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Well my first experience happened in Guerneville, Ca. This is the Russian River area just West Of Santa Rosa, Ca., out by the coast. It was Feb.14th, 1986. The city of Guerneville flooded. I lost everything. We were boated out to a part of town that was not flooded. Then there was a Church up on the mountain that all were to go to for food and shelter. Those of us with animals did not fare to well. We did not get fed for three days.

National Guard was trying to get people on the Helicopters to be taken into Santa Rosa. Well women and children and disabled people should of gone first but this was not the case. A National Guard came up to me and told me to get on the Helicopter and I refused as I had my dogs. He put a gun to my head and threatened me, and I told him to go ahead I had nothing left but my animals and my back pack. He said (I'll drop you right here), well I could not believe it.

I turned around and there was at least 50 people standing behind me with their dogs and said to him he would have to shoot all of us.

The guy was pissed. I said to him, do you know what will happen if you let all these hungry dogs loose in a pack. Think about it. He said they would just shoot them. He was so cold. Well another N.G. man came up to him and said to go onto other people without animals, that they would deal with us later. I walked up to the Church to see if we could go in for food and shelter. My friends said why bother, they will not let us in with animals.

I did anyway and as I was walking in a light flashed to my left. I looked but all there was was a room with an iron gate. I could not see anything as was so dark. So as I proceeded it happened again and this time when I looked over there was a statue of Jesus in the room lit up and the gate made a clicking sound. I walked over to it and it opened. There were two benches in there.

I heard a voice say stay in here. I was freaked. I went and got my friends and we went into that room with our animals and stayed for two days. The statue never lit up again. It was Divine guidance with no doubt. Later we met a Red Cross lady who was handing out food. But our animals were hungry too.

There were horses and cows in the fields hungry too and I noticed there was no help for them and then I realized there were no news people there anywhere. I knew then that something was not right. So I sent a friend out on a helicopter to Santa Rosa and told her to contact all the media about this and get someone out here, and to send food for animals.

Hours later here comes a bunch of news people by helicopter and other copters with hay, grain, dog and cat food. They turned the library into an animal shelter. We with animals got food for them. The NG was livid. They were demanding to know who sent the media. I said I did. They were pissed.

Well the media did stories and talked to a lot of people. They asked the NG why they were not informed of this situation. Their response was that they did not want to spread panic.

Well one famous reporter asked me how we were being treated and I told him. He could not believe it. Well they did their stories and left.

Later when I finally got out to Santa Rosa which was 7 days later, I found out that the media was shut down and the story s never reached the public.

The day the media left a Red Cross woman walked up to me and pulled me aside and said I needed to hide in a safe place as I was in danger. I freaked. She said she had a house at the top of the mountain and she wanted me to take my friends and our dogs up to her place. She had four abandoned cars on the property and told us to hide in the cars and when we see the NG to stay low and keep dogs quiet. We knew by then the NG routine and waited till dusk to sneak up the hill.

The dogs were so quiet the whole time. This was unusual.

That evening she had us in her home and fed us. We were so hungry and we were in the same wet clothes for over week. That night we went back out to the cars and heard voices yelling.We laid low but I peeked up to look and saw about 10 NG behind a bunch of people with guns pointed at them walking them up the mountain to where the helicopters were.

People were crying. Later we heard gun shots and then I heard glass breaking right by where we were, then another gun shot. I was so scared. When they left I got out of car and sneaked over to where the glass broke.

They had broken the glass in a car and shot a dog in it. I was so scared David. We stayed in the cars for three days.They were announcing that the waters were receding and we could go to the vets hall and get soup and bread and that Safeway (grocery store) was open and we could buy water or what ever we needed. Well why should we have to buy water for Gods sake, they should be giving it to us. Plus we had no money.

said to my friend, we need money, what are we going to do. There was water rushing down the gutter. Something told me to look down, and I swear there was money flowing in the water. I quickly picked it up and there were four 20's. Blew me away. Well we went to vets hall and when we walked in there was a NG guy sitting at a table crying. At first I had no emotion at all for him. Then he looked up and looked straight into my eyes and started sobbing.

Well I walked over to him and asked him what was wrong and he said quote: "I am so sorry for all this. I did not sign on with the NG for this, I did it to help people, lady I am so sorry for the way we have treated you."

Well I started crying and forgave him. Two there NG guys saw this and gave him a bunch of shit. I do not know what happened to him after that. Well the next day we were allowed out to Santa Rosa. We went to my house in Guerneville and it was destroyed. FEMA {the Illuminati front, the Federal Emergency Management Agency} was set up in town. We had to go and report our losses.

They said we had to take pictures and a man from FEMA came in also and took pictures.A friend of mine's car did not flood so we got out of town in this and I called my boss and told her I was out and she set us up at her place. This is when I found out that the media stories never got out, as she said all they were told was everything was OK and that the NG was taking care of everyone and there was nothing to fear. She could not believe it when I told her the truth.

Well I was looking for a place to live and everyone thought I was nuts as we had no money to rent anything. I looked anyway and there was a 17 acre ranch for rent in Santa Rosa for 450.00 a month. I thought for sure it was a typo because that many acres in the wine country is not 450.00 a month. But I called anyway and sure enough it was not a typo. We went and looked at it. We did not think we had a chance with no money. Well we filled out a application. That day I called the Red Cross as directed by to do by FEMA. They said they would pay for us to move in. We got a phone call from the landlord and were accepted. Shock. I called the Red Cross and they contacted the landlord and gave him a check. They also gave us each a bedroom set and furniture. Later FEMA sent us each a check for damages for the Guerneville house. So this is what put me on the property in Santa Rosa where all the next experience happened.

Later I was to find out that the dam north of Santa Rosa had been deliberately opened and that is why Guerneville flooded. I was to find out that it was a test to see how they could control a small area of people for obvious reasons I now understand. I now know that I was supposed to be on this ranch for this next experience. I had started my own Janitorial business in 1987.

In 1991 I picked up a contract with Empire Waste Management in Santa Rosa. In 1993 they started renovations. Well really strange things started happening.

They called me and asked why I was messing with the computers. Asked that we please not go into the main room and clean. I said we have not ever gone in there, as no reason too. We did not do anything to computers. Well it kept happening even when we were not there.

I would get to the job there around midnight every night. I felt like something was watching us. One night I went out to the warehouse to get supplies and there was a woman I swear floating just above the ground across the warehouse and there was a little boy playing on a tricycle. They looked to be out of the early 1900's. I could not believe what I was seeing.

I ran in and told Sande my business partner. We went back out but they were gone. Later that evening she went out for supplies and saw them. We tried to talk to them but I guess they did not see us. Well all kinds of stuff happened after that four months. A friend of mine worked there. She got us the contract. I called Mia and said I needed to talk to her. I was cleaning an office in the second building and out of the corner of my eye I saw two men standing up against the wall, each with there one leg up on wall and arms folded across their chests. One was an older gentleman and one in his 20's maybe.

Then they just disappeared. When I talked to Mia I told her that this place was haunted, expecting a oh yea right attitude, but not so. The office I was cleaning was hers. I had not told her yet what I saw.

She told me she saw two gentlemen in her office one night when she was working late. I asked her to describe them and it was the same two.

Well a friend of hers that worked there was a clairvoyant. Mia set up a meeting with us to meet as this woman had told Mia the place was haunted. The District Manager, Trish got wind of this and came to the meeting. She did not want to believe it but she too was seeing things. I was waiting in the conference room for this woman to come. When she walked in the room she just stared at me for at least 2 minutes. I did not understand as she did not know which one was me.

We all talked about what was going on. She asked me what my opinion was and I said that this started when the renovations started. That we needed to find out what was on this property back then. We checked and found out that it used to be a warehouse for the mob where they had weapons and booze. We found an official that said they had hired a vast amount of workers for bootlegging.

When they were done with them they shot all the workers, 100 to be exact, and there families. We could not believe it. This Clairvoyant wanted to do a seance and help them go to the light. She wanted me there as she said when she first saw me she saw guns and death all around me and figured that the spirits wanted me there and I was first to see. Well I refused as I had to work in this place at night alone with just Sande and a couple employees, at times. They did the seance, but to no avail.

One night I went to enter the second building and I got such chills and the hair on my arms stood up when I went to put the key in the door. I could not enter that building. Something was wrong. By this time I had started carrying sage with me there. So I refused to let fear get the best of me so I went out to my truck and got the sage, lit it and entered. I walked through the whole place with the sage. All of a sudden we heard all this moaning and screaming and saw bodies flying around. That was it. We locked up and left. I went on down to the dispatch building. Well as we were unloading the supplies from my truck a helicopter came in and hovered over us in the parking lot and flashed us with those big search lights. We were so scared. They were there for a few minutes then left. I ran in and called the sheriffs office to ask why they were there. I told them we were the cleaners. He said not to worry they were just doing fly overs. But they could not tell me about what as it was confidential.

I said listen, doing this to us is wrong, they have no reason to check on us. What is going on. But they would not tell us. We went in and cleaned and lights were going on and off. Weird noises. It took all we had to finish the job. When we left to go home Sande had her Honda with her and I swear there was at least 4 beings hanging off the back end of the car. They were there all the way home. The next day I went shopping and when I got home Sande said she saw those two guys from office standing out in our orchard up against the tree in the same position. Well all kinds of things started happening after this.

February 1994 xxxxxxxx, Santa Rosa, Ca.

We noticed BLACK HELICOPTERS flying in and out of the mountain behind our house. This went on for a few weeks.

After the River experience and Empire Waste it was obvious that something strange was going on. But to this day I do not know how or if they are all related.

what I want answers to. I am still followed and watched. So doing this over the Internet is scary but I know they know what I am doing all the time so what difference does it make. I will not run and hide, never have and never will. After this helicopter situation stopped, it was quiet till May 1994. My daughter, her husband and my grandkids were down from Eureka visiting.

One morning at 7:30AM I heard my son in law, Doug, scream. I ran out to the living room and there he was sitting at the end of the couch bed staring at the mountain saying, "What the F. is that". He was pale white. I looked up and there was a UFO coming out of the mountain.

It hovered for a few minutes. My daughter Deanna started screaming, mom lets get out of here. At that moment something came over me. I was totally calm. I said honey, where are we going to run to? We can not run from this. We will be OK. We all started telling each other how much we loved each other and hugging.

Then the craft started towards my trailer. When it got over it, it hovered there for a couple minutes then took off so fast. I had never seen anything move so fast. Then it just totally disappeared.

Doug, Deanna and the kids left the next day. I had livestock, a horse, farm animals, cats and dogs. I could not go anywhere. My business was picking up and I did not have time to do all the ranch work. Deanna called me and said she had a couple friends that have a little girl Ashley 8, and that they hit hard times and were homeless. Well I told her to have the husband call me. His name is Gene. He called and I hired him as a ranch hand.

They came down and I moved them in with me. Gene had heard the story but did not believe it. Well one evening just before dark he was out side working and screamed for me to come outside. When I did, he said look up. I could not believe my eyes.There were at least 50 that I could count little ships that looked just like the big one.

They had red and blue lights flashing on top. They were flying all over the place. Gene was scared. This went on for a few hours, then they disappeared into the mountain. From that point on every night there was something.

Balls of light would come up out of the ground and take off for the sky, different beings, weird creatures appearing, crop circles. One day there were two motor cyclists on the top of the mountain staring right down at us. I looked through my binoculars, they were watching us. When they saw us looking they took off. Now this is spooky because as they were coming down the mountain their bikes shifted into these black sedans. I swear to God. We could not believe it. We saw many things shapeshift.

At this point I need help. So I went to talk to a friend of mine in Santa Rosa. She owns Crystal Channels, metaphysical store. As I told her what was happening she said she knew a man that could help. She said she would contact him but that I was to not talk on the phone about any of this. She would get a message to me as to when we would talk to this man. She called and asked me out to eat and then I talked to him. We set up a meeting at the store.

I went to the meeting. We were on the second floor. We met and just as we sat down, we heard a helicopter. We looked out the window and there it was just outside the window looking in at us. This man, his name is Bill , just looked out the window and waved and started laughing. The helicopter left.

He said he knew this would happen. He said he now knew this was a big one. We talked for a couple hours. I told him everything that had happened so far. He told me that he thought that the Grays were the ones around my home. I did not know who they were. This was all new to me.

We set up a time for him and his wife Carol to come to my home. When we left it was dark and I was followed home. He called me when he got home and said they followed him too. He was standing out on his balcony in Healdsbug, Ca. He said they hovered and beamed a high light at him. He just laughed and waved. Well I failed to see the humor then but soon I was to have the same humor. He came to my house. Well when he got out of his car the hair on his arms stood up. He said he has been investigating UFO's for 28 years and this situation was one of the most profound.

The electric locks on his doors were going up and down. This happened to anyone with electric locks who came to my place. He pointed to the exact place the ships were. It was definitely the Grays he said. He told me that if he were me he would get out of here for a while. I pointed to my animals and said I cannot do this. I have to stay. He said he gave me a lot of credit for doing this. But he said that because of who I really was and my Light I would be OK. But that it was really important not to have fear at all as this was what they lived on. He explained all this as I did not know what the hell he was talking about. As to who I am, I am still working on this but getting close. I leave for Egypt soon on a sacred Journey and a lot will be revealed as it did when I went to Peru in May this year.

Bill gave me a tape of the sounds of a Pleadian Ship that he got from Billy Meyers. Meyers copied the sounds of the ship when he was taken. Bill said for me to keep this in my tape deck and when they start messing around to just play it and they would leave us alone. Well I did and they did. But eventually the tape started erasing. Not by me.

I called Bill and he laughed. He said they were doing it. I still have the tape but there is only about 1 minute left on it. One afternoon around dusk we were outside feeding the hay and this huge ship came in from the East and hovered about 500 feet or so above us. I felt like I could reach up and touch it. It was a different shape than the first one. It was spinning and it almost sounded like the one on the tape. It had all these colors coming from it. I was frozen.

I finally came around and ran in the house and called Bill. He asked me if it was in the East, I said yes, he asked about what it looked like and colors. I told him and he said it was the Pleadians. He said they were there to get the Grays out and that they were protecting us, not to worry. Well I want to tell you by this time I thought I was losing it. I thought I was in a Spielberg Film. He told me to get a flash light and go back outside and flash it on and of three times and say I love You as I do it. I could not believe what he said. But I did and was shocked. They flashed back at us three times and was sending sounds to us. This went on for a while. We were crying.

I felt a love that I cannot explain. It was overwhelming. The ship started spinning and flashed us again, and this high sound came from it and a beam of light shot through both of us. It felt as though it knocked us back but it really did not. Then it left. That is the last time I am aware of that we ever saw it again.

Then we saw cigar shaped ships one night when we came home from dinner. I had gotten a message from a psychic friend of mine. We had met for dinner and she told me she was told to tell me I was in danger and what to do to protect us. I was to find out that I was holding the Light Energy that protected us all. Later I was to find out this was true because when I was gone and others were there at my place, things would happen that did not happen when I was home. Well when we came home from dinner we were driving down our driveway which was very long.

From the East there came a ship straight towards us and when it got to my truck it stopped and hovered over us. I was scared then, but quickly came out of the fear. I kept driving and it left. I went and took a shower. I went in my room and as usual lit my candles and incense, put on my music. Ashley came into my room and we sat and talked for a while. All of a sudden we both look out my window and there is a craft hovering just outside looking in my room. It had those red and blue lights.

I quickly played the Pleadian tape and it left. It came back around and did it again so I did tape again.

This went on for a while. I was pissed. I went outside and got on my motor scooter and it came in and hovered right in front of me. I floored it right to the craft and it took off. Everyone.s yelling at me from the house. What the hell are you doing. I really didn't know. I was in some strange mood. I had had it with this whole thing. Finally I went in to go to bed. Well none of us slept too great again.

One night a friend of mine Jessie called and said he was worried about me. He had known me for a long time and said Sheila because I have known you for so long I know your not nuts, but I am sorry I do not believe this shit.

I said OK Jessie do me a favor. Come and stay at my house just one night, then tell me what you feel. Well he agreed. He was not at my house more than four hours. He was freaked. He could not believe it. He left scared to death. It was along time before he ever came back.

One night he called and said he needed to talk to me right away. Well he was a mechanic at Empire Waste so we talked when I was working that night. He had a friend that he told about our situation. The guy freaked Jessie out. He told Jessie that he was so glad to share his experience. He had held it in for a while because he thought people would think he was nuts.

This guy was out fishing with a couple friends in the Petaluna River, a town just south of Santa Rosa. All of a sudden a ship came up out of the river and flew straight into the sky. The guys just freaked.

This guy worked at the Santa Rosa Airport. He said that one night at work he noticed that things were not right. The boss came in and said the airport would be closed to the public for a couple days. He said this never happens. That night he saw some strange things happening in one of the hangers. He started to go look and was stopped and told to mind his own business and go back to work. When he got off work he acted as though he was leaving. He drove out to leave and saw a beam of light come from the hanger.

He drove out to the road and left. He waited for a while then parked his car and walked back to Airport and hid in bushes out side fencing and watched the hanger. He said there were two UFO's in it and strange looking beings plus our military people. One of the ships came flying out and went straight to the mountains to the East. Well this blew me away because I saw that night a ship come across from that area to the mountain. He split after that and never told anyone until now about this. He said at work everyone acted like they were zombies.

After the Airstrip opened again everyone acted like nothing ever happened, and like themselves again. And he did not understand why he was not effected as they were. Or was he? He did not know. A few days later he quit. Jessie could not believe it. There was always beams of light like in Morse code or something coming from the airstrip to the mountain behind me. One night Sande and I drove over just before dark to the Airport. We came in through the back side.

Wow there in front of us was a huge burn mark, round, in the grass. We drove around the airport and parked and sat watching the hangers. We saw one ship in there but saw no one. We left to go home and a black Sedan came out of nowhere and followed us. We were petrified. Then came a helicopter. We just kept driving. They never stopped us. As we were driving up this back road that leads to the road that runs along side the mountain by our house we see this tractor coming down the hill. We thought, what the hell are they doing out here at night.

I lived at my ranch for 9 years and I knew every square inch of land all around us and also the farmers patterns, and we never were out on our fields at night unless emergency with animals or frost. Then they would go and start the furnaces in the fields to protect the grapes.

This tractor turned into something else and was like a snake crawling in the grass. When we got up the road to where it was it totally disappeared into nowhere. The next day I went out to milk the goats. As daylight approached I looked up to the mountainside and could not believe what I was seeing. A house that was not there before.

There was no construction going on as to a house being built. This house remained there for a few days and then just disappeared as fast as it arrived. Then one day a park appeared across my back fields. People playing basketball, jogging, kids swinging. We have no park for Gods sake. Then it disappeared.

My neighbors were not my neighbors anymore. They looked and acted really strange. They all wore these really strange sunglasses, all the same. And when they would see us it was like they didn't. I talked to people in the area and asked if they were seeing strange things going on and no one was aware of anything. These people I talked to lived just down the street, one of them being Mia's aunt. They were not looking like the rest of my neighbors. We had made a decision to sell our livestock. They were totally freaked out. We lost a couple cows. I can't explain what happened to them.

So we had the Petaluma Auction come and pick them all up. We raised Holstens and Black Angus, for which we never got what they were worth. All we had left was a couple goats, one pet pig, dogs, cats and our Arabian horse. Well this poor horse was totally scared to death. He learned how to get the gate open. We would come home from work at 5AM and find him gone.

We heard him in the neighbors orchard. We walked into his orchard and I swear it was so strange. The air was very heavy. We could hardly breath. Strange lights were in the ground in piles of dirt and brush. The trees had a strange aura around them. We finally got to Drew, the Horse. We found him hanging around the fence playing with this little filly. We put the harness on him and started walking him back across the orchard and he went up on his hind legs ands would not go into the orchard.

We had to walk him way out to road and to our place and in. This happened a couple more times. I finally had to put a lock on the gate.

One night Drew was having a fit. We went out to check on him and he was running up and down the fence. Out of the corner of my eye I saw this huge thing, it looked like Sachsquach, at the end of the fence. We had three acres that were fenced off for the livestock. He was out by a tree. I swear he kept fading in and out dimensionally. Of course at this time I did not call it that as I did not know then what I know now. This beast was around for along time.

Thank you,
Love and Light,

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