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Subject: A Blessing

Information: A friend of mine gave me "...and the truth shall set you free" after listening to me talk about my "feelings" regarding mind-control and mass hypnosis. I am a 32 year old female, who in the late 80's was recruited into the US Air Force where I was trained in electronic intelligence, a front "job" for what I believe is more covert intelligence system.

We are all very familar now with "Remote Viewing" and the project called Stargate. I feel that information about this project is so available now because of a more sophisticated "psyche/psychic" way of reading the consciousness of individuals and the masses as well as controlling/manipulating them.

It's amazing I even picked up this book and made it through the whole thing because of the "energetic interference" that attacked my crown chakra everytime I thought of picking the book up! But pick it up I did!

My thanks to your honesty and courage in delivering your message... It would be easy to think that this information is insanity - I know how insane I have thought myself to be at times. Be assured that there are others out here who are aware and alert and are working to raise the frequency of this planet. And you validate our "feelings" when you publish this information.

Thank you...

P.S. Electronic "tagging" is complete... through the vaccination process... do you have more infomation regarding this???

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