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The following shows how more and more people are highlighting the real agenda behind the UN's Millennium Assembly in September which is designed to massively advance the world government and world economic dictatorship.

It was posted on a Christian web network.

From: Date: Thursday, May 25, 2000 11:41 AM Subject: UN's "One World Government" > >>


Dear Christian Friends;

Several times over the past few months I have alerted you to the fact that beginning on Saturday, 2 September 2000 (just a few weeks from now) the United Nations Millennium Assembly plans to celebrates the arrival of the new One World Government (OWG) under the U.N.

This particular UN assembly will be the largest gathering of heads of state ever assembled in the history of the world. This assembly has been carefully designed to change the world forever and will set the world on a course of global governance under the authority of the United Nations.

The new scheme of global governance will empower, and fund, the United Nations to be the supreme governmental authority on the planet. Selected NGOs (non-government organizations), called civil society, will take their place as both representatives of the people, and implementors of U.N. policies. More than 130 international organizations, called IGOs (inter-governmental organizations), will be consolidated as direct administrative agencies of the new U.N. system. National governments will become administrative units, reporting through the appropriate IGOs, to the supreme authority of the U.N.

In light of the above actions (and many more) planned by the U.N. the issues (domestic and otherwise) being debated by those candidates seeking state and national elected office in the general election in November, are of no little or no consequences. The reason those issues are of little or no consequences is simply due to the fact that in every case, without exception, the various and sundry United Nations plans, will override every situation presently being debated by the candidates.

Following are but five, of many, examples for your consideration.

1. United State Senate and House of Representatives: The present U.S. Senate and House of Representatives will no longer function as the ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, but will instead assume the function of "appointed administrators" of the U. N. One World Government.

2. The United States Department of Justice: The DOJ will be replaced in total, by the United Nations world wide court and justice system, made up of "appointed" officials and not officials elected and or approved of by the American people.

3. The United States Department of Defense: The United States Department of Defense (as we know it) will be replaced in total, by the United Nations world wide defense system and military forces over which the American people have absolutely no control.

4. The United States Department of Education: The entire American system of education will be replaced with the United Nations education system and universal curriculum, designed and mandated by UNESCO, in which parents of school children will have absolutely no control.

5. Social Security --- The U.N. has its own plan for a world wide social security system to replace the American system now in place. A system where "every one" will share and share alike regardless of individual earning and contributions; a communistic system wherein the "slackers" benefit just as much as the "hard workers."

Therefore, considering the unquestionable and imminent threat to American Sovereignty, I have sent the following letter (litmus test) to several key candidates for state and national elective office. The purpose of this letter is to determine (to the extent possible) the candidates degree of loyalty to America and our Constitutional Republic form of government, as opposed to the U.N. Totalitarian, One World Government concept. While not perfect, this litmus test will determine (to a great extent) what candidates this writer will vote for and what candidates The Christian Alert Network will endorse and support.

The following letter (slightly modified) was sent to each of the following candidates for public office and over the next several days will be sent to other candidates..

Vice President Al Gore, Democratic candidate for President of the US.

Texas Governor George Bush (Jr), Republican candidate for President of the US.

Representative Chet Edward, Democratic candidate for US House of Representatives.

Mr. Ramsey Farley, Republican candidate for US House of Representatives.

First Lady Hillary R. Clinton, Democratic candidate for US Senate from New York.

Mr. Rick Lazio, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from New York.

I am please to note that Texas Republican candidate Ramsey Farley was to "first" to respond to my letter with an annotated and signed FAX dated Wednesday 24 May 2000. The following is a true representation of his response. Candidate Farley's written response will be kept on file and should he be elected, his actual performance will be monitored for compliance to his written commitment to the American people. The following letter will be published on the TCAN WebSite and updated to include the responses of each candidate as those responses are received.

*15 May 2000

Mr. Ramsey Farley POB 2005 Temple, TX 76503

Dear Mister Farley:

On Appendix pages A34 and A35 of the U.S. Congressional Record dated Thursday, 10 January 1963, you will find listed 45 Current Communist Goals in America. Goal # 11 reads as follows: "Promote the United Nations as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set us as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces."

In September 2000, just a few weeks from now, the United Nations will convene a special Millennium Assembly as a global summit on the future of the world with the intent of incorporating the following 12 Principles into the UN Charter. This action will complete the establishment of the foundation for a one world government under the United Nations, and thus accomplish communist goal in America # 11, as noted above.

This event will crown a decade of preparation to launch the new millennium on a new system of global governance. The blueprint was published by the Commission on Global Governance in 1995. Now, a Charter to achieve global governance has been developed for presentation at the Millennium Assembly in September. It was made available to the public on UN day, October 24th, 1999. It is called The Charter for Global Democracy. It has already been signed by influential leaders in 56 nations, and has the support of civil society non-government organizations around the world. The document is, in reality, a Charter for the abolition of individual freedom.

Following are the 12 Principles contained in Charter 99.

Principle # 1: calls for the consolidation of all international agencies under the direct authority of the United Nations.

Principle # 2: calls for regulation by the UN of all transnational corporations and financial institutions, requiring an "international code of conduct" concerning the environment and labor standards.

Principle # 3: demands an independent source of revenue for the UN, such as the "Tobin tax" and taxes on aircraft and shipping fuels, and licensing the use of the global commons. The "global commons" are defined to be "outer space, the atmosphere, non- territorial seas, and the related environment that supports human life."

Principle # 4: eliminates the veto power and permanent member status on the Security Council.

Principle # 5: authorizes a standing UN army.

Principle # 6: requires UN registration of all arms and the reduction of all national armies "as part of a multilateral global security system" under the authority of the United Nations.

Principle # 7: requires individual and national compliance with all UN "Human Rights" treaties and declarations.

Principle # 8: activates the International Criminal Court, make the International Court of Justice compulsory for all nations, and give individuals the right to petition the courts to remedy social injustice.

Principle # 9: calls for a new institution to establish economic and environmental security by insuring "sustainable development."

Principle # 10: calls for the establishment of an International Environmental Court.

Principle # 11: calls for a declaration that climate change is an essential global security interest that requires the creation of a "high-level action team" to allocate carbon emission based on equal per-capita rights.

Principle # 12: calls for the cancellation of all debt owed by the poorest nations, global poverty reductions, and for "equitable sharing of global resources," as allocated by the United Nations.

The United Nations concept of a one world government is, without question, totalitarian in nature, directly targets American sovereignty and subsequently the unalienable rights and freedoms of all American citizens, for abolishment. For that reason it is imperative that the American people know "precisely and without question" where you stand on this issue and what you will, or will not, do to protect American sovereignty, "if" we send you to Washington to "REPRESENT we the people" as opposed to "REPLACE us, the people."

So that we may establish your "unquestionable" position on this issue, we urge you to insert your initials in either the YES response or the NO response for each of the following 17 questions. Then affix your signature and date at the bottom, and return this letter and questionnaire to the address noted in the letter head, before 31 May 2000.

Please be advise that "no response at all" to this request will be considered as a NO response to all 17 individual questions. Any single question not answered will be consider as a NO response. Your response (or lack of response) will be distributed nationally, and will be broadcast on "Wake Up Texas" from 12:30 - 1:00pm on KTON 940 AM (Belton Texas) on Monday the 5th of June, following the May 31 deadline for responding to this request.

1. Will you introduce/support legislation to preserve American sovereignty and save America from being ruled by a one world government run by the United Nations? YES:__(RF)____NO______

2. Will you introduce/support legislation to preserve American sovereignty and prevent the United Nations from imposing an "income tax" on all free Americans? YES:__(RF)_____NO_______

3. Will you introduce/support legislation to preserve American sovereignty and the rights of all American citizens to own and manage their own private property OR will you allow all public and private property to be confiscated by the United Nations and converted to government controlled property? YES:__(RF)_____NO______

4. Will you introduce/support legislation to preserve American sovereignty and protect the American Justice System OR will you allow a "world court" run by the United Nations to supplant the American Justice System? YES:__(RF)_____NO_______

5. Will you introduce/support legislation to preserve American sovereignty and our (American) traditional elected form of government OR will you allow the United Nations to "appoint" officials to rule over America? YES:__(RF)_____NO_______

6. Will you introduce/support legislation to preserve American sovereignty and insure that "ALL" American national defense forces remain under the absolute control of our duly elected congressional representatives OR will you allow them to become part and parcel of a United Nations world military force? YES:__(RF)_____NO_______

7. Will you introduce/support legislation to stop sending U.S. troops to play global cops and social workers in phony peacekeeping expeditions all over the world? YES:__(RF)_____ NO_______

8. Will you introduce/support legislation to end the mandatory, universal anthrax vaccination that is causing so much turmoil in the military? YES:__(RF)_____ NO_______

9. As you know, President Clinton has already placed many of our national monuments under UN control. Will you introduce/support legislation to reverse that action? YES:__(RF)_____NO_______

10. As you know President Clinton has already placed many of our national parks under UN control. Will you introduce/support legislation to reverse that action? YES:__(RF)_____NO_______

11. As you know President Clinton has already placed many of waterways (rivers) under UN control. Will you introduce/support legislation to reverse that action? YES:__(RF)_____NO_______

12. As you know President Clinton has already placed many of our interstate highways under UN control. Will you introduce/support legislation to reverse that action? YES:__(RF)_____NO_______

13. Will you introduce/support legislation to insure that American citizens retain "total control" over our own public education curriculum OR will you allow the United Nations (UNESCO) to impose their world curriculum on our children? YES:__(RF)_____NO_______

14. Will you introduce/support legislation to get the Federal Government out of our public school classrooms through Goals 2000, School-to-Work, national standards, national testing, and other federal regulations? YES:__(RF)_____NO_______

15. Are you in favor of continued U.S. membership in the World Trade Organization after that bunch of foreign bureaucrats impudently ordered the United States to change our tax laws?

16. Will you introduce/support legislation to preserve American sovereignty and defend our right to determine our own tax laws, OR will you cede that right to a foreign organization?

17. Will you introduce/support legislation to eliminate the gross discrimination in the tax law which allows corporations, but not individuals, to deduct expenses for medical insurance?
YES:__(RF) __ NO_______

Ramsey Farley: (signed) Date: 5/24/2000

I strongly urge that all readers adapt the above letter, as necessary, and forward it to all candidates for elected state and national office AND require a written response from each addressee. We also urge that the candidates response to the above 17 questions play an important part in your decision concerning who to vote for in the upcoming general elections.

Click on the following for information on how you can help protect American Sovereignty and keep America out of the UN One World Government.

Due to the critical and urgent nature of this situation, TCAN respectfully request that all readers forward this alert to the maximum extent possible.

**Rev. "Curt" Tomlin
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