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Bronfman Wants the Jewish/Nazi Gold

The following contains excerpts from an article published in Forbes Magazine
The confrontationist
By Robert Lenzner
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Edgar Bronfman Sr. was handed the controls of Seagram Co.'s American operations at the age of 27 by his father, Samuel. He went on to run that group and later the entire beverage giant for the next 38 years, in an industry populated by tough guys and questionable characters. He didn't do too badly for himself, amassing a net worth of $4.2 billion and a private jet, a Fifth Avenue apartment in New York and vacation homes in Idaho and Virginia.

Remember the Bronfman gang smuggled their booze into the United States during the Prohibition Years, with the aid and assistance of Al Capone, Kemper Marley, Meyer Lansky, the Purple Gang and others. This was the beginnings of their amassed fortunes.

... Bronfman ... took up the cause ... for Jews who lost their homes and possessions in World War II.

What hypocrisy! This is the same family that has aided and abetted a convicted murderer, hiding him from justice for over 20 years! Now he's saved and got religion? Give me a break...

...The tough manner that served Bronfman so well as an executive came to good use when it was time to jawbone Swiss bankers.

"The only way to deal with these bastards is to scare them," Bronfman says from his vast office in the Seagram Building in New York City. "... I told them the American people thought of Swiss banks as havens for drug money ..."

The Bronfman's hatred toward non-Jews is evident from this sentiment. He also refers to the goy (gentiles) as dogs, as reported in the first article linked below this paragraph. Obviously forgotten are the legal implications against the Swiss bankers for opening up accounts to anyone other than the owners of the accounts. Actually more Americans are suspicious of the Bronfman controlled Bank of Montreal and its spider web entanglements being used for drug money laundering.

... He amassed controllers and treasurers from important states in the U.S. with a threat to stop doing business with Swiss banks. "That's what made the Swiss banks come around."

By what legal authority did a Canadian have ANY right to bribe, threaten, persecute, interfere, lobby any Treasurer/Comptroller of any state of the United States!??? This was not within the jurisdictional authority of a State Treasurer/Comptroller. This was international interference of a foreign power and private bankers, by state Treasurers/Comptrollers, at the influence of a NON-ELECTED, SELF-ORDAINED, messiah!

Bronfman... rescue(d) the debt-ridden World Jewish Congress. The WJC... was founded in 1936 to fight for the interests of Jews. Bronfman and his family retired the WJC's $5 million debt and have contributed $40 million over the past two decades to keep 20 staff members operating in Paris, Jerusalem and New York.

Now you can see the proof of why David Icke speaks of these people as Puppets of Bronfman. They are on the Bronfman payroll. Bronfman bought himself a religious organization! There were not enough common ordinary Jews (rich or poor) supporting the WJC. Without the support of a constituency, the WJC should have died a normal death, as with all organizations that lose favor and support of the members. Without the Bronfman BOOZE money, there would be NO WJC or its subordinate organizations. There was no popular support from the Jewish community for this organization to continue its existence. This is a rich man's private agenda and club... not a true religious organization. You should now realize this is one man's private agenda....definately NOT a Jewish thing-- it's a Bronfman thing. Don't blame the Jews - they didn't support the WJC either!

In the 1990s, after the Soviet Union collapsed, the WJC shifted its attention to obtaining restitution for the 6 million victims of the Holocaust and their families.

But in the 1950's Bronfman was convicted of violation of anti-trust laws of the United States and with its bedfellow Calvert's, was involved in price-fixing of BOOZE. This is the kind (black) heart of the Bronfmans. Of course his Jewish arse was guzzling booze in a mansion during WW2....certainly not on the front lines rescuing the Jewish people from the Nazis. I don't recall a Bronfman being a war hero in delivering the Jews from captivity. He was too busy figuring out how to gouge the real heroes of the WW2 battles -- The Americans -- with price fixing.

Bronfman remembers a meeting with Swiss banks in 1995 in Bern. They offered to pay $32 million for 800 unclaimed Jewish bank accounts. "It was such an insulting offer," Bronfman recalls. "Take it or leave it. I refused to talk about money. I wanted a process. I required an audit of their books."

By what right or lawful authority does Bronfman have to require ANYTHING from ANYONE except his own paid puppets!??? HE was not ELECTED by the people of the United States or Canada or anywhere else that we can find to do ANYTHING at all for the people or the Jewish people. This is only raw money power and influence against many governments and people. This is persecution...

Soon after, Bronfman started using his political leverage--he's a contributor to both U.S. political parties--to exert pressure on the Swiss. At a New York fundraiser held in his apartment, Bronfman asked Hillary Clinton to get him a hearing the next day with her husband at the White House, which she did. He lobbied (probably bought) Clinton on the issue, and, soon after, the President assigned Commerce Department official Stuart Eisenstat to head the Swiss inquiry.

Yep- monetary control.. behind the scenes.. the hidden hand. Bronfman donated or rather purchased obligations from the Democrats last year to the tune of over $250,000 and from the Republicans around $50,000 and he controls the Green Party of Canada. (see list of related articles below) I wonder if Hillary was referring to Bill or Bronfman when she called someone 'that f-ing Jew bastard!"? I wonder if I call Hillary, could I get an audience with ole Bill tommorrow? I'm a born American.. Not a Canadian implant.

Eisenstat opened up previously closed World War II files that revealed Swiss bank cooperation with Nazi Germany. Bronfman also lunched with then Senate Banking Committee chairman Alphonse D'Amato. D'Amato held hearings that portrayed the Swiss bankers as money-grubbers. The Swiss banks decided to surrender in late 1998, offering a restitution fund of $1.5 billion.

Why didn't Eisenstat open up the Rothschild banking connection or the Vatican banking connection? How about the Bush mafia connection to Germany also? Now they are not only Bronfman 'dogs' they are 'money-grubbers'. That a pretty bold accusation from a man whose wealth came from smuggling booze for Al Capone, and using the name J.Norton to launder the money, at the Bank of Montreal!

Bronfman and the WJC are now pursuing restitution from Austrian and German manufacturing companies, such as Siemens and Hoechst, that are accused of using slave labor during World War II.

Then why did the Bronfmans produce and endorse the movie, Schindler's List, (some refer to it as Swindler's List), which GLORIFIED the acts of Schindler for using the Jews as slaves? Will you force the Rothschilds or the Bush mafia to cough up money for their involvement? How about Mr. Bronfman, being FORCED by U.S. law or Pennsylvania law to PAY the 900 million dollars to the Maddux family, which was awarded to them in court for the murder of their daughter, when the Bronfman's hid the murderer in their own mansions from U.S. Justice! After all the Bronfmans did pay the bail and guarantee his appearance in court to answer for the crime...and they did not produce their charge dishonoring their guarantee!

In 2001, after stepping down from the WJC, Bronfman hopes to manage the multibillion-dollar restitution fund....

NOW you can finally SEE the REAL reason Bronfman wants the Swiss bank accounts. NO group of people have hired him for this position or elected him to TOUCH that money, outside of-- perhaps-- his own puppets. I would certainly have to question the right of a rum runner, booze manufacturer, who was not involved in freeing the Jewish people in WW2, who was thousands of miles away, safe from the war, involved in price fixng, involved in accessory to murder, and aiding and abetting a convicted murdered in fleeing justice, any right or authority to ever touch one single centavo of that money. It should be for all the victims of that war -- NOT THE BRONFMANS! We all know how organzations bleed off massive amounts of funds placed into their trust.

Do YOU want the Bronfmans
determining what you may
read? or hear? or say? or write? or publish?

Bronfman - The Real Holocaust Mercenary

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