beautiful valley into their private clubhouse, a historical footnote still commemorated in the name of Muir Woods' Bohemian Grove of redwoods (the Bohemians eventually moved north to the Russian River country where they still meet under tight security every summer and decide the fate of the world, or perhaps the universe). I like the place -- there are several nice hikes out of the valley and up to the Pan Toll area, included the Dipsea Trail, along which the famous annual run from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach takes place -- but am usually unwilling to battle the hordes of automobiles, vans and buses that clog the parking lot every weekend; Muir Woods is one of the most popular sights for visitors from out of state and out of country.

excerpt from an article entitled "Muir Woods" by Don Harlow president of the United States, as senior statesman and library-builder--Herbert Hoover would surround himself with Stanford classmates, Stanford graduates of other years, and Stanford faculty, whose names (Vernon Kellogg, Will Irwin, Charles K. Field, Rose Wilder Lane, and, above all, David Starr Jordan, founding president and continuing avatar of the Stanford spirit) continued through the 1920s to appear so conspicuously in Sunset. Many, quite naturally, being outdoors men, were early members and supporters of the Sierra Club. Many of the men, such as Herbert Hoover, were lifelong members of the Bohemian Club of San Francisco and spent part of each July in the Bohemian Grove on the Russian River in Sonoma County. Charles K. Field wrote much of the book and lyrics for the annual Cremation of Care ceremony in the Grove, where an amphitheater was later named in his honor.

excerpt from an article entitled
"Sunset Magazine and the Phenomenon of the Far West"
by Dr. Kevin Starr
State Librarian of California

Production was up after the post-World War depression, and so were corporate profits and personal income. Calvin Coolidge himself had put his presidential seal upon the economy. "The business of America," he declared, "is business."

That message was not lost on Coolidge's secretary of commerce, Herbert Hoover. Hoover, a civilian hero for his work in putting war-torn Europe back on its feet, maintained strong ties to Stanford. He had graduated from the University in 1895 and was now a trustee. For years, Hoover had entertained the idea of establishing a graduate business school on the West Coast to stem the tide of young men going east for their education and then staying. By 1924, the time was ripe. Hoover found venture capital for his school in that bastion of old-boy camaraderie and influence, San Francisco's Bohemian Club. He proposed the idea to his fellow Bohemians at his encampment, "Camp Cave Man," beneath the redwoods of the club's summer getaway at the Bohemian Grove, a few hours' north of the City.

Their response was enthusiastic, and a small group volunteered as fundraisers. Thanks to them, more than 50 businesses and individuals pledged $250,000 in seed money, payable over the following five years, to the new school. In the fall of 1925, the Graduate School of Business opened its doors in Jordan Hall, a building in the Stanford Quad. It had 16 students, who paid $375 for the year's tuition, three faculty members, and a dean who was something of an expert at founding business schools. Willard E. Hotchkiss already had started two undergraduate business programs, one at the University of Minnesota and another at Northwestern.

excerpt from an article entitled
"The Stanford Business School at 75 Years" By JANET ZICH

Originally created for the Bohemian Club's Cremation of Cares ceremony for their 1892 "Summer Jinx", this 70 ft. high lath and plaster statue of Buddha was modeled after the Daibutsu of Kamakura. It was constructed in the Bohemian Grove (known then as "Sequoia Valley"), and used in the club members' production of Buddha.

So, given all of these ultra elite groups including the Bilderbergs, Trilateral Commission, (Council on Foreign Relations--not mentioned here yet), and Bohemian Grove, and probably others, I am wondering if anyone knows why they were created, the purpose of being a member of the group, what their policy positions are, and most importantly how they implement these policies into political power at the national and international level.

For instance, I know the Bohemian Grove meeting was started in the 19th Century in the U.S. and is a week or so retreat of major U.S. corporate, media, and governmental power brokers. The retreat occurs annually among the Redwood trees in Sonoma County, California in a lodge on the scenic Russian River. It is a mostly caucasian and males only affair.

From one inside source I know, who was able to become a waiter for one retreat, the affair starts out with a Druidic ceremony of the owl. Participants are also supposed to not discuss "business" at the event. It is supposed to be a sort of summer camp retreat for the elite. Reports of raucous alcohol use and the securing of prostitutes have been reported over the years.

Union Disrupts the Elite Bohemians

Week of July 10: Redwood Summer II shifts to Mendocino County. At first events are more coalition building efforts, such as joint stream cleanups and volleyball games between loggers and activists. In Sonoma County (immediately south of Mendocino) Earth First! and IWW Local #1 activists disrupt the annual elite gathering at Bohemian Grove. Actions at the California State Capitol in Sacramento and along the "Skunk Train" in Mendocino County round out Redwood Action Week II.

I recently received another letter from Herbert Hoover III who addresses me as Cousin Margaret, but I have yet to prove our relationship as a genealogist. (My grandfather knew President Hoover as they both attended the Bohemian Grove in the summer and they looked on each other as cousins.) Herbert III referred me to his aunt, Hulda McLean, who wrote the book which I now have Genealogy of the Herbert Hoover Family, but when I wrote her she replied that she didn't think we were related.

excerpt from an article entitled

Groups such as Bohemian Grove, established in 1872 by San Franciscans, played an equally significant role in shaping post-war politics in the US. "It was at the Grove, it is said, that the Manhattan Project was set up and that Eisenhower was selected as the Republicans' candidate for 1952."

excerpt from an article entitled
"The Invisible Power House"

These are the elite that seek to rule the world by monopolistic corporate dictate. Those that fear these groups call them One-Worlders, or Globalists. Their aim is the global plantation, should we allow them their dark victory. We are to become slaves on that plantation should we loose to their ambition. Our greatest rights in such an outcome would be those of the peasant worker in a fascist regime.

This thought becomes more disturbing by two facts. One being that many of this country's elite, particularly those with the most real-world power at their personal fingertips, meet regularly in a cult-like males-only romp in the woods -- The Bohemian Grove. Protected by a literal army of security staff, their ritualistic nude cavorting ties them directly to the original Illuminati, which many claim originates out of satanic worship. Lest you think this untrue, it has been reported repeatedly through the decades, the most recent when EXTRA! magazine wrote of a People magazine reporter being fired for writing his unpublished story on a recent romp -- it turned out that his boss's bosses, Time-Warner media executives, were at the grove. Does this not support the notion of a manipulated media?

excerpt from an article entitled
"On CIA Manipulation of Media, and Manipulation of CIA by The NWO"
by H. Michael Sweeney

Did I tell you that Louisa (one of my sisters that worked for the Pentagon), just told me about another memory about Vandenberg AFB where she remembers being hooked up to this helmet with wires. She got sick when the memory was coming up. She's had so many of them, she knows what to expect now and gets through it all better than she used to. My family is a nightmare. Anyway, Louisa ended up working for a man that was third from the top at the Pentagon. She worked as his assistant and decoded top secret government files (all in Disney and Alice in Wonderland, etc. language), and made reservations for his regular trips to Santa Rosa where he would meet his buddies at the 'good ole' boys' fart club there. You've probably heard of Bohemian Grove. She was 'losing' time on occasion and was eventually raped by this man. When she tried to go through even the proceedings to indict him, she was unsuccessful and bullied. She quit the armed services and has had a family of six children. She is just now waking up to what has happened to her and the memories are surfacing. I am worried for what they may have programmed into her when she wakes up!

excerpt from an article entitled

So how did I end up so many years out, an aging lion wandering without purpose across the pampas; a straw, balding-maned, tin-mouthed daddy: waist gone, wrists gone, teeth in dire need of repair, balls sagging, no real job, and Jude, my, looking to be ex, wife's disclaimer whacking my ears like C50's? How did I come to be so crazy and so uncompassably lost in the Great American Economic Wilderness? For truth, I didn't even have to try. I woke up one morning and - Voilla! There it was, instant Rags: with a car so damn old you can't tell if it's a Buick or a Delta 88, low-pay Sausalito and Black Point Boatyard, when-I-can-get-it, work crap stuck to my shoes, hummin' the flat-broke blues while waiting for payday's Eagle to dump in my empty pocket so I can pay the landlord, pay the lights, pay for a phone that never rings, pay for groceries , gasoline and, if we're lucky, medical insurance, which if we're really lucky we won't have to use. To pay, pay and to keep on paying for the privilege of living in America and all the while paying for America's privileged; and even though they don't see it that way, as the voice of the Owl at Bohemian Grove, Walter Cronkite, says, "Thass' the way it is."

excerpt from an article entitled "Catching On"

The 155 media elite are mostly individuals who inherited wealth, were educated in private preparatory schools and ivy league universities, and whose main social interactions occur at the Knickerbockers Club in New York, Bohemian Grove in California or the Piedmont Driving Range in Atlanta. They represent private wealth, private education, private clubs and they control immense media resources.

excerpt from an article entitled "Free the Media"

The events of 1964 were a turning point for [Richard Mellon Scaife, the Pittsburgh billionaire] Scaife, and for American conservatives. Scaife was an alternate to the Republican Convention that chose Arizona Sen. Barry M. Goldwater as the party's presidential nominee, and he became an active contributor and supporter. He escorted Goldwater on the Scaife family airplane to California in July 1964 to attend the Bohemian Grove retreat, a boozy and confidential gathering of conservative, mostly wealthy men.

excerpt from an article entitled "How Scaife's Money Powered a Movement"

July 20-27, 1982
Chancellor Helmut Schmidt
Federal Republic of Germany,
Private visit. Met with Secretary of State Shultz at Bohemian Grove (California).

[Brian] LAMB: How well did you know him?
[Chancellor Helmut] SCHMIDT: Whom?

LAMB: Ronald Reagan.

SCHMIDT: Well, I think I first met him two years before he became president the first time. And I met him at several occasions before his first presidential election. I met him a great number of times in his first two presidential years. I think I knew him quite well. First -- the first extended encounter was, by the way, in Bohemian Grove in California, three days in an encampment.

Some sports writers immediately accused Rodman of a "publicity stunt," comparable to the racist Howard Stern's. Stern may or may not be a cross-dresser in private. But his public stance--like the burlesque drag acts by ruling-class white men in the elite Bohemian Grove club--is mocking and cruel.

All told, casualty estimates of the number of people killed in operations Desert Shield (the air war) and Desert Storm (the ground operation) run as high as a quarter of a million. Again citing Robinowitz's article, "John Lehman, Reagan's first Navy Secretary, reportedly confided in 1991 at a gathering at the 'Bohemian Grove' (an all-male retreat for corporate and political leaders in northern California [the infamous 'Owl' Ceremonies] that 200,000 people were killed in the Gulf War.

excerpt from an article entitled
WHY IS HE BEING CALLED A 'SON-OF-A-BUSH'?" By Keidi Obi Awadu 10/18/95

I have an additional reason for proposing this schedule. Dean Rusk is going to the Bohemian Grove to give a speech on Saturday, and he has been hoping to take a day of rest in the bargain. He would like to leave Friday morning and return Sunday afternoon. Yet he should clearly be very much on hand when we meet the Leadership. The schedule I have suggested meets both objectives.


Speaking of built river frontage, I would appreciate an explanation of why an organization famous for it's rustic and antiquated infrastructure, contiguous with both the waiver prohibition zone, and Russian River, that more than doubles the population of Monte Rio during the worst weeks of pollution impact is not included in said zone or this report. I refer, of course, to the Bohemian Grove.

Comments by Bruce St John Maher

There's one fine sequence--a parody of the Bohemian Grove get-togethers that spawned Nixon and Reagan's power base--in which a corrupt judge (David Ogden Stiers) drunkenly, and believably, compromises himself. But otherwise the fine cast of berserk fat cats and neo-fascists (Charles Rocket, Kevin McCarthy) merely holler at one another. Robert ceases to be a "double" for Reuben and becomes little more than his shadow.

Steal Big Steal Little - Movie Review

The President [Eisenhower] said that Mr. Kozlov would have a good time in the United States and that everybody would be ready to talk freely to him. In this connection he expressed satisfaction that Mr. Kozlov [USSR Deputy Premier Kozlov] would visit Bohemian Grove in California, which is located in beautiful surroundings.

U.S. Department of State

National Science Foundation/Office of Science and Technology Policy, 1972-77. (11.6 linear feet) Boxes 82-114 Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, biographies, reports, press releases, minutes, articles, passports, membership cards, publications, and clippings. Some materials concern Stever's official duties at the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) while he headed those agencies, but the bulk concerns other personal and professional interests and organizations to which he belonged at the time. Documentation on the NSF is relatively slim and consists, for the most part, of newsletters, interviews, articles and clippings. His OSTP materials are somewhat more extensive and include a chronological file of memoranda and correspondence, case files on speeches, and a file on his nomination and confirmation, in addition to the document types available on the NSF. Other materials concern his activities with professional organizations (such as the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the National Academy of Engineering, or the National Academy of Sciences), social clubs (such as the Bohemian Grove and the Cosmos Club), or academic institutions (such as Colgate University and Carnegie Mellon University). Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Scientist, university and government administrator, and consultant to government and industry: Papers, (1930) 1936-90

Over time I did some research, received more documents from other resources and then acquired an archive. Now there have been so many similar, and in some ways overlapping institutions: Davos, Aspen, Pugwash, the Allen Company gatherings of media, Bohemian Grove, Ditchley, the Trilateral Commission (which literally grew out of a Bilderberg meeting), the Atlantic Institution, The Council on Foreign Relations, the Institute for Strategic Studies, and so on. But Bilderberg is the granddaddy of them all and, to a high degree, the secret of its longevity and success has been precisely this: that it has been--almost incredibly, considering its duration and the number of its participants--so largely secret. The relations between secrecy and control, secrecy and power, secrecy and myth, secrecy and so many other matters, are largely unexplored. The secrecy of Bilderberg did have, perhaps still has, value. But I think the time to write about it is right now.

excerpted from an article entitled:
"Private Capacity"by RENATA ADLER

Joe Coors -Belongs (with brother Bill) to the Bohemian Grove, an elite club to which Ronald Reagan and other "ruling class" members belong

"But it's not just the ratty part of town," says Nixon. "The upper class in San Francisco is that way. The Bohemian Grove (an elite, secrecy-filled gathering outside San Francisco), which I attend from time to time. It is the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine, with that San Francisco crowd. I can't shake hands with anybody from San Francisco."

Chicago Tribune - November 7, 1999
by James Warren

"No," says the president [Clinton} under oath. "Yes," says some fellow who taped the president secretly at Bohemian Grove three years ago.

excerpted from an article entitled:
Constitutional Lessons of the Clinton Impeachment by Peter M. Shane
Thursday, February 18, 1999

This "installation" is a good indication of what you are really dealing with. Just like the "grotto" at the Rockefeller estate, or the "Bohemian Grove", these "occult" signposts aren't "Egyptian" at all but much more modern and much more directly associated with high-level capitalist power then, perhaps, our current "hermeticists" care to admit.

Book of the Undead

Looks ARE Everything

Sometimes I suspect this political season is some sort of conspiracy, a made-for-TV event designed by media moguls to boost ratings and transfer escalating production costs to campaign contributors. They're already the beneficiaries of federal matching funds, which largely go toward paying for TV ads. Think about it: US media is basically controlled by a handful of conglomerates, and the key players probably all pee on the same tree at Bohemian Grove. Since they're forced to cover presidential candidates anyway, maybe they just decided to handle the casting and plot points as well.

excerpted from an article entitled:
With campaigns like this, we're better off just waiting for the movie

Then you got all your side shows, like JEEP, the Joint Emergency Action Plan. That's a plan for evacuating a select number of government and military people, the chosen few, the ELECT, who get RAPTURED AWAY to a place of safety in case of nuclear war, some to Raven Rock, others to the "Special Facility" at Mt. Weather in Virginia. That's so they'll be around to populate a post-nuke nation. It'll be a millennial golden age of LAWYERS and GENERALS. You remember me telling you about Hassan i-Sabah, the "old man of the mountains", the leader of the assassins? How he used to indoctrinate his followers, showing them a vision of Paradise, where he would get them blissed out on hashish, and they would wake up in a garden with fruit trees, and flowing brooks, and whoreys attending to their every need (I think they spelled it "horis" back then)? And then they would be willing to die to get back to Paradise? Well, here in the old U. S. of A. some of the chosen few get to spend some time each year in the BOHEMIAN GROVE!

excerpted from an article entitled:
Allegations Regarding Vince Foster by J. Orlin Grabbe

Now a word about that Earth Summit. I believe that as an event it was truly historical and indeed remarkable. In fact I hope will be seen as a historic turning point. Now it's still a little early to tell. I am very often asked what really were the results of Rio and I think one of the best responses that I can think of is to quote a story that Henry Kissinger told at a little breakfast meeting that a few of us had at the Bohemian Grove a couple of years ago. You know, that's a watering hole in California which draws a lot of interesting people. And we were having breakfast and he was reminiscing about his first visit to China when he met with Chairman Mao and he said to get the kind of ball rolling in the discussion he commented on their revolution and how he didn't agree with it ideologically or politically but had to admit that there were some good things happening from the Chinese point of view in that revolution. Then he said just to keep the conversation going, "Well Mr. Chairman, what do you think were the real results of the French Revolution?" And Henry reports that Chairman Mao looked at him with a benign smile and said "Well, Mr. Kissinger, it's a little too early to tell".

excerpted from an article entitled:
The Road From Rio

JS: Some of the mechanism is probably a kind of cronyism sometimes, since they're cronies, the heads of big business and the people in government, and sometimes the business people literally are the government people -- they wear both hats. A lot of people in big business and government go to the same retreat, this place in Northern California...

NS: Bohemian Grove? Right.

JS: And they mingle there, Kissinger and the CEOs of major corporations and Reagan and the people from the New York Times andTime-Warnerit's realIy worrisome how much social life there is in common, between media, big business and government. And since someone s access to a government figure, to someone they need to get access to for photo ops and sound-bites and footage -- since that access relies on good relations with those people, they don't want to rockthe boat by running risky stories.

excerpted from an article entitled:
by John Shirley

Among the more curious of the Governor's [Governor Frank Keating- Oklahoma] activities are, "Numerous meetings and functions with Ed Meese (former Reagan Attorney General) including a June 1, 1996, meeting at Bohemian Grove in California, where security was not allowed to attend with the Governor. These meetings are a traditional gatherings of the conservative elements of the Republican party. It is from one of these meetings that former CIA director William Casey made his famed trip to London and then, according to several sources to the European continent to meet with Iranian officials about keeping U.S. Embassy personnel hostage until after the 1980 election.

excerpted from an article entitled:
Investigators claim Keating "sanitized" airplane usage
by Richard L. Fricker

Speak out against the Drug War (actually a civil war), and theAnti-Terrorism, as well as the Crime Bill, passed in the heat of the momentto chip away at the Bill of Rights. Protest the Telecommunications billwhich is designed to censor the Internet. Remember (Ed Talk - HW, Sept/Aug'95), the topic of discussion at the Bohemian Grove elite retreat lastsummer was Telecommunications. Now, the plans laid by those power-brokershave come to pass. Stop them! Also, be wary of laws passed in the name ofthe children. I'm a mom, but I resent infringements on my personal freedomfor the ostensible protection of other people's kids, who will only grow upto have less freedom than I have.

Editor Talk
Hempworld magazine, #13 Summer 1996

Nixon and Compadres - Bohemian Grove (wav file)

Dave Lippman's sound samples

Is he is sympathetic, it's partially because of his vulnerability, but also because Donald Freed (a political dramatist, whose works include Executive Action) and Arnold M. Stone (a lawyer who worked for the Justice Department and the National Security Agency) place him in a dire conspiratorial view of history -- as a paid puppet of the American economic elite (the "Bohemian Grove" crowd), used and abused by his masters.Thie premise is sligtly jaw-dropping, a "counter-myth," like Oliver Stones's JFK. Secret Honor speculates that the Watergate scandal was engineered by Nixon, framing himself for lesser crimes to keep investigators from stumbling onto worse ones: treason, massive government corruption and diversion of funds. That's the Secret Honor of the title -- so convulted it could only emerge from an utterly amoral system.

movie summary - Robert Altman's "Secret Honor"

IT wasn't exactly a cot in the living room, but the stars who came to the East End for the premiere of MGM's "The Thomas Crown Affair" over the weekend had to call on friends to provide shelter. Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith bunked with their kids and their go-fers (a total entourage of nine) at the North Haven compound of Jimmy and Jane Buffett. They choppered in on Saturday and slept in the Buffetts' guest houses and on Jimmy's handsome boat. (Jane says Jimmy himself was attending the woodsy Bohemian Grove retreat near San Francisco with his "cousin," billionaire Warren Buffett.


One summer, says Woods, she joined some other ladies on a "business" trip to the northern California hideaway of the Bohemian Grove Club, where powerful Republicans like Henry Kissinger and Gerald Ford, drink, make deals and dress up as women. "We got rooms at a nearby motel. A former attorney general came by, though I must admit he was the client of another girl."
Cheri Woods

Herbert Slater
Lived: 1874-1947
Legacy: Legislator and newsman who wielded enormous political influence

In the week before he died, Slater had hosted Gov. Warren at the county fair, met with President Herbert Hoover at Bohemian Grove and written a rollicking column about a wild pig hunt near Cazadero.

Every time the President or some high official goes to Camp David they go for reprogramming. This was highly evident with George Bush during the 1992 campaign. One day his hair was dark and he looked "healthy." Next day he looked worn out and his hair was gray. Go back and see newsclips or videoclips. [Dr, Beter's audio tapes can be purchased from the "Wisconsin Report" Tel. 414-782-4832] On a different but related topic, were you aware that Polly Klass' body was found in the Bohemian Grove? That ONLY MEMBERS with KEYS can get in there? That many of our politicians go and "play" there?

Earth Changes--- Section 4- Comments & Replies on Series

PN: Do you know George W. [BUSH Jr.]? WB: Not as well as his father. But he and the old man spent a weekend at the camp I happen to belong to in the Bohemian Grove, and I saw him merely informally a couple of times, I think, but with his father around, and Tom Foley and them around, he didn’t talk all that much—although he doesn’t talk all that much anyway, I gather. I just know him fleetingly.

WILLIAM F. BUCKLEY : Q&A by Russ Smith, John Strausbaugh & Peggy Noonan

July 1984 AA helps plan large teach-in and civil disobedience of the patriarchy at Bohemian Grove. 50 are arrested.
The Abalone Alliance Story

Walter Cronkite has been reported to participate in Bohemian Grove rituals in which he is the "voice" of the "owl" which is used to reresent Molech. A lot of people are going to be in the group described in Matthew 7:23.

At this time we lived in the top floor of a house on the edge of an ancient forest that is in the stewardship of and is preserved by and is the site of the Bohemian Grove. The Bohemian Grove is a men's club in the redwood forest near Monte Rio, Ca. For a couple of weeks every summer, people like George Bush, Henry Kissinger and others, including their guests, like Manuel Noriega, gather for relaxation from the "dull cares and worries of the world". One new year's day, when no one but the forest ranger caretakers would be there...and after a year of being an Elf Scout we decided it was time for Solon to graduate to a more advanced level of scouting and left to him to decide upon and do a final and tremendous deed of daring do and courage...and he decided that he would slip into the Grove unseen, spy out their 50 foot plus redwood tree carved into a statue of an owl (the symbol of the Grove), plant a crystal that we had magically charged to help banish evil and return...which he did successfully.

Upper-class skinny-dips freely (Bohemian Grove; Kennedys, Rockefellers, CCNS Supt. L. Hadley, G. Schultz, Edwin Meese III et al),

Carl [Irving Wheat] became ill at the Bohemian Club's Grove and died at the age of seventy-four. I was one of the speakers at the services for him on June 17, 1966. Two years earlier, on May 30, 1964, the Grand Council had unveiled a plague in his honor on the Wall of Comparative Ovations in the old gold town of Murphys.

RACHMANINOV at Bohemian Grove

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