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Rockefeller's comment on
"population" & global "Plan"
Laurance Rockefeller and Sean Morton

Laurance Rockefeller and Sean Morton From: Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 13:56:17 -0500 (EST) Subject: Rockefeller's comment on "population" & global "Plan"

From: Dick Farley (Various issues.) Rockefeller Foundation and David Rockefeller's comments follow this commentary. Relevance: Laurance Rockefeller (David's brother); "UFOs"; "alien abduction"; MIT Conference. Sean David Morton and "UFOlogical prophesies." Globalism.

(Note: While this following report reflects the gilded "front" of Rockefellerian "applied philosophies" dating from their parents' "eugenics" and "human herd management,"has been funded by Rockefellerians in pre-WWII days, both in the U. S. and in Weimar Germany... those who are familiar with issues in the so-called "UFO" and "paranormal" theatres, where more bizarre Rockefellerian interests have played so much of a role recently, may be interested in the perspective public statements such as the following play in that family's abilities to manage news and government oversight beyond "cursory."

Thus, erstwhile "UFO personality" and "millenialist" Sean David Morton...who later did some "interpretive work" with the "Gulf Breeze Six" American military personnel who went AWOL and ended up at Gulf Breeze to await Jesus and do other biddings of their Ouija board "revelations," has commented about allegations of "Rockefellerian" motivations.

Without giving disinformationist Morton any actual credence beyond what he's "earned" with his early work associated with Linda Moulton Howe (on "Sightings"), and as a self-proclaimed "prophet" who also claimed publicly that his (Morton's) father was a "former Navy test pilot who flew at 'Area 51',"... and that he (Morton) was as a youngster a hanger-on at NASA's Johnson Spaceflight Center, where his Dad had allegedly become part of the NASA "PR" machinery ... your attention is drawn to two books Morton published and sold at some "UFO" conventions, including the Los Angeles "Whole Life Expo" in 1993, and Timothy Green Beckley's Phoenix-based "Aliens & Conspiracies" confab, also in 1993, where Morton spoke and was "blessed" by John Lear and other "seeders" of various "UFO" counter-fables.

Morton's pages alleged, explicitly, that "...the Rockefellers caused AIDS" to be created and disseminated. While we have no direct information that such is the case, philosophically it is clear from their history that the Rockefeller's believe (and NOT for the gilded reasoning the following carries), that the human herd is growing in the "wrong" directions. Of course, Morton also gave during his "workshop" a perspective of the global financial picture...following the then-recent death of the Baron Rothschild, which Morton said triggered clandestine planetary power-struggles for control of "$43 trillion of global resources."

The subsequent (and more recent) "apparent suicide" of a very depressed younger Baron Rothschild, did not hurt Morton "prophesies" and his credibiltiy with his followers, the most notable of whom is of course himself. But keeping open minds about Morton...who undoubtedly has been victimized at some stage in his development, unless he is a truly accomplished actor who merits a shot at the big-time..."facts ARE facts." In the wake of the Cold War's "ending," the forces of Good and Evil are repositioning...just as they did at the close of World War II. was a devastated Germany which surrendered, NOT the Nazi's and inheritors of Hitler's "New Age" philosophy. Others following "them" more closely have made excellent cases that "they" are still around, and have grown in influence, while bettering "their" camouflage. New York, Washington, and Geneva are effective hiding places for those "possessed" by the same Dark Spirits who brought about the "soul sacrifice" that our parents experienced globally now half a century behind us.

Laurance Rockefeller and Prince Hans Adam of Liechtenstein (a Swiss-German guy, who funded the "Fund for UFO Research's" video, "Witnesses to Roswell" as well as part of the MIT "Abductions" conference and the 1992 "T. R. E. A. T." conference where "alien abductions" were the focus, as well, might then be questioned as to how their "UFOlogical" interests may (or may not) have any linkages to their beliefs and desire to take action in coping with Earth's alleged "eco-catastrophies."

"Aliens" (whether "real" or fabricated) do indeed seem bent on exerting influence globally, with their "terrestrial envoys" among the billionaires and the deluded as their intermediaries. Hitler seemd crazy beyond any potential for success to those in power before his ascendancy. It was their laxity that caused it.

At other places in Sean David Morton's published ruminations are the echos of Norio Hayakawa's 1993 assertions that in 1997 we would see a "staged UFO landing," either with bogus aliens created and pumped out publicly by the "Internationalistas," (after their own media campaigns and targeted "bombings" and terrorist acts, to "marginalize" and create hostilities toward any of the self-described "patriot" or "militia" movements, whose intelligence might have learned of these alleged "plots," so as to forestall serious news media investigations or law enforcement preventions. "Black church burnings" appear as such a gambit.

Hayakawa's other scenario, as "marginalized by John Lear and (ex-Navy) William Cooper...who was introduced to "UFOlogy" in 1987 by Linda Howe and others known to be allied with cults in government and Internationalist persuasions (most recently, the RTC-funded Robert Bigelow...another "abductions" groupie who now reportedly is funding ex-Army and Dept. of Energy "non-lethan" and mind-control researcher John Alexander)... was for a STAGED "alien landing," with REAL "aliens" who allegedly have been in league with factions of Earth's ruling oligarchies. It is likely that neither of these will now happen as had been "sown" and promulgated by the Internationalistas' well-funded and broadly painted "UFOlogical" disinformations.

Instead, in pursuit of "global mandates" to reduce human freedoms and control society with their technologically based "friendly fascism," (See Richard Gross's book of that name, 1981), the oligarchs will "show their talons." And through the manipulated madnesses of folks like Timothy McVeigh and the "Unabomber," (whoEVER that guy is), questions about whether American's should cede their civil liberties and rights to the powers of the oligarchies will be even more marginalized.

Unless....UNLESS...we educate ourselves and enough of our kids to pick up some of the threads left for a trail of bread crumbs, or stone markings in the wilderness of mirrors... by writers like Ray Bradbury (Fahrenheit 451), Huxley (Brave New World), the Morrises (The Stalk), and even Newt Gingrich (in his co-authored novel, "1945."), as well as the warnings of Heinlein and Hubbard. War for Earth is waged in human minds.

Whichever...or NONE of these "alien landing"...scenarios come to pass or not, it is incumbent on the news media personnel on this list to keep VERY open minds about the possibilities that some, or most, of these scenarios may indeed transpire.

Although there remain in government...inside CIA and within the Pentagon, as well as on Capitol Hill... forces bravely fighting against these oligarchs seeking global control, they remain in the minority because of the combined suppression of this data, as well as the "bimbo brain-dead" level of our news managers.

None of these scenarios are mutually exclusive of any others, given the power of a fragmented demographics and competing belief we are seeing in Germany with the current Scientology debate...and as we have seen with Aum Shinrikyo, and earlier at Waco and still earlier at Jonestown. These patent "experimentations" made clear that belief systems can bring on a "death urge" that can expand exponentially, even nationally.

When some of us were working WITH one Rockefeller-funded non-profit that had "making a better world" as its PUBLIC face, we first looked askance at such "militia paranoias" or claims.

But in our efforts to create effective "public relations" defenses for the folks who were funding our efforts, looking for any of their other activities that might have provided the seeds for such "outlandish" allegations...we later learned that behind the scenes, through their "cut-outs" and treasonous bastards who had sold out their nation, their uniforms and their oaths to our country and using ALL of our curiousities and good intentions to confuse the innocent and well-meaning while covering up the ruthless "applied anomalous phenomena" that had been stolen from U. S. government-funded research and farmed out to the "big boys" at Rockefeller University, Stanford, Princeton and well as to Harvard...we learned that "IT" was all real, even the most outlandish. Whether it was "true" in the scientific sense was less clear. But in the minds of the oligarchs and their "pet scientists" and "social engineers," objective reality did not matter so much as the potential effectiveness of such "new myths" and "new paradigms" to justify extremist measures to short-circuit democracy and public discussions, in favor of "top-down" hierarchic manipulations of global beliefs.

Your "worst fears" are not fearful enough. Many among the so-called "UFO" community are now in league with the highest profile "debunkers." Still others are "cultists" of the highest intelligence, just as has been learned of Aum Shinrikyo's and the Solar Temple cult of Luc Jouret, (all now eliminated), but are deluded by their own needs for "closure" and "certainty," both all-too-human necessities being exploited by the "they."

The processes of national innoculation...ranging from Waco to Oklahoma City, and tinged even by the bizarre Polly Klaas and JonBenet Ramsey slayings...which have had similar "PR effects" and raised questions centering on the "old FBI's" counterintell in private practice and gracing our televisions almost nightly as they seek to deflect and cover up their past sins and those of the Bureau's ex-leadership, have proceeded.

"Mind Control?" We see it every night...and it reaches into the highest levels of our government. But, hey! It's ain't "over" for our nation yet. "THEY" (the "aliens" or the "Dark Siders"), who and whatever you might prefer...are indeed weak. "They" have only the "power" they can persuade us humans to cede to 'em.

Keep asking questions. Watch the "Gulf War" syndrome dance as it plays out with Jay Rockefeller and Arlen Specter making a mockery out of Congressional process, while tens of thousands of our troops suffer...and millions more of our younger people see the American military as a "no-win" place to volunteer. I'd suggest to you that demoralization of our youths, to the extent that they will (as did the "Boomer" generation) self-destruct so as NOT to move our nation and its ideals farther out across the planet into a workable future is the AMBITION of the oligarchs.

Follow the money. Honor your skepticism. Enter your fears.

Actually..."our side" is gaining ground. Soon America will awake from its hypnotic state and begin preparing to defend its ideas and ideals from the incursions of China, India and Japan..and from the extreme Islamic nations where transnational oligarchs are sowing the seeds of America's confusion and destruction, in their cynical and delusional effort to maintain control of Earth.

Remember...if any of this is "real," it has a "politics."

And if, as Jacques Vallee and some others suggest...indeed, if as right-wing darling Zechariah Sitchin asserts it is an old war, still going on... it is our IGNORANCE that plays into the hands of any "conquerer." Our ignorance, our fear, and our suspicions.

Seeking and sharing "truth," as we can discern it, is the MOST radical act we alive and aware of these issues can peform now. Keep your sense of humor. Even in the bloodiest of wars, it is our ability to ourselves and our oft-times abominable plights...which makes...and human in the best sense.

So all you "UFOlogists" out there: We're laughing WITH you, not "AT" you....well, most of the time at least. Watch the skies!

Regards, Dick Farley
Rockefeller's comment on population....etc.,


ADVANCE/ WASHINGTON, Jan. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- At a time when the largest generation in history is about to reach childbearing age, the United States has backed away from its 30-year commitment to international family planning and population programs. According to a report released today by the Rockefeller Foundation, the U.S. retreat denies millions of couples the freedom to decide when to have children and how many to have. The result will be a dramatic increase in unwanted pregnancies, maternal and child deaths, and abortions -- as well as stalled progress towards world economic and social development.

The report, High Stakes: The United States, Global Population and Our Common Future, comes at a pivotal moment. In January 1996, Congress cut funding for international population assistance by 35 percent. And, because of complex spending restrictions, only 13 percent of appropriated funds was actually released in fiscal year 1996. Under the FY 1997 appropriations, no funding will flow to international family planning programs until July 1 unless Congress approves a resolution in February to release the funds on March 1.

As High Stakes reports, the funding cuts and restrictions have begun to dismantle an extraordinarily effective program. Since the 1960s, the United States has worked in partnership with other nations to provide contraception and other basic health services to couples in developing countries. As a result, more than 50 percent of all couples in those countries now use contraception, up from just 10 percent in 1960. The benefits are clear: fewer women die in childbirth or from abortion, and parents are better able to feed, educate and provide for their children. And family planning has helped slow population growth: the United Nations reports that by the year 2050 there will be about one-half billion fewer people in the world than previously expected.

U.S. leadership in family planning "demonstrates the best of American traditions -- the traditions of individual freedom, giving people in need the tools to help themselves, and helping to strengthen families," said Peter Goldmark, Rockefeller Foundation president.

But the work of U.S. family planning programs is far from finished. Demand for contraception is growing much faster than supply. High Stakes reports that by the year 2000, some 800 million people -- one seventh of the world's population -- will be teenagers. The childbearing choices those young people make will have profound effects on their own lives and on the quality of life in our shared world.

The report makes clear that international family planning programs reduce rather than increase abortions, as some have charged. Based on U.N. data, the report shows that "in Hungary, for example, abortion rates were increasing in the late 1960s -- reaching a peak of about 80 per 1,000 women -- while contraceptive use hovered at around 20 percent. Then a dramatic increase in contraceptive use, to more than 50 percent of couples in 1978, was accompanied by a sharp drop in abortion rates to just over 30 per 1,000 women in 1986."

Where couples cannot plan their families, high fertility is part of a vicious circle of poverty and rapid population growth. High Stakes reveals that population growth magnifies the challenges facing developing countries, by exacerbating poverty, unemployment and natural resource scarcities.

"In the race to provide a decent quality of life for the world's people, population growth keeps raising the hurdles that nations must leap," the report observes.

The United States also has a growing and direct economic interest in the stability of many of the developing countries served by population planning programs. As noted in the report, " ... developing countries are among the fastest growing markets for U.S. products. This means that more U.S. jobs depend on purchasing power and political stability overseas ... But U.S. companies cannot do business in nations that are convulsed by political unrest, or that are too poor to buy our products ... "

These issues are of critical importance to Americans, according to David Rockefeller, international philanthropist, former chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank and grandson of the Foundation's founder. "National and global security are no longer defined by military strength alone," said Rockefeller. "They are and will be defined by human well-being, social and economic progress and sustainable development. Low wages, lack of jobs, poverty, resource depletion and civil unrest affect the whole world. I'm convinced that U.S. support of international family planning has been an investment with enormous return in the realization of human potential."

"High Stakes shows that family planning programs are a cost-effective investment in human well-being," said Alice Stone Ilchman, chairman of the board of trustees of the Foundation and president of Sarah Lawrence College. U.S. spending on international family planning peaked in 1995 at $583 million, or less than three one-hundredths of one percent of the federal budget. Developing countries pay three-quarters of the costs of their family planning programs, and other industrialized nations contribute as well.

"Many Americans are skeptical about the money spent on foreign assistance," said Goldmark. "The report shows how 30 years of U.S. leadership and investment in international family planning have paid enormous dividends worldwide."

The withdrawal of U.S. leadership may also derail a consensus reached by 184 nations to slow population growth and spur development. At an international population conference held in Cairo, Egypt in 1994, the world's nations agreed on a groundbreaking plan that would make needed investments in human well-being, including family planning and other reproductive health services. "Every element of that plan would improve the quality of life for individuals and families," said Goldmark. "And every element would ease the pressures of rapid population growth."

The U.S. retreat from that agreement creates a leadership vacuum that could be filled by those who advocate extreme positions which would either restrict access to contraception or force women to use it.

"Since the 1960s, we have been able to maintain a fair, bipartisan and centrist approach to international family planning," said Goldmark. "With this center in danger of crumbling, we at the Rockefeller Foundation believe that the American public needs to understand just what we stand to lose. And when they do, they will reaffirm that family planning is integral to the prosperity and stability of our shared world."

Goldmark stressed that, "The issue of whether it is wise for the United States to abandon its 30-year commitment to international population assistance should be subject to the most searching and serious public debate. That debate has not taken place. We hope this report will contribute to it."

To order a copy of High Stakes: The United States, Global Population and Our Common Future (With Foreword by David Rockefeller) Media Only: Please call

Dare Hurley, 202-835-8874; General Public: Fax requests to 201-529-1119. Reference the Rockefeller Foundation Project No. 603.

SOURCE The Rockefeller Foundation

CO: The Rockefeller Foundation

ST: District of Columbia



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