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By Michael

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If you were a member of a long-standing criminal organization, how would you view, and how would you depict, individuals and organizations that were attempting to expose you and proffer fair and proper justice upon you? What would you do to avoid such justice in the first place, and if such an effort was attempted, how would you react in the future if you once again escaped the prosecution of fair and proper justice?

The criminal mind is an aspect of intelligence that exists within all people: its just that some people choose not to harm other people and property (usually because they would not like the same thing done to them), and thus they reject the potential criminal mind within them, while others, misguided by the choices they have made (sometimes under the stress of threat, duress, and coercion), find a need to develop and fine-tune the potential criminal mind that exists within them, in order for them to succeed in life and in order to deny the inevitable truth about themselves that haunts them deep in their mindıs eye every day.

Thus, to best answer the initial questions in this analysis, some background and definitions are required:

"Crimes are those acts by which one man harms the person or property of another."

"It is a maxim of the law that there can be no crime without a criminal intent; that is, without the intent to invade the person or property of another."

The above is taken from Lysander Spooner's essay "Vices Are Not Crimes: A Vindication of Moral Liberty" -

Furthermore, "crimes" are acts by which people harm the person or property of other people, and a "criminal" is the person that commits those crimes. Thus, it follows, the only acts for which there can be any expected redress by a victim, are acts that harm the person or property of another person, and those acts are known as crimes.

An "incorrigible" criminal is a person who, after a long train of crime and punishment (or escaped prosecution), is unable or unwilling to cease performing criminal acts. Generally, an incorrigible criminal is a person who fails to learn the intended lessons of life and who is committing acts of war upon other people, through continued harm to person or property, and after continued attempts to allow justice to appeal to them.

Thus, from all of the above it can be summarized:

A "crime" is any act in which a person harms the person or property of another person.

A "criminal" is a person who participates in acts which harm the person or property of another person.

"Criminal behavior" is a pattern of action exhibited by a person which involves harm to the person or property of other people.

An "incorrigible criminal" is a person who, after a long train of crime and punishment (or escaped prosecution), is unable or unwilling to cease performing criminal acts.

And then, a ³felony² is a type of serious ³crime² (contrasted with misdemeanors and infractions, less serious crimes), usually punishable by a prison term of more than one year or, in some cases, by death. For example, murder, extortion and kidnapping are felonies; a minor fist fight is usually charged as a misdemeanor, and a speeding ticket is generally an infraction. Felony crimes are ³An offence which occasions a total forfeiture of. either lands or goods, or both, at common law, to which capital or other punishment may be super-added, according to the degree of guilt. 4 Bl. Com, 94, 5; 1 Russ. Cr. *42; 1 Chit. Pract. 14; Co. Litt . 391; 1 Hawk. P. C. c. 37; 5 Wheat. R. 153, 159.² Bouvier Law Dictionary, 1856 Edition
( ).

And then, a ³felon² is a type of criminal who is ³infamous, and cannot fill any office, or become a witness in any case, unless pardoned, except in cases of absolute necessity, for his own preservation, and defence; as, for example, an affidavit in relation to the irregularity of a judgment in a cause in which he is a party. 2 Salk. R. 461; 2 Str. 1148;. Martin's R. 25; Stark. Ev. part 2, tit. Infamy. As to the effect of a conviction in one state, where the witness is offered in another, see 17 Mass. R. 515 2 Harr. & McHen. R. 120, 378; 1 Harr. & Johns. R. 572. As to the effect upon a copartnership by one of the partners becoming a felon, see 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1493.² Bouvier Law Dictionary, 1856 Edition
( ).

And then, it follows:

A "criminal organization" is an organization that promotes criminal behavior through the implementation of doctrine and practices that, through the use of threat, duress, and coercion, compel their members to perform criminal acts against other people.

Law-abiding people can uncover criminal organizations by studying the doctrines, policy statements, commentary, and other publications of an organization, by studying the words of the people in power in an organization, and by observing the members of the organization in action to attempt to determine if they follow a pattern of behavior which is consistent with the instruction of that organization.

If a person takes membership in an organization, and subsequently exhibits criminal behavior, and if it can be shown that the criminal behavior is consistent with the doctrines, policy statements, commentary, and other publications of the organization, then reasonable proof exists towards the conclusion that the organization is, in fact, a criminal organization, and towards the conclusion that the members of that organization are being compelled into committing criminal acts.

Furthermore, if within any organization, threat, duress, or coercion is used by some members in order to compel other members to commit criminal acts, including murder and mutilation, then the people who used that threat, duress, or coercion, are also responsible for the crime that is committed along with the person or people who directly committed the act. And even further, in such organizations, when criminal acts are committed under threat, duress, and coercion, leading to responsibility on the part of all people directly and indirectly involved, subsequently, all people who claim membership and who participate in that organization are also subject to varying degrees of responsibility for all the criminal acts that are committed by any and all members of the organization.

And even further, ³evil² is continual and/or irreparable harm caused to other people and/or property.

People who commit crimes are not (necessarily) evil, if they repent and atone for their crimes. In fact, many societies value people who err and repent/atone, more than those who do not commit crimes, however, this is often a misguided principle in that it devalues good people who effort long and hard not to harm other people and/or property, and who live lives that reflect that high ideal. Evil is specifically the realm of the incorrigible criminal, the person who, after a long train of crime and punishment (or escaped prosecution), is unable or unwilling to cease performing criminal acts.

People who are evil should be imprisoned in a manner which removes their ability to continually cause harm to person or property, and such is the same for people who belong to criminal organizations which are incorrigible by nature and/or doctrine: while people who repent/atone for their harmful acts should be given all chances necessary to become law-abiding citizens again.

At the same time, people who perpetrate singular acts of murder and/or mutilation (irreparable and unatoneable harm), and who are unrepentant for their crimes, are also evil, and should be separated from society in a manner which removes their ability to cause even more harm.

Now, again, the questions posed at the beginning of this analysis:

If you were a member of a long-standing criminal organization, how would you view, and how would you depict, individuals and organizations that were attempting to expose you, and proffer fair and proper justice upon you? What would you do to avoid such justice in the first place, and if such an effort was attempted, how would you react in the future if you once again escaped the prosecution of fair and proper justice?

So then, if you were a member of a long-standing criminal organization which for centuries, had been perpetrating serious crimes against other people, you would primarily need to view and depict those who would attempt to proffer justice upon you, as unjust and foolish persecutors who do not know the truth about you instead of wise and just prosecutors who represent truth and justice. And then, if you were a member of such a criminal organization, you would have to build up an underlying social infrastructure, in order to assist you in being able to commit your crimes with impunity and avoid prosecution and justice for those crimes, and you would have to use previous attempts to justly imprison you as inflammatory fodder for your underlying social infrastructure.

It is a basic understanding in law enforcement that criminals often attempt to paint themselves as victims, and paint their victims as the real perpetrators of crimes against them: speak to a law enforcement officer, and they will quickly agree with this assessment. Thus, one of the long-running strategies of long-standing criminals and criminal organizations is to reconstruct an actual historic event where overzealous prosecutors might have over-stepped the bounds of justice (possibly due to their innate disgust at the nature and quantity of the crimes of the criminal individuals and organizations), painting themselves as victims and painting their victims as the real perpetrators, and use that reconstructed event as inflammatory propaganda against their prosecutors: this is done for the express purpose of subsequently providing a protective shield for the criminals to continue to commit their crimes, and make the criminals look like they are always being persecuted instead of being properly prosecuted. A twist on this strategy would be to manufacture new events that make the criminals look like victims and make their victims look like criminals, and use that event as the required protective shield.

Once those events have been reconstructed or manufactured, the criminals and criminal organizations will be able to shout "Look, we are again being persecuted for being ourselves" when justice is again being sought against them, and this is a well-known aspect of that long-running criminal strategy. However, since most people in the human species are mostly good people who do not desire to be criminals, and thus do not try to think like criminals, most people are easy prey to this strategy, and are unaware that such strategies have long been employed in order to protect criminals and criminal organizations.

Another strategy of long-standing criminal organizations would be to attempt to control the exposure of their crimes, and this could be done by a predetermined attempt to infiltrate and control information distribution outlets in order to discredit, disrupt, and lampoon their prosecutors, and make them look like unjust and foolish persecutors in the eyes of the public: you would need to infuse diversion, obfuscation, and deception into the information distribution process, and reduce your prosecutors to laughable boobs while establishing an image of being a force of honorable and moral rebellion against unjust authority yourselves. And it would be further useful if an attempt were made to infiltrate and control law-making and law-enforcement bodies, in order to affect change of long-standing laws against specific criminal activities and influence prosecution of laws that could not be changed. And yet another aspect of this criminal strategy would be to attempt to infiltrate and control educational institutions, so as to attempt to affect change at the foundation of a society in order to influence future prosecution of justice.

These are strategies and patterns that are well-known to the majority of honest law enforcement officials and well-known by all except a few dishonest law enforcement officials, and knowledge of those strategies and patterns have been well-used to prosecute criminals in the past. Usually, the average person, suffering under the burden of disinformation from criminal organizations and their conspirators, collaborators, and colleagues, will not be exposed to the knowledge of such strategies and patterns, and thus become easy prey, in their lives and in their minds. Once exposed to the strategies and patterns, the average person can move out of the realm of being a real and true victim of a criminal organization, and learn how to reject and resist the activities of individuals and organizations which employ these strategies and patterns.

Diversion, obfuscation, and deception of the average good-hearted person is one of the major tasks required to be performed in the ascendance of a fine-tuned criminal organization, and the members of such long-standing organizations have long reported and reflected their innate fear that one day, the public will awaken and be fooled no longer, and unleash powerful and well-deserved justice upon them for their crimes: they live with a daily fear of their own exposure and prosecution, and what it will mean to their lives, and their families. It is this fear of prosecution that drives them, on a daily basis, to commit even more crimes to cover-up the crimes they have already committed, and every day, they increase the weight of the burden they place on their own lives, and on the lives of innocent people.

In the end, no matter how hard they try to continue their criminal activities, criminals and criminal organizations will inevitably go too far in their activities, because it is the nature of the criminal mind to stretch the envelope, to keep pushing and commit even more and terrible crimes, when they realize that they have a good and profitable racket going and that they can so easily fool the public. When they do this, criminals will inevitably anger good people to the breaking point of their patience, and expose themselves for the public to see clearly who and what they are: when this happens, the backlash of justice is usually so terrible, that any of the criminals of the criminal organizations who survive that backlash, might even be able to use that backlash as further future propaganda that they have been unfairly persecuted, and not fairly prosecuted.

However, often, before such justice is meted out in a way which cleanses a society of their underlying criminal organizations, entire societies can become corrupted, and thus, conquered, by such criminals. When criminals run free, and when freedom is a crime (specifically, freedom of speech which identifies and condemns criminals and criminal organizations), when children are harmed by rote, and when people are barely able to tell the difference between crime and freedom, is when you can tell that a society has been completely infiltrated and controlled by the criminal element within, and the criminal mind within them.

But there will come a time when the public will have none of that anymore, and as the human-sacrificing Thuggees in India were wiped out by the British in the 19th century, those criminals and criminal organizations will themselves eventually be wiped out (or changed forever), and consigned to history for the despicable criminal individuals and organizations which they truly were.

The hope for enlightened criminals comes in their desire to stop harming other people because they do not like the same things done to them that they are doing to others, resulting in a realization and admission of truth about their criminal activities, and subsequent repentance and atonement for the harm they have caused. In order to do this successfully, criminals must disassociate themselves from their criminal organization, and in many cases, can justify their withdrawal from participation in the criminal activities of the criminal organization through a charge of fraudulent initiation, since in the law and morals of honorable people, fraud vitiates all agreements from the beginning, although not the responsibility for individual harmful acts. During that time of disassociation, the individual criminal who pursues this path may discover more proof of the criminal nature of the organization in question, by the manner in which such an organization reacts to the withdrawal of participation of one of their members.

And if you are one of those people who hears ³voices² in your head, be they real or internalized, which you claim are compelling you to commit crimes against other people, you should probably write down everything that those voices say, and you should use the voice of logic and reason within you to dissemble and discern the ideas that are occurring in your head, in order to better identify the nature and origin of those ideas, and should not do anything that those voices tell you to do that would result in direct harm to any person or property, including your own.

Such people should consider the following voice as a solution: "Everything I think and do that involves love, peace, and freedom, and truth, liberty, and justice, for myself and for all other people, is the real and true me, and it is my true nature and the true nature of my soul. Everything I think and do that does not involve love, peace, and freedom, and truth, liberty, and justice, for myself and for all other people, or, in fact, might cause harm to me or to any other person, is a thought or action that was compelled upon me by evil forces in the world, and is not my true nature nor the true nature of my soul; although I take full responsibility for all those things that I thought and did that did not involve love, peace, and freedom, and truth, liberty, and justice, for myself and for all other people."

In conclusion, can you identify specific criminals and criminal organizations that have used such strategies to great success in the past, and are using the same such strategies to great success in the present?

The criminal mind manifests itself in many ways, even among many so-called law-abiding people. In that respect, I have yet to hear followers of the New Testament of the Bible address statements attributed to Jesus which may place certain alleged law-abiding and spiritual people in the light of criminal inquiry, and may label those people as spiritual criminals, should they address the matter honestly. Two statements about which I refer are those by Jesus where he says, paraphrased, ³Those who harm children would be better off placing a millstone around their necks and jumping into the ocean,² and ³Woe be to those who are with child when the end times come.²

These two statements attributed to Jesus, seem to place felony baby mutilators (circumcisers) and parents in great spiritual jeopardy, and seem, by inversion, to hail the choices made by parents who did not choose to mutilate their baby boys, and people who do not choose to bring a child into such a world of hell as this one.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, at the very least, the world has been controlled by the evil Rothschild family, and all children born since then have been under the control and direction of the Rothschilds. Thus, those who have brought children into such an evil world, and then, participated in a favorite Rothschild baby mutilating and pedophilia/cannibalistic ritual (circumcision, and mezizah), would naturally be blinded by the ramifications of their own choices, and only the most courageous among them would be able to address these matters honestly, all of which has led to a spiritual blockade on the sincere and honest addressing of those two pertinent questions.

Truly, who would be so spiritually challenged so as to blindly bring children of God into a world such as this one, into a world of pain and suffering and war and enslavement? Few Christian parents have a addressed this matter as it relates to the explicit and implicit choices made by homosexuals to avoid bringing babies into such an evil world, this mostly because of the spiritual blindness and prejudice of such people who have made such unwise choices, and who can do nothing else but make excuses for those choices and do the best they can within those anti-Jesus spiritual choices.

As a person born into the Roman Catholic faith, who attended a parochial school (St. Bernardıs in Brooklyn) from the grades of 3-8, who was an altar boy and a member of the choir, who dutifully studied the Bible and his Catechism, and who had a consistent A average in his years in parochial school, I assert that I have had many years longer than you Johnny-come-lately Christians who have embraced your Bible in your desperate later years, and that the decisions of my own life have been made with a primary knowledge of such statements attributed to Jesus. I accept no quarter from you Johnny-come-lately Christians, and I challenge and indict you all for selectively choosing your scriptures, and further, for not researching into the true nature and origin of those scriptures, and allowing other people tell you about the content and spirit of those scriptures.

I have called a spade a spade, and a felony baby-mutilator and child abuser, a criminal. If the shoe fits, wear it, and do not criticize the shoes of those who have been wiser with their spiritual decisions in life, than you have.

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Michael is an independent researcher who revealed several years ago that the speed of light was not constant:

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If you want to know who REALLY rules and/or controls you and/or your society, ask yourself the question "Who or what am I not allowed to question and/or criticize?"

³Provided, That no United States person may be considered a foreign power or an agent of a foreign power solely upon the basis of activities protected by the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States.² 50 U.S.C. § 1805(a)(3)(A).

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