The Rest of the Story


by Brian Downing Quig


Kemper Marley was Arizona's first and only billionaire
at the time of the Bolles murder.

I expected the sky to fall after my July article linking the activities of Charles Keating and General Singlaub. Nothing happened. The reaction to my September article exposing Terry Burke, former top DEA in Arizona as a possible key element in the illegal narcotics network in Arizona, however, was immediate and unmistakable. Within days of my FAXing this story I was served with a court summons, a nasty death threat was left on my answering machine and my offices were entered, my files, book cases and furniture dumped and overturned.

The last few days there has been a 6 foot 6 inch Latino following myself and an associate. He makes the top hit man for the Medellin cartel look like a sissy. Since Terry Burke, the former CIA station chief in Laos who administered the Phoenix Assassination Program has been closely associated with Theodore Shackley since 1962, this revelation coming in the wake of the unsolved Buddhist murders must have sent shock waves far and wide. Ted Shackley was George Bush's number 2 man at CIA when Bush was CIA Director. Among those in the know, Ted Shackley and an operative named Richard Armitage are the weakest points in the armor of George Bush and the New World Order.

More significantly, I am tempted to speculate that this revelation, coupled with my suggestion of a probable heroin connection to the military style execution of the 9 Buddhist monks, lead to the panic arrest of five innocent Tucson kids for the murder of the monks. Supposedly, on the basis of a tip received Sept. 3 from a patient in a mental hospital, the deputies of Maricopa County Sheriff, Tom Agnos, arrested and charged four hispanic and one black youth, all selected from the poorest neighborhoods of Tucson. It was apparent from the start that this action was bogus.

First, law enforcement alleged that these youths stole a late model Bronco and a Blazer that were seen at the Temple the day of the crime. These vehicles were never reported stolen! Where are these vehicles today? If these kids were in fact criminal elements, wouldn't they have driven these four wheeled all terrain vehicles across the border to Mexico where they would have been worth more than in the U.S.? They could have made a quick $15,000 doing this. I visited the Temple. It is more than obvious that there was nothing of value there.

Rapidly the case against the kids began disintegrating. One suspect was working at a dog track during the murders and was video taped performing his duties. He had to be released. It soon became clear that there was no physical evidence linking the youths to the crime --- only their confessions ---- confessions that the Dean of the Law School at ASU says can not be used in court because they were so obviously coerced. It turns out that the deputies worked on the youths for 12 hours in separate rooms with no windows --- no food or water --- in the midst of serious threats.

One youth was told that he would be "found in a lake with an anchor wrapped around his neck if he did not cooperate". This precess took place not at police headquarters but in separate rooms of a hotel. The attorney for Dante Parker, said to be the ringleader, has submitted a list of 25 witnesses that say the suspect never left Tucson the night in question.

The Thai ambassador "just happened to be in Phoenix" for the arrests. During one short sound byte he repeated three times that his being in Phoenix was just coincidence. His praise for Arizona law enforcement sounded a bit too lavish for the circumstances. All readers can be assured that the smiling Thai ambassador is no stranger to the politics of heroin in Southeast Asia. Equally as disingenuous was the statement of the Sheriff that there was no racism involved in the crime ---- (but only in the selection process of the scapegoats.)

When Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz returned to the Golden Triangle of Burma in 1987 to video tape the drug overlord, General Khun Sa, naming the names of the U.S. officials who were the general's largest customers for heroin, he was startled to find that a two lane highway had been constructed in the 5 months since he was last there. This highway, which went right to the general's front door, was built by the Thai government using Rome plows left over from the Vietnam war. Coming out, as the Colonel went in, were 10 ton trucks, covered and loaded, with the Thai Army insignia on the side. There is only one product that comes out of the Golden Triangle ---- heroin! It is a certainty that the smiling Thai ambassador has an accounting of every truck.

The importance of the discovery of this heroin highway lies in the fact that what had trickled out on the backs of horses and mules now flows out in 10 ton trucks. This highway, which is easily verifiable with satellite imaging, is to this day denied by our government. When Col. Gritz's team lead Tom Jerrills of CBS 20\20 in to meet with Khun Sa, none of the trucks seen in the Colonel's video tapes were seen by American viewers. There was even phoney footage of Jarrells riding on a mule and no shot of the Toyota pick-up that actually carried him there.

It so happens that the people associated with the Temple think there was a narcotics connection. Fong Miller lost both her mother and daughter in the massacre. When I told her that I thought the Phoenix\Bangkok heroin connection factored into the slayings, her words were, "That is what we think also." Absolutely no speculation to this effect has surfaced in newspapers here.

Last year Phoenicians were shocked to find that the state government had committed to a $30 million toxic waste incinerator which was well under construction by the time anyone learned of it. The selected management company, ENSCO, had an abysmal safety record everywhere they had existed. In order to satisfy the public hearing requirement, a remote hearing site located 40 miles outside Phoenix was selected. The deputies of Tom Agnos were issued stun guns and pictures of GREENPEACE toxics expert, Brad Angel, and instructed to respond with "maximum force" to "environmental terrorism".

In order to further stifle public outcry, the high school auditorium was partitioned so that only 25% was useable. Frictions developed when most of the 400 people who showed up were told to go home there was not enough room for them. TV viewers that night were horrified at the spectacle of a 65 year old lady being repeatedly zapped by the deputies with the stun guns. She was not even one of the environmentalists. This incident coupled with the arrests of the innocent Tucson kids would insure a speedy trip down the toilet for Agnos and his top confederates in any other municipality in the nation.

The previous sheriff distinguished himself by placing an ad in the classified section of the ARIZONA REPUBLIC for truck drivers, then busting two respondents for trucking cargos arranged by the sheriff. He also had one of his informers fly a plane load of marijuana in from Mexico so that he could have members of the press available at the landing site to witness the arrest of those meeting the plane. He survived both incidents. Hopefully Agnos will not be as lucky.

The reader is probably asking how could such things happen. For the answer to this we must do what Col. Fletcher Prouty advises, "Go back and examine the beginnings." Arizona is Kemper Marley territory. Kemper Marley was the big man in Arizona.

In 1948 fifty two employees of Kemper Marley's Arizona liquor monopoly, UNITED LIQUOR, went to prison on federal liquor violations, including Jim Hensley, the father-in-law of Senator John McCain. Hensley was the General Manager of UNITED LIQUOR. On the basis of this, some people might feel UNITED LIQUOR could be described as organized crime. The slick attorney who kept Marley out of this trial and out of prison and sent McCain's father-in-law to prison in his place was William Rendquist ----currently the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court! Al Lizanitz worked for 25 years as Kemper Marley's PR man. He discusses the above bolded test. Interviewing Lizantz conjures up images of THE GODFATHER PART I. BDQ 8-12-97)

It was the judgement of this court that Jim Hensley would be prohibited from working in the liquor industry from then on. Of course such judgments meant nothing to Marley. After Jim Hensley got out of prison, Marley arranged a BUDWIESER distributorship for Hensley which is now in the hands of Senator John McCain and reported to be worth $200 million.

The best source for an introduction to the environment of total corruption which exists in Arizona is THE ARIZONA PROJECT: HOW A TEAM OF INVESTIGATIVE REPORTERS GOT REVENGE ON DEADLINE. This expose was written by Michael Wendland who was part of the group called INVESTIGATIVE REPORTERS AND EDITORS that came to Phoenix in the aftermath of the car bombing of the ARIZONA REPUBLIC's investigative reporter, Don Bolles. It was the conclusion of this group that Marley, by far the wealthiest man in Arizona, was behind this murder.

There are many reasons to believe that Don Bolles was not killed because he was a white knight. When Bolles testified before the HOUSE ORGANIZED CRIME COMMITTEE, he required immunity. Why? The best clue to his death lies in his last words --- "Adamson, EMPRISE the mafia". John Adamson was the hit man contracted by the establishment attorney, Neal Roberts. EMPRISE was a dog track interest which had changed its name from SPORTSERVICE. There existed the Maricopa County Superior Court Case # C-286651 SPORTSERVICE v. JARVIS, STEIGER which was available to anyone interested in the motive for this crime. Exhibits in this case allege that Bolles, who was visibly living beyond his means, was wheeling and dealing with the gangsters. Today the EMPRISE CORPORATION continues to flourish in Arizona under the name DELAWARE NORTH. John McCain has been observed visiting the principals.

A good companion reader to the ARIZONA PROJECT is THE LAST RAMPAGE OF GARY TYSON. Written by a journalism professor from the UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA, this book documents how top authorities in Arizona let Gary Tyson escape from prison after he succeeded in carrying out a contract hit on another inmate, Tony Sera. Sera was giving affidavits regarding the land fraud of Ned Warren. It is the thesis of this book that this contract was given by establishment attorney, Neal Roberts, who was described in the ARIZONA PROJECT as the murder broker in the Bolles killing.see Death of a Reporter

According to intelligence sources of the Phoenix police, who prepared a background profile of Kemper Marley the week following the Bolles murder, Marley was at one time directly connected to the remnants of the old Al Capone mob, operating the TRANSAMERICA WIRE SERVICE. This betting service was originally established in 1941 for Capone's heirs by Gus Greenbaum. Greenbaum was a Phoenix socialite seen at all the society balls in Phoenix, usually in the company of the Barry Goldwaters and Harry Rosenzweigs. In 1958 Greenbaum and his wife were found dead in their bed ---- their throats cut. This inaugurated a series of grisly gangland-style slayings.

When Marley died, July 1990, he owned 5 square miles of Carefree --- the highest priced real estate in Arizona. The smallest lot in this most exclusive township is zoned for one acre. By some coincidence the Tax Accessors made the same mistake evaluating Marley's properties as he did on Charlie Keating's properties. This oversight was saving Marley a million dollars a year. Of course the official investigation showed no wrongdoing in either case.

For the last 40 years Marley bankrolled Harry Rosenzweig who doled out Marley's great wealth to a slate of Republican candidates who were almost universally successful in obtaining high political office. Marley was able to control the Democratic party as well. Every congressman and every senator in Arizona currently owes his position to the Marley machine.

Dennis DeConcini was facing a tough reelection in 1990, seeing as how he was nailed creaming off a cool $5 million with his family on an Arizona land deal dependent on the Senator's inside senatorial knowledge. The last thing in the world the Republicans wanted was to loose DeConcini's seniority. Before any other Republicans could announce, the party hierarchy formally announced their support for the weakest candidate that one could imagine. The opponent, Keith DeGreen, had ties to the Republican Party that were so weak he had not even voted in the last 2 elections.

At one point Marley served as Chairman of the Board of the VALLEY NATIONAL BANK. When Bugsy Siegel, on instructions from Meyer Lansky, built the FLAMINGO CLUB, Las Vegas's first casino, the money was borrowed from the VALLEY NATIONAL BANK. Involvements in narcotics trafficking on the part of VALLEY NATIONAL BANK are hinted in the ARIZONA PROJECT.

Al Lizanetz, who served as Kemper's public relations man for 25 years, is one of the richest sources for background on the liquor magnate. The Bolles murder was part of a package deal that was to include a hit on Lizanetz. According to Lizanetz, the Marley machine placed the highest priority on placing lawyers in all the key state and municipal positions. Former Attorney General Bob Corbin, who accepted a $55,000 campaign contribution from Charles Keating in a race where he was unopposed, worked for Marley (in the insurance industry) in the 50s as did the preceding 2 AGs.

Marley placed his people in the top positions of the Department of Public Safety. The county prosecutor was also key to him. Lizanetz claims that Marley recruited Eugene Pullium to come to Phoenix to start the ARIZONA REPUBLIC/PHOENIX GAZZETT, the monopoly newspaper here which has succeeded in covering up these matters. Pullium then started the PHOENIX 40 a group of the largest business interests who virtually run the state. Eugene Pullium is the grandfather of Dan Quayle. The ARIZONA REPUBLIC/PHOENIX GAZZETT together with the INDIANAPOLIS STAR are reported to be worth $5 billion. Lizanetz claims that Ned Warren, responsible for half a billion dollars of land fraud in Arizona, was another agent of Kemper Marley.

Marley's mentor was Sam Bronfman, the progenitor of the SEAGRAMS empire. When Bronfman visited Marley in Arizona he came in the company of Al Capone. Lizanetz claims that Jack Ruby, assassin of Lee Harvey Oswald, was also on the Bronfman payroll.

Perhaps by now readers are beginning to understand how a phenomena like Charles Keating could arise in such a political climate. It is not necessary to mention how lavishly Keating paid off the local politicians. DeConcini $72,000 --- McCain $112,000 --- a shopping center deal with McCain's wife that netted almost a half million in 6 months --- a $200 million dollar unsecured load to DeConcini's campaign manager, Ron Ober. This only scratches the surface. All cannot be told in so short an article. With this background let us examine more in more detail.

There is a certain law firm in Phoenix which includes as principals two former Arizona U.S. Attorneys, Melvin Mcdonald and Mike Hawkins. One was appointed by Democrats and the other by Republicans -- giving them a lock on political leverage here. Like Robert Peloquin, former head of the Organized Crime Strike Force of the Justice Department, they learned quickly that they could make 20 times as much money working for the criminals. Melvin McDonald was chief council for Charles Keating. Whenever anything of particularly bad odor needed to happen in Arizona one of these slimebags was called in.

A case in point was the scandal surrounding the sale of the BIG BOQUEUS RANCH to the Navajo nation. This matter was so stinky it called for the diligence of both Mike Hawkins and Melvin Mcdonald. It so happened that back in Washington D.C. Dennis DeConcini and John McCain were getting heat from their colleagues about all the swindles of the indian lands. As a matter of fact McCain and DeConcini were leading the charge of these swindlers. Keating's acquisition of his Estrella property, in a round about way, involved a swindle of indian lands.

The definition of a politician: Anyone, who, when being tared and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail can make it appear as if they are leading a parade. In true fashion, McCain and DeConcini, got themselves appointed co-chairman of a senate investigative committee to delve into these crimes against the indians. Enter McDonald and Hawkins.

The BIG BOQUEUS RANCH was purchased in the mourning by developers Bud Brown and his partner for $19 million and sold that afternoon for $27 million to Tribal Chief Peter McDonald (no relation) on behalf of the Navajo nation. Bud Brown and his partner made a quick $8 million. In order to explore this corruption, McCain and DeConcini granted immunity to Bud Brown and his partner so that they could give testimony about the $10,000 and the BMW that they gave as a bribe to the corrupt indian chief. Meanwhile the ARIZONA REPUBLIC repeatedly hammered the indian chief day after day while not mentioning Bud Brown. The indian chief was removed from office. The Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Tom Fitzpatric, in a Feb. 15, 1989 NEW TIMES article called this "the best real estate deal between white men and red men since the purchase of Manhattan."

Another example is the Bartel Cocaine case. Dr. William Bartel was caught with 81 pounds of cocaine after police observed him meeting with Stan Akers, Jr., a notorious cocaine broker. Akers was the son of the former Arizona Speaker of the House of Representatives. Here is an example of how the narcotics industry is politically protected in Arizona. Akers was previously convicted of possession of 6 pounds of cocaine and sentenced to 5 years in prison. After being sentenced, Akers told the D.A. he would testify about the unsolved drug murder of Greg Case which he had witnessed. On Akers' testimony Paul Brookover was sent to prison and Akers walked free. Knowledgeable people close to this case believe Akers ordered the hit.

The police found $3 million in bonds in the safe deposit box of Dr. Bartel. Bartel's father-in-law, Al Burke, came forward to claim that the $3 million was his and that his son-in-law was only keeping it safe for him. Naturally Burke retained former U.S. Attorney, Mike Hawkins, to represent him in this matter and in a few days the U.S. Attorney's office "returned" the bonds. Anyone having to establish their financial affairs for the IRS over a 20 year period knows that this can not be done in a few days.

Like the saber toothed tiger, the Kemper Marley machine will die of its own success. Having harnessed all of society's watch dogs on its tightly held leash there remains no restraint upon the unbounded greed of its members. Eventually it will be beyond the powers of the ARIZONA REPUBLIC to keep matters covered up. The largess of Charles Keating pushed greed past the point of no return. This accelerating stealing contest can have only one conclusion. Some day soon the voters of Arizona will take possession of the government here. They came very close to doing this with Governor Ev Mecham.

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