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I Know What We Can Do To End This Nonsense

Dear friends,

I feel my silence can no longer continue. I have been an ardent searcher of truth for quite some time and I have come to one conclusion. What we have been told about our world, reality, and our lives has been a deception.

I am 26 years old and as early as eight I can remember feeling something was wrong with the world. The hyppocrisy of those around me and my role which I was assigned at birth was nothing short of disturbing. I remember arguing with a grade school teacher about whether or not I could become president and she assured me anybody could in the USA.

As an adult it is apparent that is a statistical impossibility because the only people to hold that office shared a common genetic background (from George Washington to the Al Groe and George Bush hopefuls who ran last night and are in a dead heat planned from the beginning to give the American people the illusion our "demcracy" is functioning). If our system is truly functioning and our population numbers nearly 300 million then how can all of our presidents being related be chalked up to mere chance? We fought the revolutionary war to end the "monarchy" but our highest office has been occupied by none other than their direct descendants since the inception of the USA. This fact was pointed out by many historians and most recently TIME magazine showed the geneology of both Al Gore and George W. Bush showing their relations to the English throne.

When I spoke about this to my friends and family they looked at me as if I was crazy. When TIME wrote about it they were dumbfounded and unnerved because there is one logical assumption to be made: if that is correct then it adds further support to covert manipulation and control of not only the American people but the whole world.

If that model has worked in the USA would it not be logical to admit the possibility the exact same mode of manipulation could have been applied to Great Brittian's other colonies and holdings from the past clear through to the present? The freedoms those citizens believe they have may be contrived to bring about a complacency when in actuality they have continued to be under the control of the English monarchy!

If that is the case then we cannot stop with the "English Monarchy" because it goes much deeper. We must look at our world with no emotion or bias to see the logical premise upon which it functions. What can be gleaned about our world is there is truly an eite who control the majority of what occurs through direct or indirect means. And at the core of this power circle the major players all share a similar genetic heritage not just the english monarchy but all the European monarchies and leaders do. Many of the top politicians, bankers, businessmen, etc. do even in the USA. And they constantly interbreed with one another just like a breeder for pure bred dogs would. The question is why? The answer is exactly the same as to why an accomplished breeder for beagles would, to maintain a distinct trait or characteristic or to keep the breed pure and fuctional.

This sounds too radical. The USA does not have nobles and there is no inbreeding occurring so that refutes what I'm writing doesn't it? I would have anyone reading know there is an aristocracy under a different name in the USA which montiors the marriages and births of those who are a part of it. It is called a social register and there are actual books and publications which track who is marrying who and they have formed a grouping which has constantly made sure to maintain its ranks for spousal selection.

And the parrallel still exists, these people control the vast majority of the US's wealth and resources. And isn't it also an odd occurrence that these same individuals have strong genetic ties to the European monarchy and nobility? Are we not being ruled by those same people we declared our independence from?

The fundamental base of the manipulation occurring is the genetic distinction the rulers and major influencers upon policy hold. We must look hard at this to determine if there is in fact a manipulation or deception taking place and the only answer to be obtained is "yes". We can see a central group holds the power to this manipulation but how do they accomplish it on such a grand scale? What methods are being utilized to subdue the innumerable majority of the world when they are such a fractional minority?

The answer is by conditioning the people and playing upon their own ego and selfish ideals into believing they have joined their ranks or have the "knowledge" which few are privy to when in actuality they too are being deceived. By doing this they have taken a small group of their victims and provided them with an illusionary status over their peers and transformed them into victimizers of their fellow man.

One way I can convey this principle is by what I've seen occur in sales positions where leads are provided. Sometimes one rep may gain favor over his other coworkers and start receiving the most profitable leads thus generating commisssions far in excess of his peers. The other reps complain of the injustice and swear they would never take part in such activity. One day one of them gains the boss's favor and he starts to recieve the high profit leads as well and suddenly his mentality changes. Now he looks at his conditon as being fair, just, and a well deserved reward for his efforts when in reality he knows he is gaining at the expense of his coworkers. His own selfish desires suddenly take precedence over their grief and he in turn will fight tooth and nail to keep the unfair system in place.

The whole time the boss is sitting back knowing the manipulation is complete and that the greed of others is allowing his control tactics to work. If everybody grouped together (even those who are profiting out of ethics and compassion for their peers) said they would quit if conditions didn't change and other members of society refuse to take part in employment with such an organization the boss would lose all power to manipulate and control the workers.

This is a common scenario and as much as one may like the theory being offerred the reality is the worker who is benefitting usually refuses to give up his ill gotten gain. If the workers did unite and walk out there is a strong chance there would be 10 applicants for each one of their positions by the end of the day. In the end who caused the whole problem, the boss or the salespeople and society? The answer is ultimately the victims (current workers and future ones) gave up their own power.

This is exactly the same way the manipulation of the USA and the world is occurring. The elite let us into their organizations (the masons, CFR, TC, business promotions, political/social organizations, etc.) and we automatically forget from where we came or who we are because we yearn to be like them or a part of their world. And as a people we tend to feel a superiority because we believe we have more money, knowledge, social standing, etc. than those we once knew before they "let us in".

The truth is they will never let you in unless you have the proper breeding. It has nothing to do with your intelligence, charisma, efforts, etc. Those are all qualities to be used towards their own ends but that is what they view those outside of their genetic stream as, a means to an end and nothing more. Anything the elite gives somebody outside of their genetic background is to turn them against their own and to use their talents like a farmer use his livestock. We are cattle to them, nothing more.

My contention with David Icke is the direction he gives us on how to break free is a little vague and almost nonexistent. I too agree that we need to have an evolutionary leap in our consciousness to eliminate being our own worst enemy and to disallow our covert manipulation but, a solution or a step towards the right direction needs to be identified. I feel I haven't found the solution but I can help provide insight towards it.

The following is what I feel compelled to offer as a beginning to freeing the USA from the noose by which the global elite binds us. I do agree there is a strong genetic program in place for those in control because of how selectively their marriages and such are regulated. I cannot say with a 100% conviction they are reptillian aliens but just like my friends and family were with me about the royal lineage of the presidents I must concede the genetic distinction of their matings does lend support to David Icke's contention they are.

I want to state however being part of this "elite" does not preclude them from being allies if they choose of their own will to turn on their agenda and help free the people from what is occurring. Like David states in his writings I cannot condone any attacks or harming them unless it is in self defense. If we as a people do this right a shot will not be fired because it is our own actions and beliefs which are allowing them to control us. We must free our minds for that is where the true battle has been fought for centuries if not thousands of years against this foe.

These steps need to occur in order for the environment to be created which will help preciptiate freedom of thought. These steps are my own opinion and I feel they are a starting point for trying to free the people in the USA.

1. Eliminate the Federal Reserve Rockefeller stated give me control of a nations money and I care not who makes its laws (paraphrased). Money is the central core of everything. The FED manipulates our economy and ability to be self sufficient. It is run by private individualls who in turn run most of the world's banking systems. We do not need them and in fact they cost us huge amounts of money to have them which could be avoided if Congress made our funds (which is the only Constituional way to do it, the FED is not permitted by our Constitution). If we can free our money supply we can begin to free our country from economic and political manipulation.

2 Make the Constitution the supreme law of the land again Right now the Constitution is overridden by international treaties and UN dictates. I know there may be some truth to the Constitution being rigged against the people but, it is under attack and it must be for a reason. It also gives people the right to take part in their government and allow change in it. The key here is the power lies with the people. If people are removed from the decision making as they are now with the WTO, UN, IMF, etc. we are being ruled without representation and even worse, by other nations without the peoples' consent. Again, it is unconstitutional to make any agreement supercede the Constitution, which in itself is a direct assault upon the freedom of US citizens. The people must gain and exercise their rights again.

3 End our association with the UN, IMF, WTO, etc. What people may not realize is the protests we have had in Seattle and Washington DC towards the WTO and IMF were not unique. In virtually every country affected there have been massive protests of one sort or another. The people in other countries don't want the globalist control any more than we do. Their policies indirectly and sometimes directly are superceding our sovereignty and freedoms and are a key requirement for the elite's agenda. If we as a nation give a resounding voice to end our association and if we then refuse to do what they want should they not respond their hold on us is over. We must act as one voice to end this domination.

4 Ban the use of human implanted chips for/or a cashless society This issue has almost everybody in the country terrified but yet big business and key politicians continue to move forward towards establishing a cashless system with microchip implants. Nobody wants this to occur so why doesn't our government alleviate our fears by coming forward and banning the practice of this obviously controlling system from ever happenning? We as a people must demand it and should the elite try to implement it we must all refuse it as a collective whole to diffuse it from ever happenning. This can never be allowed to occur or US citizens will have no privacy or freedom left.

5 Eliminate the secrecy from the Government Nobody in the US doesn't shudder to think about what our CIA or NSA is doing. There may be an argument to be made that a certain measure of secrecy is required but, to have organizations which run amuck with no accountability is horrendous and a direct threat to our freedoms from within. I propose we do as JFK proposed and scatter the CIA and the NSA to the wind.

Another factor to this is the conflict membership in secret societies or organizations brings to our country. Because of the elusive nature of these organizations I feel we as US citizens have too much to lose by voting any of these members into office.

Anybody who is currently in office should be allowed to finish their term but should summarily be voted out immediately due to the threat they pose. It sounds drastic but their loyalties are in question and we as a people need to make it very clear if you want a career in public service you should avoid membership in secretive groups such as the CFR, Tri lateral commission, Masons, Bilderberg Society, etc..

I feel this is needed because these groups do dominate our politics and have left serious doubt as to whether they are loyal to the country,the people, or to the secret organization. Their very nature disallows the commitment to public service to be complete and public service needs to be viewed as an honorable devotion once again.

At the same token, as a people we need to stop catering to these organizations and simply let them "die" due to lack of interest. If there is beneficial knowledge let us bring it into the open for all rather than letting a few "elitists" decide who is deserving of it.

6 End the disillusionment some people or families are "superior" to others We as a nation need to end the desire to have a "monarchy". A case in point are the Kennedy's. They have been proven to have connections with organized crime, adultery has been rampant with JFK (and most of the others), rape and murder has been purported among some of them, and alot of other questionable activities surround the entire family.

People with these credentials most citizens wouldn't want to say hello to but a lot of US citizens would gladly bow to the Kennedy's. The reality is the Kennedy's would feel as if their home was tarnished if the average middle class American set foot on their property.

Why do we do this to ourselves? I for one know there are many people from low to middle class families who have more honor, dignity, and integrity than JFK ever had! Yet we continue to look towards the ultra elite with a false sense of admiration and awe. We need to stop deluding ourselves because we want what they have, their influence, or we want to believe the myth we are being told about their splendor by the media and hype.

JFK failed his bar exam twice, I know people making 50K who passed on their first try. The elite we're seeing are not supermen with untouchable intellects or unsurpassed efforts that carried them to where they are. The simple truth is through influence, manipulation, and connections most of them gained their station. Some people make it on their merit but a lot of these ultra elite positions, if you look closely, you will see the falsehood of these claims. These people are mostly like the rest of us and , in many cases, less qualified than we may be. Let's stop putting them on a pedestal and view them for who they are.

7 Gain respect for each other and for life One of the biggest contributors towards the manipulation which has occurred is the primitive pack instinct we have towards one another. If somebody dares to act, look, or believe a different way than the gorup takes action against them to pressure them into conformity. This alone probably accounts for a large part of why we are so easily manipulated or swayed. We must respect the right to freedom of expression or individuality of others so they may find what they are searching for in life (which is also a key point of the Declaration of Independence).

The guise of politically correct ironically is being used against this principle because it is censoring things which it doesn't agree upon. "Liberals" also are very open until you disagree with them. It is no accident these practices have gained in power and popularity in the past 20 years to the point one can't say or do antyhing contrary for fear of public ridicule. Not to mention it keeps issues from being looked at objectively further damaging the people.

Another fundamental aspect of this is how we view and respect lives. We must hold life in the highest regard. This view carries through in our daily dealings with one another and in on our conscience in what we do. If we are aware of how much life matters our actions will show it and become mor beneficial towards our fellow man.

Abortion is contrary to these principles and is detrimental to the people. The loss in human potential is immeasurable but, an indifferent view towards a weaker helpless baby to be will lead towards hostile views of others. It instills in the people the concept that might makes right in decision making and is utterly inhumane.

Another aspect to look at in regards to this issue is the motives behind Margaret Sanger (a major prponent/founder for Planned Parenthood) for eugenics or racial purity with abortion. When we look at the intent by researching Margaret Sanger we find quite clearly she wanted to limit minority births and to rid the world of the poor and inferior. There are occultic origins to abortion also and these issues are unbeknownst to most US citizens. When we look at the hard facts behind abortion it is found the US citizens have not been told the truth and instead have been misled by their own selfish interests and false groups such as NOW and Planned Parenthood.

Abortion is an unnatural act and is not found among any other animal in nature. We as a people will never free our minds as long as we are letting them be polluted and manipulated into ending the life of our unborn. To say the unborn are not entitled to rights is equivalent to saying children are not people until they can feed themselves. It is just a further stage of development from womb to birth and to say it is not alive defies logic as much as saying it is now a life because it was born. To save ourselves we need to save our unborn because it will carry over into how we view and respect one anothwer in society.

These 7 things would help bring the US to a higher level of consciousness and would weaken the ties that bind us to the point freedom coud be possible. The battle we are in is won by simply changing your view and your actions towards one another. The things outlined here would only help eliminate some of the barriers that would let us see the world more for what it is.

I often think about the future and what it holds. I have 17 nephews and nieces now ranging from 16 to 3mos in age and I love them dearly. I cannot imagine what life is going to be like for them in the future as I see freedom after freedom slowly slipping away. If I could change this on my own I would but the truth is I cannot. I need others to come forward and stand up against this enigma which as of late seems indestructable. The reality is our thoughts can end this. We don't have to have an apocalypse or a Revelations ending. All we need to do is collectively say it's over. I'm asking all of you, for the sake of the children and those to come, please try to free your mind. I wish everyone the best and I know we can do this together.

To David Icke and the people involved in the site I say thank you. My family views me as a radical at this point because my views seem different but, with each passing day they see a lot of what your book The Biggest Secret has taught me and your site did as well is true. And if part of it is true, couldn't that mean the rest is too? I think it most certainly does.

With best wishes and regards,

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