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You've got mail--so does the FBI

by WebToday staff writer Dan Zanoza

WASHINGTON, DC, July 19, 2000 (WebToday)--It was interesting to see the mainstream media's coverage of the government project called "Carnivore." For those of you who may have missed it, Carnivore is an elaborate system whereby computer e-mails are scanned for key words. If, let's say, the president's name would come up with the words "bomb" or "assassination, " the system would hone in on that particular e-mail and subsequent communications.

Now if you think this only pertains to foreign provocateurs, you're wrong. According to reports, Carnivore scrutinizes all e-mails, including the one you sent to Aunt Frieda in Maine.

What's even more amazing is the information got out at all. Usually, some diligent investigative journalist uncovers such intrigue, only to have the story dismissed to mad plots of a conspiratorial nature. It's what I call the Black Helicopter Syndrome. We see it time and time again. Take, for example, the debate over One World Government. President George Bush talked about a New World Order. Many presidents were members of an organization dedicated to the concept. Frequently American Armed Forces find themselves under United Nations command and the US economy is perhaps the greatest proponent of global trade. Yet, when weary citizens warn of a plot to eliminate American sovereignty, skeptics say it's nothing more than paranoia over mythical black helicopters of the inner mind.

But it was the mainstream press which exposed Carnivore to the American public for the most part. The program is reminiscent of another version of the George Orwell classic 1984. "Echelon" was a project which also scanned private phone conversations for similar key phrases. Operated by a foreign government for purposes of plausible denial, Great Britain listens in on our phone calls and we eavesdrop on theirs. This way, the Constitutional guarantee of the right to privacy is not "violated", at least in a technical sense.

Our Nation's Founding Fathers must certainly be turning in their graves. Now Janet Reno claims the Carnivore system can only be activated under court order. And the FBI says the system has only been used fifty times. However, with human nature as it is, the potential for misuse looms like a sword of Damocles over the heads of American citizens. Perhaps most puzzling to me is this. We have a system which can isolate particular e-mails, out of millions, yet we cannot find thousands of White House e-mails connected with possible campaign fundraising irregularities.

Maybe the problem is the White House e-mails don't want to be found. Or, possibly, the people looking for the e-mails don't want to find them. Wow! I just realized I've used the words "president, bomb and assassination" all in the same e-mail in order to send this in to WebToday. Perhaps the FBI will be reading this before you do. Ahh, technology. Isn't it wonderful?


by WebToday staff writer Joe Q. American

WASHINGTON, DC, July 14, 2000 (WebToday)--First it was Echelon, the super spy network of England spying on U.S. (with out permission) and U.S. spying on England (with their permission) and both countries exchanging info to get around laws outlawing snooping on a country's own citizens.

Now it's "Carnivore" the FBI's version of Echelon, except this time it's illegal. The FBI has no right to read monitor virtually every email transmission being sent in the U.S. hunting for key words--but they do.

If it's any comfort to us Janet Reno formerly "acknowledged fears" of invasion of privacy yesterday (Thursday, July 13, 2000). She feels our pain.

The FBI spy program works through Internet service providers, allowing FBI snoops to analyze intercepted email in huge quantities.

During House subcommittee testimony on April 6, 2000 there were "hints" about the existence of some clandestine big brother snoop system.

Even encrypted email isn't exempt. It goes to special agents for decoding--on our tax dollars!

Defending the illegal interception project, FBI spokesman Paul Bresson said, "The criminal world is taking advantage of today's sophisticated technology to commit tomorrow's crimes, so it is important that law enforcement also use technology, to prevent tomorrow's crimes."

Reno defended Carnivore Thursday saying, "When we develop new technology, when we apply the Constitution, I want to make sure that we apply it in a consistent and balanced way."

Janet Reno, Bill Clinton and the FBI are the real criminals. They can intercept everyone else's email, but they can't even find the hundreds of thousands of "lost" White House email messages!


By WebToday contributor Joel Skousen

Internet privacy groups are outraged by the FBI's revelations that they have been using a software program called "Carnivore to perform Echelon-like eavesdropping on Internet e-mail. The FBI claims it is similar to wiretapping, and is always accompanied by a court order. But this is only partially true.

ANALYSIS: Here is what really happens. The FBI gets a court order to eavesdrop on the email of a certain suspect. They walk into the offices of an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and demand that they be allowed to set up a separate set of computers in a locked wire cage that will tap the email of the subject mentioned in the warrant. That equipment stays put. Since the subject under surveillance can use any number of pseudonyms and email addresses to disguise his name and whereabouts, the FBI always goes beyond the authorization of the warrant and taps into the entire traffic flow coming in or out of this ISP and screens it for key words. In other words, they use the warrant to get in the door and then track all emails through universal software screening. They call it "Carnivore supposedly because they are looking for the "meat in email. I think the other more sinister connotations of term are more appropriate to the FBI's real purpose.

But here is the most important point I want you to be aware of. None of the ISPs are going to protest this publicly or tell their clients about the intrusion. If they did, they would soon be out of business. Most of their clients would switch to a different ISP to avoid government snooping. In Britain, where all ISPs are required to install the surveillance equipment at their own expense, the four largest ISPs in the UK are threatening to leave the country. The government is now considering paying them to stay--but that doesn,t stop the problem. In the UK the public doesn,t have any choice of evading the surveillance because all ISPs are required to participate. Here in the US you have a choice and you need to exercise it now, before every ISP capitulates to this violation of your privacy. Each of you needs to send an email to your ISP and ask them to certify in writing to you that they are NOT hosting any government email tracking software or hardware. Tell them that if they can NOT certify their equipment to be free of government eavesdropping, you will switch to another provider. Let me know what the response is. I can guarantee you that the big ISPs like AOL are compromised. Most likely, so are all the big ISPs. Try a local provider.

Feel free to re-publish or distribute this article, but only if you post (c) 2000 Joel Skousen


By WebToday contributor Joel Skousen

The missing emails scandal in the White House grows bigger by the day. To recap the problem, the White House paid a contractor millions of dollars to design and build an email system that had the capability of hiding emails emanating from key areas of the White House and not recording those emails on the government tracking system--all without the knowledge of the staff paid to monitor the White House computer system. Once installed, a government operative made a minor software change instructing the program to route VP Al Gore's emails (most of which were about illegal fundraising) to another record keeping system. Judicial Watch's Larry Klayman has subpoenaed those emails, and the White House has been stonewalling and destroying records ever since. When it was discovered that the numbers of emails in the White House didn,t match the numbers recorded on the official tracking tapes, Judge Royce Lamberth ordered that the "missing emails be produced. Nine months of excuses later, Judge Lamberth is demanding to know why no results. Now it comes to light that the White House intervened in the choice of the "data recovery firm hired to find the emails. Instead of hiring one of the 2 or 3 top experts in the field, the White House hired ECS, a minority contractor with hardly any experience in the field. Klayman told reporters at a press conference, "Obviously, they hired the biggest stooge they could find."

ANALYSIS: These time delays are critical for the White House. They are in constant communication with other people around the country in their attempt to manipulate political and other events important to the secret agenda of insider operations. They arrange illegal favors for big contributors, they cover-up details of past and present illegal activities. They manipulate world affairs and have on-going security breaching relationships with America's enemies. The conversations regarding these activities, referred to as "Project X at the White House, number in the thousands each month and must never see the light of day. The delays are necessary in order to give the White House insiders time to go through all these records in detail and selectively purge the ones that would prove treason, bribery, influence peddling or worse. The White House has already admitted to "accidental damage to several backup tapes leaving the data "unrecoverable.

Time has also allowed the White House to purge several contract employees that showed signs of weakness in keeping the White House secrets. Two of these have become witnesses for Larry Klayman's multi-million dollar lawsuit against the government for obstruction of justice and intimidation of whistleblowers. Mark Lindsay is the White House point man for Project X. Sheryl Hall, the former White House computer manager who was fired by the Clintons, says that with Lindsay in charge, "the American people will not be given this information. There will be stalls... A year from now we still won't have it." Judge Lamberth has the power to hold the White House in contempt and to put Lindsay and others in jail, but for some reason even this man, the best of all the Washington DC federal judges, doesn,t dare push the case to the obvious conclusion. I don,t think there is any doubt he knows there are powerful forces in Washington that can remove him if he goes too far in the defense of real justice.

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