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I am very angry after reading all about sexual abuse of children by prominent and corrupt officials. Back in 1994 I was falsely accused of child molestation by a person trying to blackmail me. Without any investigation I was handcuffed and thrown in jail.

My former friend and family fled to Missouri immediately after they discovered their plan had failed! The court conveniently ignored this information. As soon as they found out I had a good job and some money, I was declared guilty by a corrupt justice system. I later discovered my attorney was part of the scam. To make a long and painful story short, I am wrongfully accused of indecency with a child with over 4 more years of a 10 year deferred sentence to go! I tried to get my case dismissed two years ago and the judge and prosecutor claimed, "We do things different in Nueces County!" The judge substantiated to my attorney that he "does not recognize federal case law."

I believe Corpus Christi Texas is rife with child molesters in high places. They use guys like me as scapegoats to hide their own child molesting agenda. I liken it to the war on drugs; pretend to fight against an imaginary enemy while fully participating in the act themselves! I would be very interested in exposing this corruption and one day exonerate myself from this injustice. I have met many guys in my same situation. Now that I am aware that we are being used to "hide corruption in high places" how can I help? I would love to help expose these evil SOB's!

I have suspected for years that a major paedophile ring exist here in Corpus Christi. I have heard stories back in the 80's from a couple of high school kids that there was a big Celtic following in Corpus. This group was allegedly organized by judges, doctors, attorneys, and high ranking law enforcement and church officials! I was also told there were spots outside of Corpus where ritualistic child sex abuse takes place. These places are only known by members of the group. To tell the location or anything means death. Could those guys been telling the truth?

They said there were mostly minor kids at these gatherings and several adults performed the rituals. They would all undress and then get drunk and stoned. Several of the adults would pass the kids around for sex, then film the kids having sex with each other!Years later I read stuff like this from David's research. After what has happened to me, I now believe they were telling the truth.

You never see a "pillar of the community" accused of a sex crime in Nueces County. Just like the current child care scandal David has highlighted, it would be easy for corrupt officials to stop investigations into their own criminal activities! A couple of years ago a story broke about a former deputy being caught with dozens of child pornographic tapes. Nothing ever happen to him. If that had been me, you would not be reading this e-mail.

Name supplied, but withheld to maintain privacy.

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