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The Washington Times (Weekly)
10-19 to 25 Jon Hibbs and George Jones

From the London Daily Telegraph, Printed in current issue of Washinton Times - Weekly Edition.

***TONY BLAIR BERATES AID WHO SAID "CLINTON "Isn't really fit to be a leader . ."

LONDON ---An embarrased British Prime Minister Tony Blair made it clear on Octobeer 9 that he was furious with Clare Short, his international development secretary, for her comment that Bill Clinton was not fit to be president of the United States.

But he stopped short of issuing a public reprimand to Ms. Short, because he did not want the controversy to overshadow his visit to China.

Ms. Short, appearing on BBC Television's "Question Time" on Oct. 8, said Mr. Clinton was not a fit leader of the United States because of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

"If he had been a British prime minister, he would have a weakened prime minister, he would have gone. I'm glad to say that about our system," she said.

"He is weakened, and it's very unfortunate to have a weakened president of the U.S. at a time when the world economy is in the condition it is in."

"I think a politician that has done that much, told that many lies, isn't really fit to be a leader. But the American people appear to take another view."

Officials, accompanying Mr. Blair desperately attempted to play down the incident through-out the day, although it was clear that he was extremely irritated by Ms. Short's latest public relations blunder.

"We are not taking the issue seriously," the prime minister official spokesman said. "It is just not terribly important."

"I don't think that the fate of President Clinton hangs on the words of Clare Short."

In London, Cabinet ministers distanced themselves from Ms. Short. Foreign Secretary Robin Cook said she had been expressing personal views and was not speaking on behalf of the British government.

Throughout the Monica Lewinsky affair, Mr. Blair has stood by Mr. Clinton. The prime minister telephoned the president only hours after publication of the Starr report to offer his friendship and support.

The British leader has spoken of Mr. Clinton as "someone I could trust, someone I could rely upon, someone I am proud to call not just a colleague but a friend."

Mr. Cook also was standing by the president. "We would not have got to where we now are with the Northern Ireland peace process if it had not been for the personal commitment and the strong support from President Clinton," he said.

Ms. Short's remarks angered Mr. Blair, both because of the likely embarrassment they would cause and the way questions about it dominated his press conference in Hong Kong.

Mr. Blair said, "I have made my own position very clear over a long period of time. I have nothing else to add about it.

Later, Mr. Blair's official spokesman said: The prime minister regards Bill Clinton as a great friend and ally with whom he works very closely on important issues and will continue to do so.

"The prime minister believes that devoting a minute of his time to this issue is too much. He has devoted as much time to it as it merits."

There is no suggestion that Ms. Short will be sacked, but it could make the popular politician vulnerable in the next Cabinet reshuffle.

Comment from the FreeRepublic WebSite:
This is clearly more than British stiff-upper lip and pip pip --Blair may well have arranged for Ms. Short to appear and express some of his own sentiments to calm the British disgust with both Clinton and the American people for allowing this man to continue on wearing out our own moral fiber --and his.

Clinton and Blair are clearly the spokespeople for selling their New "The Third Way" --Clinton's immorality and weakened position of trust in the U.S. have obviously made his equal responsibilities in promoting their new communist fascist doctrine DOA.

In other words Ms. Short is doing a little dirtyworks for Tony Blair who's squeaky clean image is cheered by the British. His speeches and promotion of The Third Way are vital to carry this new stark government mandate --WITH the United States as a co-partner.

Clinton is a liar, an adulterer, a draft dodger, an admitted drug user, and has committed the most sordid acts of sodomy and sexual perversion imaginable.....and Tony Blair supports him.

Blair is a puppet and mouth-piece of Sid Blumenthal. To suggest that Ms. Short's remark were set up by Tony "The Evil Pixie" Blair, is pretty goofy. He spends all his time licking Clinton's photos.

Let's hear it for Blow-Job Blair, shall we? Whoopie.

Tony Blair's speech I posted here on The Third Way is an indication of what a mere clone he is. Those types have their spines removed and a small disc put in its place that spouts the Communist-Fascist mantra. His smile is even manipulated. He reminds me actually of someone I might imagine an alien from outer space would look like if I spent some time imagining such a likeness.

I believe the aide was a plant to bring up the fact that not all of his government believes Clinton. The moment I saw this story, I just knew it. Look how many times he repeats himself on the glories of Clinton.

We forget too easily and at our own peril that The Third Way is a terrifying new doctrine replacing "New World Order" --but lots of Americans do not know THAT even exists. They also believe HATE CRIMES and Thought Police are great. Government belongs taking our property and helping GM build 19 (nineteen) auto plants in Asia. That's good Clinton government. To disbelieve it is good work by our generous president is conspiracy thinking.

Not a single whisper of scandal has been breathed about Blair. He as clean as a new penny and worth just as much. You're thinking of Robin Cook and every other Labour rat. The head of the Liberal Democrats, Paddy Ashdown, is sometimes called "Paddy Pantsdown". But Tony Blair would get the crap beat out of him by Cherie if he took a tiny step away from her apron strings.

"The Third Way" is just a diversionary tactic by those who really make the decisions (we refer to them as the Illuminati). Clinton and Blair have been placed before you as theatre of the absurd, while bankers such as Greenspan and Tietmeyer determine the true course of events. The true significance of all of this is to relegate politics and politicians to the sidelines. We don't really trust the voter any more, therefore he/she will only be choosing among cookie-cutter candidates that will have progressively less and less influence over events. With the rise of Internet banking and brokerage, the revenue flow to Washington, Westminster, etc will dry up. The 19th century ideal of a powerful centralized government bureaucracy has little relevance in the Information Age. Bigger is no longer better. Weapons will become democratized, as in the 18th century. (Consider how futile it would be for any government pip-squeak to attempt gun confiscation. Imagine how it will be when individuals possess their own "weapons of mass destruction". The only possible outcome will be a society where individual rights are paramount. Those who would steal a living from the rest of us will be dispatched. An early look at this: the popularity and effectiveness of concealed weapons laws in states such as Florida which have greatly reduced crimes against property.)

Even the United Nations no longer serves a useful purpose other than to give "Third World" nations a pseudo-voice. That "talking shop" is scheduled for termination in about 12 years.

I know this view is foreign to most of you, but a truly free world, safe for prosperity, is better for everyone.
I am from New York City first of all. I visit London once a year and have for 20 years. Evidently we seem to travel in different circles, thank God. The British people I know well do not believe Clinton is any more than what the people on this forum believe him to be.

Suggesting that Sid Vicious is an advisor to Tony Blair is to suggest Sid Vicious is connected very well to the masters who run Blair as they do Clinton. Sid is a fool and only is there for Hillary Clinton to replace an equally unattractive ignorant friend named Ira Magaziner. I suggest you read some of Sid's articles - To suggest he coaches Tony Blair AND worse, that Tony Blair considers him a friend even insults Tony Blair, which I find next to impossible.

But somehow you have managed to do so. Tony Blair has been groomed for years to take this position, as Clinton was by Rhodes/Milner and the Fabian Society. I guarantee you that both Clinton and Blair owe their allegiance to groups like this not to the likes of the jerks you suggest who have no significance in the real plans for our two nations.

Even Clinton is temporary and put into power to teach the U.S. a lesson too deep for you obviously to comprehend or digest. The people surrounding the Clintons are velvet pant ring bearers who do their impish little plots. NOT important in either the scheme of things nor to the Clintons themselves much less to the Crowned Cobras of Europe including the British government.

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